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Today’s Reading: 1 Corinthians 14

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The ruins of Ancient Corinth (centre) are surround by a modern community that is just a few kilometres south-west of Modern Corinth. This view is from the Acropolis Hill (Acrocorinth).

The ruins of Ancient Corinth (centre) are surround by a modern community. This view is from the Acropolis Hill (Acrocorinth).

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Key Verse: 1 Corinthians 14:15

What is the conclusion then? I will pray with the spirit, and I will also pray with the understanding. I will sing with the spirit, and I will also sing with the understanding.


“All things” covered in this chapter are to be DONE (not neglected) “decently and in order.” A former Archbishop of Canterbury said that we trip over the word “decently,” and he also said, “When the Spirit moves, things can become rather messy.” The Archbishop was a speaker at a conference on evangelism here in Canada. He was not discouraging us from exercising the gifts but pointing out that our spirits are in our control (14:32) and that “God is not the Author of confusion but of peace (14:33). Note that the words “edification, edifies, edified” appear over and over. The public exercise of the Spirit’s gifts is for others, and for the whole Church. Also note that, in the final result, speaking in tongues and interpretation in the church service should produce the same building up (edification) as prophesy. However, it is important for a person also to build up the Spirit’s life within. Note that praying in tongues in personal prayer, while not knowing the meaning of what one is saying, edifies one’s self. Obviously this is what Paul referred to when he wrote, “I thank my God I speak with tongues more than you all” (14:18). In the book of Acts, there are five occasions when believers are filled with the Holy Spirit. In four of those we know they spoke in tongues as an initial indication that they had experienced the Spirit in this way. In the first happening (Acts 2), people understood the tongues. In the others, it does not say they were understood. It would seem that they were “giving thanks well” (14:17) and were being personally edified by a private prayer language on those occasions.


Lord Jesus, John the Baptist said that You would baptize me with the Holy Spirit (Matthew 3:11b). I’m fully open to You every day. Please immerse me in Your Spirit again today. I’m praying right now “with the Spirit” and “with the understanding.” Hallelujah!!!!


I need to be edified so that I may bless others, and I cannot do this unless I am blessed myself. I know that the Holy Spirit came to live in me when I went forward at a Youth for Christ rally in December, 1952, and He has constantly lived in me ever since. I am the temple of the Holy Spirit, as are all believers in Jesus. Then in June of 1953, I was first fully filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit, immersed in Him, and I spoke in tongues. It was while I was in prayer, and there was no interpretation of what I said. It was several years later that in my personal devotions I found myself praying in tongues. I immediately read again 1 Corinthians 14. I knew I was edified and that I was in good company with Paul (14:18). In the church, along with Paul, I’ve spoken well over 10,000 words in the known tongue.

I must not avoid verses 34 & 35 in our reading. My father, a preacher, missionary in Egypt, college professor, and my hero in ministry, told of a time in Timma, Egypt, when he was preaching. There was a wall between the womens’ section and the mens’ section of the church. This was a tradition based on the Temple in Jerusalem and on the synagogues. At one point in his sermon, a stressed-out mother (all of the children were on the womens’ side) yelled a question over the wall to her husband. He didn’t tell us what she asked, but I can use my imagination. My father quoted 14:35 and asked her to allow him to continue his sermon without interruption. She graciously complied. Some have taken this verse to forbid women in a preaching and teaching ministry. If that’s what Paul meant, then how does one explain the many women who did preach, teach, and prophesy with the blessing of the early Church? I like my Dad’s explanation of this Scripture!

Yours for encouraging “all things,” which Paul taught are for edification,


Here are the ruins of an ancient church that is on top of the Acropolis Hill (Acrocorinth).

Here are the ruins of an ancient church that is on top of the Acropolis Hill (Acrocorinth).

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  1. Thank you Pastor Mainse. The Scriptures are so clear. I just love how the ‘love’ Chapter is situated between chapters 12 & 14. I remember as a young pastor when most churches frowned on the gift of “tongues” (or what I prefer, ‘Praying in the Spirit”), I read and was helped by Denis & Rita Bennett’s book, “The Holy Spirit & You”. On page 169, they refer to Exodus 23:33 KJV. On the hem of the High Priest’s garment, they were instructed to make pomegranates of blue, purple and scarlet, as well as, bells of gold. Around the hem they were to place: a golden bell and a pomegranate, a golden bell and pomegranate etc …round about”. It was suggested that “the bells” represented “the gifts” (can be seen and heard) and “the pomegranates” represented “the fruit of the Spirit”..thus, reminding us that the gifts of the Spirit are balanced by the fruit of the Spirit”. This was a big help to me. When I was seeking God, I also got help from a New Testament distributed by Oral Roberts with “his comments” especially relating to the gift of tongues. Also, a little chorus that helped me a lot, “Set my spirit free that I might worship Thee. Set my spirit free that I might praise Thy Name. Let all bondage go and let deliverance flow, set my spirit free to worship Thee.” Truly, the more deliverance from self and past hurts, the more the Lord was setting me free and the more liberty I had “praying in the Spirit” – privately or within…while outwardly ministering comfort, guidance or God’s healing touch to those in need. Since my church frowned upon the outward expression of speaking in tongues, it still has been my personal experience in my life since 1970. As it says in Romans 8:26-27, “..the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us for us with groans that words cannot express..etc”. I am sharing this because it is my testimony. Our lives our hidden with Christ in God (whatever God is doing in our lives) and our words, deeds and actions will bring Glory to God as we allow ourselves to be instruments of His love in the world”. A little chorus says, “Be filled with the Spirit, speaking to yourselves, in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs; speaking and making melody in your heart to the Lord”. Though I do not exercise this freedom in my church outwardly, I definitely exercise this freedom in my life inwardly in church and out of church and continue to pray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit upon our lives, our church and this needy world.. so the world will “know that we are Christians by our love”. I am sharing this hoping might help someone who may need some encouragement in this regard. Thank you for the blog, the ministry of you and Norma-Jean and the extensive ministry that is being done through Crossroads. Samuel

  2. I like that chorus, “Set my spirit free that I might worship Thee”. It’s a prayer, really. Maybe it is on the web somewhere. I will look it up. I miss singing those old choruses. Thank you, David, for the blog.

  3. I love all these comments on the Gifts and Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Thank you David and Samuel. When I have a deep need, I love praying in tongues in my private devotion and feel helped and edified. Yes, we need to pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our churches. Just heard this week of a closing of one of our churches in the area; could it be there was no moving of the Holy Spirit. Lord, touch your people once again including me.

  4. Just listened to that song, “Touch Your People Once Again” on You Tube by Steve Green if you wish to do so. I wept when I heard it. I believe your people are hungry Lord.

  5. Can all of you pray for my friend Michelle to be healed of MS she has 3 young children and she says when im healed Im going to do this and that so we Thank God through Jesus Christ for her healing in Jesys name Amen

  6. Hi David and precious bloggers, l loved reading 1 Corr: Chapter 12,13,14. Paul, by the Holy Spirit, lays it all out so clearly. We must diligently follow the scriptures and at the same time, not put God in a box. How we need the gift of discernment to identify what is and what is’nt from the Lord. l was a helper in a crusade with a well known evangelist. l was asked to help a Lady from India who had just asked Jesus into her heart and life as her Saviour and Lord. She became overwhelmed with her revelation that Jesus loved her so much and held out his arms to save her. She wailed so loud, l was a little perplexed, but somehow knew it was “of the Lord” l don’t think it upset anyone, as they were all in their own way bowled over by the love of God. By no means do l believe it would have been correct for her to always do this, but there are definately times as that Archbishop of Canterbury said, when the Holy Spirit moves strongly on a person, it can seem messy, but of course, it isn’t really, it is sacred! Praise the Lord for the gift of Discernment ! Thank you David, you are wonderfully, encouraging, strengthening and comforting all of us who study with your Blog.

  7. Dear bloggers , We (our bible study group) are just studying about Jesus
    “fact or fake” by Paul Meires. very good professor and speaker
    on DVD. Very interesting ,, God bless you all….R…

  8. Thank you Reynold for the great pictures.

    Rev. David I truly appreciate your comments and illustrations of the scripture. Also your great love and respect for your Dad.

    It is the Baptisum in the Holy Spirit and the evidence of speaking in tongues that affirmed my faith in Jesus Christ that He is Alive; and the Love of God the Father for me.

    How precious to know that He, the Holy Spirit is interceding for us for He “know the heart of The Father” and exactly what we need!!

    Thank you for bringing to mind the song “Set my Spirit free to worship thee”
    love to sense His presence while sing it.

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