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Today’s Reading: Joshua 13-14

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Mt. Nebo is a 1,000 m (3,300 ft) high mountain located in Jordan, opposite the northern end of the Dead Sea. According to Scripture, this is the mountain from which Moses saw the Promised Land before he died (see Deuteronomy 34:1-6).

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Key Verse: Joshua 13:1

Now Joshua was old, advanced in years. And the Lord said to him: “You are old, advanced in years, and there remains very much land yet to be possessed…”


We know from our reading that Joshua’s spy partner, Caleb, was now 85. Joshua may have been older, perhaps 90. While in their 40’s, they had brought back a good report to Moses about Israel’s ability to move right away into the Promised Land. The great majority of the people did not believe them, and so they languished in the wilderness for almost 40 years more. But now, here they are setting boundaries for the land possessed by each tribe. It’s been said by farmers for centuries, “A good fence makes good neighbours.”

Caleb, at 85, speaks a classic line to his leader, Joshua: “Give me this mountain” (14:12). He is still not afraid to move forward in confidence. He still has a positive outlook on life, its challenges and opportunities. How could this be at his age? The answer is in these words (14:14b): “He wholly followed the Lord God of Israel.” The ancestors of Goliath were on that mountain. Taking over this land was no easy task. As Winston Churchill, already an old man when he took on Hitler, said, “Never, never, never give up!”


Lord God, when I read the story of Caleb or think of Britain’s WW2 leader, Churchill, I feel empowered to go forward. I need You, Lord. Dear Jesus, You won the greatest victory by far through Your Cross. You finished the work You were called to do. I purpose in my heart to never give up. I expect You to be with me as You promised. In Your Name, Jesus, I pray, Amen! (click here for Matthew 28:16-20).


Joshua agreed to Caleb’s vision for the future. I believe that my Joshua (“Yeshua” in Hebrew and “Jesus” in Greek) has responded to my desire to stay busy for Him. This is why, since my official retirement, I’ve produced and hosted two TV series, which continue to be released on air on YES TV across Canada. The first was Really Good Medicine and the second, A Living Witness to Amazing GRACE. I have no intention of giving in to self pity or a defeatist attitude. With Jesus living within, how could it be otherwise? And then my wife, Norma-Jean, absolutely refuses to tolerate any negative talk when I remind her that I’m 78. I just searched for encouragement in www.crossroads360.com and came up with my son, Ron, and his “Encouragement for Seniors” video (click here). I found this under the heading “Courage.”

Yours for moving forward boldly in this life and then on into eternity with confidence in Christ!


The western view from the top of Mt. Nebo toward the Promise Land. Moses' final view before he died. Joshua led Israel from this point into the Promise Land.


8 thoughts on “Tuesday, January 27, 2015

  1. People who retire from their jobs need something to retire to, lest they become old and die. What better thing to do than to expand their own ministry into full time, using the knowledge and wisdom built up in their lifetime .

  2. Powerful photos, today! Mesmerizing feeling of being at the top of Mount Nebo, looking out at that view toward the Promise Land, and knowing that is where Moses was, and had led the people to, and gave the reigns to Joshua!

    I thank you, David, for today’s message–instilled in Caleb’s positive attitude and determination because of his (and Joshua’s) strength from God. “Give me this mountain” (14:12) because “He wholly followed the Lord God of Israel” (14:14b). Reminded by Winston Churchill’s same resilience regardless of his age to “Never, never, never give up!” And so, too, whatever challenges we face, saints, we are strengthened by knowing that our God is with us–it is Christ who lives within us. We are empowered to keep fighting and forging and moving forward with determination and everlasting faith in our hearts, minds and bodies. To our God be all the praise and glory! Amen, amen, and amen!

  3. How could Moses climb Mt. Nebo at his age?! I would need the 40 years. Those people must have eaten purer foods than we eat today.
    Thank you for resolving never to give up Rev. That should be God’s ultimate choice.
    Great pics of the mountains.
    Praying for safety and help for those on the eastern border of the Atlantic in the bitter snow storm.
    “Dear Lord, sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged when faced with criticism or challenges. Help me to persevere and grant me the strength to be faithful to what You have called me to do.” Amen.

  4. Yes, Lord, we are as strong today as we always have been, so give us this mountain, whatever we desire and are praying for according to your will.(my paraphrase). Love this verse and heard a veteran female missionary preach about it in Africa. The high school religion course in Africa combined Christianity and African traditional religions and challenged the students to find the common ground(syncretism). I hope that has changed now. Those are interesting photos today Reynold. The winter storm is settling in now. Blessings.

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