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Today’s Reading: Joshua 10

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The Yad Lashiryon Memorial at Latrun is the Armored Corps' Memorial Site. The memorial is surrounded by tanks used and captured in Israeli wars. The centrepiece of the Armored Corps is the Wall of Names (pictured below) on which are inscribed the names of all 4,965 fallen soldiers of the Armored Corps from all of Israel's recent wars. This location is also the site of the Biblical battles of Joshua against the Amorite kings; in the book of Joshua it says: "Sun, stand still upon Gibeon; and moon, in the valley of Aijalon" (Joshua 10:12). This retired Merkava Mk-1 tank was the first Israeli-made tank, designed in the late 1960's - early 1970's. In this photo you can see a number of young Israeli soldiers hearing about the stories and seeing the weapons of past wars.

Key Verse: Joshua 10:6

And the men of Gibeon sent to Joshua at the camp at Gilgal, saying, “Do not forsake your servants; come up to us quickly, save us and help us, for all the kings of the Amorites who dwell in the mountains have gathered together against us.”


According to the treaty, Israel comes to the defense of Gibeon. We call upon our Joshua (Yeshua – Jesus). We pray, “Save us and help us,” and He responds according to the pact He has made. It is called “The New Covenant.” A covenant is the most solemn and binding agreement. We may want to read Hebrews 8:10-12.

There are several items of interest in this chapter. “Adoni-Zedek,” King of Jerusalem, continues the Zedek name. It means righteousness. Melchi-Zedek was the King of Salem (Jerusalem) to whom Abraham paid tithes. “Adoni” means “Lord” and “Melchi” means “King.” Jerusalem was not conquered by Israel until King David’s time. 450 years earlier, Jerusalem had a man of God as its King whom many believe was Jesus Himself. (Genesis 14:17-20). Time travel is no problem for God!

In verses 12 to 14 (the book of Jasher has been lost), we’re told that the sun stood still. It may have been that God caused the earth to stop its rotation. Scripture is accurate in recording the actual perception of the people to this phenomenon.


Dear Lord God, thank You for the New Covenant through which You “save us and help us” in our states of sinfulness, weakness, illness or distress. Please, Jesus, save and help us and our loved ones who are desperate for Your intervention today. We cry unto You! Amen!


I was a guest of Prime Minister Menachem Begin in his home in Jerusalem some years ago. I did not raise this with him, but as I visited with him I could not help but think of the hanging of the five kings by Joshua as I also remembered that Begin’s Irgun, an underground Jewish army prior to 1948, had hanged British soldiers on trees. I met the British officer whose job it was to cut the bodies down. Human free will decides to commit such acts. I’ve given up trying to comprehend such horrible deeds. All I know is that just one hill over from the King David Hotel, which Begin and his men bombed, Jesus, who could’ve called 10,000 angels to destroy the world, willingly endured death by hanging on the Cross. Jesus changed my heart, and if enough people will let Him do that, the world will be changed. Peace and love will reign supreme.

Yours because of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour,


P.S. I was blessed this morning by searching Google for the lyrics to the song, “He Could’ve Called 10,000 Angels.” Here’s what I found…click here. Maybe you’ll be blessed too. Be sure to scroll down to read the testimony of Ray Overholt, the composer of this great song.

At The Yad Lashiryon Memorial, the new soldiers read names of those who died for their country.

12 thoughts on “Sunday, January 25, 2015

  1. May the Holy Spirit speak to our leaders particularly in Canada and the United States May these countries get along and support each other I pray they will get their priorities straight, bless this blog for sharing the Gospel with millions of people in our world and may God comfort those who are mourning, healing, celebrating and May the Word of God stand out strong and true.

  2. Very sad that Israel is left with the choice of kill or be killed in today’s world. Can’t imagine the PTSD some of those soldiers must suffer. I pray they all come to Jesus for salvation and comfort.
    Even if we’re not a dog owner, this video should brighten our day:
    Blessings fellow saints.

  3. Yes, David this is a beautiful song. I remember the first time I heard it at an Easter Vigil . Tears came to my eyes. My heart felt like it stopped as I listened to the intensity of the whole church singing this song.
    I did not know the history of it but thank you for sharing it. This song, Amazing Grace and Were You There, are three songs which I have found to cross the boundaries of all the denominations of Christianity. Very powerful songs which unite us in our love for Jesus. Thank you again David for sharing.

  4. Thank you everyone who prayed for my prayer request for my family yesterday. Today I found out some very encouraging news about God’s intervention in the situation which I believe is a direct answer to prayer. Lord help us to keep constant in prayer. God bless you.

  5. Please pray for my friend Christine, not only did her mother pass away this past fall, and her sister’s husband left his family asking for a divorce, but this week-end her job was terminated, one she held for a number of years.

    Please pray for a job for her, also for her sister’s situation and for Comfort for the family. Thank you and God Bless you all.

    • thank you for asking us to pray for Christine! Father we ask that you comfort Christine as she mourns the loss of her mother and I pray Father that You have another door that will open to very good employment, something that Christine would really enjoy, something that would use all her God given abilities and she would give You all the Glory! Yes Lord divorce is ugly! It’s hurtful, stressful, but Lord only You know what the outcome will be. I pray You have provided good legal help for the sister and that Christine will be available for support! Bless Irene for posting this prayer request! That is the Body of Christ in Action! Thank you Lord for this day! AMEN!

  6. When I was a young Christian I brought this song “He could have called a thousand angels” back from a Janz Team short Bible School in the Black Forest, Germany. My Fahter a very good piano and organ player loved it. He was not a professing Christian but he played it over and over. He sang it with deep conviction but I never knew that he openly confessed Christ. At his funeral we had a singer sing this song accompanied with the organ of the church. The people were very touched by it since it was not an evangelical church but a protestant church of more nominal character. I believe my father is with the Lord. Also a verse that was in one of your recent readings was given to me by the Lord then with regards to my father “on that day I will make them jewels in my crown”…….thanks Lord, thanks David, for the reminders. Helen

    • AMEN! we just plant a seed and the Holy Spirit does the calling and enlightening of people’s hearts. I learned this in comfirmation and it became so much easier to just “plant” a seed, share a story on how God affected your life or as in my case I share nearly every day to someone how God took my broken leg (April 16, 1995) and turned it into me learning to swim, even now, 20 years later and I enjoy it so much and I share my story. I share that story nearly every time I go swimming and that is at least 5 times a week…The story has been shared and then I just pray the Holy Spirit will do the rest. sometimes I have met people years later who remembered my story…God knows what is happening, I trust God

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