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Suggested Reading: Joshua 8

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View looking west at Mt. Gerizim (on the left, south) and Mt. Ebal (on the right, north). In the center between them is the town of Shechem, known as Nablus. According to Deuteronomy 11:29 the recently arrived Israelites were to recite the blessings of the Covenant on Mount Gerizim and the curses from Mount Ebal (fulfilled in Joshua 8:33).

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Key Verse: Joshua 8:30

Now Joshua built an altar to the Lord God of Israel in Mount Ebal…


In building an altar, Joshua is obeying the instructions given in Deuteronomy 11:29 and 27:4-8. The offerings presented on Mt Ebal, the mount of cursing, speak of the offering of Jesus on the cross. He took the curse of sin upon Himself. When Israel entered the Promised Land, the supernatural provision of manna ceased. Now they had to eat the produce of the land which included corn, etc. Divine inspiration of Scripture means that in the original language, the record of events is correct. Earlier so called “higher critics” disputed that accuracy, but later scholarship confirms that the Biblical account is correct. Dr. Bryant Wood (PhD, University of Toronto), who has been a guest of mine on the 100 Huntley Street telecast, conducted excavations beginning in 1995 which meet all the requirements for the Biblical city of Ai. As we read the history of Israel, we can be confident that we are learning what actually happened. Click here for a video clip of  Dr. Bryant on 100 Huntley Street in the early 90’s with Jim Cantelon and Moira Brown.


Lord God, there is so much I don’t understand. I’m looking back more than three millennia in today’s reading. But what I do understand is that I must visit daily my personal altar, and also my family altar. Please help me, by Your grace, to be faithful in this commitment. In the Name of the One who is always faithful, the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen!


If you have a response to the horrors of war such as I experience, you struggle with understanding God’s role in human history. In my lifetime I’ve seen genocide in Europe; I’ve visited the death camps where men, women and children perished. Rwanda in Africa and Cambodia in Asia experienced unspeakable man-made destruction of human life. I could go on and on writing of such events throughout the entirety of human history. Nevertheless, I am confident that God looks at history through the lens of eternity, and God, who will put the final period to the last history book, will provide justice for every man, woman, and child whose human life was destroyed, but whose eternal soul is in God’s hands. This knowledge gives me peace.

Yours for a daily altar of blessing, and for the peace that passes understanding,


P.S. The composer of the song, “It is well with my soul,” suffered great personal loss. This song was his response (click here).

11 thoughts on “Friday, January 23, 2015

  1. I pray that people will read my comment from yesterday regarding praying for our leaders especially in Canada and United States! I felt God had put it on my heart to pray and focus for 90 days on these 2 countries! I just heard a Pastor talk about the words “It is finished” spoken by Jesus on the cross! Those words spoken were for everything up to that time and ever since that time! Our salvation is signed, sealed and delivered by God through the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ! everything is done! The finished work of God is done! I believe God lead 100 Huntley Street to be aired for the world to hear! It is amazing how it has grown, and is still contuining to grow! Yes our modern technology has a place all thanks to God! It is a “good” thing and a “GOD” thing!

  2. I am so overwhelmed! I just listened to the video of IT is Well! This blog is filling such a need for people to hear stories of people’s coming to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour! Today is so very open to hearing the Word of God and everyone needs to know that Jesus loves them unconditionally! This video has really touched me! I heard someone say that even though evil is all around so is JESUS CHRIST! AMEN

  3. Your 100 Personal Words helped put perspective on the tragedies of war. Sadly, battles can sometimes be our only option for the preservation of a people free from oppression and slavery. May His blessings and strength be with us always.

  4. I so enjoyed the interview yesterday on your program Rev. M. Dr. Hannu Haukka is President and founder of Great Commission Media Ministries.
    Praying your Prayer for Today. I believe God doesn’t intend us to understand all life’s tragedies, or we would.
    May our trust and faith in God give us all peace.

  5. An amazing man (Spaddafora) but his wife certainly suffered as well. Imagine landing in Wales without the last 4 children and her husband so far away. The 5th child died not long before the accident from Scarlet Fever at age 4. And to loose everything to the fire just prior to the event! That was a huge, huge, loss all around. How would they cope without the Lord? Then they went on to minister to Muslims and Jews. Amazing.

  6. Even though it is still cold, it is bright and sunny and I feel the peace of God that passes all understanding. Thank you for your prayers and inspiration, David. Sah, it is s good idea to pray for our leaders of Canada and the U.S.. Here the countries are very close as I can go outside and look over to the U.S. Also we need to pray for our soldiers who are on the frontlines. Greetings saints!

  7. Today was so interesting. I loved your comment Pastor David about not understanding the horrors of war but that God will be just in each person (my words here but your thoughts) Wonderful lesson today and one of my most loved Hymns. It is well with my soul. Spoke to me as I have just been through a
    time with my heart and it sure causes you to think about eternity and is it Well with my soul. ….it is praise the Lord.

  8. Even though I don’t understand, I know GOD IS FAITHFUL, and I CAN TRUST HIM FOR HE KNOWS THE BEGINNING FROM THE END!! AMEN!

    “He is all I need, He is all I need,
    Jesus is all I need!”

    Thank you Rev.David Mainse for the link to “It is Well with my Soul” and your prayer. And all your words of encouragement.

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