Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Suggested Reading: Joshua 3-4

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Just east of Jericho, looking across the Jordan River into the country of Jordan, you can see a church that commemorates the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. This is also the area where the Children of Israel crossed into the Promised Land.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Joshua 4:24

…that all the peoples of the earth may know the hand of the Lord, that it is mighty, that you may fear the Lord your God forever.


God has often intervened in human history to use so-called “acts of God” to accomplish His purposes. In the case of the Jordan River being dammed up at Adam (there is a bridge here today called “The Adam Bridge”), God may have used an earthquake. In 1927 there was a quake in this very area. A 150-foot rise on the West Bank was dislodged, completely blocking the flow of the Jordan River into the Dead Sea for 21 hours.

The leadership of Joshua, born a slave in Egypt, was not questioned from this time forward. Moses, raised in Pharaoh’s palace, saw the potential of Joshua and mentored him well. The written Word and the verbal telling of God’s stories, along with the pile of stones, succeeded in keeping the people faithful for at least one generation. Let us remember that we must creatively renew our means of communicating God’s message in every generation.


Lord God, please enable me to communicate well to those for whom I am directly responsible. May I be faithful to point as many people as possible to You by the power of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen!


As a boy, I would often look at the photo album from my parents’ honeymoon in 1924 in what was then known as Palestine. They were in old-fashioned bathing suits swimming in the Jordan at approximately the place where the Children of Israel crossed over. I’ve visited that place several times. As a great-grandfather of 9, a grandfather of 16, and a father of 4, I must do everything I can do to remind those whose lives I can influence of the faithfulness of God in the past and in the present. The future is predicted in God’s Word. Be sure to get the current offer by the Crossroads/100 Huntley Street Ministry of the book dealing with Bible prophecy. Here’s how to order your copy (click here).

Yours for communicating our God stories to the next generations,


P.S. Below is a fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls from the book of Joshua. For more about the Dead Sea Scrolls, click here.

Found among the Dead Sea Scrolls were fragments, like the one pictured here, which retold various stories from the book of Joshua.

11 thoughts on “Tuesday, January 20, 2015

  1. because of my sleep patttern I am out of step with the blog however please pray for a family who had a break in and everything was taken please pray that the Holy Spirit will convict those who did this and that they would return everything in good condition forgiveness is forthcoming or that God’s Will be done and that He makes it clear to the family what to do; also “every knee shall bow” flash mob….don’t know how I found it but it is very good…blessings to everyone…please continue to pray for a financial breakthrough for me…it is a desperate situation I desire to clear debts and fix things and then plan to go find children everything is possible for our Lord God thank you…

    • THANKS LIANNE FOR SHARING! I also had the privledge of participating in a Flash Mob in my community in the mall! IT WAS AMAZING! it was so much fun! you come as you are, just walking and looking and SUDDENLY A SONG BURTS FORTH! The other day Ron’s video on Overcoming Fear was just what I needed to hear that day! Again GOD AMAZING GRACE!

  2. I was on the trip with you and Norma Jean in the spring of 1987(if I remember correctly). Is the spot where you baptized, now part of Jordan, or was it then? I wondered if the borders have changed as I notice that Ann and Ron will now be able to take their tour to Jericho and I remember that we did stop there.

  3. The Israelites must have been so tired after such a long journey all those years. They must have been amazed to see the water stopping in the river so they could cross. After seeing the Red Sea part, it would be difficult not to be a believer.
    Found a nice quote:
    Under His wings, I am safely abiding,
    Though the night deepens and tempests are wild;
    Still I can trust Him—I know He will keep me,
    He has redeemed me and I am His child. —Cushing
    Blessings to all on this beautiful Tues.

  4. I prayed for you too Sah. And for the family with the break-in. I wonder if someone out there knows– are those 12 stones still standing where the priests feet touched the water?

  5. thank you and bless all who pray for one another! I find it so uplifting! During the daarker days I so do appreciate Bible studies whether with a group or on line! The Word of God is good at any time! I find it comforting! Please pray for the couple who had everything taken! They miss the pictures and some keep sakes! Lord God Heavenly Father You know who is responsible! Speak to their conscience, let them see what they did! It was pure nonsense! HOWEVER forgiveness will come from the couple! Lord let this reunion happen and may it give glory to You dear Lord God who sees all, knows all and is all to everyone!

  6. Lord God help all those who are dealing with “seasonal affected sleep disorder” today was a total black out day…there was only about 45 minutes of “light” between daytime and nighttime! It is very difficult!
    I pray people will understand and realize that is for real! We don’t make this up! The Moon phases play a big part in this illness! Today is New Moon! We need to remember that the Moon controls the tide! Someday I am going to ask Jesus all about this issue and try and understand why it affects our moods! The authorities that take care of us, get ready for the Full Moon! Doctors and nurses that I know have shared their concern also. Many sad issues show up at emergency! Blessings to everyone and thank you for lthe prayers! That is very positive for all of us!

  7. Thank Rev. for the link to the “Dead Sea Scolls” I found the information very interesting. Although I heard about them, I did not know how many there were and what scriptures they represented.
    Great Picture Reynold!
    Although I read Joshua and the crossing through the Jordan; I somehow missed that the stones the tribes were to take from where the Levites were with the Ark in the middle of the Jordan; that they carried the stones out with them and Joshua used those stones for the altar he put up in the place they landed when they crossed over the Jordan.

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