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Today’s Reading: Romans 4

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The distant dome is St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. St. Peter's draws pilgrims from all over the world. Few are disappointed when they enter the intricately decorated basilica beneath Michelangelo's vast dome (an interior photo is below). A memorial structure was erected on the site of St. Peter's tomb in the 2nd century, and the first great basilica, ordered by the Emperor Constantine, was completed around AD 349. In the early 1500's, the German monk Tetzel was raising money to build the present St. Peter's Basilica by promising salvation by works (money actually), and the reaction to his teaching, which was so contrary to the book of Romans, was a major thrust towards reformation.

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Key Verse: Romans 4:20-21

He did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God, and being fully convinced that what He had promised He was also able to perform.


Romans gives us so much excellent teaching that it is impossible to cover it properly in this blog. However, it might be good to review the first four chapters. Notice that the words “circumcision” and “uncircumcision” are repeated 17 times. They indicate that Paul is addressing both Jews and Gentiles. Key words, such as righteousness, faith, law, all, and sin appear at least 60 times in Romans. Abraham provides the great example of righteousness apart from his works, and apart from the keeping of the Law, which was not given until 500 years later. He is known as the father of righteousness by faith for both the Jew and the non-Jew. Faith is simply believing that God tells the truth. God promised a child to Abraham and Sarah. Abraham believed that God spoke the truth. Isaac was eventually born! Abraham’s faith was stronger than the physical fact of their old age. Abraham’s faith was stronger than the confusion and fear he must have had when God told him to offer Isaac as a sacrifice. That faith was not based on Abraham himself, but on the fact that God cannot lie. God keeps His Word. Amen!


Lord God, I pray for the same gift of faith You gave Abraham. May I always take You at Your Word and act upon it. May I not stumble in unbelief but, having heard from You, may I simply obey You. In the Name of the One who always obeyed His Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen!


I studied Romans under the teaching of Dr. Charles Ratz. His book on Romans is a classic. Before this blog is posted, I’ll check to see if it’s available for sale online (click here). There are other thorough study guides in Romans which are excellent. I recommend additional resources, like the following online Bible study tools (note the various commentaries at the end of each chapter of Romans…click here).

Jesus, in His humanity, is Jewish. You’ll remember that Jesus was circumcised when He was eight days old (Luke 2:21). The late Dr. Nelles Silverthorne, a research pediatrician at Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto, was often a guest on the 100 Huntley Street telecast. He declared that the blood coagulation properties were greater at eight days old than at any time before or after. He said that God’s instructions to His Jewish people were medically accurate. This man of faith raised the first oxygen tent, gave the first civiliian injection of penicillin and, among other firsts, developed the vaccine used around the world for whooping cough. Most of all, he gave a crystal clear testimony to his faith in Jesus Christ.

Yours for the righteousness which is by faith,


Here is an interior view of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.


21 thoughts on “Wednesday, January 7, 2015

  1. I’ve been in that very spot looking up… There is an amazing amount of wealth that went into the creation of St. Peter’s Basilica…

    Up at 3:30 this morning and wide awake. I heard from both of my kids that a former employer and good friend of mine met his waterloo in the last 48 hours. For more than 10 years of my life I worked in the bush salvaging cedar for the making of cedar shakes and shingles. Most of the time we were in camp for 10 days and home for 4…

    It has been about 10 years since I worked with him. As I understand it, a tree fell on him. When he wasn’t salvaging cedar he often would work as a “faller”…

    May our Lord grant his family peace and tranquility during this time of sorrow and may they draw closer to our Lord Jesus for strength… In Jesus name – Amen!

    …needed to share that this morning…

    Blessings blog friends…

    • Sorry for the loss of your friend David. I am agreeing in prayer with you for his family.
      Really enjoyed the lessons taught today. Thanks Pastor for all you do to help us along in our faith.

    • glad you shared David, I certainly hope after all this time that we can feel comfortable to share things on our hearts, I certainly have in the past, that is just one of the many little “extra moments of grace” that has come out of this blog, no one judges, we are able to post our comments, I know from other experiences that this is exactly what “God ordered”. actually when I think about the whole situation, this is what the Word of God should be doing. The Word of God should stimulate us, we should look inside out hearts, we should understand to be compassionate as we share with each other and hear the Words of God. I just feel that Jesus is right here and we are just walking and talking, praying and singing, meditating, laughing, crying, we are continually “becoming” what God wants for us. You see, I am sharing, bless you David and I pray for the family of your friend also.

  2. “Yours for the righteousness, which is by faith,” amen, David!

    The Lord your God in your midst,
    The Mighty One, will save;
    He will rejoice over you with gladness,
    He will quiet you with His love,
    He will rejoice over you with singing.”
    Zephaniah 3:17 (NKJV)

    God’s continued blessings, dear saints.

  3. amen
    I have looked at concordances before and they are beyond me to understand
    there maybe others who do thought
    I hope David you are enjoying your time it sure is better than our cold wind chill
    right now.
    Lianne Hogg

  4. I smile when I read that God’s instructions were medically accurate! They didn’t have fridges, freezers, no electricity, yet it is astounding to me how God gave instructions about what to eat and when and what to do with the left overs…yes, He certainly gave very clear instructions regarding food. I was raised with no fridges, electricity, we had a well that had ice year round, we milked cows, made butter, cheese and of course, good old cottage cheese just seemed to come naturally, we had a root cellar, nothing ever spoiled, big vegetables gardens, my dad was a farmer raised beef and grains, it amazes me when I think back to how everything worked just right, prayed daily, never worked on Sunday, went to church, things were not great for the mental health sometimes, but still, my parents worked hard and it was good for me to be the first born (a girl) because I had to do alot of work with my Dad and that physical work I believe helped me with my chemical imbalance which I didn’t have diagnosed until I was 47! My dad was a good fisherman also! He never came home without fish. I realize now that was his way of relieving the stress! Amazing! I am still learning about obedience! I am still making mistakes BUT GOD FORGIVES EACH AND EVERY TIME I GOOF UP AND THAT IS THE MOST WONDERFUL NEWS OF ALL! I think my prayer is that people would understand the Gospel and turn away when things go sideways but rather turn to the Lord! I heard something about shame! The devil puts shame out there to cover us up! The good news is that God has removed that shame, it is gone, forgiven and forgotten, and we are free to be children of God and to love and serve others. In 2015 I will pray for those who are feeling guilt and shame! I pray that God’s goodness and grace will overpower the guilt and shame and that all those who are in bondage will be set free! I pray that anyone reading this who may have some issues that they can call the prayer line or go talk to a Christian Pastor, but do not carry that burden anymore! GOD PUT HIS SON ON THE CROSS AND ALL SINS ARE GONE

  5. Romans is easier to take than Deuteronomy. Thanks Rev.
    Wonder why baby boys aren’t already born circumcised. God must want them to go thru that process although I thought either way their souls could be saved. Our baby grandson, Jacob, was circumcised shortly after he was born and it was done in Jesus name.
    Blessings fellow saints.

  6. I never thought about Abraham’s call to wait for a son as being all the more a reason to be faithful. It totally makes sense, as aging made it evident to all; what is not possible with man is possible for GOD. God provided Abraham a son and to Him be all the glory!
    Thank you Lord for Abraham’s testimony, help us to have faith in you while waiting for answers to our prayers. In Jesus name. Amen.

  7. Thank you for the comfort of these blogs this morning as I turned the tv on and saw there are shootings in Paris and the verse came to me; “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”(Matt.24:37). There was violence continually on the earth. I have meditated and claimed the key verse in my life and I claim Zeph. 3:17 this morning Beverlee. Thank you David for your keen insight into the Word of God. Blessings on this cold morning saints!

    • Ger, I shared this once before. It has helped me many times in difficult circumstances. God gave it to me in 2005 .
      Lord, sing to me a love song,
      I feel sad and alone today.
      Draw near to me and help me,
      This is all that I can pray.

      Ger, you are my child and I love you,
      By your side I will always remain,
      You stole My heart with one glance of your eyes,
      You are Mine, I know you by name.

      Nothing can ever destroy you,
      For you’re safe in My Father’s hand,
      Don’t doubt it, no matter the trial,
      I’m your Rock and not sinking sand.

      So quiet down and rest on My shoulder,
      I am tender, yet mighty and strong,
      Trust in Me and give me your burdens,
      As I rejoice over you with a song.

      Lord, Thank you for all of Your trials,
      They show me Your power and Your might,
      As You come to my aid and sustain me.
      You even give me a song in the night!

  8. Mary, thank you for sharing your song with me and making it personal. It is beautiful and comforting and I appreciate it. I am reading the book,” Rees Howells, Intercessor” and the Lord knows my concerns and desires that I am taking to Him and is responding. That is a wonderful book to inspire prayer if anyone can get a copy. God bless you Mary, dear sister in Christ.

  9. Also, I feel to share with you David that one of your co-workers, Burney MacDougall passed away early this morning. I thought you would like to know. Blessings.

  10. I joined in prayer with you Rev. David…the faith Abraham had and total obedience to Our Father Jesus had…may it be so…and that I not waiver in unbelief but stand firm in the Truth of God’s Word.!!!Amen…

    Always appreciate your extras to enhance the scripture of the day …thank you Rev. David.

    I often wander what the cost that goes into those great elaborate structures could do if they had been diverted for a more purposeful use.

    However, I do appreciate the photo’s Reynold provides to go with the day’s theme.

    To all bloggers thank you for sharing your concerns and needs as well as your prayers. I join in and agree with the prayers that have gone forth.

    Mary Stewart thank you for the words to “Lord Sing to me a Love Song”. Very comforting and encouraging.

    Beverlee thanks for sharing Zepheniah …I marvel at the fact that the Lord rejoices over us with Singing. One of my favorite scriptures.

    God Bless you all!!

  11. once again I’ve heard that the reason for sin is guilt and shame, it becomes a BIG boulder rolling over and over and over. I pray that I can listen to others in a very caring way and without words to assure them .
    Thank you Jesus for this enlightment again!

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