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Today’s Reading: Deuteronomy 9-10

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The Jordan River normally is a slow meandering stream, but when the Israelites went across, it was at the time of year when the "Jordan overflowed its banks" (Joshua 3:15b).

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Key Verse: Deuteronomy 9:5

It is not because of your righteousness or the uprightness of your heart that you go in to possess their land, but because of the wickedness of these nations that the Lord your God drives them out from before you, and that He may fulfill the word which the Lord swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


There were three reasons as to why God took the children of Israel into the Promised Land. First, because of the wickedness of the nations already there. Second, because of His promise to His friend, Abraham. Third, because Moses fasted and prayed for forty days and nights for God’s purposes to be fulfilled in their lives. Fasting, along with our prayers, does not win brownie points with God, but it does indicate the fervency of our prayers. “The fervent effectual prayer of a righteous man avails much” (James 5:16). God, through Moses, as well as through Paul, made it very clear that, “It’s not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us” (Titus 3:5a). This makes an important distinction between salvation by works and a faith that works.


Lord Jesus, grant a greater level of fervency to me as I pray. May I underline and put exclamation points behind my prayers more often by fasting along with my prayers. Thank You for saving me through the greatest work of all time, Your death and resurrection. Now, I’m asking You for a greater measure of faith that works in every area of my life and for the good of others. Amen!!!!!!


The Bible reading suggested here in “100 Words” is my morning reading. However, my New Years’ resolution is to raise my time meditating on the person of Jesus during 2015 by ordering the book offer for December from Crossroads/100 Huntley Street. It’s called, 52 Weeks With Jesus. Raised in a believing, synagogue-attending family, Jesus would have read the portions from His Bible which had been selected by a council of Jewish Rabbis. Our 2-year journey through the Bible, as presented in my blog, goes from the Old Testament to the New and back again, covering every verse, every chapter, every book. I’m asking every reader to join me in this new-year commitment to learn to be more like Jesus.

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Yours for knowing God’s Word more thoroughly,


P.S. Grandmother Elaine Stacey (our eldest daughter) suggested a smiling picture of her newest granddaughter (my great-granddaughter), who is named after my wife. She is Frankie Norma-Jean Stacey. Her Dad and Mom are Christopher and Diane. Below is little Norma-Jean making her smiling debut. It has taken me 3 blogs now to get it right. One of the great blessings an old man needs is a healthy sense of humour!

19 thoughts on “Saturday, December 20, 2014

  1. Great picture David of smiling Frankie Norma-Jean Stacey! Elaine, Bruce, Christopher and Diane must all be so grateful and proud! She looks like she’s ready to spot something of interest any moment with her binoculars! Interesting reading today, as always! Have a safe and joyous Christmas, everyone!

  2. I often wonder how Moses could survive for 40 days and nights on a mountain w/o food and water. I’m so ready for a bacon and egger after one night’s sleep.
    The pic of The Jordan R. is so beautiful and peaceful looking. I was raised on a farm outside Ottawa in a little town called Kenmore where we had a river running thru it that looked very much like today’s pic. I believe it was called the Castor River.
    How adorable is the baby girl pic! She is the face of “hope for tomorrow”.
    Trying to be more like Jesus every day.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Such power in Deuteronomy 9-10. The photo of the Jordan River calls us to imagine those crossing over with the Lord God making His way ahead of them; his higher purposes much greater than what they could imagine. The image of Moses played by Charleton Heston in “The Ten Commandments” holding the two tablets coming down the mountain to witness the people’s corruption is vivid. We are witness to the history of the old testament to the new as it is unveiled in the reading of the Bible– God’s love story to us. How blessed we are to study it each day together. Thank you David Mainse and fellow blog readers! God’s blessings dear saints as we move closer to Christmas day to celebrate the birth of our blessed Saviour, Jesus Christ! Enjoy this wonderful Saturday Christmas shopping!

  4. God had to be supporting Moses in those fasts. Going 40 days without liquid is very dangerous. Necessary internal organs could be very negatively affected. Fasting something like TV, cakes & candies, etc., internet (except for 100 Words, of course) would be a safer way unless the Lord definitely spoke otherwise. Two 40 day fasts are certainly amazing but I believe God was very much His Keeper during those times. Lovely picture of a happy baby! So sweet.

  5. A couple days ago David mentioned something about feeling unworthy to which another blogger responded along the lines that if someone like David felt unworthy what hope would there be those like them who because of depression struggle with feelings unworthiness. At the time I didn’t say anything but since I have read that I have sense the Holy Spirit’s nudge that I should share my experience with this issue and what God has shown me about it. This is something we all face, so I am not directing this at anyone in particular but offer it to those the Spirit will lead.

    I struggled for years with feeling unworthy until God showed me there is a difference between feeling unworthy and worth. Feeling unworthy is just that- a feeling. It is based on self; one’s own perceptions about what we think we deserved or don’t deserved. But our perceptions are tainted by lies, misunderstood lessons and distortions from many sources. In a nutshell, trusting our perceptions is the biggest mistake we can make.

    Worth on the other hand is about value, and value is determine not by object by what it means to someone else. For example, your house is worth what the market values it to be—and that value is based on buyers, not the sellers. Meaning you cannot determine your own worth, your worth, your value is determined someone else– and in case of all human beings our worth can only be determined by the one who created us– God himself.

    We have value to God– if we were not valuable to God as the Father he would not have send his Son to become human, to be our Saviour and Lord. If had no value to the God the Son He would not have taken our place on the cross. If we had no value to God, the Holy Spirit, he would not be following us all the days of lives, even while we were in rebellion He was chasing us, waiting for us to turn around. Not to condemn us or punish us, but to lead us to Christ, who in turn would lead us back in our Creator, who loves us beyond measure.

    So I cannot help you with your struggle with unworthiness because those feelings are coming from within, they are not real, but only you and God can work through the distortions you are dealing with. But what I can tell you as fact is you have worth. You are valuable to God, and no one or nothing can change that fact. That is truth, it is settled, not open to debate or question.

    And the last point, directed at Christians, remember feeling unworthy isn’t the same as being humble. If someone gives you a gift and you feel unworthy of the gift, you cannot be open to receive the message that comes with the gift. You are too focus on what you think you deserve you cannot see what is being given, and what is saying not about you but about the giver.
    Being humble, is realizing what is being given you, it is about appreciating the love being offered. It is not about whether you deserve it is about they are giving. Humble is being grateful for the gift, accepting the gift, and giving the giver– the gift of receiving the gift with same love it was given to you.

    Thank you for allowing me to share all this, I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, which to me means.

  6. Christmas Greetings, David and Norma-Jean! I miss your presence in Victory Church, Lakeland FL. What an honor to have your great-grandchild named after you, Norma-Jean. She’s a doll. I just ordered ’52 Weeks with Jesus’ and am looking forward to walking the journey of knowing Jesus more in 2015.. Merry Christmas!

  7. Mary of Nazareth

    Have you ever thought of Mary, at this special time of year,
    And thought how much she wanted her delivery to draw near?
    Or have you thought that Mary had, by God, been left alone?
    As He fulfilled His prophesy and brought forth His Son.

    Scripture has been recorded of the girl who became the mum,
    Of the Sovereign Lord of the universe, God’s Incarnate Son.
    The scripture was God breathed, yet written by human hand,
    And tells how Gabriel came to Mary in that far off Jewish land.

    The angel told the virgin something quite profound,
    “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and with child you will be found,
    You will be over shadowed by the power of the Most High.”
    Don’t you think Mary remembered as her time drew nigh?

    Would you remember an angel and the miracle that took place?
    Would you have been conscious that of God you had found grace?
    Or do you think she worried as her time drew near,
    That God had abandoned Messiah and left her alone to bear?

    No, Mary knew Him and rejoiced, giving glory to the Lord,
    For she was bound to Him by loves strong cord,
    She tells of the great things the Mighty One had done,
    And how He favoured her to be the mother of His Son.

    I believe that Mary had found rest in her Sovereign King,
    And knew He would be with her and provide for everything,
    The time, the place, the clothing and especially for the birth,
    For she, alone, felt the ‘quickening’ of the Lord of Heaven and Earth.

    I wrote this quite a few years ago.
    ‘quickening’ is the first movement felt by the mother when she is pregnant.

    Hope you all have a good family Christmas, as we celebrate the greatest gift ever given, Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us.
    God Bless you all in the New Year, as we continue reading God’s Word together. Thank you to all the Mainse family for this blog.

  8. A great explanation of worth and worthiness Donna .Merry Christmas to all readers of this blog. A special thank you to David Mainse for faithfulness in doing this daily teaching. I gain a better understanding the bible through it and the added comments of other bloggers. God bless you all in the coming new year.

  9. Blessings to all for Christnas and 2015. Thank you Pastor David fir your faithfulness in ministering to us each day. What a cute little girl, you have a wonderful family .
    Thank you Donna for your words today, I have just experience what you said about feeling unworthy to receive a gift and praise. I will know what to do the next time. Eleanor M.

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