Sunday, November 30, 2014


Today’s Reading: Acts 8-9

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The Port of Joppa was a busy place during Bible times and still is today.


Key Verse: Acts 9:5

And he said, “Who are You, Lord?” And the Lord said, “I am Jesus whom you are persecuting…”


What a team of the Lord’s servants in today’s reading! Stephen’s broken body is buried. Philip heads out to evangelize. Peter and John join him in Samaria. The Ethiopian treasurer heads home to witness for Christ. Saul of Tarsus is converted and boldly witnesses for Christ. At Joppa (present day Jaffa), Dorcas is raised from the dead as a witness for Christ. Aeneas of Lydda (present day Lod where the International Airport is located) is healed. What is the result of all this? Exponential growth of the churches. “Multitudes with one accord heeded the things spoken by Philip” (8:6). “The churches throughout all Judea, Galilee, and Samaria…were multiplied” (9:31). “All at Lydda, and Sharon…turned to the Lord” (9:35). In Joppa, “Many turned to the Lord” (9:42). God’s purposes have not changed. God’s power has not changed. Let us move out in bold faith to see the same happen today. Amen!


Lord Jesus, we have a word today that I don’t find in the Bible. It’s “retirement.” You are filling us with new energy as we do this blog daily. Show me, and all who read this, how we can be a part of the dynamic growth of Your Churches. Amen! and Amen!


I believe in and seek to put into practise outreach ministry beyond the church walls. In villages where I was a Pastor, I sought to take the lead in mobilizing some members of the congregation to visit every home. We would ask if there was a need for which we could pray. We would enquire about children for Sunday School or teens for the youth activities. In the large cities this was more challenging, but we would stake out areas to visit. I trust that I will have the health, strength, determination and the blessing of the Pastor to keep doing this. By gently asking about needs for prayer, I’ve never been turned down. People know when they are cared for, not like the door-to-door cults that try to indoctrinate people by visiting them to add points to their religious record.

Yours for consistent growth, early church style, in Jesus’ Church today,


10 thoughts on “Sunday, November 30, 2014

  1. Thank You David for your rising up early every morning may God continue to strengthen you and keep you working for His service
    Help us Lord to add to the Church of Jesus Christ Our Lord as we are being led by the power of the Holy Spirit speak through us as You spoke through the donkey take us and use us for Your Praise Honor and Gliry in Jesus name Amen

  2. Yesterday I saw a beautiful Christmas tree that had Santa Claus on the top! I spoke out to people viewing it, that Santa should be at the bottom of the tree and the Star of Bethlehem or the Angel of the Lord should be placed at the top. I have a large ornament bought years ago at a Christian book store that depicts Santa kneeling at the manger (with his head bowed and his hat in his hand).

  3. How amazing to read of God’s word being spread throughout the places mentioned today in our study and the miracles performed.
    Watched the Schindler’s List movie last night. It was devastating but heartwarming to see a Nazi loving God’s people. I pray for Mr. Schindler’s soul and the souls of the over 6 million Jews who were so wrongfully persecuted.
    Thank you for soldiering on Rev.
    Blessings dear fellow saints.

  4. Good morning David ,
    Thank you so very much and may God keep you strong and healthy. 100 words is always the starting of my day,I get so much from your messages. You mentioned cults today going door to door, I have a sister following them I can,t even reason with her. (JW).
    You truly are a man of God.
    Huntley Street is a much watch to love it.
    Doreen Brown

  5. Last night David Mainse was the guest to speak after the meal that was held at a local restaurant in the town of Gananoque, Ontario. The meeting and meal was sponsored by the Full Gospel Businessmen. The presence of God could be felt in that room as David spoke. He made it clear to everyone that is was God’s will they were present and they were meant to be there that evening. In closing the pastors and the elders from several the denominations present formed a line at the front and David called those that would like prayer with the laying on of hands to come to the front. I went forward for a healing. I was diagnosed with copd several years ago and am on oxygen.
    My fellow bloggers I feel we have a special bond like family. We share a love for the word God, we genuinely care for each other and lift each other up in prayer. I felt God’s presence last night and I ask for your prayers for God’s continued blessings as I seek his will in my life and for healing in my lungs. God is Good!!

    • I am praying for the healing off your lungs Alan, my youngest son is called Alan do I won’t forget. Bless you as you seek the Lord’s will for your life. Enjoy the rest of the Lord’s Day fellow bloggers. Ekeanor M.

  6. Our Pastor David Filsinger went on a tour to Isreal and as he spoke on the
    Journey to Bethlehem, he reencounter his trip for us as you have done David
    Thank you for your pictures Renold I love them and Allen I will pray for your
    healing as well
    God bless every blogger

  7. Another touching message David and I like what you said Bro. Allan Kenney and will pray for you. Yesterday I was speaking about the need for growth in our churches and heard a pastor’s wife speak at a Ladies’ Meeting about getting more serious in their mid-week prayer meeting. Lord, help us to see some growth in our churches, Amen.

  8. At this morning’s service our Pastor emphasized the importance in all the hustle and bustle of remembering the reason for this season. That once again it become a reality. The reason for celebrating JESUS and why He came to this earth.

    Yes, Pastor David, the word “retirement” is not in the Bible.

    My desire also is for Church growth: Where you lead me Lord I will follow.

    I pray for total healing in your chest Allen, the healing that comes from the One that is the Healer, Jesus Christ Our Lord!

    What a great photo Reynold, thank you for presenting it to us.

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