Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Today’s Reading: Numbers 12-13

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A Bee Keeper set up his operation in the north of Israel at the foot of Mount Hermon - "A Land flowing with milk and honey."

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Key Verse: Numbers 13:30

Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses, and said, “Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it.”


In Chapter 12, a very difficult lesson was learned by Moses’ brother Aaron and sister Miriam. God reaffirmed Moses’ leadership in no uncertain terms. Miriam had led the song and dance celebrating their deliverance from Pharaoh and the Red Sea (Exodus 15:20-21). Now she is punished temporarily with leprosy. Why not Aaron? Miriam was the leader in questioning Moses’ leadership. After all, she had cared for Moses when he was a little baby. No doubt she thought she had the right. Let’s learn the lesson of intercession. Aaron and Moses cried out to God for her healing (12:11-13). Nevertheless, she suffered the consequences given in Leviticus chapters 13 & 14. In seven days she was restored.

In chapter 13, there are 11 names that live in disgrace and 2 in honour. Only one tribal leader, Caleb of Judah, lived to see God at work. Also, Joshua, the personal assistant to Moses, who had been one of the spies, survived and succeeded Moses as leader.


Lord God, You promised a land flowing with milk and honey to Your people. May I be given the grace to believe You for the fulfillment of all Your promises that pertain to me. I ask these mercies in Your Name, Lord Jesus, and I claim the promised land of Your Kingdom. Amen!


I’m here in the land promised to the Israelites…Israel. There’s free wi-fi in the lobby where I’m typing this. What an amazing time to be alive with this technology linking from here to the world! The old blessings are here too, with which this land “flows.” This morning for breakfast I had the sweetest honey ever and, from the milk of this land, I enjoyed three kinds of cheese. We are seven hours ahead of Toronto time here in Jerusalem.

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada. A record number of poppies have been sold in Canada…over 19 million. Canadians are remembering those who died in war, and in particular Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and Warrant officer Patrice Vincent, who were killed by terrorists in Canada a short time ago. I cannot help but remember while here in Jerusalem that it was here that Jesus died waging war on sin and evil. Jesus has won that battle for all who will receive His sacrifice on our behalf. This blog is one way to make every day a “REMEMBRANCE” day!

Yours for remembering,


P.S. Check up on what I’m doing this week in Jerusalem. The event is live streamed on the Internet from 7:30 each evening at www.822call.org/live or 12:30 noon Toronto time. Two years ago today, my son Ron was with me in Israel, and in the picture below I was finishing the blog and Ron was preparing to post it, as he continues to do for me every day.

David and Ron Mainse working on the blog in Israel.

P.P.S. Below is the official government symbol for visitors to Israel. It’s the story of Joshua and Caleb who brought back, from the land of milk and honey, the largest bunch of grapes anyone had ever seen.



18 thoughts on “Tuesday, November 11, 2014

  1. Would’nt it be awesome if the world had a day set aside to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ and what he did on the cross for the sins of the world?

      • come to think of it, we celebrate EVERYDAY what Jesus did for us! We have freedom from sin and destruction because of the Cross and becaue of what Jesus did> HE DIED AND ROSE> the words of the song below are so appropriate! HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD! this may sound corny, but God cared so much that He showed me my lost swim ticket, a lost hubcap, a lost brush to clean with and the other day, a lost glove! That’s God! That’s what He is all about! gives me goosebumps!!!!!!

  2. Your message is full of life and encouragement, David. Thanks for the link and symbol for visitors to Israel 🙂 Remembering our fallen veterans, today. How privileged and free we are because of their sacrifice for us–just like Jesus! God bless ye merry saints.

    The splendour of a King, clothed in majesty just rang through my head…

    How Great is our God by Chris Tomlin

    “How Great Is Our God”

    The splendor of a king
    Clothed in majesty
    Let all the earth rejoice
    All the earth rejoice

    He wraps Himself in light,
    And darkness tries to hide
    And trembles at His voice
    Trembles at His voice

    How great is our God – sing with me
    How great is our God – and all will see
    How great, how great is our God

    Age to age He stands
    And time is in His hands
    Beginning and the end
    Beginning and the end

    The Godhead Three in One
    Father, Spirit and Son
    Lion and the Lamb
    Lion and the Lamb

    How great is our God – sing with me
    How great is our God – and all will see
    How great, how great is our God

    Name above all names
    Worthy of all praise
    My heart will sing
    How great is our God

    Name above all names
    You’re worthy of all praise
    And my heart will sing
    How great is our God

    How great is our God – sing with me
    How great is our God – and all will see
    How great, how great is our God

  3. Beverlee I have his C.D. and love it . It would be awesome Denise to see and hear everyone. Thank you again for your encouraging words David
    Thank you David for your encouragement David
    Lianne Hogg

  4. We all have relatives who think their way is better than our way. With God’s holy spirit we can rise above any and all pettiness and pray for them.
    May we all remember the young men who gave their lives in the terrible, terrible wars which took so many from us. May we never forget.
    It’s -20 this a.m. in my part of Alberta.
    Stay warm dear fellow saints and enjoy the meaningful holiday.

  5. So enjoyed your blog today, David; so encouraging and inspiring and I felt like I was right there at King of Kings? Thank you so much for sharing that with us and I am going to watch it more than once. Thanks Beverlee for the song. Going to watch the Remembrance Day program now. God bless you all saints.

  6. Good morning brothers and sisters. It is wonderful to see almost 20,000,000 poppies sold this year for Remembrance Day. Thanking our military for helping to keep us free past, present, and future…

    Thank you Jesus for giving your life on the cross so that those who believe can be saved for all eternity. Amen and Amen!

    Blessings bloggers in Israel and around the world!

  7. Dear David,
    I appreciate your prayer today, especially the words, “Your promises which pertain to me.” There are some promises in the Bible that, contrary to the old kid’s song, “Every Promise in the Book is Mine,” don’t apply to us and some we would not like to claim, for example, he who sows to the flesh will of the flesh reap corruption.

  8. Pastor David Norma-Jean Mainse and family; Much appreciated is all you and your family do. All the effort you put into this blog, as well as the various activities you are involved in, in extending and sharing what JESUS has done.
    Thank you JESUS you did it all for us!!
    On this Remebrance Day, as I watched the great celebration, I particularly remembered my brother who gave his life in WWII for our country of Canada, along with the many others who died that we may have a better life.

      • I had 2 uncles (my mom`s brother and dad`s brother) who served in the war……God bless all who are on the front lines today….Lord God enter the hearts of the leaders and sow the plans of peace and harmony..restore all those who are hungry and homeless…clear the ears of people so they can hear people needing help….enter into people`s hearts to share their wealth with those in need…to share their wealth and put up a new roof on a building that houses programs for youth in my community…open people`s hearts to willingly give and help others. In Jesus Name I Pray AMEN

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