Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Today’s Reading: Numbers 2

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At Timna Park, 20 miles north of Eilat, a life-sized replica of the Biblical Tabernacle has been constructed in the same area where the original Tabernacle may have stood. While no original materials (e.g., gold, silver, bronze) have been used in the replica, the model is accurate in every other way based upon the Biblical description.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Numbers 2:17

And the tabernacle of meeting shall move out with the camp of the Levites in the middle of the camps; as they camp, so they shall move out, everyone in his place, by their standards.


What could’ve been a two-week journey became a forty-year time of testing, learning, rebelling, and finally conforming to God’s plan. We find parallels in our lives. Moses kept detailed records of people and events and was careful to journal all that happened. They had prepared for this while still in Egypt. Originally, the Children of Israel and Pharaoh thought this was to be just a camping trip for several days. Even if that had been the case, the logistics of moving over one million people required organizational genius. Their tents would’ve covered several square miles. What a sight it must have been. The Ark, the Tabernacle and the spiritual leaders were always at the centre. The way in which they were to travel and camp was a constant reminder that God was to occupy the central place in their lives.


Lord God, I ask for Your help in organizing my life so that You are always at the centre. I desire You to be the focal point of my attention. Please grant me the grace to be conscious of Your presence 24/7. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen!


As long as I can remember, God was honoured daily in our family life. My mother and sisters read to me from Hurlbut’s Stories of the Bible for children (click here for an online version). I prayed every evening before bed, “Now I lay me down to sleep…” During the years of the Second World War, when my Dad was away, Mother led in daily Bible reading and prayer at the breakfast table. Dad arrived home in time for Christmas of 1944 and took over those duties. I never questioned that God was at the centre of our lives. Mother died when I was 12, and Dad and I were home alone a lot that year. He soldiered on with the same pattern of life. He also made lumpy porridge, and I tried not to complain. I would see his Bible open at the place where he was reading for his private devotions when I arrived downstairs each morning. The importance I place on this daily blog had its roots back there, I’m sure. I told one of my grandsons recently, “David Shaheen, if you were the only one reading my blog, I would get up early every morning and do it just for you.”

Yours, for God at the centre,


P.S. David Shaheen’s Dad, Rev. Nizar Shaheen, covers the world with the message of Jesus Christ in the Arabic language several times each day on satellite to home dishes, over the air, and on social media. His wife, our daughter Ellen, sent me the attached information about Nizar’s upcoming trip to Iraq (click here). Please read, pray, and give if possible. Also please pray for God’s will to be done in today’s elections in the USA. All Americans reading this…PLEASE REMEMBER TO VOTE!!!

26 thoughts on “Tuesday, November 4, 2014

  1. I have a really stupid question, what did they keep in the Taberacle? I didn’t think they got the ten commandments yet (till Deuteronomy).

    God bless,

  2. I read in a book called Hidden Treasures in the Biblical Text by Chuck Missler that if the people of God camped exactly to these instructions, meaning North is true North, not Northeast or west, etc, then based on the numbers given for each tribe then the camp of Israel would form a giant cross.

    I found the whole explanation at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYiuM43uOQ4, about the twenty minute mark of the video

  3. Wonder what ‘standard’ means in today’s study?
    I’m sure your grandson will never be just the only one to read your blog. I, for one, love your daily teachings and comments Rev. DM.
    So excited to learn the results of the States elections today. I know God is at work in this department.
    I pray Nizar will be safe and successful in Iraq. Would like to donate to his cause but don’t like Paypal.

  4. This past week-end I shared your daily commitment to this blog with some of my friends at Montreal FLAME (Fellowship & Learning for Anglican Mens Enrichment).
    I liked your personal prayer today which reminds me of Brother Lawrence.
    2012 Holy Land Yellow Bus.
    PS One of my FLAME friends is Winston Fraser who had a vision from GOD while on a train ride (Acts 12:24) and that was his inspiration to lead the very first Proclamation 1995 at St James’ Anglican Church in Rosemere Quebec. The rest is history!

  5. May God’s will be done in the elections of the USA. We pray for Godly men who will not be swayed to lead the USA in Jesus name. Amen

  6. David I did vote yesterday , but sometimes I think what is the use the people I vote
    for never get in . I’ll pray for all of them.
    Could you pray for my friend Roberta she broke her arm and and maybe shoulder
    the doctors said they can not opperate. God is our physician who will heal
    thanks everyone

    • Lord God cover Roberta with Your loving grace and protection. With the precious blood of Jesus, heal Roberta’s broken and aching bones and bring the physicians to properly diagnose and work on Roberta as needed. Praying for Roberta’s healing comfort and peace. In Jesus name, amen.

    • Lord God heal Roberta and instill the desire for her to want to heal fast! Lead her Lord to perhaps some exercises in the water. Lord You turned my broken leg into me learning how to swim! (20 years ago) I still nearly faint when I think about it. I pray you do the same for Roberta. Lord look after her every need and send the best doctors to her. In Christ’s Name we pray AMEN.

  7. I rarely donate as I do not have any money to do so! HOWEVER today the Lord moved me to help! no you cannot donate to LFAN through Crossroads! yes you can donate on line to Light for all Nations; I never donate on line as a security issue, (was told never to do that by a fraud specialist) HOWEVER I always talk to someone, get their name and tell them double and triple times that I do NOT WISH TO BE PUT ON A MAILING LIST ETC all these extras cost money, and I always ask BEFORE if an income tax receipt will be issued, if not, don’t donate! after I speak to someone and the info is taken down, I ask for a trace number which they have to give you also, I don’t have them call me back if there is a 800 # I always call them, again, I’ve had discussions about these donation programs and I believe a person has to really check them out. I do not give out my e mail address. I phoned 100 HuntleyStreet and talked with a very nice guy named Mark and asked him tons of questions. yes I know this is DM son-in-law but I still checked. I trust 100 Huntley Street completely but I never donate on line…I contacted my credit card company and informed them of the transaction, only one, and if something else shows up they will tag it and call me…..you really have to check things out….a different subject, for those living in Alberta do you have a new area code? and if so is it 825? again, a scam coming down the internet, just wanted to check….God bless everyone and I pray that the Holy Spirit will call the people in Iraq to the Lord God and they will accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Amen.

  8. Great colour display in photo tabernacle Reynold!

    I too pray that God would always be the centre of my life…that is my prayer Lord…that you always be the centre of my life. Thank you Lord Jesus!

  9. I made an error in trying to make a donation for Light for the Nations, please have them cancel the donation as I cannot afford what apparently went through which was a much bigger number than I can afford. thank you

    • Irene who did you contact….LFAN directly? I hoe you can get it straightened out…..Crossroads does not take the donations for LFAN…..I went with my credit card as you can read my comment….I am usually very careful….hope things work out…blessings and thank you for your prayer support

  10. Somehow my first message asking for the donation to be cancelled does not appear here. Please let me know if that donation was cancelled as I cannot have it showing on my credit card. thank you.

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