Thursday, October 23, 2014


Today’s Reading: John 7

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A Jewish man studies the Torah in a library situated in a tunnel along the western wall of Jerusalem's Temple Mount.

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Key Verse: John 7:5

For even His brothers did not believe in Him.


Today’s reading tells us that Jesus knew the feeling of family betrayal. His brothers refused to believe in Him. He knew what it was to feel completely alone. He said, speaking of the world, “It hates Me” (John 7:7). He understands when we feel alone and misunderstood. He is the Source of our comfort. The names of His brothers are recorded in Mark 6. It might be helpful to read again Mark 6:1-6. God can change families. Jesus’ brothers received the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:14). Two of them, James and Jude, wrote books that are part of the New Testament, the books bearing their names. Sometimes it increases the impact of Scripture on our lives to read out loud. This morning, in order not to awaken Norma-Jean, I’ve gone outside and read so that I not only see the Words of Jesus from this chapter, but hear them too. They are powerful, life-changing Words.


Lord Jesus, I pray that Your Holy Spirit will teach me daily as I read, highlight, write in the margins, learn, and digest Your Word inside of me. I know You are helping me to follow this blog daily, and I thank You with all my heart. Amen!


The largest private office I’ve ever visited was in the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem. I had made an appointment to see the Armenian Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem about renting office space in one of their buildings for the Arabic television ministry. His main goal was not to do business but to convince me that the “brothers” mentioned in Mark 6 were actually cousins. Be that as it may, we prayed together, and I thanked him for his time. Sometime I hope to share here about the other Patriarch in Yerevan. There are two of them in the Armenian church, one in Jerusalem and one in Armenia. The Armenian Patriarch is now their Pope. When in his thirties, as the leader of the Young Communists of Armenia, he had an Apostle Paul type conversion. He sent two of his brightest priests to study with us at Crossroads. He’s now telecasting the Gospel from Mount Ararat into Turkey, the area of the infamous Armenian holocaust. He, along with Baptist and Pentecostal pastors, ended up in the same cell in a communist prison, but that’s another story.

Yours for a daily commitment to study God’s Word,


P.S. While I was live on network TV yesterday morning, “vomit” from the pit of Hell spewed out onto Parliament Hill in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa. A terrorist shot and killed Canadian soldier Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and injured others. The Sergeant-at-Arms shot and killed this terrorist. We led a nation-wide prayer meeting immediately for the killing to stop!!! (HERE is a link to that segment of 100 Huntley Street as the news was just breaking). Then a special Prime Time live edition of 100 Huntley Street went to air last night at 9:00 pm on YES TV, providing a Christian perspective on the attack in Ottawa and offering further prayer. If you missed it, HERE is a link to that one-hour special. I’m convinced that there is demonic control over those who commit such unspeakable acts. The killer is said to be a recent convert to Islam. I’ve just read a book that has given me a much greater understanding of what is happening. I recommend that you go to your local bookstore or order online “The Third Choice” by an excellent scholar named Mark Durie. Read it prayerfully with compassion and Jesus’ love to all.


16 thoughts on “Thursday, October 23, 2014

  1. Following the prayers of our Nation for Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, and Canada’s resolve to act in strength and wisdom as we “Stand On Guard For Thee.” May Almighty God rule in our hearts and minds as we take firm action to combat and quell this evil spirit and mentality. Amen.

  2. My second cousin was temporarily trapped in lock down in Ottawa yesterday. She was later escorted to safety by the police. Praise God for hearing our prayers and acting on them.

    May the Holy Spirit of God comfort us who know Him. …am faithfully praying for a number of you from this blog daily. May your surgery go well today Beverlee. In Jesus name – Amen!

  3. If I were to ponder on the evil that might be
    and focus my heart’s attention on the dangers I cannot see
    My spirit would surely follow the darkness in it’s constant search
    for beautiful peace to shallow and precious freedom to besmirch

    Yet my mind will not wander down that blacken path
    my thoughts to You Lord Jesus will I firmly latch
    Your promises, Your Grace, Your Unfailing Truth prevail
    In all uncertainty, storms and humanity conscience fail

    For mightier are Thee than whatever seeks our harm
    Please take us under Your wing and give us sanctuary from alarm
    Thank you, Lord Jesus, for Love that cannot be denied
    and for Light and Goodness, treasures shadows cannot hide.

    Praise to You, slaughtered Lamb or God,
    who has risen to reign supreme over all lands
    The Word of God made flesh
    The unending name of I AM

  4. Beautiful Donna and thanks for sharing and lifting our spirits to help us remember Jesus The Lamb slaughtered for us, will protect as we stand firm.

  5. I read the scriptures out loud every day and it helps keep my mind focused on our blog. Powerful and life changing they are Pastor David, thanks also for your prayer.

    Praying for your surgery to be successful today Beverlee. God is with you.

    Saw Huntley st. Yesterday and last night. Gives courage where fear may take over, but our Lord Jesus has overcome the world and gives us His peace.

    Special prayers for the family of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo.

  6. Amen to all the prayers for our nation, our leaders and people. Also for you Beverlee as you undergo your operation. May God give you peace, grace, strength and success. Watching yesterday’s 100 Huntley Street programs on computer.

  7. Praise God for this nation of Canada, for the special 100 Huntley program, as you lifted up this nation in prayer and turned to, and lifted up the NAME of the only One who is able to keep us safe…OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST!!! PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!!!

    Thank you Rev. David for being so quick and compassionate as you prayed for the situation that took place in our parliament. For this Nation of Canada.

    Prayer for your surgery, the Lord be with you during this time, His Peace upon you, and His hand upon those in attendance to you.

  8. How discouraging it must have been for Jesus to have his family not believe him.
    I don’t want to waste my time learning about other so-called religions. Had a South Korean friend who was a Buddhist. Didn’t want to learn about that ‘religion’ either. I know Christianity is the answer even though I must respect others wishes to believe otherwise. I’ll never stop praying for others though as I’m sure Jesus would want me to.
    Love the pic of the gentleman so intently studying his book.
    Praying for the family of the reserve soldier killed yesterday in his line of duty.
    Blessings saints.

  9. Read the book Jim Wallace wrote. This is a great video.
    Did Jesus Say Faith Is “Blind”? (Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast #13)

  10. Carole Pony Meunier – I sent you a thank letter for your thoughtfulness in sending the CD for computer but it came back! It said, “Unknown”? and “Return to Sender”. I used the address on the envelope that you sent. I am so sorry. I think you may not realize how much I appreciated that gesture. Thank you for the lovely family picture you enclosed as well. You are very thoughtful. God bless you.

  11. Thank you so much for your daily blog David which I have been following since January. It is a new experience for me to read the Bible through on my computer. The pictures & commentary are greatly appreciated as well. Thank you for sharing the link for the TV special re the attack in Ottawa as I do not have Yes TV. I also thank God for 100 Huntley Street & promote that wonderful program whenever I can! God bless you & Crossroads Communications for all you do to honour & exalt our Lord Jesus Christ!!

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