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Today’s Reading: Leviticus 20-21

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These are the remains of the Temple of Pan in Caesarea Philippi. This shrine was likely in full view when Jesus asked his disciples, "Whom do men say that I am?" and "Who do you say that I am?" Peter answered, "You are the Christ the Son of the living God!"

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where Reynold took the photo, click HERE.

Key Verse: Leviticus 20:8

And you shall keep My statutes, and perform them: I am the Lord who sanctifies you.


The god Pan, half goat and half man, was worshipped at the place pictured above. There is no record of a people group that did not worship someone or something. To worship is a basic human characteristic. We will worship! Almighty God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, invites us to worship Him, and so does the fallen angel, Lucifer, who declared war in Heaven so that he would be worshipped instead of his Creator. Our reading today begins with Molech. The horrible manifestation of Satan who demanded children as a sacrifice. Worshippers would throw their babies into the fire. We understand that The Great “I am” sought the deliverance of His people from these things. The animal sacrifices were the picture of the final sacrifice when God would give His one and only Son as the ultimate Sacrifice. He sanctified (separated, made holy) a people who would begin the process of bringing people back to the true God.


Lord Jesus, I choose to serve You and not things made with men’s hands. Please grant me the grace to hold firmly to You and You alone. I worship You, Lord Jesus. Amen!


The penalties described in our reading were seldom carried out according to the Jewish Rabbis. Forgiveness was offered and received. I can remember making threats of punishment for wrong doing to my children. Reynold, our photographer, was the target of these declarations of justice several times. I would send him to his room and inevitably this 5, 6, or 7-year-old would be on his knees when I arrived. “O God, dear Jesus,” he would cry out, “forgive me and make me a good boy.” What could I do? Of course, I forgave him, and I also knelt beside him, prayed for him, hugged him, and rarely would he be punished further. However, I could not help but notice the smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. He’d figured out how to lessen the punishment. As he matured, he became a boy who loved to pray, even when not under judgement from his Dad. Then he was filled with the Holy Spirit, but that’s another story, which I may tell when we get to the Book of Acts.

Yours to emphasize the worship of the one and only true God,



11 thoughts on “Saturday, October 11, 2014

  1. Today’s reading contained some morbid and cruel punishments, invoking fear and submission, if carried out by the letter of the law. It is good to hear Rabbi’s say these treatments were rarely executed. Although, there had to be a strong message and punishment for such crimes as sacrificing children.

  2. Thank you for the welcome backs from my fellow bloggers last Thursday. I just read all of the postings this morning and also the discussion whether I was male or female and decided I was male. Ha! Ha! You are going to have another laugh as I am female; take it from the horse’s mouth. Ha! Ha! That’s OK. You got my full first name almost right. It is good to have fun and joke with each other once in a while. Right? Getting back to the Bible. If we could realize and appreciate God’s laws as being for our own good. Amen? God bless you David and fellow bloggers today. You are included in the list of thank you for this blog too Kathy.

    • Ger, I always thought you were female, glad you are safely home. David you certainly trained up your children in the way they should go, now we are reaping the blessings from you Norma Jean and the family. Amen to your prayer for today.

  3. Praise the Lord for forgiveness. Those punishments were brutal. Being cut off from your people would be devastating in and of itself. Not even an animal could sacrifice its young. God has come a long, long way in making people civilized. There’s times I pray though, He’d take better control of Satan.
    I pray for a happy Thanksgiving weekend for Canadians.

  4. Good morning, David, and fellow saints. Thank you for the explanation of today’s reading; it led me to Matthew Henry’s commentary. Thank you God for giving us your Son, Jesus Christ. Thank You, Jesus, for Your sacrifice, for being the light of our lives, for saving, cleansing and protecting us with your Holy Blood.

    The precious moment of the morning
    When we rise and give thanks for the day.
    As we are still in the presence of Jesus,
    And we feel Him with us, as we pray.
    How blessed are we, oh Saviour,
    How thankful we are, for Your grace.
    We worship You, we honour You,
    We give You all the praise!

    Beverlee Kay.

    Blessings today, dear saints!

  5. 7 “‘They must not marry women defiled by prostitution or divorced from their husbands, because priests are holy to their God.”
    My question why are priest of these days forbid from marriage?

  6. I’ve wondered why priests can’t marry also? If a person takes a vow of celibacy, not to drink,smoke, that’s their choice but I don’t understand the “no marrying of the priests’? I am cooking beets, will dice them and freeze and next week-end God willing make the pickles! IT is very overcast and I suffer from a chemical imbalance and it is very difficult to handle! Later I will go into the tanning booth for a boost of seretonin and then swimming, These last few chapters are very hard for me to read. Do appreciate this blog very much and the honesty. God Bless everyone!

  7. Love the colours and their vividness…the depth of your photo Reynold

    Thank you Pastor David for sharing re discipline…I remember sending mine up to their room so that I could cool off before administering discipline: in his later years my youngest son said it didn’t hurt too much, he just cried loudly.

    I’m thankful for my children who are a blessing to me …they and their children.

    A Blessed Thanksgiving to all!!!

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