Monday, October 6, 2014


Today’s Reading: Leviticus 14

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In the area of Caesarea Philippi in Northern Israel, clean cool water from Mount Herman runs swiftly through these waterfalls at Banias.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where Reynold took the photo, click HERE.

Key Verse: Leviticus 14:8

He who is to be cleansed shall wash his clothes, shave off all his hair, and wash himself in water, that he may be clean. After that he shall come into the camp, and shall stay outside his tent seven days.


Please click on this scripture passage: 2 Cor. 3:14-18. When reading the Old Testament we must read through God’s prescription glasses. He has provided that when we read Scripture, looking through the Person of Jesus Christ, we are able to see with insight and understanding. In yesterday’s reading, the priests were given instruction in the detection of leprosy. Today’s chapter deals with the procedures for cleansing and restoration into the community. Our cleansing is by the Blood of Christ (1 John 1:7). Restoration into the full fellowship of the Church, after spiritual leprosy is cleansed, is described in Galatians 6:1-10. Please click that link and we’ll be blessed to read together.


Lord Jesus, Please help me to receive those who turn to You in repentance as You have received me. I need Your cleansing every day, and I thank You and my fellow believers for receiving me into Your Church. Amen!


Today’s photo is a magnificent demonstration of the intricate beauty of God’s creation for the cleansing and productivity of the land. I stepped outside a few minutes ago and gazed at the sky. The stars were so very bright and the moon was front and centre. A racoon scampered away from his breakfast on the seeds the birds had dropped from the feeder. How do I think about these things? The human brain is the most complicated organization of matter in the universe. One of our cells is more complicated than the entire man-made electric power system of Toronto. I’m not surprised that, in reading Leviticus, sometimes my eyes glaze over with incomprehension and I feel like going back to bed. The detail in Leviticus is tough for us to handle. God is a God of infinite detail. I know that I will stick with my reading and with this blog because of the grace God has given me. Lots of people give up their reading at this point. I know I’m stubborn enough to keep on keeping on.

Yours for persistent and consistent reading of God’s Word,


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  1. The gifts of nature remind us of God’s greatness. There is nothing so wonderful as being present in the midst of God’s creatures and to witness their livelihood. Outside my window, a most unusual and spectacular tree brings woodpeckers, cardinals, and sparrows… delightful to watch and stand underneath when they are there. Creatures are very comfortable at this patio. Thankful for all God’s blessings that flow so readily. Thank you, David, for reminding us to keep reading, even through what seems tedious in Leviticus; and for the links to appropriate new testament readings. Thank you, Reynolds–your beautiful photos add the brightness to the page! What a splendid waterfall of God’s creation!

    The people kept their distance, but Moses drew near the thick darkness where God was. (Exod 20:21)

    God has still His hidden secrets, hidden from the wise and prudent. Do not fear them; be content to accept things that you cannot understand; wait patiently. Presently He will reveal to you the treasures of darkness, the riches of the glory of the mystery. Mystery is only the veil of God’s face.
    Do not be afraid to enter the cloud that is settling down on your life. God is in it. The other side is radiant with His glory. “Think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you; but rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings.” When you seem loneliest and most forsaken, God is nigh. He is in the dark cloud. Plunge into the blackness of its darkness without flinching; under the shrouding curtain of His pavilion you will find God awaiting you.—Selected

    “Hast thou a cloud?
    Something that is dark and full of dread;
    A messenger of tempest overhead?
    A something that is darkening the sky;
    A something growing darker bye and bye;
    A something that thou fear’st will burst at last;
    A cloud that doth a deep, long shadow cast,
    God cometh in that cloud.
    Hast thou a cloud?
    It is Jehovah’s triumph car: in this
    He rideth to thee, o’er the wide abyss.
    It is the robe in which He wraps His form;
    For He doth gird Him with the flashing storm.
    It is the veil in which He hides the light
    Of His fair face, too dazzling for thy sight.
    God cometh in that cloud.
    Hast thou a cloud?
    A trial that is terrible to thee?
    A black temptation threatening to see?
    A loss of some dear one long thine own?
    A mist, a veiling, bringing the unknown?
    A mystery that unsubstantial seems:
    A cloud between thee and the sun’s bright beams?
    God cometh in that cloud.
    Hast thou a cloud?
    A sickness—weak old age—distress and death?
    These clouds will scatter at thy last faint breath.
    Fear not the clouds that hover o’er thy barque,
    Making the harbour’s entrance dire and dark;
    The cloud of death, though misty, chill and cold,
    Will yet grow radiant with a fringe of gold.
    GOD cometh in that cloud.”

    As Dr. C. stood on a high peak of the Rocky Mountains watching a storm raging below him, an eagle came up through the clouds, and soared away towards the sun and the water upon him glistened in the sunlight like diamonds. Had it not been for the storm he might have remained in the valley. The sorrows of life cause us to rise towards God.
    Streams in the Desert March 14th, L. B. Cowman

    Wishing all saints a blessed day. Amen!

  2. Your words you see me and each everyday helps me out as much as it can my legal step kids are in foastercare and one could be adopted but still could keep legal last name other kid stays in foastercare but I’m not happy but sad feel one at times when you send me this words it helps me to try get though life I’m sad try to make it

  3. Thank You David Mainse for helping me go thru the bible in 2 years, like you said “One year is just to difficult”. Thank You also for postings your sons pictures from Israel. So far I have not been able to come on any of your tours to Israel so this is the only way to be able to see Israel. PTL.

    Thank you again!!

  4. pastor David, I am so blessed by your message today. I have always felt my heart reminding me how precious the lepers were to our Lord when He walked this earth. Thank you I am reminded of this again today!

  5. It is sometimes challenging to find relevance in the ceremonial cleansing performed by the priests in Leviticus, however your referrences to the New Tesiiment help to clarify and bring home the truth. With everything happening in the world right now, where would we place our faith except knowing the fate of every nation is held securely in the hand of the “Maker” of creation. Praying for wise political decisions to combat ISIS and that which seeks to destroy our CHRISTIAN values and faith.

  6. Waterfall by Reuben Morgan

    Here I am dying to say
    I am desperate for Your touch
    I fall upon this desert ground
    And I am empty at Your feet
    Will You break me now
    Will You take me in Your grace

    Take me deeper in love
    Take me deeper with You
    Where the streams of Your mercy run
    Feel Your waves over me
    Feel Your power over me
    In the roar of Your waterfall

    Wash away the hidden stains
    Of my falleness I pray
    I’ll tell the world
    Of all You’ve done
    Of Your saving power in me

    Saturate me now
    Ever leave me in Your grace

  7. Still with you in the reading even if it is in Leviticus still God’s Word I enjoy your writings on all the scriptures Be blessed today bro. David

  8. Great sermon and pic this a.m. Rev. DM. Thanks.

    Father, Thank You for each and every day You have blessed us here on earth. Thank You for Your tender mercies. Thank You for giving us friends and family to share joys and sorrows with. I ask You to bless my friends, relatives, brothers and sisters in Christ and those I care deeply for, who are reading this right now. Where there is joy, give them continued joy, Where there is pain or sorrow, give them your peace and mercy. Where there is self-doubt, release a renewed confidence. Where there is need, fulfill their needs. Bless their homes, families, finances, their goings and their comings. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  9. Thank you Father for having a plan to cleanse us before you created us; past, present and future. Oh how my soul rejoices at how great thou art. Awake our souls to do your will Father, forgive us our sins and guide us with your Word. For your glory Father, in Jesus name. Amen.

  10. Be encouraged Mr. Mainse – you won’t loose this reader even through Leviticus. If you can get up these cool, dark mornings to look at the stars, observe a raccoon…..the least I can do is Grace a Kingdom Canada man as yourself and read through what you clean in the early hours. What wisdom and understanding I receive from you I write in my bible…..thank you, thank you for more understanding and for keeping me company as I read through my bible this year… is a joyful experience for me….

  11. Dear Pastor,
    I am so pleased to read your daily Bible devotion! I find Levitus very difficult to understand. The sacrifice of animals, and the constant delivery of blood in the practice, made it very difficult for me to want to keep an open mind and continue to read God’s word. In today’s culture, the ‘practice’ of the past in the Bible seems extremely violent. Yet, your perspective on describing it as a cultural practice, almost a medicinal response to aid and help the culture, has offered a new perspective for me on the book of Levitus. I will continue to absorb your mentoring on the Bible, knowing that you share some similar reactions, “sometimes my eyes glaze over with incomprehension.” Thank-you for your honesty, God Bless you!

  12. My husband and I visited a leprosy village in The Dominican Republic in the mid 70’s. It was a village where people who had had leprosy were to live. Many had missing fingers, toes, or badly misshapen limbs. Hopefully that does not exist today with medication being so inexpensive. The people there lived by donations from churches and loving persons in the area.

  13. Heavenly Father,
    I am so grateful that you have given your faithful servant David M., the determination to follow through the difficult passages of Leviticus and bringing clarity and better understanding of Your Word.

    Thank you Lynda for your beautiful prayer.

    Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus for all my sisters and brothers in Christ. We are all united in one all for Your Glory, Amen .
    Have a blessed day enjoying Our Creators spectacular fall colours.

    xoxoxo Carole

  14. Thanks Reynold for the lovely photo, the waterfall looks like a beautiful white blanket, enclosed with the green foliage.
    Pastor David thank you for sharing that you too find reading Leviticus difficult to stay with; I too join you in sticking with it. The application from the New Testament just affirms all that Jesus has done for us in cleansing us by His Precious Blood.
    God’s detailed scriptures affirm that there is nothing too small that He is not concerned about. He is SO faithful. Thank Father for your Great love for us!

  15. I was re-reading today’s passage after thinking of what I had read earlier. It was a surprise to me to read in Leviticus 13: 34, that God said, if a house in the town He sent them to, showed signs of plague……that He, (God), had sent the plague! I have believed all along, that God does not send sickness to people….that satan is responsible for doing that.

  16. ok someone please explain Lev 13:34…..I thought also the devil was up to his nasty tricks…there has to be more to that verse……thankswould like to hear David Mainse explain this please….

  17. hang on it is Lev l4:34 and it explains the procedure….I should read before I speak….it explains to go and check the house etc etc ….this to me indicates how we should look at our sin…..a little sin, stopped before it spreads, can be cleared up…..however if it spreads, you have to put things in place to prevent further spreading….David Manse took an oath not to every take a drink and Premier Smallwood did not take ONE drink,, I sort of compare it to this type of issue…….at the top of my Chapter 14 it says “cleaning houses infected by leprosry”….I can only speak for myself….I have been doing that for years…I mentioned the Lord removed smoking/alcohol from me 20 years ago, that was house cleaning for me and I always have to clean house so to speak….maybe I have it all wrong…but the commands that are given by God to me seem to have a deeper meaning…obedience is important to God, and when the Lord speaks to Moses and he commands for something to be done he is being obedient, I know it has been mentioned that the ultimate sacrifice Jesus CHrist was done for all mankind and it is forever, we either accept JesusChrist as our Saviour or we don/t……..forgive me If I have it all backwards…….

  18. something has occured to while readaing Leviticus, I’m more aware of making sure I wash my hands thoroughly, use sani wipes on buggies, wipe my phone, handles, just more aware of cleaning, we see how diseases spread very fast and we can’t stop that from happening but reading how important cleaning was, it makes me stop and think……and appreciate life

    • I agree with you on the cleaning of hands and house, Sah. Although I’m not a fanatic about it. Maybe I should think about that!

  19. Thank you Pastor David for your sacrifice of love. What a blessing to read Gods precious Word with you and my brothers and sisters in the Lord. Although we have never meant l feel strengthened and blessed to join you in these readings. I also find leviticus difficult reading but l will not give up.

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