Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Today’s Reading: Leviticus 5-6

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Once a year the High Priest would enter the Holy of Holies to worship and stand in God's presence.

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Key Verse: Leviticus 6:25

Speak to Aaron and to his sons, saying, “This is the law of the sin offering: In the place where the burnt offering is killed, the sin offering shall be killed before the Lord. It is most holy…”


Moses and Aaron, his brother, were descendants of Levi, the third son of Jacob and Leah. They were known as Levites. God chose this tribe to provide the priests who were to represent the people before God. This third book, Leviticus, is filled with details of sacrifices, priestly duties, rituals and elaborate symbols. It is sometimes perceived as the most tedious book, but when we see its place in the divine plan, Leviticus can become an exciting book. Here, for the first time, we see a detailed account of God’s prescription for sin: a sacrificial system using blood to cover sin. Here are pictures of the life, work and Person of our great High Priest, Jesus Christ (Hebrews 8). All seven offerings were made by Jesus, the most holy Son of God. Meditate on Jesus, the final Sacrifice for sin (Hebrews 10:10). We no longer bring sacrifices, but rather present our bodies “a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is our reasonable service” (Romans 12:1).


Lord Jesus, You bore the sin of all. You were sinless, though enduring the wrath of God against sin. You were the Father’s Delight. Though You were deprived of the light of Your Father’s countenance, You are “the Light of the world.” By Your Teacher, the Holy Spirit, I’ve discovered a great mystery accurately pictured in the offerings for sin. I pray for continued illumination of the “Truth” as I read Leviticus. Amen!

100 PERSONAL WORDS (plus a few more):

It was September of 1945, and I was 9 years old. Teased by other boys as the minister’s son, I stole an apple from the crate in front Mr. Kincaid’s grocery store to prove I was not a sissy. I destroyed the evidence, threw away the core, and returned home. The moment I entered our home, Mother looked intently at me and said, “What’s wrong, David?” I was discovered. I started to cry. Mother led me into my bedroom where I knelt, confessing my sin. When we got up and sat on the bed, Mother said, “God has forgiven your sin,” and then I heard the dreaded words I knew were coming, “You must make restitution for the wrong you did to Mr. Kincaid. Take 10 cents out of your own money, go back to the store, give Mr. Kincaid the money and ask his forgiveness.” This was too much for me. I pleaded with Mother, and she agreed that I could write a letter asking forgiveness, and enclose the dime, giving it to the grocer. Actually, I slipped the letter under a big box of cornflakes that sat on the counter. Within an hour, our phone at home rang and Mr. Kincaid said, “David, that was the bravest thing that you have done, and I forgive you. Thanks for the dime to pay for the apple. Please come and see me.” He ended up giving me my first job, delivering groceries. He said, “I need someone I can trust to bring the money back from the customer.” Mother died when I was 12. Someday, I’ll check with her for her side of the story. She may have been reading Leviticus 5:16 about restitution.

Yours for the assurance of forgiveness of sin,


18 thoughts on “Tuesday, September 30, 2014

  1. Yes I remember my second oldest daughter at the age of 8 she seem an older gentleman at Woolco take a handful of candy from the bin of pick and make a bag of candy mix so she thought it was alright to take some too unknowingly we left the store and at home she showed her 5 sisters the candy so they said why does she have candy so I asked her where she got it she told me what she saw and I told her it was stealing so we would have to return to the store and tell them what she had done and make restitution the manager told her that this was wrong and itcould lead to jail time if she continued in that way but we Praise God for Jesus making our final attonementfor all oursins forever Amen

  2. I have’t found Leviticus boring or difficult so far. I want to understand & REMEMBER the teachings. The “remembering” part can be a challeng for me now!! Thank you Carole. I just received Lorn Matthew’s CD – Healing Atmosphere. You are amazing to send that to me. We have a CD player in the kitchen & will play it often. Beautiful family picture. You are blessed. God’s very best blessings to you today. Thanks again. Love, Doreen

    • Dear Doreen,
      May you and your husband be filled by the presence of Our Comforter,Our Healer, Jesus Christ. Amen.
      XOXOXO Carole and Ray.

  3. You brought tears to my eyes this morning David as I read about the story of the apple you stole and the lesson your mother mother taught you from this.

  4. This brings back a memory of when I was 10 years old. I was all by myself window shopping at the Bay in Winnipeg. When I got to the candy department I saw a chocolate bar that I really wanted. I carefully snuck it without anyone seeing me. However as soon as I had it I didn’t want it anymore so I carefully snuck it back where it belonged. I’ll never forget this lesson as I felt such wonderful relief after I had put it back. Looking back this was a most beautiful lesson just between God and myself even though at the time I did not know Him. I did know about Him but I did not have a personal relationship until I was 25.

  5. Dear Rev. David M.
    Doing Leviticus the second time around with you is getting easier to understand and I am filled with so much gratitude to our Heavenly Father for THE ULTIMATE OFFERING OF HIS BELOVED SON JESUS CHRIST, taking all our sins and giving us the Holy Spirit to lead the way, so we may be His light and Hope to all those that are in darkness.

    All for His Glory, Jesus Christ , Amen.

    Have a blessed day everyone.
    xoxoxo Carole

  6. I want to thank everyone for prayers for yesterday. I was scared because I thought I might have to use a ladder! WELL, God provided me someone who came and took down the frame for me and I cleaned and painted it and the next nice day it will go back up! I WAS SO THANKFUL FOR THIS HELP! I was over whelmed with thankfulness I managed to go swimming and praise the Lord all evening long! It’s very difficult in today society to try and convey “stealing ” to people! People’s right and all that! Sometimes I get an opportunity to speak to children at the pool and I’ve asked if anyone ever stole something, I tell them I don’t want them to answer, but to just think about one thing! If they steal and are CAUGHT THEY HAVE A RECORD ON FILE and this record could stop them from getting a job, travelling, and a few other things! Sometimes some children will share that a loved one has cancer. I tell them that I am very sorry and I get the name and I tell the children that I wil pray for that person. I ask if they think that smoking, drinking and not exercising could play a part in a person’s good health! It is amazing what the answers! It makes for good conversation and for me it’s about building a relationship with the young peole! They are terrific people! they know I pray for them. Blessings to all and thank you again for the prayers. Please don’t stop!

  7. It is so easy to be tempted to steal– I had such a moment myself this morning. I was doing some grocery shopping and I had by accident left one item in my buggy without paying for it. It was not caught by the cashier and I did not notice until I was putting the buggy into the corral in the parking lot. It would have been very easy for me to take this item back to my car– a free frozen pizza for me– but I knew leaving the store with the unpaid item was a mistake, keeping it, knowing I hadn’t paid for it would be stealing, so I just picked it up, walked back into the store and paid for it. But I have to wonder if I did not know Jesus as my Lord if I would have done the same thing? Thank you Lord for giving me a conscience and for making it easier for me to follow it.

  8. Donna M.bless you this day you brought up a very important word”conscience” I find it so sad that they build more jails, bigger and better (supposed) people are caught, charged, maybe go to jail, but in my opinion…..I pray that the money spent on all these things should go towards helping parents raise their children, for instance, new parents should be encouraged to attend parent groups, it should be free and courses taught on parenting, budgeting, relationships, morals, encourage parents to heal themselves if they are broken, we are all broken, but dysfunctional families are generational and somewhere, somehow, some help has to be given to prevent children from committing crimes and doing drugs and so on….moms, dad, children need to hear the words “your terrrific, your great, you did a great job!”these words are not spoken nearly enough, I would like to see parents who are on welfare be given a hand up, and given all kinds of positive works, words, and help heal some of the brokenness. I know of a family, 4 generations, all wound up on welfare, drugs, alcoholism, prostitution, theft, and it is just a way of life! It isn;’t and I really believe that we need to get more involved and the government won’t act, so we the people must act. Perhaps start right where you live and find a positive program that helps children/youth and maybe donate some $$$ and/or time…..God so loved the WORLD, and believers need to get out of their comfort zone and help somewhere. I find it so sad that come church workers opted to go to other countries to help because of all the red tape herein Canada and USA….so sad. I also believe that we are going to have to answer for all this and that does not make me feel very good at all…anyway, thank you for reading this and please pray for our children. I also wished to say again I was so thankful for the help I received yesterday and I had a very good day today. thank you Jesus, thank you. AMEN. P.S. Ger is witnessing the Love of Jesus!

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