Friday, August 8, 2014


Today’s Reading: Mark 16

Click scripture link to read online or HERE to listen online (then click the symbol of the audio speaker above the scripture portion on the right-hand side).

Many believe that it was inside this "Garden Tomb" in Jerusalem that Jesus' body was laid. This tomb was originally made for a shorter man, perhaps Joseph of Arimathea, but as you can see on the right, the end was dug out to fit a taller man's body.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where Reynold took the photo, click HERE.

Key Verse: Mark 16:15

And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

It’s a fact! Jesus is literally and physically risen from the dead and is alive forevermore. This is the cornerstone of the Church. According to Dr. Paul Maier, Professor of Ancient History at Western Michigan University, this is the most reliable truth from the first century in terms of documentation and is the reason for the exceedingly rapid growth of the Church. Prior to Jesus’ death, except for the time He sent out His followers on a practice run (Luke 10), He carried the ministry of the Word and the Holy Spirit Himself. The miraculous confirmation of the Word with miracles following was a normal occurrence. Now, Jesus passes the mission on to you and me, His followers. He commissions us to “GO!” When an imperative in grammar is spoken or written, the “YOU” is said to be “UNDERSTOOD.” Do we really understand? I pray that the answer in “YES!”


Lord Jesus, I hear You “Loud and Clear.” By Your grace and my obedience, I am obeying Your command to “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel.” I’m going in my  intercessory prayers, in my sacrificial giving of money, and in time. I say with Isaiah, as I read in Isaiah 6:1-8, “Here am I, send me.” In Your all-powerful Name, Jesus Christ, I pray. AMEN!


I’m asking my son, Ron, to share with you something new happening through the ministry of Crossroads. Ron and his wife Ann are my helpers in making sure that this blog is posted at 6 a.m. each morning. Ron is a Host of the daily 100 Huntley Street telecast and “Chief Ministry Officer” for the entire ministry. His ministry update is below…

Yours for “ALL THE WORLD!”


Message From Ron Mainse:

Hi blog readers! Ron here. I hope you’re enjoying my Dad’s daily inspirations as much as I am!

We want you to be aware of another new avenue of ministry that the Lord has opened up to us.  It’s called “Crossroads Talk Radio” and it comes to you Saturdays and Sundays on SiriusXM Channel 167 (the “Canada Talks” channel). Hosted by our Global CEO, Dr. John Hull, Crossroads Talk Radio brings you inspiration, information and entertainment featuring interviews and discussion with great leaders, teachers and personalities from the world of ministry, news, sports and entertainment. You can look forward to hearing from many interesting and exciting guests who’ve been on the 100 Huntley Street television program. The audio track of these excellent TV interviews make for great talk radio! You can listen to Crossroads Talk Radio on Saturdays, from 7-9 am, and Sundays, from 9-11 am and 9-11 pm, on Sirius XM Canada talks, Channel 167. You can find more about Crossroads Talk Radio online HERE.

Please keep Crossroads in prayer, and if God should lead you to help out financially, please call us with your support at 1-800-265-3100 or give online by clicking HERE.

God bless you!



15 thoughts on “Friday, August 8, 2014

  1. Thank you David for your faithful time every morning to give us yhis blog and thank you Ron for telling us to listen to radio broadcasts
    Thank You Lord for giving us yhe great commission to go into all the world and tell everyone thst Jesus is Alive and is there for them
    Thanks be to the Lord Jesus Christ Amen !!!!!

  2. I wonder where the extra verses in Mark 16 came from.
    Thank you Rev DM. et al for all the effort you put into this daily blog. I pray John Hull’s program on radio reaches many more souls.
    Have an awesome day fellow bloggers, in Jesus name.

  3. Every time I read of the women at the tomb I stop to think how would I respond. Wow what a great privilege they were given. HE ‘S ALIVE!!

    Thank you everyone for your daily input in our blog, we are blessed to be able to continue to be fed fresh bread every morning from you Pastor David, Ron, Ann and Reynold. Praying for the ministry and the new radio station with Dr. John.

    Thank you Lord for another day, Blessings to all.

  4. Yes, what a privilege these women at the tomb were given. Prayed your prayer, David. God’s blessing on the launch of the new radio talk program for the extension of His kingdom.

  5. Not sure what happened but ‘100 Words’ didn’t come to my e-mail this morning. I still had yesterday’s link in my inbox so clicked on it and it took me to today’s. Don’t know if anyone else missed receiving today’s blog too, so thought I should let you know.

  6. Yes, Praise the LORD, He has Risen! Thank you David, Ron and Ann for being faithful servants of the LORD and going into the world and preaching the good news to all creation. I pray we all reach someone today to share the love of our Risen Savior.

    A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to hear John Hull on Sirius Radio in my car, I knew it was on channel 167 but had no idea what time or day….and there it was. Thank you, it’s so good to hear good words of encouragement. Love you all.
    Your sister in Christ
    Linda L. Price

  7. Dear Rev. David M. and my sisters and brothers in Christ,
    I am in great need of your guidance and prayers as to taking authority over Satan.
    From 12 noon to 1.00 pm this afternoon Deepak Chopra is asking for everyone to go into meditation and of course my daughter who has sadly turned away from Jesus now is calling in to the universe .
    I was caught being asked by her if I believed that if people meditate together something good will happen, I was left speechless .

    So now Heavenly Father I personally will pray without ceasing , knowing very well there is only one way for the light and the truth to manifest itself and it is through Jesus Christ only. All for His Glory , Amen , Amen.

    Thank you in advance for joining me in prayer.

    Congratulations for the exciting Radio station by crossroads ministry.
    Have a blessed day everyone.
    xoxoxo Carole

    • Carole, our God is the God of the entire universe. Everything is His creation.Fear not for your daughter or if Deepak Chopra believes he is creating world harmony by enticing meditation. Amen–for we know that Jesus Christ is our Saviour and Lord and He has risen and has authority over our lives. Praying for the family members of everyone on this blog to be protected by the light of Christ and that all will come to love and know and be saved by Him. All for His glory!! Amen!!!

      • Well said Beverlee. Carole I am glad to join you in prayer. “I praise and honour you Father, because you are a God who loves to answer prayer, who begins to answer even before we begin to pray” Isaiah 65:24.

  8. You are my king, O God! Decree Jacob’s deliverance! (Ps 44:4)

    “There is no foe to your growth in grace, no enemy in your Christian work, which was not included in your Savior’s conquests.

    “You need not be afraid of them. When you touch them, they will flee before you. God has promised to deliver them up before you. Only be strong and very courageous! Fear not, nor be dismayed! The Lord is with you, O mighty men of valor—mighty because one with the Mightiest. Claim victory!

    “Whenever your enemies close in upon you, claim victory! Whenever heart and flesh fail, look up and claim VICTORY!

    “Be sure that you have a share in that triumph which Jesus won, not for Himself alone, but for us all; remember that you were in Him when He won it, and claim victory!”

    “Reckon that it is yours, and gather spoil. Neither the Anakim nor fenced cities need daunt or abash you. You are one of the conquering legion. Claim your share in the Savior’s victory.” From Joshua, by Meyer

    We are children of the King. In which way do we most honor our Divine Sovereign, by failing to claim our rights and even doubting whether they belong to us, or by asserting our privilege as children of the Royal Family and demanding the rights which belong to our heirship? Cowman, Streams in the Desert, August Eighth.

    This reminds me so much of Paul. Claim VICTORY in the struggles and backlashes of others’ hatred toward us and Jesus. Amen, saints in Christ? We serve an awesome and mighty and glorious GOD! All for our risen KING JESUS! AMEN!

    • Dear sister Beverlee
      I do claim Victory over satan and all for OUR KING ,OUR SAVIOR JESUS! AMEN
      thank you for you’re uplifting words.

      xxx Carole

  9. Just watched/listened to the Gaither’s singing ‘Victory in Jesus’ on YouTube. Thank you Beverlee Kay for the gentle reminder of claiming Victory, which I needed this very evening, as I sit staring at a blank page on my computer with deadlines for my writing job due in a few days. ‘Victory in Jesus’ was one of my mother’s favorite hymns. Thank You Jesus! Amen!

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