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Today’s Reading: Mark 14

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On the other side of this security fence is the region of the ancient town of Bethany. The fence was constructed in 2003 to protect Jerusalem from attacks from terrorists. This view is from Bethpage on the southeast side of the Mount of Olives.

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Key Verse: Mark 14:29

Peter said to Him, “Even if all are made to stumble, yet I will not be.


The INTENTIONS of JESUS were clearly revealed in His declaration that the Bread and the Cup were His Body and His Blood. His suffering and death in our place was about to take place. Nothing could turn Jesus away from this. On the other hand, there was Peter. His INTENTIONS were great, but his actions were so very human. In the courtyard of the High Priest, Peter could not stand up to the waitresses who identified him with Jesus (Mark 14:71-72). The Bible is totally honest. Peter was a man of God who became one of the leaders of the early Church. His example shows us that it is impossible to follow Jesus in our own strength. Oh, how we need to be baptized with the Holy Spirit. Fifty days later, after the Holy Spirit filled them on the Day of Pentecost, Peter was boldly proclaming Jesus on the streets of Jerusalem. That day, approximately 3000 people became believers (Acts 2:41). The Holy Spirit enabled him to carry out his INTENTIONS!


Lord Jesus, John the Baptist said of You, “He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire” (Matthew 3:11b). I need You, Lord Jesus, to baptize me now. I ask You for Your power to come upon me (Acts 2:4). I wait in Your presence, expecting the same outpouring of Your Spirit as on Peter and the others throughout the history of the Church.Thank You, Jesus! Amen!


I identify with Peter. Before Jesus baptized me with the Holy Spirit, I found it nearly impossible to stand before people to share Jesus. After, I was amazed at how bold I was. I preached on the street, on radio and on television. I saw open doors of opportunity everywhere. I was very aware that Peter had spent three years being taught by Jesus, Himself, and before that no doubt he had studied the Scriptures for years in the synagogue with the guidance of a rabbi. I surely needed Bible College studies. I started with a correspondence course and then enrolled in Eastern Pentecostal Bible College in Peterborough, Ontario (now Master’s College and Seminary, which my grandson Eric David Mainse currently attends). For me, a thorough knowledge of God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit made all the difference. What a joy to serve the Lord Jesus Christ!

Yours for effectively sharing the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit, the only way to effectively implement His INTENTIONS,



10 thoughts on “Wednesday, August 6, 2014

  1. Amen, David. I was the same in lacking courage even to stand before my fellow teachers to speak until I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. There are also gifts that come such as a word of knowledge and gift of discernment. Must go out now. God bless you all.

  2. Knowledge of God’s Word does bring joy, courage and confidence to teach and share It. What a blessing you have all that Rev. DM. Thank you for your daily devotion to this blog so that others may be encouraged. God is good.
    So sad that Jerusalem has to build a fence around itself to be protected from evil.
    May peace envelope us all through knowledge of our Lord’s Word today.

  3. 38 Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”
    i still find myself struggling some days, and i am still looking forward to receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit even though sometimes when i think about the greatness of God, i cant help but think that maybe i am not ready. But one thing i know for sure is that when its God’s time, all my fears and uncertainty will depart from me and The Lord’s Will, will be done in my life!! Until then i hope and praying waiting patiently for that day to come.
    stay blessed my blog family

  4. Heard an interesting message with regards to “adoption” on 100 Huntley Street this morning. Apparently today, they encourage birth parents and adoptive parents to be in contact together from the outset of adoption. So early on in the “parent” child relationship, the child is loved and nourished. When the child has questions. They can be answered…

    After all – we are adopted by Christ and through Christ into the family of God…

    Have a fabulous day for Christ blog friends

  5. I have been blessed to watch a few great Christian movies this week. “Heaven is for Real” was fabulous and the photo of Jesus painted by child protege, Akiane Kramarik, is the screensaver on my computer. Jesus is looking at me with those big beautiful eyes! He is my entire screen! I am completely absorbed by His presence!

    I don’t feel right when I don’t start the day with the usual prayer time and readings and posting on the blog. Some mornings are far too tenuous and exercise starts early to stretch the muscles. Today, I was called back to the blog and wanted to share this post with you. Last night, I was at one of our Free Methodist Churches to watch the movie “God Isn’t Dead”. It was fantastic!! I wrote almost the entire time through the movie because it motivated me. I will share some of it at a later time. Right now, the presence of the Lord is so strong. He is crying out to us. If only we would all listen and receive the greatest gift of all–His undying love mercy and forgiveness. Oh Jesus, we live for You!!! We live for You!!!

    • My husband & I attend the Free Methodist Church. We also saw God Is Not Dead at the movies. It is available as of today (August 6) on DVD. I believe it might have been out in Blue Ray prior. I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit years ago, thank the Lord.

  6. Had I not be baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in a Spiritual language shortly after I asked Jesus to come into my heart and forgive me of my sins…
    I may have been one of those that “hear the word, but the cares of the world entering in, choke the word, and it becomes unfruitful”
    But Praise God for His Mercy and Grace, I was prayed for, and was baptized in the Holy Spirit within a few short weeks…with the gift of singing and praying in the Spiritual language.
    Thank you Jesus for all you have done…You suffered and died, that we might live in You…it is something too Great for me to comprehend, but it is a truth!!!

  7. I thank God for Holy Spirit’s leading and work in our lives. I believe I told you about the impression to get up and pray early yesterday morning and yesterday afternoon my best friend and her husband had a car accident which could have been fatal for the both of them. I take no credit for this but just emphasizing David’s message on the faithfulness of the Holy Spirit and our need to be sensitive and faithful to Him. Lord, help us to call on You when we feel your nudge to do so. Amen!

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