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Today’s Reading: Mark 1

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This is the synagogue in Capernaum, the town where Jesus lived and taught. This late Fourth Century A.D. "White Synagogue" was built upon the remains of the earlier "Synagogue of Jesus."

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where Reynold took the photo, Click HERE.

Key Verse: Mark 1:17

Then Jesus said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”


The word “immediately” is repeated seven times here. Do you think that God is seeking our attention and wants to motivate us to ACTION? From the moment Simon (Peter), Andrew, James and John met Jesus, their priorities were radically changed. Number one is Jesus! And Jesus, Himself, takes on the job of MAKING these fishermen “fishers of MEN.” “IMMEDIATELY they left their nets and followed HIM” (Mark 1:18). “What Would Jesus Do?” became most important to them (“WWJD”). Jesus delivered a man from an unclean spirit; He emphasized Peter’s family as a priority by healing his mother-in-law; Jesus healed people and cast out demons; Jesus rose early to pray privately; Jesus preached; Jesus recognized the role of the Jewish priest, and much more. Follow Him and He makes us all He desires us to become.


Lord Jesus, You promised to “make me” as long as I follow You. Here I am, Your follower. Reading this blog daily is one way I’m following Your Word and Your work. I pray that You will live in me and work through me today. There are immediate needs all around me. Please help me not to procrastinate but to act today with all the love and power with which You are loving and acting. I pray this in Your Name, Jesus. Amen!


I’m receiving feedback from blog readers that the two-year program of reading through the Bible is working so far. Many have said that they’ve tried a one-year program, but found they failed to comprehend well what they were reading. The two-year plan allows us to assimilate (make part of ourselves) God’s thoughts as expressed in His Words. One of the advantages is that anyone can start on any day and complete the Bible reading two years from that day. I find that by moving from Matthew to Genesis to Mark and back and forth from the Greek Scriptures to the Hebrew Scriptures brings not only variety but balance.

“Immediately” speaks to me. I’m 78 on Aug 13th, and at 18, while a public school teacher, I began to preach. Eventually, by following Jesus, a new congregation was planted in the Chalk River/Deep River area of Ontario. That Church is thriving today. I simply could not wait ’til after my theological education to start preaching. The opportunity was there and following Jesus means stepping out of my comfort zone and working for Him.

Yours for WWJD and action “immediately!”



22 thoughts on “Thursday, July 24, 2014

  1. I used WWJD yesterday when speaking to someone who was making a choice which was not a good one. If we could only think of “what would Jesus do” consistantly, things would go better for us. God bless all today. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

  2. So thankful for this two-year study. I’ve always wanted to read our bible from cover to cover. With your help Rev. DM, it makes greater understanding.
    Am reading “Appointments with Heaven” now. What an amazing read that is!
    Israel needs our prayers for sure. May God hear them and act upon them ASAP in His estimation.
    Blessings on us all I ask in Jesus’ name.

  3. WWJD – What Would Jesus Do? How about – Walk With Jesus Daily! Thank you Jesus for working through David Mainse and his family to produce this wonderful blog daily. Fresh bread for the soul and spirit…

    Heavy rain on the west coast today. We actually had a flash flood in Kamloops, BC yesterday.

    Many voices here in the wilderness sharing what God speaks to them. Praise God! Blessings fellow bloggers!

  4. Great message and prayer today, David as always! I love this portion of Scripture as it reminds me when I started to follow Jesus at age 24 although I had attended Sunday School and church before that. Like to hear you repeat the story of your calling David as emphasis reflects importance and we musn’t forget how God has worked in our lives over the years or treat them lightly. He is the “Great I Am.” God bless you friends in Christ.”



  7. Iam glad to have joint this blog this time around Have enjoyed it every day Was in Israel this past March so recognize a lot of the pictures that are posted

  8. My husband, Bill and I continue to appreciate your blog, David Mainse, very much. We are also very grateful to our Lord for helping us catch up with our reading after a week away visiting with family. Blessings to you David, your family and our fellow blog friends!!!

  9. Hello,David.I am enjoying and being nourished by your blog.Out of the blue,I began writing poetry 3 years ago.I thought it came from me.It was how I first encountered the holy Spirit when He led me to a ministry with ‘therapeutic’ poems
    (long story).The second one is about you.I hope you approve.Thank you so much.If you don’t receive this post,let me know so I can repost it…Blessings
    Bill Marshall
    What Would Jesus Do?

    What would Jesus do,if He were here today,
    Would He still see hope in we who follow
    And bring back the many gone astray,
    Filling the void in this land so hollow.

    What would Jesus say to those with no light,
    Would He remind them of His Father’s love
    That shines in those with souls so bright,
    So they could share His home above.

    What would Jesus do with hearts of stone,
    Would He warn them of Hell’s damnation
    Where together they suffer all alone,
    As so many will find from this great nation.

    What would Jesus do where all else failed,
    Should He climb back upon His cross,
    To let them see where He was nailed;
    He did it once to save eternal loss.

    What would you do to pay that holy debt,
    Would you wait to feel the fires of Hell
    Or would you see the Devil’s threat,
    Where so many will hear sin’s last knell.
    G W(Bill) Marshall /April 21, 2013

    In The Blood (4 Pst.David Mainse )

    I pray for healing in the blood,oh Lord,
    I pray You will stretch out your hand,
    That You,my Lord,with Your fiery sword,
    Will show justice and not let evil stand.

    I know,my Lord,that Satan has cursed me
    And that only you can remove this hex,
    For it is you,Most High,that none can see,
    Who can take any scourge from our necks.

    So I pray for healing in the blood,my God,
    That you allow me to serve you,
    So as I spread your word all may laud,
    The name of the Father in all we do.
    G W (Bill) Marshall / 12 September, 2013

  10. Very thankful to God for the rains that have put out many fires!
    The #1 attraction for me to do this blog every day was the fact that the lessons go from Old to New Testament. I would never have been interested otherwise. I tried reading the Bibiel through before and it was not successful for me. I like the way this blog goes, and I also like when it’s only 2 chapers maybe at the most. I do believe God has guided David Mainse to do this blog this way. I find it much more interesting. Please pray for me. I continue to ask GOD “WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO? I need to be busy doing something I like, something that increases my income, Lord what do you want me to do? Speak to me, guide me dear Lord” In Jesus Name I PRAY!

    • I know you want to hear from the Lord, but may I offer some humble advice, just based on what I read today and yesterday—- You are asking God what He wants you to do, but you’re placing conditions on it. You want it be something you enjoy, you want it to increase your income, but what if what God wants you to do involves neither?
      Until you are willing to surrender every aspect to your life to Him with complete and utter trust, you might be waiting a very long time to hear from Him. That’s if you are truly asking God what He wants.

      On the other hand if you are trying to decide on a path for yourself, deciding what you want and you are hoping He will bring it to you so you don’t have to do the hard work of making choices and facing the consequences you might be trying to take a short cut on a path of discovery God needs you to make for yourself. Sometimes God will tell us directly, other times we wants us to learn in the process.

      I don’t know if you found that helpful but I offer out of sisterly love for you my brother in Christ— all of this I learn from my walk with Him, so I pray it is useful to you.

  11. Dear David; Thanks for your blog and it fits in to what I just finished reading again. In His Steps by Charles Sheldon (edited by James S Bell Jr.) . Every Page nearly had what would Jesus do. Love Barb (Saw you in Pincher Creek a few years ago with a dinner group) Thanks

  12. I want to encourage people if you don’t understand everything as you read it, don’t worry about it. As we are obedient to read His word daily, He will reveal things to us as we are faithful. I have read through my Bible several times, and each time the Lord reveals something new to me. It is really very exciting when something all of a sudden hits you. And you say to yourself “wow! Why didn’t I see that before”? It’s Gods timing.

  13. Thank you David for this blog. I am enjoying it very much.
    Also the other blogger’s comments……
    I ask that everyone reading this will have a very blessed day!
    love and prayers for you all today.

  14. I thank you and I thank God for you. Also I ask for prayers for Analeise who is swimming Lake Erie today and who recently appeared on 100 Huntley Street BLESSED

  15. thanks Donna M I don’t know, I am just asking the Lord what is on my heart. I need for Him to provide something for me to do that I would enjoy and that it would add to my income. It took me years to just ask, I somehow didn’t think a person could be clear about your prayers but I have learned different. I lay out my need. It is there before the Lord and I believe with all my heart that He will provide and I believe He will provide above and beyond what I am expecting. I am going to the pool tonight and I am praying that I will meet someone who needs a nice place to stay. And I will respond that I know of a very nice place and I also know of the conditions and I will state those conditions and if it is ok then the person will respond. One time God spoke so clearly to me: tell me exactly what you want! I began to laugh. and then I said well,……I also have realized that my words may sound all mixed up and out of order, but God knows what I need…..I also pray that I don’t loose hope…Blessings

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