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Today’s Reading: Genesis 36-37

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A deep cistern in Egypt.

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Key Verse: Genesis 37:28

Then Midianite traders passed by; so the brothers pulled Joseph up and lifted him out of the pit, and sold him to the Ishmaelites for twenty shekels of silver. And they took Joseph to Egypt.


In Chapter 36 we learn that Esau refused to waste his life in bitterness. God richly rewarded his generosity of spirit. Chapter 37 tells of the dreamer. Be sure not to let your guidance come from dreams; they are 99% unreliable. However, in this case, God had truly revealed His plan to Joseph. When we hear from God, most of the time we should keep it between God and ourselves. Joseph’s story brought about a serious family feud. Indeed, God has many ways to bring about His will. He used this tragedy to put Joseph in Egypt so he could be tested and refined and then to save many lives, including his father and his family.


Lord, You promised wisdom if I would but ask You (James 1:5). I’m asking! Let me bring unity rather than discord. I pray this mercy through the merits of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen!


Again today, let me share with you more responses from engaged blog readers:

He Loves us…period…and He takes the (Mess) and turns it into a (Message). Thank you, Holy Spirit, for Your Leading as we listen & soak in Your presence…for sure it’s a choice we make…finally got there…not in just the big decisions but in every decision…He goes with us…Awesome…once we know this in our spirit, we can live life to the Full! David…Have a wonderful Day…as always ~ Diane…Joshua 1:9

On my morning walk I was thinking and talking to my Lord about putting together scrapbooks for my grandchildren of things and notes I have kept over the years. I was asking that my grandchildren would see Jesus and learn to love Him more through the beautiful memories He has blessed me with. Then I came in and read your blog for today. I’m going to get right at it. ~ Katie

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P.S. Below is a “selfie” photo taken yesterday of my daughter Ellen and her husband Nizar Shaheen. They are currently in Turkey meeting with local believers who have a radio station and who will be duplicating their Arabic Light for All Nations productions into Turkish and Farsi. More about the ministry of LFAN here.

Ellen & Nizar Shaheen in Turkey. Nizar is ordained by the Nazareth Baptist Church. They met while Ellen was studying in Jerusalem.

16 thoughts on “Wednesday, July 16, 2014

  1. I have had many dreams of how to make various items and through a dream my daughter saw her friend Jen and herself standing on the edge of a burning pit it was so nice to see the picture of your daughter and her husband I remember when they were married oh how precious time goes by and God is working in every second of our lives Praise God for you David and your entire family you are so blessed

    • I’m not having dreams but I have been viewing situations over and over this week. Many severely challenged people (children/adults) have crossed my path. I pray for them silently and speak to them when possible. Today again I saw a family with a severely challenged little boy in a wheelchair and later while driving, a man with one leg struggling in a wheelchair to get across the road. Right after that I saw a very challenged senior. A lady was taking her to the grocery store. With each step she had to stop and rest (which held up traffic – some impatient drivers). These are hard situations for me to see. ???

  2. Joseph seemed like an arrogant youth when he spoke about his dreams. Just goes to show that God looks at our heart and not the outside. David, I am on the second year with your blog and you continually amaze me with your energy. I am 74 and I don’t think I could ever keep up with you. You have helped me so much and I look forward to the Word and your insight everyday. Love the picture of Ellen and Nizar, you have a wonderful family. God has truly blessed you and Norma Jean’s faithfulness to Him. May He Bless all your bloggers and their encouraging comments.

  3. Dear David,

    Thank you…thank you for another year of daily bible scriptures,insights and prayers. If only I could express in a few words how much I enjoy and need this in my life…every day, every single day! Thank you Lord Jesus for giving David the health and ability to do this blog. Amen

  4. What about recurring dreams? Telling me the same basic thing; don’t do that when I was thinking in a certain direction. I know what you are saying, David. The Word of God and the quidance of the Holy Spirit are the most reliable sources of direction. Love those photos! God bless Nizar and Ellen!

  5. HI David, I agree with you wholeheartedly most of the time, when it comes about those dreams, uh uh, no not 99% fantasy I don’t think. For where do you read that in de Bible. The pharao in Egypt had this dream about the 7 years of famine that was to come on the land of Egypt, Then we read in the Bible of Nebucadnezar about this big statue he saw, Joseph the husband of Mary was warned in a dream to flee to Egypt and many more accounts in the Word of God. I think one knows if a dream is a message from God as when waking up it is very clear in your mind, many times of something you prayed about. I’ve had many such occasions of leading by the H.S. after praying about certain things. And yes I keep most of the things I dream about to myself as sometimes they are just corrections about something in my life that are not right in the sight of the Lord. Only if it concerns a decision I and my husband have to make would I share it with him and His leading has always proven to be the right one! Of course it always have to be in agreement with the Word of God and it always have been so far. I remember Pat Robinson saying something to this extent on his TV show but came back when his own son Gordon even gave out a teaching about dreams and how they can be messages from God! But for the rest God Bless you and as a 80 yr old lady yes I can agree with previous exclamations how you still have so much energy to do this blog and other things you are involved in! So GBY and keep up the good works!

  6. I am glad that God speaks to our heart, and not on the outside.
    There are so many things trying to take our focus on the outside
    when we have to follow God and what he wants. Thank you David
    I love the picture of Nazar & Ellen Shaheen .

  7. Thank you for the prompt & warning David. In my walk…..dreams can be something God uses to encourage or guide but they really need to be confirmed by God in His Word & the Holy Spirit that they are from Him. Conversely, the devil can use a dream as a deception. We must be very careful to always bring them to the Lord to see if in fact they are truly from Him.

  8. Lovely picture of Nizar and Ellen and wonderful to hear their LFAN ministry will be expanded to Turkey radio stations. God is truly at work.

    Thank you again for being so faithful to our blog Pastor David. We are blessed daily by it.

    Our great God can take a family tragedy and turn it into wonderful things for His glory, and in His time. I love the story of Joseph and in some ways can relate to such a tragedy becoming a blessing.

  9. In my early walk with the Lord, I had a dream that I believed was a prediction of things to come. In that dream I identified and had a short conversation with a relative of an east Asian teacher that I had in high school. From the conversation, I could calculate how many years in the future that these things would transpire… It was so real, that when I woke, I had to write everything down in detail… When that year finally arrived, there was no earth quake. There was no great light show. Crosses and swords of light weren’t falling from the sky…

    Thus far in my walk with the Lord, I have to agree with you David Mainse. 99% of what we dream is gibberish…

    Have a great day for the Lord fellow bloggers. Blessings…

  10. In response to Katie, I have made memory albums for our grandchildren. It was our prayer that they would see Jesus through simple pictures and notes, and to leave a spiritual heritage for them.
    Interceding for them every day. Hebrews 4:16 invites us to come boldly to the throne of grace.
    Blessings to one and all.

  11. Dreams are interesting, if we remember them! I too believe that as they are generated on subconscious level, they can bring forth some awareness. But, to think they are a word from Our Lord, should only be considered in retrospect of where our will has guided our life in prayer. A “still small voice” whether during wakeful moments or asleep. Let’s be mindful of common sense and forethought as we journey life and confirm the Spirit within us. Blessings bloggers.

  12. I so enjoy this Bible Study I admit the first time I sighed at Genesis 35,36,37..all those names???? I admit I skipped over them BUT this time I read them one by one, God must thought they are important to have them recorded in the Bible I also have been humbled when I read what certain people did and did so because they felt in their heart it was the right thing to do. iT WAS! It was part of God’s plan only they did not know this fact! For me, that gives me hope. I had a revelation yesterday also! Someone said “I have low energy in the mornings! That is true I do! I also am bi-polar and suddenly all the dots lined up! I’ve had low energy since I was a child, however I was never diagnosed until I was 47 years old! I was labelled an all round “bad person” HOWEVER yesterday came the revelation! I have had this since I was 5-6 years old AND GOD WAS THERE WITH ME, He provided grandparents who prayed and read the Bible and went to church, and cared about me. No one understood me and I suffered tremendous abuse! HOWEVER God was there, all the way, right up this very present moment. Now I am asking Him what do I do with this information! There are thousands of people who are not diagnosed and they are living in pure hell. Lord God, thank you for this revealing and show me what i am to do with all this valuable information!

  13. I found today’s reading, message from you, David, and fellow saints, interesting. I have had a very powerful and prophectic God given dream and know the difference between it and other dreams, which I studied for many years. The dream is in my book but I take your advice David, now, and will not discuss it further. I already made the mistake of doing that previously in a bible study group. When a dream is a given message between a person and God, as mine was an encouragement from Him, it needs to stay that way. Otherwise, other people’s interpretations opinions and judgements fall into play and seek to char damper and destroy the gift God intended to send via the dream. Blessings to all saints and Nizar and Ellen’s work in Turkey–bravo–and lovely photo!!

  14. I love all your Blogs — but recently I have tried to listed to them instead of reading them and have been unable to. Could you please tell me what I am doing wrong?

    • Melissa,

      Biblegateway changed their page set-up. Click on HERE on the left where it lists Genesis 36-37, go to the far right and it says: Related Resources, take a tour; the Listen to microphone symbol is there to click on to hear and read along with the message.

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