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Today’s Reading: Genesis 9-10

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Two friends, actors at the "Nazareth Village" are having fun with an olive picked from a nearby tree in Nazareth. In today's reading, the dove sent out by Noah returned to the ark. A "freshly plucked olive leaf was in her mouth." (Genesis 8:11) Ever since that time, the olive branch has been a symbol of peace and safety.

Key Verse: Genesis 9:1

So God blessed Noah and his sons, and said to them: “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth.”


So God is a God of second chances. Instead of giving up on humanity, the Lord saved Noah and his family. The great flood happened because people, who were given dominion over the earth by God, rejected Him, and thus cut Him off from exercising His creative maintenance of the earth. The people, with the exception of Noah, and his family, rejected God, excluding Him from their lives. It’s not that God ran out of mercy and love. It’s that when God is not invited, not welcome, to be an integral part of human life, nature erupts into chaos. society disintegrates, and the human race brings judgement on itself. Today there is much that separates people from God, but I believe that today, there are at least one billion precious souls who love and serve God, not just 8 people as was the case in today’s reading. These people by their prayers and right living hold back the consequences of the great divide between a Holy God and an unrepentant world. Next time before a worldwide catastrophe, Jesus, the Ark of Salvation, will lift His family of believers to safety in what has been called “The rapture of His church!” (read 1 Thess. 4:13-18).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA ! The founders declared Psalm 72:8 as Canada’s motto, “He shall have dominion from sea to sea.”


Lord, thank You for giving me a second chance. I pray fervently for Salvation to come to at least another billion people. Grant me grace, boldness, wisdom and sacrificial giving of myself and the resources that You have put in my hands, so that the most glorious work of  winning people to Jesus will accelerate. We, the human race, will once again bring disaster upon ourselves, but I thank You, Lord God, that you have another plan. At Christ’s return, You shall lift your people as in an ark of safety. In Jesus’ powerful Saving Name I pray. Amen!


I cannot begin to express my gratitude to God and to special people in my life for leading me to Salvation. I had prayed to be saved as a child, but my mother died of cancer when I was 12 years old and I turned my back on God, blaming Him for mother’s death. I now know that it was the separation of the human race from God that allows the twisting of human cells called cancer. It’s not God’s fault; it’s our fault. My Dad went back to his mission work in Egypt and I was put into a boarding school and was eventually kicked out. In a regular high school (grade 12) I encountered followers of Jesus who became my friends. My boss at work coaxed me to give my life to Jesus. He succeeded in convincing me to attend a Youth for Christ rally by asking me to drive his Chrysler New Yorker from Pembroke to Ottawa to pick up Evangelist Jack Wyrtzen. That night, when the invitation was given to accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord, a friend, Homer James, came beside me and offered to walk to the front of the high school auditorium with me. I did it! I’ve never turned back from Jesus since that time. I’m in Him (the Ark of Salvation) and I’m kept by His power! How about you? Unsure? Call 1-866-273-4444 and ask about your salvation. You too can have a “New Beginning!!!”

Yours very truly,



21 thoughts on “Tuesday, July 1, 2014

  1. Thank you, God, for second chances! Praise You, Jesus, the Ark of Salvation! Amen!

    “From every stormy wind that blows,
    From every swelling tide of woes,
    There is a calm, a sure retreat:
    ‘Tis found beneath the mercy seat.

    There is a scene where spirits blend,
    Where friend holds fellowship with friend;
    And heaven comes down our souls to greet
    And glory crowns the mercy seat.

    Talk with us, Lord, Thyself reveal,
    While here o’er earth we rove;
    Speak to our hearts, and let us feel
    The kindling of Thy love.

    Here then, my God, vouchsafe to stay,
    And bid my heart rejoice;
    My boundign heart shall own Thy sway,
    An echo to Thy voice.

    Thou callest me to seek Thy face,
    ‘Tis all I wish to seek;
    To hear the whispers of Thy grace,
    And hear Thee inly speak.”

    Charles Wesley, 1707-1788

    HAPPY CANADA’S DAY, fellow saints in the Lord! We are so blessed to be Canadian!!

    • I met David in Montreal many years ago . I was a prayer Counselor for 100 Huntley Street he was the most humble man and still is .You with the help of Jesus Christ brought salvation to many right here in Montreal and all around the world. .By the way I married an Evangelist who wins souls daily to Christ 7 months ago and I am writing a book of my Testimony. Our prayer is to get the Pastors of Montreal to work together as a team not only to win the lost but to disciple them .Pray for my husband Jean Pierre Bellavance .God is using him a simple man who loves souls.
      Love Always
      Fortune( Riley) Bellavance

  2. To Jesus, Happy Canada Day, You made us! We will rejoice to You. To all bloggers, peace be with you all. We are all so blessed! Xo.

    What a blessed Nation to live in!
    Today is my first day to be part of “Walking Daily through the Bible”.
    I pray I do that ‘DAILY” AND God help me to finish this assignment well and strong.
    I am excited to be a part of this journey established by David Mainse.
    I will especially look forward to the notes after each bible reading in order for me to receiver greater clarity of the written Word.
    Love and Blessings, Lynne

  4. Yes, thank the Lord for second chances! And for the opportunity to call others into the ark of safety and for your teaching, inspiration and support, David and family. Will pray for your cousin, Bobby Beverlee.
    HAPPY CANADA DAY! Everyone. Am going to a funeral this morning. The man had the same heart problem I did but was not operated on. Thank God for life!

  5. Happy Canada Day . ! As always it is a delight to read your blog and expierences in life … I remember Homer and Iva James so well and a support in the church where I attended in Ottawa …
    It was humbling and an honor to walk with Iva through her grief after Homer’s passing .
    Thank you for your transparency in your life .. I honor this,


  6. God bless Canada!
    Noah lived 950 years? Often wonder if their years were the same as our years.
    Thanks so much for sharing your early struggles Rev. DM. Many, many young people don’t get the help and love they need while growing up and don’t end up at the Cross. The joy of it all though is it’s never too late.

  7. Praise God for never being without Gods Grace
    For His Mercy Endures Forever
    HAPP CANADA DAY EVERYONE ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

  8. Thank you David for blessing each of us with your blog, awsome
    Canada is such a Blessed country, Happy Birthday Canada
    May God richly Bless each one this day, as we live for Him

  9. Yes, thank you Jesus,for second chances. God is never finished with us. He is always there to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ever hope or imagine. I pray that we all walk as the salt of this earth and lights in this world, to bring others to the saving knowledge of our blessed Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
    To you David and family and to all fellow saints, have a blessed and happy Canada Day.
    We had Rob and Fran Parker, Directors of the National House of Prayer in Ottawa, with us in our church this past Sunday. We were encouraged to continue praying for our government at all levels, as the Word tells us to first pray for all those in authority over us. Happy to be a Canadian!

  10. The July 1st blog was posted on my computer at 3:16! How appropriate and Mr. Mainse you did not plan that time! It is so appropriate on this day of celebrations of Canda’s birthday. The world wants to silence God HOWEVER GOD SAYS CAN’T BE DONE FOR I ROSE AND I AM” PRAISE THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! YES, CELEBRATE TODAY AND EVERYDAY, JESUS CHRIST IS RISEN TODAY! John 3:16

  11. Happy Canada Day from the West Coast. Listened & Watched 100 Huntley Street today. Staggering to realize only 13% of Canadian Population are reading their BiblesThere has been a steady decline from35% to 18% and now 13%/ A Survey can be accessed at: BibleEngagementStudy.Com for more information on the Bilbe in Canadian Society. The emphasis is on “The Power of ONE” – one person at a time reading God’s Word, Transformed by it, Living It and God uses it as a launching pad to many ministries including 100 Huntley Street /Crossroads,. Thank you Rev. David Mainse for: 100Words.ca – great plan to get into the Word daily – hear the Spirit speaking – and living out our faith in a very turbulent world. A great message on Canada Day – get into the Word of God and it God lead the way. I came from a non-Christian, non-religious backdground and found the Lord on Sept. 25, 1960, age 17. This year, I am celebrating 50 years in the Ministry (past 8 years retired or I should say “refired” for the Lord. In the past year, have been interim pastor for a small congregation. Since Huntley Street this morning, I am emphasizing “Canada Day” – the influence of believers during the years prior to and including Confedetration – but with a Challenge: “let’s really get back into the Word of God”. Thank you again, David Mainse for your life of faith and sensitivity to the Spirit as He continues to lead you in new spiritual exploits and being there for us as we strive to be what God wants us to Be. I guess it all starts at the “Mercy-Seat” which, the key theme, in the Song provided by Beverylee Kay. “To Thy Cross, I come Lord, there for me is room Lord, Poor unworthy me, yes even me. Pardon every sin Lord, place thy Powr within Lord, and I from this HOur will follow thee. Happy Canada Day to all. Prayers for bobby. Prayers for Calvin & Kathyn Likeness and Grandson, Brian O’Neil, kiddnapped in Albertba – Pray for their safety. Pray they can be found unhurt. Love to all, Samuel

  12. “Praise God from whom all blessings flow, Praise Him all creatures here below, Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts, Praise Father, Son and Holy Spirit(Ghost), Amen, and Amen!!!”

    Thank you Lord God for this wonderful nation of Canada; I’m so thankful that I was born here, and that I am also born in Jesus, The Ark of Salvation!!!
    Have a Blessed Canada Day!!!

  13. again I am in awe of our God! my blog was posted at 3:16! Those numbers jumped out at me like they were l000 feet high, wide, thick!
    I believe God was wanting me to see these numbers! I have been mourning over the fact that right in my community people (ADULTS- CHILDREN) do not have a relationship with God! So, we ALL NEED TO PRAY FOR EACH! Seeing these numbers told me that God has said, I know that the world wants to silence me, they didn`t do it before and they won`t succeed this time either! John 3:16 FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD …….Jesus Christ is alive! He is seated at the right of His Father….everyone rejoice, yes Canada is a blessed country….share the love of God where ever you are right now!.

  14. If I may Pastor David, I claim your prayer for myself today. The world needs Jesus and we can be a small part or a great big part of praying for others to come to the cross.

    Happy Canada Day everyone, and I thank God for this wonderful country. Let’s pray fervently for those in authority over us and that God will raise up men and women of faith who will stand tall in our government for His glory.

    Blessings as you celebrate CANADA.

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