Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Today’s Reading: Matthew 9

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A grain field on the north shore of the Sea of Galilee.

Key Verse: Matthew 9:37-38 (NKJV)

Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore, pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”


“CAUTION!” This prayer will change you, your family, your income, your giving, your friends, your church, the use of your time, your character, your personality and everything about you. This is Jesus’ prayer request! As soon as you offer that prayer, you become the answer. You are now called to be a labourer. Please read Isaiah 6:1-8. If you confess that “Jesus Christ is Lord,” you have only one answer, “Here am I, send me!” Never sit around waiting for God to push and pull you into service. Your free will controls the gas pedal and the brakes. Push the “Pedal to the metal” and GO FOR IT!


Lord, I am making decisions; please guide me. I believe that the decisions are from You. Now I will initiate action as Your laborer. Amen!


My Dad served as a Missionary (21 years in Egypt), an Educator, and a Pastor. My DNA is serving Jesus. At 16 Jesus’ laborers surrounded me at school and at my part-time job. I made the decision to give my life to Christ in December. The following June I had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit and in August at a Youth Camp I prayed, “Lord Jesus, I would like to serve you full time for my entire life. Would You please give me a clear call into pastoral service and as an Evangelist.” He did, and I have “pushed the pedal to the metal” since that time!

Your fellow labourer in the harvest,


P.S. Yesterday I had a dream come true. I rode the “Billy Graham Parkway” in Charlotte, North Carolina, on my 1996 Honda Gold Wing motorcycle. At the Billy Graham Library, I visited the gravesite of Ruth Graham. Billy, who is 95 now, will be buried beside her if the Lord’s return does not happen first. Billy’s grandson, Will Graham, joined me in Charlotte and we rode our motorcycles to Asheville, where the Billy Graham Retreat Centre, “The Cove,” is located. I’m typing these words from there. I’m off today to visit my sister, Elaine, in Berea, Kentucky. This is my first motorcycle trip in the U.S.A. I’m enjoying every minute, and I’m praising God and singing as I ride!

Riding down the Billy Graham Parkway in Charlotte, NC, with Will Graham leading the way.

With Will outside the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte. We had a wonderful visit and motorcycle ride together.

37 thoughts on “Tuesday, June 10, 2014

  1. Praise God you have been able to visit ‘The Cove’ Two powerful, obedient servants of God together. It would have been fun to see a pic of Billy, Franklin, Will , you and your two sons all together. Worldwide Evangelism carries on ! I thank God for all of you . I love to see you enjoying your motorcycle trip. Safe trip David. Praying for you !

    • Thank you for your 100 words…you are courageous ..I pray a sharp eye and steady hand as well as the cars and motorcycles around you…have a great trip!!!

  2. Oh, David Mainse!!! Praise God for your dream to have come true! Enjoy your ride and visit with your sister in Kentucky, singing to Jesus along the way! Praying for your constant protection with angels riding with you, fine saint!

    Powerful message, today, potent, omnipotent–mere words cannot describe the rush that has taken over me! Oh, dear saints, I know you feel it the same way!! Yes, Lord, our hearts are full with praise for YOU and the intent to serve!! We have been given a blessing by the Word. We move forward to serve YOU, oh LORD, our Saviour and Risen King!! Here on earth, as it is in heaven, we live our lives to glorify YOU!!!!

    “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory!” For my eyes have seen the King, The Lord of hosts.”
    The Word of the God has touched our lips, hearts and souls. Our iniquity has been taken away and our sins purged by Your Holy Word and loving grace!! OH GOD!! You have called us to serve, here on earth, as it is in heaven!!!! Here we are, Lord!!! We are your troops and we move forward to serve you!!! Yes, here we are! We serve for YOU, all mighty and powerful KING!! Your Will be done, here on earth, as it is in heaven. We give our lives for Your Glory. Oh, the taste of heaven, when we shall praise YOU, DEAR GOD, within Your glowing presence!! Words cannot describe the anticipation!! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!!!! We feel it, LORD!! All for Your Glory!! Amen, amen, and amen!!!!

  3. What a wonderful experience for you! I continue to pray for your safety and enjoyment. I am available to the Lord. I enjoyed Beverlee’s posts.

  4. Safe travels dear David.. this is indeed a dream come true for you and may you be blessed every mile of the journey as you press the “pedal to the metal” on your bike and sing and praise all the way back home! May God grant you safety and may HIs favour continue to surround you as with a shield (Ps 5:12) Was challenged by your message this morning..

  5. Wow! How exciting is that! David, you just pushed me over the edge with your blog in my decision today. Thank you and Praise God! Halleluyah. The sad side of the day is the funeral in Moncton for the three fallen RCMP and I am going to a funeral for a member of our community. Our hearts and our prayers go out to them. Amen.

  6. I love these photos David. Enjoy your visit with your sister and may the angels that Isaiah talks about be with you all the way.

  7. Thank’s for sharing your journey with us, David! Sounds well planned out with your visits and stops along the way. Today’s reading demonstrates Jesus’ willingness to influence and sit with a variety of people with various backgrounds. Matthew comes into the fold as a result. Enjoy the day.

  8. Mathew9:8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”
    And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”
    “His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts”
    while the elders could only see a sinner in Mathew the tax collector, Jesus saw a fine disciple in the same Mathew. May God help us understand His vision for us and may we be able to accomplish His plans for us all before going back home in Jesus’s name…Amen!
    May our Lord and Personal Savior continue to give you a reason to celebrate as you continue your journey and May His will continue to be done in your life sir! in Jesus name!
    stay blessed my fellow bloggers

  9. I am so blessed to see you well and enjoying all Gods provisions Praise be to Our God
    yes Lord send me into the havest field
    where ever you send me
    I will go
    whatever it takes me
    I will sow
    God send forth all the labourees into the harvest field
    God Bless all my fellow bloggers and Keep you safe

  10. Drive safe David, and God Bless your Journey. God Bless my fellow bloggers today! This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

  11. Wonderful to hear of your journey home. Thank you for your inspiring words each day. We visited the Billy Graham library on the way “down south” 2 years ago. It was George Beverly Shea’s birthday and we signed a big card on the wall for him. Very touching to visit Ruth’s graveside. If anyone is in the area, the library is a must see. Blessings and safety on your travels David.

  12. Don’t understand why Jesus didn’t want the blind men in Matthew 9:30 to tell people He had healed them.
    Googled “Pharisees” and apparently they were one of two groups of Jews in Jesus time.
    Pictures are so lovely today. Thanks Rev. DM et al. Hopefully there will be motorcycles in Heaven.
    Will Graham should have some awesome DNA of his own. So happy u r enjoying your trip!
    Blessings on you and all fellow bloggers.

  13. Some good pics David. I see you are enjoying your ride as you reflect on His Word. The Lord is with you all the way. His love and His strength are with you. I can feel the rejuvenation through the Holy Spirit as you ride. Praise God!

    Have a great day with the Holy Spirit of Joy fellow bloggers! Amen!

  14. What a blessing to see what God has done for you. Enjoy the rest of your trip, David, knowing that God is with you. If God be for you, who can be against you.
    We are lifting you and all the fellow bloggers up to God today for all the desires of our hearts to be met.
    Thank you Jesus for answered prayer.

  15. Wow what a freeing marvelous ride that must be…and so with our journey through HIS Word with you and fellow bloggers 🙂

  16. Powerful reading today. Thank you Pastor David for your encouragement to say the words of Jesus in Matthew 9:37-38. I pray The Lord will use me to lift His name high and let others know, especially those dear ones who have not yet accepted His sacrifice, that He loves them and is calling.

    Wonderful pictures and memories being made. Praying for continued safety as you journey,visiting your sister and others, til you are safely back with your family here in Ontario.

    Thank you for your continued faithfulness is sending out our daily bread!

  17. Dear David
    My husband and I have a 1995 red Honda Goldwing, and we wish that we were on the road with you today. Thank you for your faithfulness in maintaining your blog and ministering to everyone you meet while travelling. Our prayers go out to the families of the 3 slain RCMP who will be buried today. God bless.

  18. Amen to those words spoken in Isaiah: “Here am I, Send me!” …spoken for all to hear and to respond! We need to go out in Faith, just Faith.

    Blessings and safe journey David. You didn’t mention if you had a chance to speak with Billy Graham, did you?

    Your sister in Christ

  19. Dear Rev. David M.
    What a joy it is to see you riding through with young dynamic Soldiers Of Christ as your grandson and Billy Grahams grandson .

    May the Loving Arms of our Lord and surrounded by His Angels keep you safe and able to do Gods Work for The Harvest is Plenty and the Labourers are Few .

    Heavenly Father like Your Precious Son Jesus told us let us be the labourers bringing The Light out of the darkness , Hope when there seems to be none , Love that goes beyond all understanding, all for His Glory until His Return.

    Keeping in prayer the families of the three RCMPS and also my own relatives that I will join tonight at the funeral home .

    Have a blessed day fellow saints .
    xoxoxo Carole.

  20. Blessed by the reading today – 3 fold mission: healing, preaching and teaching. Also the reminder of Isaiah 6:1-6. Rejoice in being a labourer in God’s vineyard – a world in need of the Lord. Though retired, I have been filling in as an interim pastor for past year. Just love sharing the Word of God in a new and fresh way, ministering the love of Christ to others. Just blessed by your photos today David and your trip. Thank God for your healilng, the energy God has provided you and singing along the way. Reminds me of the title of a song & book on the life of Bev Shea, “Singing I go, praising the Lord, Praising the Lord”. (Psalm 145:3 KJV).

    At this moment I am watching the TV Funeral Service, “Remembering the Fallen”. Thanking God for the faith the Constables had in the Lord before their tragic death. What a wonderful promise of eternal life we have. “A place reserved for all who love the Lord”. Praying for their wives, precious children left behind and extended family – and praying for the Members of the RCMP who do so much for our country. May God continue to encourage, strength them today as they meet or join from a far as they comrades are laid to rest. “When we’ve been there ten thousand years, bright shining as the sun, we’ve no less days to sing God’s praise then when we first begun. Blessings of “strength” and “peace” to all. Psalm 29:11

    • Amen Pastor Samuel!

      The LORD gives strength to his people;
      The LORD blesses his people with peace.
      Psalm 29:11

      Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. John 14:27

      Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deut 31:6

  21. Have a safe trip and enjoy!! My computer broke down for about 6 wks & was getting fixed but now I have everything loaded onto my husband’s laptop. A little difficult to get used to but happy to have it!!


  22. Hi Uncle David! My mom forwarded me your blog posting from today, and I was so encouraged by it! I shared it with our young adults group here in Oshawa, too. I am praising God for everything that He has given you to do, and will accomplish! He is completely able. I am also praying that all God’s purposes would be accomplished during your trip!

  23. David, our Canadian “Billy Graham” it makes our hearts sing to see a picture of you living your dream! And thank you & Norma Jean & all your family for your service for Him to your fellow Canadians.

  24. Thank you for todays blog. I prayed the prayer.
    I am sending you a note because as I was reading your personal note I kept saying to the computer “That is so cool, so cool!”. I just rejoice with you David.
    Debbie Timmons

  25. What an inspiration you are to us.Takes the couch potatoe right out of us. Thanks for challenging us and leading by example.
    I gave a co-worker, who is searching for God, a Bible and one of those little cards about your blog. Pray that she joins our blog and begins her journey through the Bible on her way to finding Jesus Christ as Saviour. Thanks!

  26. Watched the funeral of our three fallen RCMP and wept and prayed for everyone there including 6,000 RCMP and officers. What show of love and support and it has brought the city of Moncton even closer together.

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