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Suggested Reading: Jonah 1-4

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Jaffa, Israel (ancient Joppa), is one of the world's oldest harbours still in use today. "He (Jonah) went down to Joppa, and found a ship going to Tarshish (Spain); so he paid the fare, and went down into it, to go with them to Tarshish from the presence of the Lord" (Jonah 1:3b).

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Key Verses: Jonah 1:17, 4:11

Now the Lord had prepared a great fish to swallow Jonah. And Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights….

And should I not pity Nineveh, that great city, in which are more than one hundred and twenty thousand persons who cannot discern between their right hand and their left–and much livestock?


Instead of going 500 miles northeast in obedience to God, Jonah disobeys God and sets out for Spain, 2,000 miles west. Jonah lived in the northern kingdom of Israel and had to travel 50 miles southwest to reach the harbour of Joppa, exactly the opposite direction from Nineveh. Read the historical reference to Jonah from 2 Kings 14:23-26. “Gath Hepher,” Jonah’s home village, is the modern village of Mishad, an Arab Muslim community three miles north of Nazareth. Jewish tradition says that Jonah was the son of the widow of Zarephath, whom Elijah had raised from the dead (1Kings 17:8-24).

Jonah knew his Bible. He quoted from four different Psalms while inside “the belly of the fish” (Psalm 3:8, 31:22, 42:7, and 69:1). In fact, he quotes from 14 Bible verses. When he finally confesses, “I will pay what I have vowed. Salvation is of the Lord,” the fish rises to the surface and spits him out onto shore, perhaps the very one in Joppa.

The Apostle Matthew records that Jesus likened his time in the grave to Jonah’s experience inside the great fish (Matthew 12:38-41). Another time Jesus speaks of the “sign of the prophet Jonah” (Matthew 16:2-4).

When Jonah finally reaches Nineveh and preaches a one-sentence sermon, “Yet 40 days and Nineveh shall be overthrown,” we read that the entire city “turned from their evil way.” That’s called repentance! (Jonah 3:10a).


Lord God, give me grace to always obey You. I pray that if I should, like Jonah, go in the opposite direction that You desire of me, that You will do whatever it takes to turn me 180 degrees back into the centre of Your perfect will! Lord, You prepared a great fish to turn Jonah around, and I ask You to prepare a circumstance of Your choice which, if necessary, will do the same for me. I pray this in the Name of the One who taught about Himself using the story of Jonah, Jesus Christ (Messiah) Himself! Amen!!!


There is a tradition that says that Jonah was a student at the “School of the Prophets” founded by Elisha, Elijah’s successor. Last Sunday evening, Pastor Blackburn preached about the student who was chopping down a tree to help build a new building at the Bible College when the axehead came loose, sank to the bottom of the river, and became the occasion of one of Elisha’s miracles. The axe head floated to the surface and the student picked it up. In the parking lot after the service, I said to the Pastor, “Do you think that student could’ve been Jonah who, when the sailors throw him overboard, knew that if God would save an axehead, He would also save him from drowning?” The Pastor said with a big smile, “Let’s say so!” Maybe “yes” maybe “no.” I like to think about what was going on inside Jonah’s head when he said, “Throw me overboard” (read 2 Kings 6:1-7).

Some say that the story of Jonah is way too unbelievable. The way I look at it is this…I’ve decided for myself that if God decides to do anything, He has the ability to do it. Of course I don’t understand how this could be, but then I certainly don’t understand the nature of the billions of stars and planets in the cosmos either. There’s an old chorus I’m singing under my breath just now, “God can do anything, anything, anything, anything but fail” (I forget some words here, help me out). I’ll try to find it on “Google”…Yes! here is an unusual version of the song. I’m worshipping the Lord along with the singer (click here).

Yours for believing that God can do anything but fail!!!


29 thoughts on “Friday, April 11, 2014

  1. Here are the lyrics, David Mainse…

    God Can Do Anything
    Joe Pace

    God can do anything,
    though your way may seem impossible,
    and the load you cannot bear.
    He can do it
    He can do it, it,
    God can do anything (He can do anything).

    Verse 1
    There’s nothing too hard for God,
    (He can do anything).
    No problem He can’t solve,
    (He can do anything).

    I’ve tried Him and know Him,
    there’s no doubt,
    whatever the test,
    He will bring you out.
    God can do anything (He can do anything).

    Verse 2
    There’s no secret what God can do,
    (He can do anything).
    Time after time, He’s brought me through,
    (He can do anything).

    I’ve tried Him and know Him,
    there’s no doubt,
    whatever the test,
    He will bring you out.
    God can do anything (He can do anything).



    Vamp 1
    God can do it,
    oh yes, He can,
    God can do anything, anything.

    Vamp 2
    God can do it.

  2. Good Morning, Sisters and Brothers in Jesus Christ! The study on Joanh this morning has reinforced my prayer for a (none other than a “Joanh miracle”) This miracle has been in my privet prayers for years, I mentioned it to my Sister once and received a negative reaction (that won’t leave me.) I do, know that anything is possible to God, for one who believes. I do know that Jesus said ” I do want to!” and ” Every thing is Possible to those who believe.” I am not giving up on the prayer, but I do need help, with my unbelief. Please pray for my unbelief. God Jesus and Holy Spirit be with all of you fellow bloggers, today. AMEN

  3. Thanks, David, this morning, for the study on Jonah–one of my favourite books of the Bible.

    A quick search on biblegateway, typing in Jonah, scrolling down to the list, clicking on Sign of Jonah; led me to this:

    Jonah’s three days in the belly of the whale are used here as a mirror of the three days that Jesus Christ would spend in the grave. Jesus uses the story of Jonah to rebuke his enemies. Matthew 12:38-40 (KJV)

    The birds have been chirping since 5 am outside my window–such a delightful sound of spring; the most joyful time of Easter approaches us, fellow saints! Wishing everyone a blessed day in the Lord!

  4. Amen, God can do anything but fail! I was struck by the plant in today’s reading, I am not sure why. For a brief time it provided shelter and comfort, then perished. The impermanence of people, places and things in our life, except for God. Our Lord can heal and our Lord takes home. I believe in miracles! In the absence of miracles, I suppose we are blind to the living and miraculous world which surrounds us in which all blessings flow. Enjoy this spring day, everyone!

  5. Fellow Bloggers please pray for Susan today at 12:00 as she takes her welding exams. God bless her! She has been working 7 years for this. She is a daddy`s girl, through and through. Fallowing him around, even closer than our 3 boys. And the sweetest personality you could ever find.

  6. Hello David, I think these lyrics may be the ‘original’ ones you were thinking of so early in the morning.

    God can do anything, anything, anything,
    God can do anything but fail;
    He can save, He can keep, satisfy, joy complete
    God can do anything but fail.
    He’s the Alpha and Omega, the begining and the end,
    He’s the fairest of ten thousand to my soul;
    God Can do anything, anything, anything,
    God can do anything but fail.

  7. Good morning, David,

    Someone already left words for the chorus you were singing, but it’s probably the old Ira Stanphill ones you were wanting.

    God can do anything, anything, anything,
    God can do anything but fail
    He can save, He can keep, He can cleanse, and He will,
    God can do anything but fail.

    He’s the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end,
    He’s the fairest of ten thousand to my soul;
    God can do anything, anything, anything,
    God can do anything but fail.

  8. Praying today that our daughter will have a Jonah experience yet; willfully walking in moral sin, willingly throwing her family away, she needs a Jonah trial or something before the devil is able to tear our family apart, and more unsaved friends are able to point their fingers at our Saviour. Please pray for our family!

    • Heavenly Father ,
      I plead right now for the salvation of Williams daughter and family . You say that when two come together in agreement IT WILL BE DONE, so Lord we give you thanks, we give you praise that we can turn all our sorrows , despair to you alone .In the name of the one and only our Messiah , Jesus Christ., Amen.

    • Salvation for your daughter is on my prayer list. Please don’t be concerned with what mere mortals think about you or your family. A Christian only needs to be concerned about what God thinks about us. I know the heartache when a family member goes wrong. With your prayers and others, she may eventually use her free will to serve our Lord. “Be still, and know that I am God”, He says.

  9. William, God Bless you Dear Brother. We lift up your whole family, in the arms of Jesus! We pray for a, miraculous ( turn-about) so great, that fingers will be pointed in (aw) at your whole family’s faith. AND THE SAVIUOR WILL BE EXALTED Thank you Jesus. AMEN

  10. Many nonbelievers say that it would be impossible for a whale to swallow a man. But, in today’s study, a whale is not mentioned….just a fish.
    When my son was just a little boy, I can remember he and his sister, who was a bit of a renegade, arguing and he says “God can do anything, right mom”. I was totally amazed that he would say such a thing as we didn’t go to church and he seemed too young to know such truth.
    May God grant all my fellow bloggers their fervent prayers today in Jesus name, amen.
    Thanks for today’s study DM. Jonah’s story certainly is exciting and yes I believe God can do anything…….look at you DM!!

    • A beautiful little memory. God is every where, even in the minds of our precious little ones. He is just there waiting to be acknowledged. God bless you Lynda, dear daughter of The King.

  11. Praise our heavenly Father! GOD CAN DO ANYTHING! He created the cosmos which are infinite… He is omnipresent… He knows each of us intimately, our every thought, past, present, and before we even have it… As in the “Garden of Eden” there is nowhere we can hide from God!

    We know when we have done something against his will for us. That’s when we should repent and ask forgiveness, and change our ways and continue to move toward becoming more Christlike…

    There are many references of Jonah in the Bible! Praise God! Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ – in the stomach of earth, rose from the dead after 3 days emulating the story of Jonah. AMEN!

    Father I pray for the gifts of the Holy Spirit to flourish in us this day so that your will in and through us would be done today and tomorrow… for Your Honour and Glory!
    In Jesus Name… AMEN!

  12. Jonah is also one of my favorite books. Yes, God can do anything but fail. “With God all things are possible.”(Mark 10:27). Have seen it happen over the years. Great commentary and prayer again today, David. And thanks for the history less on on Jonah and his circumstances. God is a miracle working God!!!. Saying “Amen” to the prayers for Susan and William’s daughter. God bless you everyone.

  13. Dear Rev. David M.
    What a wonderful scripture of the Bible Jonah is , showing us again that we have no place that we can hide and solution comes only one way , repent, and turn back to Him.
    Your testimony of this morning on 100 Huntley on your great obedience to Gods Will is such an example to all of us , of what God is capable of doing if we just listen to that STILL VOICE . So Lord I pray that we let The Holy Spirit guide us , mould us, use us in the name of the one and only Jesus Christ. Amen.
    Have a blessed day everyone.
    xxxx Carole

  14. Pastor David….can you let the blog readers know about the significance of the 4 blood moons that will occur this next year, the first of which appears Mon.(Passover) please? We are to be watiching the signs of the times…and many are unaware of this. Thanks. Love the pictures of places I saw in Israel.

    • Isabella, see Wednesday April 2nd blog, in which David said the following about the ‘Four Blood Moons’:

      P.S. Joel 2:31 mentions a “blood moon.” Pastor/Evangelist John Hagee has written a book about Bible prophecy called Four Blood Moons. It can be purchased from our Crossroads e-store (click here for information). He tells us of a “Blood moon” coming this month on April 15th. He expects something significant to happen regarding Israel beginning at that time. We should watch for Israel in the news! (click here for a recent interview with John Hagee on 100 Huntley Street, talking about these “Four Blood Moons.”)

      Bless you,

      • P.S. The link to John Hagee’s interview on 100 Huntley Street explaining the ‘Four Blood Moons’ in detail is excellent!

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