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Suggested Reading: Amos 7-8

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With a giant trunk and boughs towering 60 feet high, a gnarled sycamore near Jericho's main square is believed to be over 2,000 years old, and could be the very tree that the hated tax collector Zacchaeus climbed to get a glimpse of Jesus (Luke 19:1-5). In today's reading, Amos says that he was a tender of sycamore fruit (Amos 7:14).

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Key Verses: Amos 7:14b,15

I was no prophet, nor was I the son of a prophet, but I was a herdsman and a tender of sycamore fruit. Then the Lord took me as I followed the flock, and the Lord said to me, “Go prophesy to my people Israel!”


Amaziah, a priest serving the northern kingdom of Israel, tried to shut Amos up. When he realized that Amos would not be quiet, he tried to send this prophet/preacher to the southern kingdom of Judah. With stubborn resolve Amos refused to leave, continuing to speak truth to power. Neither king nor priest could stop him! The call of God on his life was all consuming. As it was with Amos, so it is with those who hear the Word of the Lord today. God, through Jesus, says to us, “GO, therefore, and make disciples of all the nations!” (Matthew 28:18-20). Mark writes these Words of Jesus, “GO into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). Like Amos, true followers of Jesus feel compelled to “GO” and/or support those who “GO,” if we are obedient to God. The results of obedience are summed up in the last verse of Mark’s Gospel, “And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word through accompanying signs. Amen!” (Mark 16:20). As Amos tells us, the worst famine ever is not the lack of food to eat physically, but the famine “of hearing the Words of the Lord!” (Amos 8:11b).


Lord God, I’m listening to You! I hear You! Because I have called You my Lord and God, I must obey You or my decision to give my life to You is a lie! I pray for grace to “GO” and “Prophesy.” I remember that prophesy for Your followers, Jesus, is as John said in Revelation 19:10b, “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” It is in the Name of Jesus that I pray this prayer for world revolution, turning the whole world to Christ! Amen!!!


Dr. Oswald J. Smith, the man I consider to be the greatest 20th century supporter of Christian world missions and sender of missionaries, said, “Why should anyone hear the Gospel twice, when millions have never heard it once!” During the missionary conventions at his People’s Church in Toronto, huge banners with such statements would hang on the walls of his church. Hundreds of missionaries were sent all over the world. Faith promises to give millions of dollars to send them were made. After the passing of the Smiths, God called a 35-year-old, Dr. John Hull, who had implemented the “Faith Promise” plan of giving and sending in the church where he was Pastor, to move to Toronto and take on the mantle of Dr. Smith. John closed out the 20th century from 1993 to 2000 as Pastor of the People’s Church, continuing to carry the passion for world missions that had motivated Oswald J. Smith. John preached the Gospel every Sunday across the continent on television for seven years from the pulpit of the People’s Church. I recognize that the passion that consumed Amos is the same as I find in these great Pastors/Evangelists! The Apostle Paul wrote, “How shall they preach unless they are sent!” (Romans 10:15).

Dr. Hull is now leading Crossroads Christian Communications, a ministry with a worldwide mandate from God to proclaim “the testimony of Jesus” 24/7 over the entire world. Norma-Jean and I are praying daily for the Crossroads mission and we are increasing our monthly faith promise giving. Right now our team on 100 Huntley Street television is asking for our sacrificial giving. Here’s John Hull with a challenge from this past week (click here and fast forward to 22:23 into the program).

Yours for everyone of us to rise to the challenge in obedience to those compelling words, “GO!” “PREACH!”


P.S. Please call 1-888-288-0003 as Norma-Jean and I are doing today. Or you can make your faith promise pledge online here (and feel free to ask for a copy of the book The Greatest Words Ever Spoken). God has called everyone who will listen to “GO” by sending God’s servants around the world on the powerful media of television and on the worldwide web on our growing ministry.

21 thoughts on “Monday, April 7, 2014

  1. The Great commision for all of us is to testify about our Lord about His goodness toward us His unfailing mercy His healing power
    We all have mission fields our home family neibours friends and strangers in need as the Holy Spirit leads us give us the words and boldness to minister to others
    I recall the song David Mainse sang
    David it would give us great joy to hear you sing
    Thank uou David for answering the call
    God Bless you and Norma Jean and your family
    Keep singing in Jesus name Amen

  2. WOW! Such power in the message this morning. Go and preach, like Amos; shout the glory of God to the world, and prophesy His Word. 100 Huntley Street is blessed by the resounding strength of Dr. John Hull, David. God has put a great team in place to continue the charge forward, leading more saints to lift up and carry the cross to the victory line. All for Jesus!!!

    Thank you David and Norma-Jean for your ministry; I have called in and made a pledge in support of Crossroads.

    The splendor of a King, clothed in majesty, let all the world rejoice, all the earth rejoice…. comes to mind.

    “How Great Is Our God”
    Chris Tomlin

    The splendor of a king
    Clothed in majesty
    Let all the earth rejoice
    All the earth rejoice

    He wraps Himself in light,
    And darkness tries to hide
    And trembles at His voice
    Trembles at His voice

    How great is our God – sing with me
    How great is our God – and all will see
    How great, how great is our God

    Age to age He stands
    And time is in His hands
    Beginning and the end
    Beginning and the end

    The Godhead Three in One
    Father, Spirit and Son
    Lion and the Lamb
    Lion and the Lamb

    How great is our God – sing with me
    How great is our God – and all will see
    How great, how great is our God

    Name above all names
    Worthy of all praise
    My heart will sing
    How great is our God

    Name above all names
    You’re worthy of all praise
    And my heart will sing
    How great is our God

    How great is our God – sing with me
    How great is our God – and all will see
    How great, how great is our God

    God bless you, fellow saints–have a splendid day!

  3. Praise You Father for listening to our prayers and for Your presence in all that surrounds us. May those whom have been made aware of Your Son, Jesus Christ, be touched by the Holy Spirit in their lives with the knowledge of Your love and guidance, Your hope and promise of eternal life. Amen.

  4. I like to receive the blog daily It suddenly stopped and I miss it very much David I think it is a great way to start you day
    Thank you for doing that
    So can i sign up again?
    thank you so much


  5. That happened to me a couple of times. I just re-applied and have been able to get the blog nonstop! We attended Peoples Church and knew both Dr Paul @ Oswald J Smith. My husband, uncle, and, cousin were all elders there. It was an amazing time. We moved to west of Toronto and on to Queensway church. When looking back, I can see the direction of God & the wonderful opportunities we had and still have now here @ Crossroads & the blog. I am learning so much through the blog. Thank you Maines family and blog people.

  6. This blog didn’t come through in my email today, however I went to in my browser and there the blog for April 7 was… Hopefully it will show up tomorrow…

    Blessings to all this day!

  7. My blog didn’t come in today either. It was somehow on yesterday’s blog, today. Technology isn’t perfect like Jesus:-)
    Loved the picture of the tree. A thing of beauty.
    Thank goodness Amos couldn’t be controlled by man.
    May God bless us all today and help the blog technicians get our blogs on tomorrow.

  8. I look forward to reading your daily blog each day David and thank you so much. However, for some unknown reason I am getting three blogs each day all exactly the same. One is quite sufficient so hopefully the other two can be eliminated.

  9. Your message really spoke to my heart today, David as does the life of the prophet, Amos as he simply heard the voice of the Lord and obeyed. Your challenge to all of us to GO and prophecy about Jesus is so meaningful. As I said before the song, “I Give You Jesus” has been ringing in my spirit. Could someone go through the steps again of how to put this on here for you from You Tube? We do have a story to tell to the nations. God bless you partners.

  10. I also didn’t get today’s blog April 7, 2014 but, have found it here. Perhaps the blog will be back tomorrow. Today’s message is such an important one. I’m glad to be able to find it here. God Bless each one of you who offer these great messages to us. David’s explanations are spot on & something which I am taking to heart. His prayers also are so often my prayers. I am so grateful for all of you. Indeed, How great is our God! With Christian love, thank you.

  11. We also didn’t receive today’s blog, April 7th, but found it online. Hopefully,
    we’ll be back to usual tomorrow. We look forward to receiving it daily!
    We are praying for you David.
    God Bless you all.

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