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Suggested Reading: Amos 3-4

Click scripture link to read online or HERE to listen online (then click the symbol of the audio speaker above the scripture portion).


There are many spectacular mountain views as you explore Petra in Jordan. In our key verse, God is called, "He Who forms mountains."

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verses: Amos 3:7, 4:13

Surely the Lord God does nothing,

Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.

…For behold,

He who forms mountains,

And creates the wind,

Who declares to man what his thought is,

And makes the morning darkness,

Who treads the high places of the earth–

The Lord God of hosts is His name.


Some believe that God as the Creator has abandoned His creation, hanging the world on nothing (Job 26:7), and then He proceeded to move to another part of the cosmos. Amos makes it clear that God has been involved in the past, is involved in the present, and will be involved in the future! There is a movie currently in the theatres called, God Is Not Dead, (saw it last evening-theatre was packed) that makes the point of God’s continued presence! Our first key verse states that the Lord is constantly communicating with us. He wants us to listen! Amos feels compelled to “Prophesy” (speak out what he has had revealed to him), “The Lord God has spoken, who can but prophesy!” (3:8b).

Our second key verse is not only stating the fact of God’s creation, but it shows that Amos is worshipping God for Who He is! The exercise of prophesying is not just foretelling but “forthtelling,” speaking of God’s greatness as we worship Him. Both chapters, Amos 3 & 4, begin with the word, “Hear!” Are we listening carefully, and are we, for example, doing the opposite to Amos 4:1? Are we doing our best to lift up the poor and needy? God cares intensely! During the entirety of these blogs, now 670 of them, we have paid attention to “repetition”…God’s way of making His point strongly. There are five repetitions of the words, “Yet you have not returned to Me, says the LORD!!!” This reveals the heart of God longing for closeness with His people.


Lord God, I return to YOU! I run into Your open arms as Your wayward child! I pray that I will continually remain 24/7 in Your loving, strong embrace, hearing Your voice as I read Your Word, and doing that which pleases You. I pray this through the Person Who always pleased You, Father, Your Son and my Saviour, Jesus! Amen!!!


I’m here in Florida in a seniors mobile home park. There are dozens of lakes here in Lakeland, and therefore a variety of ducks. A duck with only one leg hopped by our place a couple of days ago. Either he got too close to a snapping turtle, perhaps an alligator, or he flew too low over the warehouse of “The Duck Commander.” Whatever happened to him? I thought that this was not the Creator’s plan for this particular duck. Yesterday, a flock of “red-billed black bellied whistlers” landed on our little back porch. Norma-Jean called me to quietly approach the window and I marvelled at God’s creation of ducks. God has a plan for me. Of course, it’s different than His plan for those ducks, and sometimes I feel like that one-legged duck. I’m not fully what God created me to be. I made an appointment with Pastor Blackburn last Tuesday and asked for his counsel. Ever since I passed the two-year mark (the doctor diagnosed me with a terminal illness, MDS acute leukaemia,and that my demise would be two weeks ago), I’ve been somewhat frustrated, because I don’t have a clear understanding of the reason why God has extended my life. I’ve read again the story of Hezekiah, whose life was extended 15 years by God and the application of a poultice over the area infected. but during those years he did something really stupid. I ask for the prayers of all my blog family! I would appreciate any counsel I can get. Pastor Blackburn was very helpful, and I intend to read any counsel from fellow bloggers.

Yours for completing all 730 blogs (two years’ worth) by June 2, 2014!


P.S. Below is Norma-Jean’s photo of the ducks roosting on the railing of our back porch (our screen door messed up the photo a bit, but opening it would’ve scared them away!) I was at the Tampa airport two days ago picking up or daughter Ellen Shaheen, and I noticed in the bookstore the book, “How Jesus Became God.” The Christian response to that book, published on the same day, is co-authored by Dr. Craig Evans, “How God Became Jesus.” Dr. Evans is often on our 100 Huntley Street TV program. HERE is the recent interview about that book. I recommend the purchase of Dr. Evans’ book from our e-store (click here for ordering information).

56 thoughts on “Saturday, April 5, 2014

  1. God knows the beginning and yhe end of all things our lives are not our own
    God created mountains beautiful flowers and you David Mainse to be a shepherd even more now we need a shepherd to lead the flock home
    Im in Florida too in Kissemee and enjoying the beautiful warm weather and breezes blowing softly
    Like a sheherd he leads his flock
    Slowly and carefully
    Leading them home
    David you will be here to see the return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ It won t be long Jesus is at the Door
    Look up your redemption draweth nigh
    Praise God can you put a picture of your daughter on the blog

  2. David, I believe you need to stay in the fight, whatever that may be right now. You also lived the past two years within a two year life timeline, which you do not have now, having exceeded it. Reorientation can be a difficult process.
    Recently, my wife was recalled three times for mammogram’s and an ultrasound. She now has an appointment for a biopsy. Talk about “fervent prayer,” I don’t know how to pray any harder for benign results! She means the world to me, as does Christ. May our Lord grant us all the grace to conquer that which presents itself and sustain us through all life’s trials! Amen!

    • Lord give the doctors wisdom, take the anxiety and worry, Jesus, as this family waits for further testing and the results. Be near David and his wife during the weeks to come and I pray the biopsy will be benign. In your power, your kingdom and for your glory Jesus, I pray . Amen.

      • Pray for the biopsy results will be good new, that The Lord will completely heal your dear wife. In Jesus precious name!

    • David I have just completed reconstruction surgery after a double mastectomy. I know the anxiety you and your dear wife are going through right now. I pray you will lean hard on the healing power of Jesus and He will sustain you. They are doing so much now to Improve treatment and I pray for favorable results. May The Saviour hold you close as you wait for the test results. In the precious name of Jesus who knows what you need.

  3. Mr. Mainse:
    Thank you for your daily blogs and sharing your wisdom! That is part of God’s plan for you. May God open new doors for you! May you enjoy all the time He has given you!! God bless you!

  4. David, this country and the world at large still needs your leadership here on earth. Your contacts with leaders in all spheres of life are incredibly important, and your insights and perspectives that you surely pass along to your flesh family and your spiritual family…they need to learn more from you still. I for one think the world will change the day you graduate to be with Jesus. Perhaps He wants you here on earth to watch and warn about His return, which may be soon…

  5. David God is with you . I can’t say enough to show how I feel. You are a vision of health. I have watched you for over 30 years. I’ve never seen you so on fire.
    Praise God . Remarkable indeed. You are such an inspiration to so many. You have touched people around the world. Now just imagine the people you will be led to inspire. You will say I have walked in them there moccasins. You have crept crawled walked ran, now you are leaping over mountains. You are not moving mountain you are leaping over them. I can hear you. I can see you. People already see you and are being revived. God can and does heal people these days. Our God is a healing God ! What a living witness you are, for spiritual saving grace and now also physical healing.
    David run with it, start a movement, go forward -stand strong. Leap jump, turn summer-saults. I am so happy for you !!

  6. God doesn’t reveal to us why He chooses to bring someone home to Him. In your case Rev. Mainse, in my humble opinion, sooooo many people are praying for you
    and your continued presence on earth to just enjoy some of the fruits of your astounding labours. Your dear wife alone needs your company, not to mention the rest of your special family and friends. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, as my dad used to say. May God continue to abundantly bless you and yours.
    The pictures are lovely today, especially the ducks.
    A winter house and a summer house are mentioned in today’s reading. It reminds me of my grandparent’s old stone house where they would live in a certain part of the house for the winter and then move to another part for the summer. We have come such a distance in building better housing. Praise the Lord for all blessings great and small:-)

    • Amen that is quit an insight. Your family does need you. they also deserve to have you have nourished so many so long.

      • I meant to say, your family does deserves to have you. You have nourished so many for so long. God will lead you.

  7. David, I appreciate your humility in sharing yourself and the frustrations that you feel at this time. We all go though seasons of our lives, where change is unsettling and we wonder ‘what is next’.
    But I want to asure you, that you are needed greatly, God is not finished with you yet, there are many of us folks that need to be encouraged though your ministry. This blog has blessed me. I have been with you from the beginning and look forward to review it again for another year.
    My prayers are with you.

    • Amen I too, David, appreciate your transparency and your teaching. I feel like I am getting a sermon each day on what we read. It is fresh bread and I am devouring it! To God be the glory! After reading God’s word and your explanation, prayer and personal words, I feel the joy of the Holy Spirit! Keep producing, as you are bearing fruit, helping to nurture babes in Christ and it will carry on to the next generation.

  8. Thank you for your candor regarding what is next for your life David. I will be praying that God guides you in all you do as your ministry is not only on the world stage but in the small places as well.
    As for asking what is next I don’t have great words of wisdom but I will share my own place in the ‘what’s next’ stage of life. I have been in a similar place for over a year now, as I became unemployed at 56 yrs old(very frustrating but later confirmed as God’s leading) & am regularly asking for God’s guidance. So far, I have felt the Lord has kept me in this state to further teaching me many things…how to trust Him in absolutely everything….walk calmly beside Him….be ready to speak for Him at a moment’s notice….continue to write my blog which is read by many around the world…continue to paint pictures for the Italian restaurant “That Little Place By The Lights”…. however, what He has consistently said is, “Do what is in front of you.” God has provided something each day or week or month for me to do.
    I understand your frustration & will pray for His leading in your life. God has placed you in this time in history & given you so many avenues in order to reach people in furthering His kingdom. Just in the little ‘click here to see…’ places in your blogs my husband & I have learned SO much! 100 Huntley Street has has a major influence on our lives!!! My husband is still alive & healed because of 1 particular guest – Will Davis Jr. – who God used when I simply flicked on the TV in my hotel room the night before my husband’s major surgery & was challenged to PRAY BIG, which I did & things happened (wonderful story).
    Looks like God is not finished using you here as an ambassador yet & we need men like you to speak for God in these times on earth. You & Norma Jean are cherished by us, your brothers & sisters in Christ. May God bless you even more now. We praise Him so much for your healing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. David don’t give in we need you and appreciate everything you do and say,
    and even with our blog buddies. Keep pushing on God is not finished with
    you yet hang in there
    Lianne Hogg

  10. I want to say thank you and your wife for your faithfulness to Jesus and His body here in Canada. Your humility combined with your strength and fervour for Him are a stabilizing force in our country. Your integrity and marital faithfulness are a much needed testimony to our world. I have no idea what the Lord has for you in the coming months and years but your very presence is an encouragement to many, many people. I suppose it would be reasonable to say, we all need to live one day at a time, seeking to follow His leading. Thank you David and Norma Jean Mainse.

  11. Rev. Mainse: When I was praying for your healing it was because I felt we needed a man like you here and I still feel that way. I am thankful for your life and I know that as the days go by The Great God of the Universe will show you why He has kept you here. As it says in todays blog — “Surely the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets.” Amos 3:7 . He will lead you in the coming days in the way He wants you to go.

    God Bless

  12. Thank you for prayers for me yesterday. Surgery went very well. They took very good care of me with lots of monitors. BP shot up – 170/90. I don’t know why but possibly from subconscious apprehension. Best of all, I can read the blog! So very happy about that. God is out Healer, whether via doctors or through miracles (I’ve experienced both). We asked God to keep you with us David & He said, “yes”! (Thankfully).

  13. David I have watched 100 Huntley street over the years and you have given me so much hope and courage. I have learnt so much from your teachings and the many guests you have brought on the show. I am truly grateful.I was so amazed with the healing journey God has taken you through. It gives me more faith in believing that God is a great healer. There is so much more you have to impart to the world. God has given you the extended time with your family and everyone your teaching has impacted. My prayers are with you and your family as you continue to do the work of the Lord. Keep baking those 100 words. It is a delight to read. May God continue to bless you.

  14. You may feel frustrated about what is ahead…..but sometimes we are right there and don’t recognize it. Your blog is a tremendous blessing! I have been sending it to someone in a nursing home. This lady is a timid believer and she is being blessed by your blog. It is quite a testimony to have someone of your age still so on fire and willing to be used. That you have survived this cancer is another huge testimony and encouragement to many others. The photos of you recently prove your improving health. It is helpful that you write of life’s frustrations and wondering of what God plans for us…..many of us do…….that is why your blog is so helpful. It keeps it real! Don’t underestimate how God is using you! Thank you for being transparent!

  15. I am no expert but it sounds like you might be suffering from survivor guilt. Survivors who experienced something life threatening and lived while others who experienced the same thing but died, are often tormented with the question why. Why was I spared when others we not? There is a sense because they were given a second chance that somehow they have to something truly meaningful to justify their existence, to prove God had a good reason for sparing them.
    But that logic is faulty, because I am certain there were many believers who had cancer who were prayed for healing just as much as others prayed for you and they died. If one of their loved ones were to asked you why did God allowed them to die, what would you respond? You know from experience trying to answer the why is futile because there is no why that will undo the grief or pain that comes separation by death.

    Asking why I am still alive is just as unproductive, the why isn’t as important as the what now. And you already know the what now. You continue to live your life as you have always done for the Lord– if there is a specific direction or ministry the Lord wants you to go to, the Holy Spirit will lead you as He has always done. And you know that— so why all the questions unless your real question is why I am still alive while others have died from the same thing I had?
    We cannot know why God chose to heal someone while someone else was not spare– sometimes the answer to that question cannot be understood until years, sometimes decades pass– or maybe not until we stand before God Himself.
    As Christians our Lord told as to be watchful, therefore we should all live, regardless of our health, as if each day on this earth could be our last, whether by the death of our bodies, or the Lord returning either way. We should be grateful for each day, and live each day for our Lord– and let God worry about the why.

  16. Dearest Brother David, you are such a blessing! How we thank God and rejoice with you in the miraculous deliverance He has given you! As it was in the ministry of Jesus Himself, and of his early followers, your victory manifests the power and the glory of the Lord. Yes! I believe He will open a new and effectual door of ministry for you! How about a TV ministry for seniors? (I am one.)

  17. David, You are so loved and appreciated, and it is marvelous that you are so transparent. The first thing that l thought of was the old song: One Day at a Time. l’m only human, l’m just a man Help me to believe in what l can be and all that l am And show me the stairway that l have to climb Lord,for my sake, teach me to take One Day at a Time………..One Day at a time sweet Jesus, that’s all l’m asking of you Give me the strength to do everyday what l have to do Yesterday’s gone sweet Jesus, tomorrow may never be mine So for my sake, teach me to take One Day at a Time.

  18. Right on Christine. We all have to take on more of that attitude. God only gives us one day at a time, if not we would probably run.

  19. This is the Day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in IT!!! How wonderful to know that we can’t do anything about yesterday, and we don’t need to worry about tomorrow, God is so good, He wants us to trust Him one Day at a time and rejoice in IT…for He walks with us each moment and each Day…and we can trust He know what that Day will bring…and what tomorrow will bring…I believe that this is your time to rest in His arms…Rev. David Mainse.
    God Bless you and give you peace of mind at this time.

  20. Dear David, My husband and I have deeply appreciated your ministry and the ministry of Crossroads for many years and as I read your blog today I couldn’t help thinking that God has a very special purpose for extending your life. I, too have looked at Hezekiah and the blunder after his life was extended and I feel that you are right to question and have a good hard look at your purpose. However, I don’t think you need to question God on the matter. He only asks that you walk with Him in obedience and trust Him. Hezekiah’s problem was pride and all of us struggle with that. The difference is that we have the Holy Spirit dwelling within us – I know you know this – and so there is a grace and an ability that Hezekiah may not have had the access to – I don’t totally know – I’m guessing at this. One thing that came to mind as I was reading your thoughts on God extending your life, was the story of a man who suffered a horrible car crash, went to heaven briefly and came back to a life of excruciating physical pain. I think his name was Don Piper, not sure. But I do remember that he asked God fervently why he was sent back here – he would have much preferred to stay in heaven. God had a very special purpose for bringing him back and I believe He is doing much the same for you and for similar reasons. I, for one, am very grateful to God that you are still here. God bless you and Norma Jean and we are praying for both of you. Marita

  21. Dear Mr. Mainse,
    God Loves You!
    It’s not for us to know His Way, His Plan, His Timing.
    Only to know He Loves You.
    And to Wait On Him.
    This is not easy on our flesh part.

    And what does your beautiful daughter-in-love always say?
    Keep your eyes on Jesus, Its all about Him.
    Thank you for this inspiring blog. Since it’s beginning I have been with you learning so much. Thank you, thank you !
    God Bless You !

    Diane 🙂
    Still enjoying this blog 🙂

  22. To tell the truth, David I have been asking the same questions for my own life around here and I don’t have any immediate family but I have unsaved siblings and community. Needless to say, we prayed for your healing as we could not bear to loose such a strong spiritual force as you in this growing troublesome world. I still believe that so keep going, my brother. Life can sometimes be a letdown when you have come through a great trial of faith and expectations are high. In fact, I do not believe I would have done so well last year without the prayers and support of this blog; of course Jesus and the Word being the person and power in and through it all. Before I read this blog this morning, I was thinking how much I would miss it when it was over. Knowing and trusting the Lord is going to lead me, I know He will lead you David knowing the prayers that you pray and the love you have for Jesus. Remember Jeremiah 29:11-13. Appreciate your humility and transparency David. God bless you always!

  23. Dear David:-
    When I first heard of your illness, I was shocked because I felt it was much too soon for you to leave us. You are one of our “elder Statesmen” who has lived long enough to have seen the Lord work in marvellous ways over the years, not to mention the Crossroads Ministries the Lord founded through you. Several blogs ago, you mentioned that the Lord had given you the task of writing a blog for children once this one is finished in June. I can’t think of a more worthy ministry than that of reaching the children for Jesus. Also, your prayer ministry alone is greatly needed and appreciated. May God continue to bless and strengthen you in the days ahead. As Stormie Omartian said, sometimes God just gives us “enough light for the step we’re on”. Go forth valiantly. As His Word days, God will direct your path.

    • The blog post to which I was referring was Feb. 19, 2014 where you said, and I quote,
      “Yesterday morning while I was on my knees in prayer, I believe I heard that still small, yet powerful, voice of the Lord say,

  24. Dear David,
    God led you into retirement, stay retired. Your Heavenly Father will give you opportunities to serve in retirement, work that fits you now. In my work, I saw men who tried to go back, or worse start over, it never works. Continue to trust that God led you to where you are, don’t second guess Him. remember Hezekiah.
    Enjoy the months or years He’ll give you in doing what you do now.
    God bless you, God blessed me many times through your ministry,
    George (retired MD) I’m 85

  25. So thankful that the Lord did heal you Pastor David. We continue to pray for you and your family,and all those who belong to the blog family.

  26. Dear Rev.David M.
    We all have been so blessed by your daily blog and to be witnesses
    of God ‘s miraculous healing on you is such a testamony .
    May the Holy Spirit continue leading you each day with full confidence,renewed strenght and do not doubt one second of the treasure you Norma-Jean , your family your ministry has had on all of us for so many years.

    God bless you
    XXXX Carole.

  27. David, you have played a pivotal role in my spiritual growth. You have given me the courage to believe that all things are possible through Christ Jesus our Saviour. I gave my life to Christ 4 years ago and it has been a bumpy but amazing journey. Your blog has helped me to grow spiritually. You are an example of what we are all capable of if we just let The Lord lead. To know that the same Spirit residing in you, guiding you, strengthening and healing you ….to know that very same spirit resides in me is, at times, overwhelming. It is such good news! Gods truth that He won’t leave us or forsake us has given me a whole new lease on life. That a sinner like me, so many mistakes I am so ashamed of, can be forgiven brings me to tears almost daily. You, David Mainse, hold such a special place in my heart. I am so grateful for your willingness to follow where God leads you. I can’t thank you enough for this blog. I know you mentioned possibly starting one for kids after you finish walking us through the bible. As a mom I would love that. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Whatever The Lord has planned for you in the future I am confident you will be fruitful in your endeavours because your heart is one with God.
    I believe you are still here on this earth because Gods people need guidance. We need you David. Bless you and your servants heart.

    May God continue to Bless you and your endeavours.

    Your sister in Christ

  28. Dear pastor David mains
    Though I am only one of thousands of your b
    Bloggers, I thank God you have been there for us. You are one of the pastors in my life for whom I am deeply grateful to God for. God has anointed you over the years for the ministry larger than most of us can comprehend. Your prayers and your life and Norma jean and your family are a sacred gift to the body of Christ. With gratitude to God for you, I pray he will lend you to us as long as possible or until Jesus, himself will return to take us into our eternal home.
    I cor. 15:58 is what you have modeled for us.
    May God give you strength to carry on!!!!
    Sincerely in Christ,
    Rosella Friesen, Victoria, BC

  29. Dear David,
    Thank you so much for 100 Huntley Street. It was through your ministry and specifically you, that I came to know The Lord many years ago.The Lord even delivered me and set me free while watching the telecast one day. I cannot thank you enough!! Many other people have been impacted through this powerful ministry as well!! Regarding your healing, thank you, Jesus!!! I believe it is always God’s will to heal us. Jesus suffered and died to pay for our sins and for our healing 2000 years ago. There really is not one more thing that Jesus needs to do for us regarding this. The provision for healing has already been bought and paid for. I am sooooo thankful that the healing Jesus bought and paid for was manifested in your body!! The Lord still needs you on this earth!! I am so thankful for His goodness! He is sooooooo wonderful!!

  30. David, I want to share a link from There is a message there by Gloria Copeland based on Psalm 91 which I think might answer your question on today’s blog. Thank you for the daily blog blessing. May God bless you richly as you continue serving and honouring Him. Your sister in Christ.

  31. God knew how much we needed your wonderful unfolding of His Word to us. I am also awfully excited about the ministry to children that God has laid on your heart! Our young people today desparately need Jesus and the love and hope He lavishes on us. God also just wants to bless your family with you being there with them 🙂

  32. Dear David,
    Every morning I start my day in the office by reading your devotional. It is a great blessing to me. You and your family have been a great inspiration to me and my family. It is great to see how the Lord has restored your health, your work is not done here.

    Please pray for my family. We are dealing with a situation regarding our family business. We are standing at a crossroads and having a difficult time. Please pray for all of us, but in particular for my husband. He loves the Lord but needs clear direction in what to do. I ask for wisdom as his wife to help support him and to help direct him. I know that God is faithful and will see us through all of this.

    Thank you and God Bless.


      • Just read your post Lisa.
        Dear heavenly Father, You know all things, You orchestrate all things & are in control of our world & yet You have given us free will to choose. Lisa & her husband have chosen to serve You looking to You for clear guidance in the decisions regarding their family business. Please give them crystal clear direction in this matter Lord. Give them peace in their hearts about the decision & after it is made. You are our God, the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. You have led your people always. Please show Lisa & her husband the way You want them to go. In Jesus holy & precious name, Amen
        Will be keeping you in my prayers Lisa. With Christian love, Michele

  33. God wants you to continue to be a blessing to the people that you are leading to Him and encouraging us in strengthening our faith. He continues to have BIG PLANS for you. You have told us many times to wait and listen to that small voice. Our God will let you know what PLAN He has for you. God Bless you David.

  34. Hi David! I remember you said God instructed you to start praying at 4 am, and to prepare this blog for a two year period. Regardless of the unbearable circumstance you faced, you followed through diligently and faithfully to serve the Lord and answer His call upon you. I am certain as one of the saints who has been with you from the start, that God sought for you to teach us. Bravo fine sir…. and, thank you, from the bottom of my heart! You, your family, and all the saints, have meant the world to me. And my understanding of the bible and relationship with Christ has been exemplified.

  35. Dear David,
    What a blessing this daily blog has been to me personally in my walk with Jesus. I am so pleased that you plan on starting over again from the beginning (Gen 1:1) – it will be fascinating to see how you now approach each new day in good health. I do hope, however, that you will be able to rest somewhat and at least enjoy the sabbath?
    Your co-hosting of future trips to the Holy Land can speak to many more seekers and committed followers of Jesus. I know that your question “Do you KNOW Jesus?” on the Sea of Galilee has challenged me deeply. Your knowledge and experience of the Holy Land is indeed unique and a great gift to all lucky participants.
    2012 Holy Land Yellow Bus.

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