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Suggested Reading: Joel 3

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In Israel at the southwest end of the Dead Sea this valley can be seen, which leads into the Jordan Valley wilderness.

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Key Verses: Joel 3:14, 16b

Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision!

For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.

…But the Lord will be a shelter for His people,

and the strength of the children of Israel.


The “decision” made concerning the multitudes gathered in the “valley of decision” is to judge the Gentile nations. In Joel 12:12, God says through Joel what will happen in the valley, “I will sit to judge all the surrounding nations.” To Israel, Jerusalem and Judah, God, the righteous Judge, whose decisions are always just, decides to give “shelter,” “strength,” “security,” “holiness,” “prosperity,” “a future,” and the Judge will “acquit” His people of all “bloodguilt!”

The nation state known as Israel was restored by the action of all the security counsel member countries of the United Nations, and almost unanimously by the entire membership of nation states represented there. This happening, unprecedented in the history of the world, took place just 66 years ago. Joel prophesies that “The Day of the Lord is near!” Joel tells us to watch for signs in the sky. What astronomers, and those who observe carefully see, will indicate God’s pending action. Jesus Christ, as the greatest Prophet, spoke of “signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars.” He said that when these things “begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near!” (Read Luke 21:25-36).


Lord Jesus, in Your prophecy about the happenings just before Your “coming in a cloud with great power and glory,” I am to “take heed!” You warn us against carousing, drunkenness, and the “cares of this life!” (Luke 21:34). Help me, I pray, to hold lightly to the things of this earth, and to give my highest priority to the things of eternal value. In Your Name, Lord Jesus, I pray. Amen!!!


My son Ron, who formats this blog for me every day, carries a heavy responsibility in the Crossroads Family of Ministries. This week and next, he is asking on TV for pledges in the annual Spring Membership campaign. I’m asking all of us to help carry the heavy load of much-needed financial support. I’ve asked Ron the take as much space as he needs here on the blog to challenge us to faithful sacrificial giving. Here’s Ron…

Hello my blog friends!

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One of those people is Steven K. Scott, who was transformed from failure to freedom in every area of his life, and he credits the power of God’s written Word, which he applied to his life. He’s a best-selling author, but his book we’re featuring has a different Author’s name on it…JESUS! Steven has compiled all the words of Jesus and organized them into over 200 topics. It’s called, “The Greatest Words Ever Spoken.” Here is one of our interviews with Steven as he talks about this tremendous resource.

Jesus Himself said, “The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life” (John 6:63b). At Crossroads, we are all about spreading words of LIFE and HOPE found in a relationship with Jesus and in following His words. By the way, this book is for you as a way to thank you for your support, especially during these 10 days. This time is also our Spring Membership Opportunity, which is a very important time of year where we simply share the need and give you the opportunity to help out. Through your support, you are enabling us to continue strongly in sharing the HOPE there is in Jesus to “Stand Strong” in life. You can call 1-888-288-0003 or give online HERE…and remember to request the book “The Greatest Words Ever Spoken.” Thanks so much!

– Ron

Ron on yesterday's 100 Huntley Street. This is a photograph of an actual TV set. We have not given up for 37 years now with fresh daily television ministry (before that 15 years of weekly TV, Crossroads). I ask every blog reader, as God has prospered you, to "Stand Strong" with Ron and the ministry team! Thanks to all of you who "Never Give Up!" Receipts for income tax deductions are provided both in the United States and Canada. The Word of God says, "Give and it shall be given unto you!" Would you, my blog partners, also become our financial partners? Yours for consistency in supporting God's Work. Amen!!! David



29 thoughts on “Thursday, April 3, 2014

  1. Revelation 4:11 “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honour and power, for You created all things, and by Your will they were created and have their being.” Thank you Ron for sharing your appeal for support for Crossroads Ministries. May our Lord continue to bless this ministry with our support, for all it is accomplishing in this world we live. Amen.

    • Hi David. Wendy suggested we send you a note this way. We have subscribed to have your blog emailed to us each day. We are receiving it, however, it cannot be displayed properly. I have eye problems and use an Ipad with increased font. The blog shows as jumbled. Is there a way to correct this?

      Thank you. Julie V

  2. May God bless you with abundant funding for all the good deeds you and your affiliates do in Jesus name, Rev. Mainse.
    Joel once again has such a promising message for God’s people. They seem to be such a stiff-necked people. Our Lord certainly is eternally loving and forgiving.
    Back here on earth with our long, long winter and everyone’s weariness of it, surely this is one of God’s signs of things to come.
    God bless this day to us all.

  3. I am having cataract surgery tomorrow, very early in the a.m. Does anyone know what the next book of the Bible blog will be? I was hoping to at least read the scripture portion ahead as I’m not sure how my eyes will be for a day or two after. Don’t want to miss any thing!

    • Hi Doreen: I’m not exactly sure, but it will be either 2 John or Amos depending on whether we do another Old Testament book or switch to the New Testament.

      • Doreen, God bless you dear one. May Holy Spirit guide your surgeons hand, and angels be at your side at all times. We love you and God loves you more. Like I tell my Grand-son, ” I love you but God loves you even more.” Get plenty of rest and we want you back as soon as possible.

        • Ditto to Catherine. Amen to your prayer for Doreen, Pat–beautiful! Know fellow saints are holding you up, tomorrow morning, Doreen. God bless you dear sister-in-Christ!

    • God is in control of all our surgeries if we ask Him to be. I’ve had a similar surgery and know many friends and family who have had it and they are all so happy to be able to see well once again. To have this wonderful amazing procedure done is just another one of our heavenly Father’s blessings. You can count on my prayer for you:-)

  4. Doreen you will be in my prayers God is the the best physician we know and
    he works through people weather through doctors and also with all our blog
    buddies. I pray that everything will work out fine and there will be no complications.
    In Jesus Name

  5. Another beautiful picture for today’s readings– really should make a coffee table book of those photos.

    Anyway I was looking through Yahoo News yesterday and discover an article about the fact not only will there be a blood moon this month, but on the day before Mars, the red planet will be the closest to Earth it gets in a 26 month cycle. One will be able to see it with the naked eye, it will look like a bright red orange star in the night sky. Don’t know if this event is related to the blood moon, but found it interesting the Red Planet being visible in the sky along with a red moon at the same time and that is why I thought I would share it. But whether it means anything I don’t know. I guess will soon find out if these events really are signs or just natural occurrences happening together by coincidence. But with God is anything a coincidence?

    • I have always been fascinated with astronomy and this Blood Moon awakens an old spark. (coincidence) : agreement, an exact correspondence, coming together in such a way as to seem remarkable, that only a drop in the bucket of a dictionary explanation. God , Jesus and Holy Spirit ,coincidentally planed, how they would put this whole universe together, so it would work so marvellously. Another coincidence, they decided to share their handy work with us, also remarkable. Amazing stuff! All a play on words, depending on who puts them together , and what nationality you happen to be. Unless we have the wisdom and knowledge that God alone has, we will never understand it all. I don’t think we were meant to. It is all food for thought. Maybe, just maybe….the red planet Mars, helps the red glow, cast on the moon. At any rate– God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, know what is about to happen. Like, Jesus said, that we will know when we are able to comprehend such things.

  6. When I read the sentence about signs in the sky… I smiled:) I smiled because I had a similar dream this night. I saw the sky brighten up! Like bright sky blue and green and it was like there were the different tribes written on different parts of the sky. Everything was moving, like the sky was changing, I was with my cousin and our eyes were fixed on the wonders of God!! My sister went in to call some more viewers when all of a sudden I saw A bright light coming towards me, it looked like a star from a distance and it was coming towards me fast, getting brighter and like deviding as it gets closer. As soon as what seemed like the bright light was about to take me, I woke up in shock! I don’t know, maybe I was scared, maybe it was just a message, maybe it’s not yet time, but the picture I saw up in the sky…was BEAUTIFUL beyond description! I have had similar dreams. May the Good Lord see us all through, Amen. Stay blessed everyone

    • Amen, Patricia! Sounds like visions being provided to you through your dreams! How wonderfully exciting! We look forward to the glory to come!

      • Amazing Patricia, God bless you dear one. Thank you so much for sharing your dream. What a strikingly impression. You will have dreams and visions, In the end times. How exciting. Please Lord give some one on this blog, the interpretation of Patricias’ dream.

  7. Thanks so much for your prayers folks. Happy birthday Lianne – you are just a youngster! My granddaughter sent a message about the red planet and being able to see it with the naked eye. I told her about the blood moon on the 15th. If I can’t read the blog for a couple of days (because of surgery), I can always listen to the audio version of the scripture. Thank the Lord for that.

  8. Today I just want to PRAISE my Lord and give thanks for His never ending LOVE MERCY GRACE AND PEACE when things are stormy. Sending love to all my fellow blog buddies.

  9. Thank you to the Mainse family for your faithful ministry through Crossroads. I am standing strong with you in support. God bless you and Norma-Jean today, David!

  10. Dear Rev. David M and Mainse family ,
    It is a great honour and privilege to be a full time member of Crossroads Ministries.

    God Bless You all in bringing the good news until His return.

    Doreen, I’ll be keeping you in prayer for tomorrow morning. Thank You Lord, Thank You Jesus for putting your loving arms around our sister in Christ. Amen.

    Happy birthday, dear Lianne. Have a fabulous time with all your loving family.


  11. Praying all goes well for you tomorrow, Doreen and you will feel the presence of God’s loving hand. Happy birthday, Liannne and may the Lord give you a great year! We are with you, David and Ron in support of Crossroads’ ministry. Did the suggested research on the Blood Moons and how significant the 9th of Av is in Israel’s history. Amazing! God bless you dear ones.

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