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Suggested Reading: Daniel 9-10

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On display in the Pella Archaeological Museum in Central Greece is a sleeping baby angel. The imagination of the sculptor here is a long way from Daniel's description of the Angel who came to him. Read Daniel 10:5-7.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verses: Daniel 9:2-3

In the first year of his [Cyrus’] reign I, Daniel, understood by the books the number of years specified by the word of the Lord, given through Jeremiah, the prophet, that He would accomplish seventy years in the desolation of Jerusalem. Then I set my face toward the Lord God to make request by prayer and supplications, with fasting, sackcloth, and ashes.


Daniel’s prayers were not just the “Now I lay me down to sleep” variety. The content of his prayer was directly from his reading of his Bible. When we understand God’s will “by the Book” and pray God’s Word, we can expect God’s action. Even so, here in this blog, we read from “The Book” and then we pray accordingly. We may be sure that two of the “Books” which Daniel read and understood were Jeremiah and 2 Chronicles (read Jeremiah 25:11-12 and 2 Chronicles 36:18-23). Now we can understand why Daniel prayed as he did. Let us pray the prayer of Daniel as if we were reading from a prayer book. Scripture has one true interpretation but many applications. Let’s apply this prayer to the nations where we live, in my case Canada, and part-time in the United States.

In the space allotted to this blog, we cannot possibly comment thoroughly on the amazing prophecy of the 70 weeks (literally “heptads” or weeks of years – 490 years). Again, as suggested yesterday, check this out with the writings or teachings of Bible prophecy scholars, such as Dr. Mark Hitchcock (click here for another one of Mark’s books). The accuracy of these prophecies is amazing.


Lord God, today I pray with fervency the prayer of Daniel. Thank You for the Son of man, the Lord Jesus Christ (Messiah), who touches me and strengthens me as the one “having the likeness of a man” did for Daniel. (Daniel 10:19) In His Name I pray, Amen!!!


Two stories – the first I know personally. Dr. John Wesley White, associate evangelist with Billy Graham, on the live 100 Huntley Street telecast, held up a copy of the Toronto star and pointed out “prophecies” for the new year by psychic Jean Dixon. John said, “If even one of these comes true, I’ll shred this paper one year from now, put it in a bowl, put some milk and sugar on it, and eat it right here on live TV.” One year later I prepared that shredded paper, poured milk on it and added sugar, but when reviewing the year’s events, not one of Ms. Dixon’s predictions had come to pass. John did not have to eat even one spoonful! We had a great laugh, but the deceit practiced by psychics is not funny. God’s true prophets are 100% accurate, no fuzzy generalizations in order to weasel out when it does not happen, as is the case particularly of the practise of astrology.

Tomorrow, God willing, I’ll tell the second story of a prayer meeting where a menacing person who introduced himself as “The Prince of Los Angeles” showed up. Today’s reading tells us of several princes who serve the evil one (remember Ephesians 6:12-13).

Yours for “understanding” and “praying” accordingly,


P.S. It’s my understanding that many of those who pray at the retaining wall of the original Temple platform in Jerusalem (known as the Western Wall or Wailing Wall) often pray the prayer of Daniel 9. Below is a recent photo taken at that wall.

The Western Wall or Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Men pray on the left and women in the crowded area on the right. The land behind the wall, the area where the temple once stood, is under the control of the Moslems. On the horizon is the Mount of Olives. The steeple seen about 3/4 of the way across the top of the picture is the place where tradition says that Jesus ascended into Heaven.

14 thoughts on “Saturday, March 22, 2014

  1. Lord, thank you for your word today. May the uplifting of Your Spirit touch each of us as we seek to abide by Your Will and plans for our lives. Provide for us strength to address any adversity which comes our way, to rise up and effectively manage that which is placed in our path, for You have promised there is nothing which cannot be handled in Your strength. As the likeness of one whom touched and strengthened Daniel and said, “O man greatly beloved, fear not! Peace be to you; be strong, yes, be strong!” May our Lords strength and blessings be yours this day! Amen.

  2. Daniel certainly was a good soul. Enjoying getting to know this man and everything he went thru for the love of God and his people.
    I feel so sorry for people who place their hopes and dreams in psychics. What a colossal insult to Jesus.
    Thanks Rev. Mainse et al for your continued service to our Lord, and us.

  3. Praise The Lord, oh my soul, and forget not all His benefits, Praise The Lord.

    It was uplifting and encouraging to go back and say out loud Daniel’s prayer.
    I am enjoying reading about who Daniel was and the adversities in which he kept. His faith in THE ONE TRUE LIVING GOD. A lesson for all.

    My strength comes from God alone. Praise be to Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Enjoy your day fellow bloggers. Remembering Ann’s saying…….I’s all about JESUS!!!!

  4. Predictions are merely educated guesses based on what has been, but prophecy has purpose. God never reveals anything about the future unless there is a reason to do so. He will never reveal the future just to satisfy human curiosity or to appease human anxiety. Therefore as Christians we need to be careful not to put the Holy Spirit in the role of fortune teller and seek God to tell us the outcome of any matter in our lives. If we trust Him our future is secure no matter the outcome of any manner, whether it be a job interview or whether to marry or what ministry field to enter.

    I have known Christians who use their Bibles like a non-believer would use Tarot cards. They will ask God a question, open the Bible at random and believe whatever they read will be God’s answer. It is a dangerous practice. It is far better just to know the Scriptures and what they say about a certain topic and trust it for your circumstance than to use your Bible improperly— Yes, God can speak to us through the Word about our lives, but it is usually done when He wants to, not when we seek it and arrogantly believe whatever we read is God telling us what to do or assume He will tell us what will be, just because we want to know.
    So out of deep Christian love I say, just be cautious with private revelations as you would be with those you might hear from someone else.
    Wishing all the saints a blessed day.

  5. David, you mentioned that you can’t give as in depth comments about the chapters we are reading daily, as there isn’t enough space. I believe that you’ve mentioned that upon finishing this blog, you plan to do a daily Bible study for children. Although I am an adult, I plan to follow that blog as well as continue to follow this blog for the next two years, as we read through the Bible again. Perhaps when that is finished, you can start another blog where we can study each book of the Bible more closely. Maybe you can call it 200, 300, or 400 words.

    • I put in the other 2 lines for ‘Dare to be a Daniel’ but don’t see them.
      I’ll try again
      Dare to have a purpose firm
      And dare to make it known.

  6. Dear Dr. Mainse, for Daniel 9:24-27 may I suggest you see the materials of Dr. Chuck Missler, Koinonia House . I have been studying his materials for 6 years. (Introduced via his 66/40 radio program while wintering in Florida) I wish your people would get in touch with him. It is very unfortunate that his reaction to Canada has been ……”not much interest from Canadians…”
    God bless you for your inspiring blog…..
    Naples, FL

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