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Suggested Reading: Daniel 5-6

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On display in the Archaeological Museum in Pella Greece is a floor mosaic of Hunting a Lion. Today's reading takes us into a lion's den with Daniel.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Daniel 6:10

Now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed, he went home. And in his upper room, with his windows open toward Jerusalem, he knelt down on his knees three times that day, and prayed and gave thanks before his God, as was his CUSTOM since early days.


To what are we accustomed, and do we maintain a consistent “CUSTOM” as Daniel did? A “CUSTOM” is an unwritten rule or routine, something one does habitually. Something one does over and over as an act of willpower becomes a habit in about two weeks. Let’s follow Daniel’s example!!!

Daniel 5 moves us to the next generation past Nebuchadnezzar. Belshazzar has set Daniel aside, but the Queen Mother remembers Daniel. He’s available when needed to represent the true and only God. The saying, “Like father like son” is true here. In 5:22 Daniel says to Belshazzar, who was using the sacred vessels of the Jerusalem Temple to worship the idols, “But you, his [Nebuchadnezzar’s] son, Belshazzar, have not humbled your heart, although you knew all this.” There’s a lesson here for us all. Every generation must learn truth for themselves. Like the Queen Mother, we must reach into our memories and tell the stories that pass on the truth! Belshazzar is killed. Darius overthrows the Babylonian Empire, and the Empire of the Medes and Persians begins.

Daniel 6 shows Daniel once again placed by the new ruler into a key position of leadership. All the emperors have received a revelation of the true God. Darius learned through the miracle of Daniel’s safety from the lions. Cyrus, the Persian king, who may have been the son of Queen Esther, the Jewess, steps into place when Daniel is an old man in his eighties. Imagine a man serving during the reigns of four kings with integrity, consistency, and most of all, godliness…an example of what a person can be!!!


Lord God, I’m challenged by Daniel’s life! I pray for grace to be consistent in my prayer life and faithful to read and learn from Your Holy Word! I ask this in the Name of the One Who is the greatest example of consistency, Jesus Christ. Amen!!!


I’m singing two lines over and over under my breath (people are sleeping nearby) from the chorus I learned as a boy in Sunday School, “Dare to be a Daniel. Dare to stand alone.” I forget the next line. Can anyone help me?

Daniel must have served in a leadership role until he was close to 90. I’ve got so much energy these days that I’m looking for new opportunities for the Lord to use me in ministry. Is that crazy at almost 78! People keep telling me that I look so well now. I tell anyone who will listen that I believe God has healed me. It was two years last weekend since I was given a two-year life expectancy. Earlier this morning I went back into a blog from last August and found a picture of myself (below). I’ve just had a look in the mirror for comparison. I even think I look healed. I’ve just taken an early-morning picture in the mirror with my iPhone. I’ll put it up on the blog without telling Norma-Jean. She’ll want me to put on a shirt and tie for the occasion! I’m still in my house coat (see photo below). What do you think?

Daniel must have been almost 90 when, as the last verse of today’s reading says, “He prospered.” Well, if Cyrus was the son of Esther, the Jewess, then he had a soft spot in his heart for this Jewish man named Daniel. I’m speculating here, but then the Scripture does say, “Your old men dream dreams!”

Yours for living all our days to the full and for serving the Lord through serving others,


My photo from August, 2013.

Today's early-morning picture I took in the mirror (see explanation above).

42 thoughts on “Thursday, March 20, 2014

  1. Ha, ha. You look healed to me and I never, ever doubted that you would be. The Father isn’t done with you yet David Mainse. Bless you and yours.

  2. God bless you all over again and again, you are going strong David . What is that they say ~~ you can’t keep a GOOD man down~~ You are fighting the good fight David. Praise God, WE love you David and Norma Jean God bless you both.

  3. Dear David
    Here are the words to Dare to be a Daniel. I sang this as a wee girl with my Mom when we walked through the woods from our farm to get to my Gandmother’s farm. I was such so scared of the “creatures” that lived in the woods. We would sing this together and the words would give me courage!
    PTL You look fantastic and I am so grateful to God for His healing touch upon your body. May he continue to give you the grace and wisdom to be a “Daniel” in the present culture in our country!
    love to you and Norma Jean

    Dare to be a Daniel,
    Dare to stand alone;
    Dare to have a purpose firm,
    Dare to make it known!

    Standing by a purpose true,
    Heeding God’s command,
    Honor them, the faithful few!
    All hail to Daniel’s Band!

    Dare to be a Daniel,
    Dare to stand alone;
    Dare to have a purpose firm,
    Dare to make it known!

    Many mighty men are lost
    Daring not to stand,
    Who for God had been a host
    By joining Daniel’s Band!

    Dare to be a Daniel,
    Dare to stand alone;
    Dare to have a purpose firm,
    Dare to make it known!

    Many giants, great and tall,
    Stalking through the land,
    Headlong to the earth would fall
    If met by Daniel’s Band.

    Dare to be a Daniel,
    Dare to stand alone;
    Dare to have a purpose firm,
    Dare to make it known!

    Hold the Gospel banner high!
    On to vict’ry grand;
    Satan and his hosts defy,
    And shout for Daniel’s band!

    Dare to be a Daniel,
    Dare to stand alone;
    Dare to have a purpose firm,
    Dare to make it known!
    Dare To Be A Daniel Lyrics

  4. All who see and know you beleive and know that God has healed you and continues
    to. No he never will be done with you yet as in the Gods prayer we will live forever
    and ever. You look awesome.
    Have a wonderful day David and your families !!

  5. I think you will get your 15 more years like Hezekiah! But you’re more faithful than he. Ever notice how childhood songs, stories and prayers are never forgotten? My children were a little older when I came to know the Lord but if I could do it over, their infant, toddler and early school years would be filled with Jesus!

  6. Hahaha! Your cheeks look fuller and you look like a happy guy!! Daniel couldn’t have been better! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  7. It is hard to remember that in Israel in November 2012 you compared yourself to King David as you were always so cold.
    You have been so consistent with this daily blog, with not even one sabbath rest!
    I am looking forward to your 100 words on the Book of Revelation and then starting the journey over again.
    I can’t think of better guides to Israel than you and Norma-Jean.
    2012 Holy Land Yellow Bus.

    • Hi Graham, I was on the Yellow Bus 2013 too. I do not have your info on the sheet we passed around. Can you describe where you are standing in the group photo? Thanks.
      I certainly agree with you, Graham…we couldn’t have had more spirit-filled and informative guides..David, Norma-Jean, Ron and Ann and Jason. Thanks again David for a most wonderful trip to Israel.

  8. So nice to see u looking happy and healthy Rev. Mainse. I’m so happy for all of us who love you. Cameras are such a wonderful technology. If only there were cameras in Daniel’s time. I’ve read so many times from bible days that people lived for hundreds of years. I don’t understand unless in those days a year was a different measure than it is today.
    Good on Daniel for telling the kings the truth about the interpretations. That must have taken courage.
    God bless us all on this welcome Spring day.

  9. David…that is the best 100 words you have done in two years! My wife is off to her ladies bible study and she says to tell you she will be giving praise to The Lord, and praying for others out of your healing. Blessings from Campbellville! (Our oldest son was the youth pastor at St. George’s years back, so we have lots of connections. Our daughter-in-law works at Crossroads)

  10. As a child, I was raised in the United Church. Some of my favorite stories were from the book of Daniel. Only the Spirit of God who dwelt within Daniel could interpret dreams and writing on walls…

    I believe Daniel would have been ready to meet God in Heaven at any time… God saved Daniel in the lion’s den because Daniel had total faith to not be afraid and God had more work for Daniel – as in the case for David Mainse… There is no doubt in my mind that David is looking forward with anticipation to meeting our Heavenly Father in Heaven, however God has more work for David Mainse right here on planet earth…

    This amazing blog and it’s continuation for at least another 2 years is just one example… Praise God! AMEN

  11. Praise God for your health,We lost one of my sisters to what you HAD two years ago. Thank you for your ministry!

  12. Ahhh–you look fantastic, David!! Thanks for the song ‘Dare to be a Daniel’, lyrics Janet, and video Ruby.

    Thank You, Lord, for this wonderful first day of spring; the life You have blessed us with; the daily blog to share with friends; and for David Mainse, who remains an inspiration and formidable teacher to us, all. Blessings, fellow saints!

  13. I pray I will have courage like Daniel and his consistency. I believe we get that through continually reading our blog each day. Thank you Pastor David for our consistency in getting it out to us. Love the song. You look marvelous and we know The Lord has healed you for greater things to come for His Kingdom. HALLELUJAH!!! PRAISE HIS NAME!!!

    Blessings everyone!

  14. You look great, David; so much more color. You are a Daniel to this world and generation. Am following along closely in reading of Bible and blogs. Another big snowstorm today! Blessings fellow saints!

  15. Yes, I sang that song too and the words came back to me. “Dare to make it known”. You look so good now but there were times when we felt pain because you looked so ill. (while you were going through the treatments, I think). You look great on the motorcycle too. We are elated that He healed you.

  16. Dear Rev. David M.
    you truley look fabulous and I would love to be a little bird to see Norma – Jean when you show her your early morning picture in your morning attire . Love that little mischief in you like you always told us laughing is great medicine for the soul.

    Thank you Janet for the words and Ruby for the link that I will share on my facebook and at church for Sunday school.

    Leaving you all with a song of worship that is quite appropriate as we rejoice for Rev. David M. healing.

    Have a fabulous 1st day of spring knowing that green grass will eventually come back. Thanks to Our Creator.

    xxxx Carole.

    I Know How To Say Thank You 4:35 Gaither Vocal Band Greatly Blessed Religious 12-03-20 3:33 PM 13 AAC audio file

  17. Lookin’ good, David! Thanks again for It has been great for me to follow along with you – I look forward every day to spending time with the Lord through this. May God bless each person who reads, and give us all more and more boldness, courage, wisdom, compassion, and opportunities to share God’s life-giving Word with others. Each day is a blessing. God bless you David.

  18. Dare to have a purpose firm. Dare to make it known.
    Your blog has been such a blessing!
    You laid hands and spoke words to our son about 25 yrs. ago. His name is Jonathan. We are still waiting on that word to be fulfilled . This happened in Kelowna BC. Blessings on you and your family!????

  19. Oh David you look wonderful. I thank our loving Father God for His tender caring heart to us and to you dear David Mainse. In my spirit I always felt God had more for you to do, you have stood tall and strong for for our SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST all these years. This blog as I’ve said many times before has enriched my life and spirit and all of us who read it. Thank you David and Norma Jean. I pray God will continue to enrich your lives and continually lead you into all He has for you to do in these last days before His return for us. Even so come Lord JESUS!!
    Can’t wait to meet you all there!!
    Love in our Lord Nancy

  20. So grateful to God for healing you! Our prayer group at work was much inspired by your healing as we are praying for many loved ones with cancer. You and Norma Jean are a blessed inspiration to all of us. Thank you for being God’s faithful followers and may He richly bless you, in Jesus precious name I pray!

  21. Praise God for your continued health! You are so appreciated by all who read your daily blog and by many others from the past and those you meet from day to day. I was amazed when you stated that you have so much energy. Definitely not consistent with leukaemia! How did Norma-Jean like your early morning picture??? It’s all good but we women are always wanting our men to look their best at all times…….just curious to know what she thought (seeing you sneaked that by her without her approval)!
    Now on to something more serious. I’m having double knee replacement on Thurs., March 27 in Newmarket and would appreciate your prayers as well as those of my fellow bloggers. I know God will be with me through this difficult time.

  22. Thank you Jesus for restoring David’s health, we give you all the honour and glory for how well he is feeling.
    I was driving my children to school this morning and we were singing “I’m In The Lord’s Army” and I mentioned I wish I had some more songs that I could remember from days of VBS, Sunday school and bible camp … so thank you blog buddies, as we will be singing “Dare To Be a Daniel” on our next drive!

  23. David
    The one thing that remains the same in both pictures is your smile…even
    when fighting the fight for your life with Jesus as your still could
    smile and face each day…God is not done with you yet…and you are an inspiration
    to many..may we be able to fight the good fight with as much courage as you
    God Bless

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