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Suggested Reading: Ezekiel 26-27

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This site was insignificant until Herod the Great began to develop it into a magnificent harbour befitting his kingdom. The harbour was built using materials that would allow the concrete to harden underwater. The forty-acre harbour would accommodate 300 ships, much larger than the modern harbour existing there today. Caesarea Maritima is a national park on the Israeli coastline, near the town of Caesarea. Our photographer, my son David Reynold Mainse, was unable to travel into the area of Lebanon where the city of Tyre once stood about 100 miles north of Caesarea along this coast. There are still buildings here, but at the site of ancient Tyre, which I have visited, there is absolutely nothing except bare rocks. Ezekiel prophesied about the coastal city of Tyre with amazing accuracy.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Ezekiel 26:14

“I will make you like the top of a rock; you shall be a place for spreading nets, and you shall never be rebuilt, for I the Lord have spoken,” says the Lord God.


What a judgment on proud Tyre! Throughout these two chapters we read of the judgment Tyre, a prosperous trading port, would bring upon itself. In our key verse, Ezekiel prophesies, “You shall never be rebuilt!” Today, at high tide, the waters cover the acres of bare rocks where Tyre once stood. Tyre has a long history. The wicked Queen of Israel, Jezebel, was the daughter of Ethbaal, King of Tyre. Tyre was the source of the worship of Baal, a religion to which King Ahab and many Israelites were converted during the time of Elijah the prophet (1 Kings 18:21-40).

The question was asked by Job, King David, and Jeremiah who was a contemporary of Ezekiel, “Why do the wicked prosper?” (Jeremiah 12:1-3). They all concluded that in the big picture of history, wicked people and their civilizations lie in ruins. Ezekiel is prophesying in Babylon, an example of another city destroyed and never rebuilt.


Lord God, I pray that I will always stand with You and never against You! I quote Jeremiah in my prayer, “But You, O Lord, know me; You have seen me, and You have tested my heart toward You!” Keep me true, I pray. I ask these mercies in Jesus’ Name. Amen!!!


I find myself singing a chorus that prays, “Keep me true, Lord Jesus. Keep me true. There’s a race that I must run. There are victories to be won. Give me power every hour to be true” (click here to listen to the song sung by a South African singer named Jabu).

I visited Lebanon and stood on the very rocks of which Ezekiel wrote, which were once the city of Tyre. A short distance away was a fisherman “spreading nets” (see our key verse, Ezekiel 26:14). With me was Dr. Paul B. Smith of the People’s Church, Toronto. We read the words of today’s reading from the Bible and marvelled at the detailed accuracy of Scriptural prophecy. It is my understanding of history that Tyre was destroyed by the armies of Alexander the Great about 200 years after Ezekiel penned the words of today’s reading. At my age (77), I’m amazed that I can put “the city of Tyre, Lebanon” into “Google” and find all kinds of information in 2 or 3 minutes that would’ve taken me hours to find in the Toronto reference library 40 years ago. The last verse of today’s reading says of Tyre, “You will become a horror, and be no more forever!” (Ezekiel 27:36b). That’s exactly how I felt standing on those rocks where a proud city once stood.

Here’s a sad note about the present city of “Sidon,” Tyre’s sister city of ancient times. It is still a bustling city. However, while visiting there I was shown a cache of bombs stored, not in an ammunitions dump, as is the practice of most armies, but in the basement of a highrise building where many families live. Children were playing in and around the building. All war is horror, but this was particularly horrible to us. May God have mercy!

Yours for living as my Father would often pray, “With the smile of Your approval [God’s approval] upon our lives”,


P.S. Our son, Ron, is a host of 100 Huntley Street, Spiritual Director of the Crossroads Ministries, and is also the one who formats this blog for me so I can fill in the contents. He is off this week from his TV duties and is visiting us in Florida with his cousin, Rev. David Rutledge, who is in between chemo treatments for cancer. I’m joining many others in praying for David’s healing. I believe that this week is a time of new beginning for David! Amen!!! Below is a picture of Ron and David taken at the beach this week…

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  1. A facinating prophecy against Tyre. After looking at Reynold’s photograph, I googled Tyre and was amazed by the pictures and desolation. Ezekiel painted such an amazing detailed picture in today’s reading about how Tyre appeared and it’s industry. What an experience it would have been to stand on Tyre and read from today’s chapters, only to see a fisherman cast his net! Adding my prayers for Rev. David Rutledge and his full recovery. Have fun there in Florida, everyone!

  2. I often ask myself why should I be amazed at the workings of Almighty God, but I still am. Today’s reading about Tyre only once again affirms HIS majesty. How wonderful you got to read Ezekiel’s words right on the spot it took place!!!

    Lord God we bring David Rutledge before you, and ask that you put your healing on him, give assurance of your presence in his life and easy any pain, if any, while he goes through his treatments. Bring comfort to him and his loved ones and those who minister to him give wisdom and skills in treatment. In the name of THE ONE JESUS.

  3. WOW!
    What incredible information is available to all of us through the internet. I have skimmed just some of the material available on the city of Tyre in Lebanon.
    I too add my prayers for the healing of Ron’s cousin, Rev David Rutledge. Dr John Hull is filling in with Moira very well at 100 Huntley for Ron!
    2012 Holy Land Yellow Bus.

  4. Thank you so much for today’s blog. I was really blessed by it all, especially the hymn,
    as I haven’t heard it before….really powerful.
    Am adding my prayers for both Davids for healing, comfort and a peaceful and enjoyable holiday.
    Have a very blessed day everyone!!

  5. I pray for David Rhutledge; is the younng man that was pastoring in
    Chilliwack, BC. many years ago? If so, as a word of encouragement; my son and daughter-in-law were so very sad to see him go. While attending, they said. “he preaches and teaches the scripture just like Dad”, (Bruce Fisher) used to, . ..”It felt like home and what we were brought up on”.
    If not, this does not diminish our prayers, nor respect the legacy that your family (all inclusive) has left.
    Phyllis Fisher.

  6. “Tyre was the source of worship of Baal…”

    Baal – a fertility god who provided children. Baal worship was rooted in sensuality and involved ritualistic prostitution in the temples. At times, appeasing Baal required human sacrifice, usually the firstborn of the one making the sacrifice (Jeremiah 19:5). The priests of Baal appealed to their god in rites of wild abandon which included loud, ecstatic cries and self-inflicted injury (1 Kings 18:28).

    Read more:

    No wonder God chose to completely annihilate the city of Tyre…

    May our Lord Jesus bless the reading of The Word today in his name – Amen!

  7. Thank you for your profound words of keeping true to God’s Word & Will! I love the Hymn. This one is also one that God has been putting on my heart: Be Thou my Vision, oh Lord of my heart, Nought be all else to me save that Thou art, Thou my best thought by day and by night, walking or sleeping, Thy presence my Light!
    Thank you everyone for your prayers regarding the meeting about the placing of my teen aged grandson, this coming Monday. May God’s perfect Will de done!

  8. I, too, add my prayers for the complete healing of Rev. David Rutledge.

    Enjoy being in the sunny, warm south!!! Well deserved break for everyone!!!

    Thank you so much again and again for this 100 words!!!! So enjoying it each and every day. God bless all!!

  9. Dear Rev. David M.
    Thank you so much for the beautiful worship song , will be sharing it on Facebook and with my church worship team.
    Adding my prayers for Rev. David Rutledge full recovery in the name above every name , our Great Physician , our King of Kings , our Lord of Lords Jesus Christ. Amen .

    Have a fabulous time , you all so deserve it.

    Have a blessed day everyone …
    XXXX Carole

  10. Pray for complete healing for David Rutledge like as for you David. In Jesus Name. Wonderful that Ron has this time to encourage and support his cousin which he needs at this time. Had our meeting today and believe that the Lord was lifted up and accomplished His purpose. Thanks for prayers. I have a new accompaniment CD called “Even in the Valley” God is good. We know that in the valley He will restore our soul. Wonderful Jesus!

  11. I am thoroughly enjoying the daily blog – thank you !!! I will also be praying for David Rutledge – remember him so well as he sang a beautiful song at my husbands funeral 10 years ago – God Bless you all !!!

  12. David, you said that people will be able to hear your blog for those who cannot see…it is not working. Could you or your son look into it? Thanks

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