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Suggested Reading: 1 Peter 1-2

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The Church of St. Anne (the mother of Mary) is located at the start of the Via Dolorosa, near the Lions' Gate in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. The current church is erected near the remains of an earlier Byzantine basilica. There is a tradition which claims that this was the site of the home of the parents of the Virgin Mary, and that she was born here and grew up here. The sculptor has offered us this depiction of a mother and a young girl.

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Key Verses: 1 Peter 1:5, 2:2

…who are kept by the power of God through faith for salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.…As newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby.


“Kept by the power of God!” What a confidence-building statement! Can it be any better than that? Add to that the amazing privilege of growth through the Word of God! We’ve been reading daily the Prophets. We are encouraged to learn a most important lesson from them. They “inquired and searched diligently!” (1:10). We are given clear instructions as to how to do this: “Gird up the loins of your mind” (1:13). That picturesque language helps us understand the process. We could put it differently, like, “Take yourself by the scruff of the neck and partake daily of all the spiritual nutrients we need to grow and thrive.” As a hungry baby desires mother’s milk, so we should hunger and thirst, eating and drinking God’s Word!!! A baby’s whole world is all about survival and growth.

In Peter’s writing he sounds a lot like he did when he delivered the very first sermon on the birthday of the Church (Read Acts 2:22-24). Peter quotes from his Hebrew Bible from Isaiah 53. Compare 1 Peter 2:24 & 25 with Isaiah 53:5 & 6. All the Apostles were “Word of God” preachers and teachers.


Lord God, I pray for the brace of consistency in my reading and my meditating on and in Your Holy Word. I ask that Your Spirit will impart to me a greater comprehension and practical application of Your Word. May I, like the Apostles, have a strong ministry to others by skillfully, and with wisdom, sharing Your Word with others. In the Name of the “Living Word,” Jesus Christ I pray. Amen!!!


Yesterday I shared that I believe that when the two-year journey through the Bible with this blog is completed this June 2nd, I am to write Bible stories for children which Dad, Mom, or others could read as possible bedtime stories. In staff chapel here in Burlington yesterday I spoke about the DNA of the Crossroads Ministry. I took “Uncle Jasper” and “Caspar the Cop” with me to illustrate the commitment Crossroads has had to children’s ministry since the beginning on TV back in 1962. I used these puppets to help me grab the attention of the children in a Sunday School I started in Chalk River, Ontario, when I was 18 back in 1954. We started the Crossroads TV ministry in 1962, and always there has been a children’s component to the ministry as there still is today.

Yours for getting the attention of the children so that they will drink the “pure milk of the Word” and “grow thereby!”


P.S. Jasper and Caspar sit on a shelf in my study where I write this blog. The symbolism is that we stand on the solid foundation of the Scriptures. The Word of God is over and above all the other books in my library! The wooden shoes were a gift from the Netherlands when I travelled to that country speaking about the dangers of euthanasia in the great churches of that land. The government passed a bill allowing the killing of the elderly. I weep now because Belgium, where two of my grandchildren were born, has passed legislation by which children can be euthanized. May God have mercy on His human family!!!

Ron took this picture when I spoke to the Crossroads team members in Chapel yesterday. Caspar and Jasper would help me play the trumpet seen on the podium along with my Loyalist's hat. There are lots of ways to have fun while sharing Jesus with children.

14 thoughts on “Thursday, February 20, 2014

  1. David, clearly among other virtues, you have established a legacy of valuing Christian teaching and development for children. Moreover, protecting the sanctity of life. In obedience to our Lord, we must honour and nurture these values. Blessings to all!

  2. Good morning David: It was with praise and thanksgiving to our heavenly Father that I heard about your wonderful news on your health! I have noticed you are looking great! 🙂 I am excited and looking forward to the childrens series and will be sharing those with my grandchildren, Tanyas 2 little ones! Blessings to you and all the family David, from Elfie

  3. In today’s study it makes me think of the Ukraine. If only its people would pray to our heavenly Father for justice in their land, it would avoid so much pain and suffering. It is so difficult to submit to a corrupt government but with God’s help we can endure its unholiness. This dilema also makes me think of the commandment “honour thy father and thy mother”. What is a child to do if mom and or dad isn’t honourable?
    I’m studying the bible in hopes of finding answers to questions I find bewildering and have faith that knowledge will bring answers. We live in an area where I can’t get out to church all winter so the Internet is a wonderful tool to help me find answers. Thank you Rev. Mainse for this daily study and all the information you put on the Net.
    Blessings to all saints today.

  4. It is obvious the Lord has shared with you HIS HEART for children– and you have responded to the leading in the past and will again this June, so I pray the seeds you plant in their little hearts will grow and never die. Amen

  5. Pastor David, you look wonderful!!!! Children loves puppets and Casper and Jasper can be used to teach little ones about God and His Love for us. Exciting to see where God is leading you.

    Thank you all for your prayers for my friend Doreen and her family.

    I was reading the comments from yesterday’s blog and wanted to let Wanda know that I am praying for your brother Bradley. He must feel so desperate. Lord God, I pray for Bradley today, that You would bring him out of the miry clay and set his feet on You, his Rock to stay. Here are the words to that chorus.
    He brought me out of the miry clay
    He set me feet on the rock to stay
    He put a song in my soul today
    A song of praise, Hallellujah!!

    Blessings to all today blog-buddies!!

  6. Thanks for the glimpse of your ‘daily blog’ space with memorabilia of which each has a story. My heart rejoices in seeing you look so healthy & sharing your vision for the future. I just love your personable being which is like ‘a breath of fresh air’. You are a living witness of Proverbs 20 verses 7 & 27. God bless you & your family as we are all Family in Christ Jesus.

  7. I too will miss our blog, but will tap into your stories for children and make sure my grandchildren are blessed by it.

    To be kept by the power of God is great assurance of the hope we have in Jesus and the eternal home that awaits us.

    You look great Pastor David and praise God for His healing!!

  8. as other’s have said, you look great pastor david!!! God is good! thank you for your time spent teaching me (us) as i (we) journey through the Bible with you. i have truly been blessed with this journey of learning and becoming closer to God. i too will miss this Bible Study when it finishes on june 2nd. i look forward to and will follow along with the childrens Bible story blog with my grandchildren God willing. 🙂

  9. God is the perfect Father, all creative and also all powerful, so loving and so merciful. Knowing Him, His children must be the proudest offspring in His universe. His faithful Love controlling each moment abides forever.

  10. Your plans for children David reminds me that I should be teaching children too again too. Yesterday I got five new accompaniment CD’s in obedience to the Lord to sing again. Glad you are stirring us David to use the knowledge we have learned. God bless you Catherine for your love. This blog is such a part of us that we are going to miss it when it’s over. Love to all of you.

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