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Suggested Reading: Jeremiah 26-28

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A menorah stands atop a table at the altar of Christ Church in Jerusalem. This church is known as the Jewish Church and is the oldest Protestant church in Israel. It is located just inside the Jaffa (Joppa) Gate on the areal where Herod's Palace once stood. Today's reading mentions the vessels of the Temple several times. The menorah was one of these which was taken to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar and then returned by Cyrus. This happened exactly as was prophesied.

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Key Verse: Jeremiah 26:8

Now it happened, when Jeremiah had made an end of speaking all that the Lord had commanded him to speak to all the people, that the priests and the prophets and all the people seized him, saying, “You will surely die!…”


Jeremiah 26 tells us that while Jeremiah did not die, his fellow true prophet, Urijah, did die for repeating and confirming Jeremiah’s words. Urijah was one of the unsung heroes of faith spoken of in Hebrews 11:36-40. Jeremiah was well aware of the price he might pay for speaking what God had commanded him to speak. However, Jeremiah’s love for God and his commitment to obey God were greater than his desire to be accepted by his peers.

Chapter 27 begins with a repetition of 26:1. Obviously Zedekiah was now king (verse 3b). Scholars agree that here is an example of a mistake by the scribe who copied this passage. This verse is omitted in some other manuscripts. Remember that the original in Hebrew was inspired by God and is correct. God allows human error. In fact, some mistakes like this can be good. Why? Because if someone at a later date was trying to cover up a copying error, it would put in question the accuracy of the record in other places. The fact is that those who copied the scrolls got it right 99.999% of the time.

Chapter 28 features one of the false prophets, Hananiah. Jeremiah said “70” years in Babylon and Hananiah said “2” years. They could not both be right. Jeremiah said “Amen” to “2” years because he wished it could be so. We always hope for what is the most optimistic outcome. Jeremiah finally said, “Hear now, Hananiah, the Lord has not sent you, but you make this people trust a lie” (Jeremiah 28:15).


Lord God, I pray for a willingness to trust You completely, even when my limited mind cannot fully understand Your ways. I surrender myself to You that Your will may be done in my life. In the Name of the One who always did Your perfect will, Jesus Christ. Amen!!! (I’ve just prayed the prayer Jesus taught His disciples to pray: “Our Father Who art in Heaven…”)


Jeremiah was severely persecuted, and his fellow prophet who supported him was murdered by a corrupt government. The same thing is happening today over and over. I’ve done my best through the years to speak out against these evil acts of persecution around the world. A great guest who appeared on 100 Huntley Street television several times was Rev. Richard Wurmbrand of Romania, Founder of Voice of the Martyrs. The communist authorities imprisoned him and beat him severely in order to try to silence him. They did not succeed! My favourite part of his story was his description of how he would worship, making music with the clanging of the chains fastened to his wrists. He would demonstrate and say to a beat, “Cling clang! Cling Clang!” A great sense of joy would fill the TV studio as he sang. I was always challenged to my very core by this man as to my level of commitment to Christ!

Here’s Pastor Wurmbrand on video, recorded in the 1960’s. He would have understood all that Jeremiah was going through (click here).

Yours for being faithful to God and His Word, whatever the cost!


22 thoughts on “Wednesday, February 5, 2014

  1. To be well in scripture and maintain a profound relationship with God, must be the only way Pastor Wurmbrand could maintain his countenance of deep love and faith, in the face of such horrible confinement and torture. It is a challenge to contrast our personal lives with adversity, and see that we too can stand with this kind of spiritual strength and tenderness. Jeremiah stood bravely against opposition with confidence, prophesying the words necessary for others to hear. Certainly, this would be impossible if it were not for his inner conviction to take stand with our Lord in the face of opposition. May His strength and blessings be yours today!

    • Amen Brother David and Sister Lianne – in agreement with you today.

      What a powerful testimony of God’s faithfulness to a man with a deep conviction and relationship with Christ!!

  2. WOW!
    What a powerful message from Rev Richard Wurmbrand today. I particularly liked his definitions of hell and paradise.
    I have just checked for more recent archival material without success?
    2012 Holy Land Yellow Bus.

  3. an amazing and powerful video David M. Thank you for sharing. will be looking for more from Rev Wurmbrand to listen to on Youtube.

  4. What a video !! It really challenges my personal commitment.
    I have struggled for years and years to stay strong and committed to jesus my savior. I am married to an unbeliever ( 34 yrs) and am surrounded by both sides of our big families with only one brother who is a christian. It’s been hard but as I watch a video like that I’m quite grateful I haven’t had to spend half my life in a jail cell! Can’t imagine..
    Thanks for this blog…I’m feeling connected to a community. I go to church but quite often ( you know how it can be) can’t share so openly…any I’ll quit blabbing Lol
    Blessings to you all today !!
    I’m getting a wee bit stir crazy with this cold Saskatchewan weather!

    • Dear Wanda
      You and I have very much the same challenge. I have been married to a man who 38years ago promised to love for better for worse in sickness and in health till death do us part In Jesus’s Name and to this very day as remained the most devoted and caring husband that any women could wish for who at 80 drives me with our adapted van every sunday to church and wednesday evening to bible study and prayers request with usually about 5 to 10 sisters and brothers in Christ and our pastor leading the way. Most of us have a spouse, children, friends, neibhors colleagues who are still not ready to repent and recieve Jesus in their lives but you know what, the good news is that we don’t have to carry all that on our shoulders: we just need to leave it all in the hands of the One and Only, who will accomplish what seems to be impossible! So my dear sister, hang in there! turn your eyes onto Jesus and let Him lead the way!

      Keep warm!

      xxxx Carole

  5. Because I’m at the library, I just learned a lesson. You can’t just “post a comment” without filling in all the name, email, website, etc. It won’t send. I did not put that information in but pushed the “post” and it disappeared and a message came up that I must fill in those spaces. My computer AND Tablet are both down. My electrical engineer son is away in Minnesota on business so now I am stuck. I will try to get to the library (through the GREAT snow drifts) to use their computers. I will try to keep up. Take care all.

  6. Such a powerful video of Pastor Wurmbrand and very challenging for us to stay so very close to Our Lord and continue in prayer andThe Word to strengthen us. May we all add to our prayer lists the persecuted church, it is easy to forget in our comfort.

    Blessings to all.

  7. I’ve been a believer, it seems since 5 yrs old. My mother taught Sunday School to the neighbourhood children and myself at a neighbours house who had a piano. This neighbour used to play the piano for our hymns! I am deeply committed to Jesus always!! Amen, Amen & Amen!!

    Nancy xoxoxo

  8. Amen, Catherine. Jeremiah showed great courage to be faithful to God with His message in the face of death. Also Pastor Wurmbrand; what reward awaits him, and was impressed with him saying that his most difficult time was his most glorious with the Lord! What an example and you too David. Prayed your prayer and took note of your fine grandson and friend yesterday who are following your great example. God bless all you dear saints!

  9. Wanda, I can identify with you as I started out being the first sibling saved in my big family after my mother started going back to church. God has been faithful to save several and call them to Bible School, yet I still have five brothers and a sister who need the Lord. I pray the Lord strengthens you and encourages you. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  10. I don’t understand this statement; “Because if someone at a later date was trying to cover up a copying error, it would put in question the accuracy of the record in other places.” Could someone explain that to me?

  11. Please provide links to the interviews on Huntley Street with Richard Wurmbrand. That was absolutely amazing….the deepest treatise I’ve ever heard.

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