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Suggested Reading: Jeremiah 18-19

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In Pella, Greece, at the Archaeological Museum, pottery vessels from ancient times are on display. In today's reading, Israel is likened to " the potter's hand."

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Key Verses: Jeremiah 18:2 &11b

Arise and go down to the potter’s house, and there I will cause you to hear my words…Thus says the Lord: “Behold, I am fashioning a disaster and devising a plan against you. Return now every one from his evil way, and make your ways and your doings good.”


Jeremiah heard God’s Words and proclaimed them to the people of his time and ours too! God’s invitation, which we can accept or reject, is conditional. If we RETURN, REPENT, and decide to DO WHAT IS RIGHT, the vessel of our lives and our land will be made by the Divine Potter into a new creation of God, “As it seemed good for the Potter to make!!! (18:4b). See Romans 9:20-23 as a New Testament example of the Divine Potter and we who are to be the clay which is molded by His hands.

What horror and evil the people brought upon themselves. During the siege by the Babylonians, people turned into cannibals. The same happened, according to the historian who wrote on the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, following the rejection of the Messiah Jesus by the political and religious leadership. There were many exceptions to this extreme evil. In Jeremiah’s day there were young men like Daniel and the three Hebrew children who lived righteous lives (Daniel 3:10-30). The same courage was shown by many during and following the Roman destruction (see yesterday’s blog). As was the case with the Babylonian destruction prophesied by Jeremiah, so the Romans, according to Josephus’ “Jewish Wars,” took 700 prisoners back to Rome, paraded them in chains behind Titus’ chariot through the streets, and then sold them as slaves to Roman households. Some were believers in Jesus. Some were even part of the Royal household of the Caesar (Philippians 4:20-23). God continues to mold human clay into vessels which He can fill and employ in His good purpose.


O, Potter of my life, I yield myself in wholehearted willing surrender to Your hands. I pray that I will be “as the clay is in the Potter’s hand!” I’m aware that the fire is necessary to complete my vessel in order that I may be useful to carry the Water of Life to others. May I be poured out, filled again and again, and poured out often for Your purposes, Lord God! In the Name of the One whose very life was poured out for the entire world, Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen!!!


It was 1992, in Seville, Spain, at the great World Expo attended by at least 40,000,000 people from all over the world where Crossroads built “La Pabillion de la Promessa” (The Pavilion of Promise). During the months of the Expo, over 53,000 people made first-time decisions to receive Jesus, not as a religion, but as personal Saviour and Lord! The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Seville wept as he said, “My people, my people need this message!” However, my memory backs up 500 years to the Spanish Inquisition, the persecution and martyrdom of many, not by the common people, but by religious and political leaders, as it was at the time of Christ. Two Seville priests had made their way to England where they translated the Bible into Spanish for the first time. In Seville, each morning as I walked from our apartment to the Expo grounds, I would walk through the square where at least 1,500 were burnt at the stake for their contention that the only Words of salvation were in the Bible, which they had recently acquired from those two priests. Crossroads had run out of money to pay our bills and human reason said, “Pack it in, stop construction, and head home.” However, I believe I heard that still small Voice saying to me, “Look down at the ancient dust packed beneath and around the cobblestones under your feet. There are minute particles of the ashes left from the bodies of those who simply wanted to cherish the Scriptures and its message of eternal life, and their blood cries out to Me from the ashes of their sacrifice!” These priests and people believed that salvation was theirs, not by a religious ceremony, but by faith through grace according to the Scriptures (Ephesians 2:1-9). I think it was 1959 when Pope John XXIII proclaimed that all Roman Catholics were to get a Bible of their own and read it!!!

Yours for being molded in the hands of the Divine Potter according to the Scriptures,


P.S. For a fuller story of Expo ’92 and Crossroads’ mission, please get my book, find the pictures of our pavilions in four World Expos, and then turn to page 138. Click here to order your own copy of This Far By Faith!

A close-up view of the ancient pottery on display at the Archaeological Museum. They come in all sizes and shapes just like us, and there is a special purpose for each vessel!

32 thoughts on “Friday, January 31, 2014

  1. David thank for todays lesson of what we need to do
    would you and other bloggers pray for healing for me I had a falling seizure
    and thank the Lord I didn’t have to go to the hospital.
    Mom has helped some. The next day I had to go to my specialist, and he
    agreed I didn’t have to go to the hospital also he wants to put me on another
    medication which is not approved in Canada yet . I pray and hope this one
    will work.
    Lianne Hogg

    • Very sorry to hear about your seizure, Leanne. I too pray for your treatment, and a medication which will prove most beneficial for you. Thank you Lord for giving Leanne the strength she needs. We pray for her healing, her care and loving support. Amen.

    • Praying for our sister-in-Christ, Lianne, dear Lord, that she be relieved of the seizures she has suffered for so long. We call for Your divine intervention for the new medication to completely heal her. We ask for Your loving protection and comfort to wrap around her, and give her strength. In Jesus precious name, amen, amen, and amen.

    • I am in agreement with the other prayers this morning Lianne. Lord, I pray that you would guide the doctors with this new medication for Lianne but mostly we pray for a complete healing of these seizures in Jesus Name!!! AMEN & AMEN

  2. What an incredible dichotomy of the choice we all have: to obey the goodness of Christ, or the evil snares of the enemy!

    Brother David, this particular blog struck a chord with me, as I am a brother in Christ who is a parishioner of the Catholic Church here in Ottawa, which I am happy to report from what I have seen, is undergoing a ‘revival’ of true believers of Jesus!

    If anyone has heard of him, or knows him, our archbishop Terrence Prendergrast is leading the cause. In fact, I would suggest that 100 Huntley try to arrange an interview with him as part of seeing a glimpse of the wonderful things happening in the Nation’s capital in Jesus name, that the Catholic Church is helping with! Of course there are so many other Brothers and sisters in Christ who attend other churches as well who are doing amazing things and have parts after the Lord and are the salt and light that we’re called to be.

    Thanks again for this wonderful post and God bless you all!


  3. As any hand can form something from clay, only a Master sees the completed form and subject matter within the material, before beginning. May we be open and trusting to change in our lives, as we yield to our Lords Hand. Wherever we choose to worship, may Christ our Lord and His Saving Grace be First, and the power of Scripture guide us along the way.

  4. Lord we yield ourselves today
    To your will we to display
    To love our fellowman
    Through Christ our Lord
    We take your command
    In ourselves we are incomplete
    But in Gods hands we give ourselves
    To be used as vessels as you will
    And not to be placed upon a shelf
    But on the potters wheel we stay
    Till you formed us to be used in this world today
    We need the potter through and yhrough
    To make us Lord more like YOU

  5. We place our lives in Your hands, dear Lord. And as you mold us through Your Word, and we love You with our faith, we proclaim that You are Holy, Holy, Holy. We are everything with You, and nothing without You! We are each unique and specifically shaped, according to Your Will, oh Lord. We carry out our lives in service to honour You, and spread the Word to others–for it is all for Your glory.

    Thank you, David Mainse, for such an empowering message, this morning! I ask for prayer from all saints for strength today, and in the week ahead, as I deal with a difficult situation. Knowing you are holding me in your prayers, means everything! Blessings to all, today.

    • Dear Beverlee will be joining everyone in prayer knowing that what ever difficulty you face you can rely on The Holy Spirit to guide you
      strengthen you all this possible because of OUR FINAL LAMB OUR REDEEMER OUR SOON RETURNING KING JESUS!

      Xxx Carole

  6. Praying for you Lianne and Beverly for the
    needs you shared. God hears us when
    we call out to Him in faith, believing for
    His will to be accomplished in our lives.

    It was God Who led the Israelites to Marah
    where the water was bitter. God had
    another lesson for them to learn and
    experience thru their need. Spiritual growth
    is progressive revelation. God wants to
    turn our bitter experiences, into sweet
    experiences that will make us more like
    Himself…..we are the clay and He the
    Potter. Thank you David for your teach-
    ings every day and the pics to go along
    with it. I always look forward to this blog,
    and the comments from everyone.
    God bless and enjoy the gentleness of
    the Potter’s hands on your lives to day.

  7. I believe it was Charles Price from Living Truth last Sunday that preached on this topic and he told the story of what it was like for the lump of clay as it was molded into beautiful vase. All the pounding it had to take, enduring the searing heat of the kiln, not once but twice, the horrible smell of fumes while it was being painted and glazed. And during the whole ordeal the clay kept screaming ” I had enough, please stop” but the potter kept saying “not yet”.
    It is so easy for us to say, yes Lord mold us, we will yield to Your Hands, but when He actually starts to pound us, to shape us, to form us into His beautiful creation, we too scream, “stop”. It was exactly what I was saying last Sunday when I heard Mr. Price speak on this topic, and later another show had this same subject and now today, on this blog— I think God is sending me a message– yielding sounds great until you actually have to do it, and let God have His way, even if means going through something painful to get there.

  8. Our God is in the business of healing body, soul, and spirit… yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Father God hear our prayers and bless them…
    I am reminded of the Roman soldier who went to Christ for healing for one stricken with illness back at his home. Through Christ and this soldier’s faith that Christ is God in the flesh he received his answer to prayer and at that very moment healing took place in his home… Amen!
    Holy Father liken us to this soldier as we receive your miraculous healing for our brothers and sisters in Christ TODAY. In Jesus precious name… Amen!

    I recently read Pastor David Mainse book “This Far by Faith”. I was extremely moved by all the miracles that took place… and David recorded them in his book. I can identify personally with his Uncle Charlie who when as a young child fell into a deep well and the hand of God was there to lift him out… Amen!

    Any of you fellow bloggers who have yet to read “This Far by Faith” – do you want to grow in the spirit? If your answer is YES, then purchase this book and the Holy Spirit that lives within will surely blossom… In Jesus name AMEN!

  9. Yes, praying for Liane and Beverlee today that God’s favor rests upon them that Liane will experience breakthrough in her infirmity and that Beverlee would be strengthened and aided during this time. God bless you both and all fellow saints.
    Wonderful thoughts today, David. God bless you also for your faithfulness and concern for all human beings. As the world would say, and I’m not of this world but in it, I wouldn’t miss this blog for all the money in the world.

  10. You are right, Donna as I heard it too and took notes on the sermon. Then I remembered a saying, Lord, help me to learn your lessons quickly. Thanks, David for this good teaching today and every day. Will pray for you Lianne and Beverlee that God will be your strength and intervene on your behalf. Also for your brother, Brad Wanda and that triggers a need for prayer for my nephew, Brad in Oshawa area who has a difficult life. Thanks!

  11. Thanks for all the song links put on this blog. Wonderfully blessed by so many including yesterday’s and todays. Also beautiful photos! God bless you all today !

  12. Thank you David, for your faithfulness in serving yourself out to Gods people daily filling us with Gods word and spirit as we go through our daily experience. God hears and answers our prayers. God knows our very thoughts and feels our very hurts and helps us in our very spirit, even before we cry out to him. God you know the very needs of every one and I join the prayers of your people. Please pour out your spirit on the hurting and devastated of this world.

  13. Hi! I have been reading this blog since day one and I am greatly blessed.
    Thank you David Maines, for your faithfulness. I have’nt been comment on these blogs but today I read the comment by Lianne Hogg about her seizures. I pray that The Lord will completely heal her. I just want you to know what happened to me. I used to have terrible migraine head aches for years. I felt like my head was exploding. One day I read an article from Dr. Glen Green from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan who has done a lot of research on migraines and seizures. He says that they are a sign of allergies.
    He said that a lot of people are allergic to bananas because they are very high in potassium. I stopped eating bananas and have NEVER had a headache, let alone a migraine since then and that is a good 20 years ago.
    Dr. Glenn Green says he had a woman who was having seizures, he had her in the hospital for days where he put her on a fast, then introdusted her different foods while monitoring her, they found that she was allergic to the fat under the skin of chicken. This is just one example. I don’t know if this will help you in any way, but I would try to get in contact with Dr. Glenn Green in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. I pray that you will be healed completely in Jesus Name.

  14. My sister has had seizures since infantsy. She is on 3 medications. When the government stopped covering Phenobarbital, the doctor took her off of it and put her on other medication to replace it. She started having seizures frequently again so he put her back on Phenobarbital along with the 2 other meds and she is doing very well now. I thought this info might be helpful. She is now 70. I do pray for God’s solution for you, Lianne and for Beverlee.

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