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Suggested Reading: Isaiah 53-54

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The sun casting a shadow of a cross inside the ruins of the ancient Colosseum in Rome. A cross, the instrument used throughout the ancient Roman Empire for the most painful and gruesome form of capital punishment ever devised by man, became the greatest symbol of hope and eternal life.

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Key Verses: Isaiah 53:6

All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned everyone to his own way; and the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.


Chapter 53 should be read two or more times today in a quiet and reflective atmosphere. It would be good to back up to 52:13-15 for today’s reading. When the chapters divisions were chosen to make it easier to find specific Scriptures, they could have started Chapter 53 three sentences earlier with the words about the One Whose “Visage was marred more than any man.” There are 41 personal pronouns, “He” and “Him.” “He” is the subject of our attention. The object of God’s plan of Salvation is “Him.” One might almost think that Isaiah was standing there with Mary, Peter, John and the others at the foot of the cross, but Isaiah’s description of events was written hundreds of years earlier, long before crucifixion was used as a means of prolonged dying and death. Meditate on those pronouns! A pronoun takes the place of a noun. A noun is the name of a person, place or thing. A personal pronoun takes the place of a person. Ask the question: “What person’s name, of all people who ever lived, could be put there in place of those pronouns?” If our answer is “Jesus,” then let us read this powerful prophecy by substituting “Jesus” for each pronoun. For example, 53:5, “Jesus was wounded for our transgressions, Jesus was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement for our peace was upon Jesus, and by Jesus’ stripes we are healed.”


O Lord Jesus! O my Saviour and Lord Jesus! I give You all of me once again. I am not my own. You have purchased me with the blood of Your suffering! Fill me with as much of Your passion as You know I can bear. May I never be so selfish as to keep this to myself. Please equip me, Lord Jesus, with a greater passion for lost people for whom You “were led as a lamb to the slaughter” and for whom You were “numbered with the transgressors,” bearing all our sins. In Your Name (His name stands for all He is and has done) I pray. Amen!!!


I’ve just read Acts 8:26-39. It was Isaiah 53 that brought this treasurer of the Queen of Ethiopia to Jesus. The “pronouns” of Isaiah brought a Jewish medical doctor to Jesus. He was first violinist in a symphony orchestra. The full story is in the book, This Far By Faith (pages 113-116). If you don’t have this volume containing powerful stories of God’s love and grace, click here for ordering information. I had the privilege of teaching public school as an 18 year old. I would visit the homes of my students and ask if I could read Isaiah 53 and have prayer with them. I was never turned down. I could hardly see the keys of my computer through my tears as I typed the first part of this blog. I’m gaining my composure now, and I realize that I’ve not mentioned our other chapter in today’s reading. Here is the prophecy of the “children of the desolate” (that’s us, the Church). The “married woman” to whom Isaiah refers is Israel (Isaiah 54:1). Both the Church (made up of Jews and Gentiles) and Israel have glorious futures under the rule of Messiah!

Yours for sharing Jesus, the Name to which the personal pronouns of Isaiah refer,


P.S. The centrepiece in The Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem is Isaiah 53 from the Dead Sea Scrolls. Isaiah was the only book of the Bible found complete in those scrolls, which were stored in clay jars and hidden in caves along the shores of the Dead Sea before the birth of Jesus! They were found by an Arab shepherd boy in 1948. How special is that?! Would you agree that God wants this message communicated to the whole world? Check out “Crossroads 360.com” internet channels that share Jesus in very creative ways. These channels are available to at least 4 billion people all over the world. About 4,000 videos are available there and searchable by some 250 topics.


25 thoughts on “Tuesday, January 14, 2014

  1. Praise God for the old rugged cross that all of our iniquities were bore on that cross by our Saviour Jesus Christ the son of the living God ,
    Oh how I love Jesus
    Oh how I love Jesus
    Oh how I love Jesus
    Because He first loved me
    Amen 😉

  2. Good morning brothers & sisters,
    How touching to be reminded at this time of the very reason for which our Lord and Saviour came to earth as a little tiny helpless infant, lest the true story be buried in the rush of our extravagant merry-making… Jesus…King above all…willingly died to give us life which we didn’t/don’t deserve… be exalted oh God above the heavens, let your Glory be over all the earth!
    I would like to ask if you could pray for me and the circumstances regarding my 15yr. old grandson. I believe I asked for prayer last fall. Your prayers have opened the door for me to be able to see him. An important meeting is coming up this next Monday and I am seeking God’s will regarding my involvement in his future.
    Thank you Pastor Dave for your faithfulness to God’s Word! May you and your loved ones continue to be blessed.

  3. Today’s reading is full of encouragement from the Lord, God Almighty! A prophecy of Jesus, His Son, to come, and a message of great comfort and reassurance to us with favourite verses of inspiration. Jesus was wounded for our transgressions and by His stripes we are healed. God made His Son, Jesus’ soul an offering for our sin, that the covenants and prophecies in the Word and our salvation would be fulfilled, and thereby glorify God. For we shall not fear, be ashamed, disgraced, nor put to shame. God is our maker, the Lord of hosts, our healer and sustainer, the God of the whole earth. He has promised not to be angry nor rebuke us, never again to cover the earth with the waters of Noah. God’s kindness and covenant of peace shall not waiver because of His mercy for us. And no weapon nor judgement in tongue formed against us shall prosper. We are the servants of the Lord from whom we receive righteousness. Amen!

  4. “Jesus … Jesus … Jesus
    There’s just something about that name …
    Jesus … Jesus … Jesus
    Like the fragrance after the rain …
    Jesus … Jesus … Jesus
    Let all heaven and earth proclaim …
    Kings and kingdoms will all pass away,
    But, there’s something about that name.”
    In Him, there is all glory, honour and praise !

  5. Thank you for being emotional in your work David. You have a glorious spirit for God and man. We’re so blessed to have you for a teacher. May God bless us all today and how wonderful to be reaching billions of people with your message.
    Isaiah is such a hope-filled scripture. So grateful that little shepherd boy found it.

    • …Thank you for being emotional in your work David. You have a glorious spirit for God and man. We’re so blessed to have you for a teacher. May God bless us all today… Amen!

      Thank you Jesus for this blog. It is truly amazing and so uplifting, full of the holy spirit… What a blessing you have given us… Amen!

  6. Yes, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, there’s just something about YOUR NAME!!! What an awesome photo and caption, Reynold. A few weeks ago, I saw a cross in the sky which I took a picture of and printed. Love these scriptures Isaiah 53 and 54, and have new understanding of the references in Isaiah 54. Going to the visiting hours of the mother of a former board member of 100 Huntley St., David who also goes to Florida. Little personal reference here. My heart is overwhelmed with the goodness and love of the Lord Jesus Christ for each one of us!

  7. Amen to the prayers for Alexandra and her grandson, and for your trip to Sierra Leone, Patricia. Would also love to hear how you make out.

  8. Dear God, send Blessings for all teenagers to see the LIGHT!! I feel sick when I remember having to deal with my daughter as a teenager (as a single Mom!!).

    She has two boys of her own now, not teenagers yet though!!
    She has seen the LIGHT now!!

    Nancy xoxoxo

  9. How amazing re: Dead sea scrolls
    that they remained so intact! Wow hey…reafirms our faith in Jesus!
    Thanks for this lesson today David
    My daughter is beginning labor today…so it seems …could you pray for Kelly and her husband james….as they bring a baby boy into a blended family.Thx. Grandma Wanda
    Blessings fellow believers

  10. Dear Rev. David M.
    What a powerful way of reading Isiah especially to those who do not know Our Saviour Jesus.
    Surley Jesus took our pain bore our sufferings
    Yet we considered Jesus punished by God stricken by him and afflicted.
    But Jesus was pierced for our transgressions
    Jesus was crushed for our inequities.
    The punishment that brought us peace was on Jesus.
    And by Jesus wounds were healed.
    We all like sheep , have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way and The Lord has laid on Jesus the inequity of us all.
    Will be keeping in my prayer Patricia, Alexendra and Wanda.
    Have a blessed day .
    xxxx Carole.

  11. This passage fills me with great AWE that all I want to say today is..Thank you Lord Jesus. Glory to The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit AMEN

  12. Today’s photo of the cross in the Roman colosseum is so beautiful. I had the privilege of visiting that very spot last March and read an amazing bit of information that I’d like to pass along. Where that cross stands today, is the very spot where the Caesars of 2,000 years ago sat and condemned the Christians to the lions. God is having the last word!!

  13. Thank you David for that photo…Thank you Reynold!!! What a priceless photo!!!

    These scripture passages are so descriptive, one could hardly miss the message and who the “He” and “Him” are. I like where you replaced these with “JESUS” !!!

    “Oh, how He love you, Oh, how He Loves me!!! He gave His Life, what more could He give?? Oh, how He love you, Oh how He love me; Oh how He Loves you and me!!!

  14. Thank you everyone, your prayers are very much needed and much appreciated. Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow, great is His faithfulness Lord onto us!

  15. Attention David M…The Watch Men of Israel in Canada are about to confirm the presence of the Living God & His servant myself..We are just about to enter into the Trampler situation to liberate the captives & to bring in the Light to the World, from a siege that they have served against His orders & His Divine Will! has been upon us for about a decade…that unfortunately Stephen Harpers govt has been led astray, by ministering angels, TESTING by deceptions, that have been in our world on mission to destroy…The Lord himself is here in the trenches, the pit and the front lines in combat against the Principality of darkness and the evil present…The people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge…He is encoraging “more Love!” = more Mercy! & advancements…We are here to rectify, heal and establish the Kingdom…see you soon!

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