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Suggested Reading: Isaiah 49-50

Click scripture link to read online or HERE to listen online (then click the symbol of the audio speaker above the scripture portion).


"Morning by morning," Orthodox Jews read the Torah and other holy books in a library that is part of the Western Wall (or Wailing Wall) of Jerusalem.

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Key Verse: Isaiah 50:4

The Lord God has given Me

The tongue of the learned,

That I should know how to speak

A word in season to him who is weary.

He awakens Me morning by morning,

He awakens My ear

To hear as the learned.


No doubt the people of Berea, Greece read Isaiah. They did as we are doing daily in this blog. They “searched the Scriptures daily to find out if these things [the message Paul preached] were so” (Acts 17:10-12).

Search Isaiah 49 and discover the birth of “Messiah,” and that “He” (God) would tell Messiah’s mother what His Name would be. For the third time Isaiah speaks of Messiah as a “Light to the Gentiles” (Isaiah 9:2, 42:6 & 49:6). Messiah was rejected (49:7a). Messiah’s mission statement is introduced (49:9). Let us think of a Person who lived among us whose life and death fits these descriptions, who arose early every morning to pray (our key verse). Search for and read Mark 1:35. Jesus did this! Whose back was struck and whose beard was plucked out? (50:6). Let us take time, “Morning by morning” to “SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES!”


Lord God, I pray, as our key verse says, that I will “know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary.” Awaken me “morning by morning.” Awaken my ear that I may “hear as the learned.” Then grant me, I pray, that I will, with wisdom, boldness, and consistency share with others what I am learning. I ask these blessings in the Name of the One who never failed, Jesus Messiah (Christ in Greek), Amen!!!


This morning, Norma-Jean and I are back in our mobile home in a senior’s park in Florida. In just over 5 hours we’ll be attending a great church service where we will worship the Lord and pray with other believers. I expect that Pastor Blackburn will bring a strong message from God’s Word which will nourish and strengthen us for living! It was after a week of fasting and prayer by members of this church that I was awakened the second Monday of January two years ago and I heard that “still small voice” prompting me to learn to do this two-year journey through the Bible blog!!!

Also, to our delight, we’ve learned that our Church here in Florida is joining “The Daniel Plan” of which Ron, my son, and the on-air team of 100 Huntley Street, have been speaking daily. We need the encouragement of others to do this plan faithfully, and here to our surprise, we have a congregation participating. Please, everyone, join the plan by getting the book, The Daniel Plan, from Crossroads (HERE) and then getting involved (click here for more info and to sign up for daily Daniel Plan emails giving exciting, practical, and definite results-producing tips). Sign up today as Norma-Jean and I are doing! We plan to start next Monday and stay faithful to the Plan for 40 days!!! Please let Ron know by registering ASAP! Click here for Dr. Jerry Johnston’s interview with Pastor Rick Warren on Jesus’ ministry of Preaching, Teaching, and Healing! Find out Rick’s motives in writing the book, The Daniel Plan.

Yours to encourage us all to “SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES!!!”


P.S. In yesterday’s blog I wrote some things about China and the people of Chinese descent who live by the millions all over the world, blessing the countries where they live. In today’s reading, Isaiah 49:12b, speaks of those from “Sinim.” This is China! While seeking to have a Christian pavilion in the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, I found an amazing story of Chinese Jewish people who lived in an area of Shanghai where Jews had lived since the Assyrians practiced ethnic cleansing on the northern Ten Tribes of Israel. The Chinese are proud of the safe haven they provided for Jews during the Nazi inspired Holocaust.

23 thoughts on “Sunday, January 12, 2014

  1. Thank you David for interpeting the word and making us understand what Isaiah is saying to us today
    I want to be a person who speaks the word in season as led by the Holy Spirit that lives in me , thank you Lord for waking me morning by morning and speaking to my innermost being .
    The pictures are always inspirational and of great quality .
    Thank you David for your being faithful every morning to this blog God Bless you and Norma Jean 😉

  2. It was amazing to follow your instruction and go back to Isaiah 49 to discover the birth of a Messiah, Redeemer, Light, Holy One, our Lord! It is incredible how scripture never looses its revelation with every read, something new can be understood every time!

    Glad to hear you are back in Florida surrounded by friendly and happy believers! I should be receiving The Daniel Plan this week and am looking forward to following the journey. The daily e-mails have been great! They are well researched, informative about health and uplifting. Enjoy, and have a great day, to all!

  3. When I do not know what to say in situations
    I ask father God to give me the words to say
    so I won’t go ahead and speak
    Thank you David for helping understand Isaiah today
    and being faithful
    Lianne Hogg

  4. We have also signed up to The Daniel Plan and we received a book last Friday and look forward to learning about the five Fs.
    Some of the suggested changes to our diet are daunting (eg I do enjoy my All Bran Flakes and toast and jam daily for breakfast).
    However, with God’s help and the encouragement of Ron and the whole 100 Huntley Team, we expect great results.
    Enjoy your Florida trip before you start you new job for Dr John Hull!
    Graham & Vivienne.
    2012 Holy Land Yellow Bus.

  5. Good morning Pastor David and fellow bloggers, as we prepare to go to our places of worship, may we be of the mind that we will be in the presence of God The Almighty and lift our voices high in praise of he One who alone deserves our Praise Honour and Glory.

    Have a wonderful time in Florida David and Norma-Jean

    Blessings to everyone today. Where is Scott these days? Trust you are well.

  6. Such an uplifting message, this morning, David–thank you! Praise God you and Norma-Jean are back in Florida, enjoying the sermon at the church you attend and ready to practice the Daniel Plan with fellow servants of Christ! I juiced a delicious orange juice, then apple and carrot, this morning and feel revived with energy. I have been away for the past few days to attend the funeral of a dear friend’s father; very sad but glad he is no longer suffering. It was nice to give support to my friends. I saw my mom who is there, in a senior’s home with Alzheimer’s. She said she doesn’t want to go on suffering like this any longer; she has been dealing with terrible back pain on top of it for some time. I was so grateful that we held hands and prayed to God together. Can I please ask all the saints to hold her up in this prayer. It is so sad to see my mom this way.

      • Alzheimer’s Never Took My Mother


        Your love has taught me
        How love can be …
        Your tolerance for my misgivings
        Your praise foe my success’s
        Your smile for my strange quirks.

        Sincerely, you would ask … “How am I doing?”
        Sometimes, a little discouraged I’d as, “O.K.”
        Then you would say … “That’s the Way!”

        Your care and concern for those whom I love
        My wife, my children, my sisters …
        All those whose lives touch deeply within …

        Your personal conviction of inclusion and respect,
        Celebration of culture
        No hesitation to correct.

        The many quiet moments when …
        I did share
        And walked away feeling lighter than air.

        Your never-ending love
        Through all your anguish
        Your brave face,
        And your smile,
        Your inner beauty, which never could parish.

        Though we saw your earthly light slowly fade,
        Your lovely spirit remained.

        Now, deep within …
        I know
        Your light continues to shine
        … A life, a gift.

        And above all …
        A mother who taught me …
        To forgive.


        Beverlee, I wrote this about my mother, Barbara, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and passed away August 28th, 2011. She was 78.
        I lift you up in prayer as you and your Mom share the time you have.

    • Dearest Beverlee, we lift your mother and you before Almighty God that He might ease her suffering, but more that she feels His ever loving presence and His strong arms around her. How wonderful you were able to pray together.

      God bless you both. Missed you.

    • Hi Bevelee – I read your blog about your mom in a senior’s home with Alzheimers and decided to connect with you – especially when you mentioned that she had Alzheimers and presently suffering with some pain, It is a difficult to see someone we love struggle through the process. My wife is also in a nursing home for almost three years. She was diagnosed with Alzheimers in 2003 at the young age of 60 with a fair amount of signs for a period before this. But she has loved the Lord and been in active ministry for 43 years until we had to retire a couple of years early. It is difficult as we hate to see them deteroriate but also do not look forward in losing them. However, I am grateful that she is in God’s hand – such a safe place to be. It is so encouraging to be able to put our trust in a God who loves us. I am so grateful for ‘the many-colored’ grace of God that matches our every need. I know – my peace comes as I kneel before Him in surrender as I strive to maintain a thankful heart as I strive to bless her with love and care when often – or most times -she does not know I am doing it. (I debating whether I will send this – as I don’t really now what I want say) – other than in a small way express a desire to ‘share in one another’s burden’ and daily be reminded that we know that One who is our “great burden-bearer’. Blessings of ‘strength’ and ‘peace’ upon you (Ps. 29:11) (So, as I decided to submit this blog). It is just trying to say in so many words that “I care” as you share about mom – and encourage others who may read this, to join in encouraging one another and breathing “that Holy Name in prayer” on behalf of those we love. Samuel

  7. Thank-you, David, for your faithfulness with this blog! I have been following since the beginning, and enjoying your insights! I have read through the bible a number of times, but it is a living word and always fresh! I also appreciate your encouragement to do the Daniel plan and will order my book today and sign up! I have lost 50 lbs in the last 18 months, but have 50 more to go, so perhaps a some new motivation is what I need! So thankful to our Father that he has seen fit to extend your time on earth for our benefit! Blessings, Karin

  8. Thank you for your faithfulness to this blog, David and family and it is good that you are back in Florida. Will pray for you and your Mom, Catherine. We just lost another saint from our church last night who was one of those spiritual Moms. Please pray that I will be able to fix this house so I can leave it in the winter time; worked too hard yesterday in this rain and ice storm. Will search Isaiah 49 & 50 again to understand all the references to Jesus. God bless all of you.

  9. Dear Cathrine, praying for your mom , may the Lord give her peace at this time
    of illness and trial . May the Lord bless you and your mom…..R….

  10. I certainly enjoy your blog sir, i enjoyed listening to the music from China.,beautiful voices, praise the Lord for China and Japan. I enjoy all of it. The Daniel Plan is a good thing……In my opinion sir, I am not comfortable with the mention of the person involved with this plan……….all the years that Mr. Billy Graham preached there was never a word or an action that came from that man that ever made anyone pause for concern. This is just my opinion but I would ask that you rethink the situation. May God bless your health and your ministry and your beautiful wife and your family. Praise to the Almighty God.

  11. Thank you David for pointing out that “Sinim” is China, and that the Jews were sheltered there during the Holocust. As I mentioned my Daughter-in-love “Bin” came from China…came to the United States to complete here Education…that is how my Son Emil and she met, and have two lovely children. Bin is open to prayer, but Chinese ways are quite as stronghold. I forwarded yesterday’s Blog…my prayer is for her to really hear the “Song”.
    Beverlee …I too lift you and your Mom up in prayer at this difficult time. My sister’s husband is suffering with Alzheimer’s…has been for the past 12 years…my sister has placed him in an extended care unit…and has taken a room close by to be close to him. It has taken quite a toll on her…please also prayer for my sister Ollie as she cares for Merv her husband.
    Thank you, God Bless you all…

  12. When I was 16 years old I met a lovely young lady who worked with me at Eatons downtown Toronto. We worked together for a short time. She was a Scottish, black, Jewish person! I couldn’t get my head around that. I wish I had known scripture better to ask her some questions. I knew enough from Sunday School to try to walk on the straight and narrow but I did not know anything about the Jews. Today, I do wonder if she may have been from one of the 10 missing tribes. She was so jolly and had a wonderful Scottish accent! I can’t even remember her name now. God bless her wherever she is. Have a refreshing time in Florida, David and Norma-Jean.

  13. Thank you everyone for your beautiful comments and prayers for my mom, Jean. For those who don’t post comments, thank you for your prayers–it means so very much, dear saints, to know you are holding my mom up!

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