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Suggested Reading: Isaiah 32-33

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Here the path goes under a great rock when making your way through Petra. Petra has been called, "The city half as old as time." With amazing rock formations all over the lands of the Bible, it's obvious why Bible writers likened our security, the solid foundations of our faith, and even the character of God to a "Great Rock."

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Isaiah 32:2

A man will be as a hiding place from the wind,

And a cover from the tempest,

As rivers of water in a dry place,

As the shadow of a great rock in a weary land.


Isaiah ministered during the reign of four kings. Again and again Judah was under attack from surrounding nations and in danger of being destroyed. In this setting our key verse takes on added meaning. Isaiah’s call from God included a vision of the true King of the Universe! The prophetic message of Isaiah was to point his people to this King of Kings!!! To place our faith in any other source of apparent help is to court disaster. Political alliances and sophisticated weaponry are but false security. We can be like King Hezekiah who looked beyond present circumstances and focused on Almighty God!!! Read Isaiah’s vision of the Lord once again, and we’ll understand more fully the reason for his total confidence in God (Isaiah 6:1-8).


Lord God, I pray that I will remember the King that Micah 5:2says will be born in Bethlehem. King Jesus, I’m celebrating Your birthday on each of 365 days this year! I give You my worship like the shepherds and, as modelled by the wise men, I give a present of myself and what I have as sacrificial offerings! I ask for grace to be faithful and not forgetful 24/7!!! I pray this before the eternal throne in Heaven in Jesus’ Sovereign Name! Amen!!!

100 PERSONAL WORDS: is a love gift to King Jesus! My sons give of their time to this joyful effort, as do I. Reynold’s travel and time to take spectacular photos are his gift to us at no cost to the ministry of Crossroads. Thank You, my son, for your daily gifts! Ron’s gifts of preparing the format for this blog, monitoring it and posting it, are not in his job description at Crossroads. He, and his wife Ann, help me as a gift of love to Jesus! Thank You Ron and Ann for your gifts! All who participate by sharing the blog with others are giving gifts of love to Jesus! I’m asking today that you share the blog with more people. If you have a Facebook or twitter account, can you post a suggestion to all your friends today to check out Thanks so much! Also, all who respond lovingly with your comments on this blog are giving special gifts to the rest of us! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Remember that anyone can start with me any day and, in two short years, read the Bible cover to cover with the help of! I’m trusting God to help me do this every morning without fail, so that busy people will gain a more comprehensive understanding of God’s revelation to His human family. I pray that God will make this blog to be, as our key verse says, “Rivers of water in a dry place, as the shadow of a great rock in a weary land!”

Yours so that we will learn to think the thoughts of God daily,


P.S. The photo below is of the Crossroads Centre. It is seen in the distance down below the Niagara Escarpment. It was taken by Ron with my iPhone camera from the top floor of the highrise where Norma-Jean and I live. My grandson Adam added the big red arrow and circle. From this building flow “rivers of water!” Dry places around the world are irrigated by the electronic flow of God’s life-giving streams!!! The prayers and love gifts of God’s people make this possible!!!

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31 thoughts on “Saturday, January 4, 2014

  1. Hi David M. I live in the West Coast – and 3 or more hours behind everyone else in the East and usually read this later in the day. However, I am still up and jsut got today’s scripture and decided to send this message. Thank you so much for your daily messages – very inspirational, instructive and interesting. Thanks to Reynold for the excellent photos and the general set up for each day – and your entire team. It is also encouraging as you share your own spiritual pilgrimage. I am a supporter of Crossroads Ministry and thank God for the multi-opportunities of reaching out to the world. This is to assure you that I am praying for your physical, spiritual & emotional well-being as God continues the healing process in your life – in all of our lives. God continues to touch your life. You are precious to Him and He still has a work for you to do and God will keep you healthy to do it. As indicated, I do pray healing love upon you and Norma-Jean, & family and Crossroads. Also, I will forward to others. Also, I am really interested in Daniel’s Plan and will order the Book. Also, always great to read the comments of other bloggers. How precious it is to know that there is no distance with God. He is ‘here’ and ‘there’ at the same time – encouraging, strengthening, challenging, healing and lovng us. “Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised for His greatness is unsearchable.Wishing one and all, a very Happy New Year.

  2. Starting my day with our blog brings deep meaning to my life. Thank you Pastor David et al for each of your contributions to spreading THE WORD to a needy world. I will do my utmost to do my part.

    Blessings to all today.

  3. Thank you David and team at Crossroads for your faithfulness and dedication in spreading the Gospel, love and so much challengi g us to do the same. So grateful for your ministry. May God continue to heal you and give you strenght to accomplish what He’s giving you to do. May God bless you and your family. I love this blog and want to give thanks to Christine Bishop (my previous Pastor’s wife) for introducing me to your blog. Thank you.

  4. Watched Morris.Cerullo’s World Ministry Conference last night. I stood in for you David Mainse and David R. as there was a great annointing for healing. Tumors shrank, people left crutches and wheelchairs. Nuff said. Thank you Lord.

  5. I wholeheartedly agree with my fellow bloggers…and thank God for what is being accomplished……Thank you so much for your faithfulness David and family…and look forward to adding the Daniel Plan!!!

  6. has truly been a source of enlightenment and adventure through scripture. Reynolds photographs have been nothing short of amazing and totally relevant to our daily readings. I appreciate the neat and consistent blog format and monitoring of its content by Ron and Ann. I will share wherever possible, believing and knowing how it enriches ones knowledge and spiritual growth. I am concerned for you David, having MDS Leukaemia, offering my prayers for your physical strength and stamina. Thank you!!! Thank you ^

  7. Thank you for doing this blog. I read this every morning before I start my day. This is the best way to start each day – reading God’s word. I love how this blog is set up, easy to read and the bible readings each day are a perfect amount. Thank you all in being faithful in this ministry. I am falling in love with God more and more each day.
    Thank you and blessings to you all.

  8. The unselfish work you present us with each day David is appreciated greatly and observed by our heavenly Father. Reynold’s photos are highlights to the daily study and what a joy to see them all. I used to be a photo journalist for a small newspaper and got paid 20 dollars/photo. That was before I got to know Jesus. If I had it to do again, it would be done for nothing.
    I have passed on your website to others hoping they will have a blessed life too. How wonderful that you and your family have been abundantly blessed and highly favoured. Thankyou Father!

  9. Such a strong and formidable rock–wow! Some photos of God’s creation are just spectacular and so fitting for the reading and message of the day. I am watching incredible clouds pass in the baby blue sky through my skylight and had to go out to take photos.

    For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver,
    The Lord is our king; it is he who will save us….
    No one living in Zion will say, “I am ill”;
    And the sins of those who dwell there will be forgiven. Isa 33:22, 24

    God’s Word is our rock–the rock on which we stand as Christians! How uplifting. I listened to the reading, twice; something so powerful came across. I have been struggling, being pulled down, spiritually and physically, of late. The strength behind the Word, this morning, has helped me fight the pain. Praise God!

    I am so thankful for this blog, 100 Huntley Street, and your guidance, David Mainse et al. Thank you so very much for all the years you have given to help me hold onto God, and rise above the strains of life. I wish all my brothers and sisters on this blog facing on-going medical challenges and difficult situations, strength in the Word and through prayer. I think of you, in particular, Ger, Catherine, Lianne… and everyone who asks for prayer. Praying for all saints, on this cold winter day. Thinking of those on the east coast after the storm–be safe!

    • Thank you sister Beverlee for your love and ongoing prayers, as I pray for you in your pain and when things get you down. Love in Jesus. PTL I am gaining strength each day and feel the prayers of my beloved blog buddies. my husband Ken is getting stronger too and appreciates the prayers on his behalf. We do not heal as fast as when we were young but sometimes God is using this to slow us down and rest. Bless you.

  10. Fellowship with other believers is vital to our spiritual health and well being. This blog gives us another opportunity to love and support one another in Christ, as we learn and study the Word together. This resources is great for shut ins or those who live in small rural areas who might have access to Bible studies and fellowship groups in their area without traveling or heading out in bad weather.
    There is no excuse to following this study– it can be done in your home, at any time of the day, all one needs is the internet— I know this is the first Bible study I have done with other believers and it was been such a support and help to me.
    So thank you to the Lord for giving you the idea David, and thank you to you and your family for doing it for our Lord and for us out of love. It is a witness tool, as well as a fellowship opportunity some of us do not get many chances in a day to connect to, so thank you very much.

  11. The big rock clearly portrays what God, His Word and this blog means to me each day. Thank you David,Norma-Jean Ron, Anne, Reynold and fellow bloggers and today to you, Beverlee for your concern. I have refrained from going outside in this very cold weather and God sent a young man to our church to help me. Your prayers are still working. Thank you! Am reading Anne Graham Lotz’s books and listening for opportunities to share the Good News and 100words,ca. Keep warm everyone.

  12. David, Reynold, Ron and Ann, thank you for your daily love gift, so appreciate that. Some days I have received insight, at other times it was a comfort to me to read the daily blog.
    God’s blessings to you and your loved ones.

  13. Hi,
    I do not always read the thoughts of others, I do remember Scott was always the first to write keeping himself accountable.I liked what he wrote and have been Praying for the team from the beginning. I also have decided to do the Daniel Plan and Pray Fit with Jimmy Pena.
    Thanks for giving to Jesus and sharing Him with us.

  14. What an amazing photo taken by Reynold!!! thank you.
    Also thank you Rev. David Mainse for your insight into the scriptures and your sharing them with us.
    Praise God for your continued strength in all you do, I pray this in Jesus Name …the Name above all Names.!!!!

  15. Thank you for this wonderful gift! The photos have been truly inspiring, and I appreciate the time, effort, and funds that have gone in to this blog. May the Lord richly bless it and all involved in producing it. I pray that God will continue to use the 100 words and pictures to bless Canada and beyond. Thanks again.

  16. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your faithful daily gift of God’s precious Word. What a team you all make with Reynold’s fantastic pictures, Ron and Ann and dear Norma Jean and the fabulous Crossroads team. Truly, you are all such a blessing in this wonderful 100 Words.

    Each blogger has become part of such a wonderful fellowship and their comments are always so very welcomed.

    I’ll definitely make a point of letting be known by every which way I can!

    Keeping you all in prayer,

    Have a blessed day,


  17. I just love those pictures that Reynold took..I look forward to seeing them every day.
    Your words, David, are a good devotional to read every day. Thank you Lord God that you make it possible for David to get up early every morning and do this blog. And thank you David for being so faithful in doing it.I just thoroughly enjoyed our trip with you and others to Israel this year [yellow bus]. I have been compiling a slide show to show of the trip to people these days and realize we must have hit almost every site to see in Israel. It sure makes the Bible more meaningful as I read it and realize we have been there.
    I’d like to share good news that we got at Christmas with all you Bloggers…we are going to be Grandparents for the second time!!! My son and his wife are expecting in the summer. I just can’t wait!! Our first grandchild, Kora, lives in Victoria [with our daughter and husband]…it’s too far away! Our son lives in Calgary where we do.

  18. Always admired your work and continued faithfulness to Christ through the years. God’s blessings to you and family
    Hazel and Bill, Vancouver.

  19. I have been following your blog for quite some time now. Look forward to it every morning. I just had to comment on today’s. I find it very disturbing when people say false and unkind things against and about God’s servants even more so when they profess to be Christians. I receive articals by email from Charisma Magazine that have been written by Well known Godly men and women at the bottom you can make comments if you so desire. Some of the comments are so vicious it is heart breaking they are not all Christians making the comments. You can pretty much tell the difference by the things they say. I’m sure you have probably been there too. There is so much nasty stuff on the Internet speaking against God’s people and sad to say people fall for it without checking it out. Keep up the good work. May God richly bless you and may his healing power over shadow you with complete and total healing. Blessings Grace

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