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Suggested Reading: Ecclesiastes 7-9

Click scripture link to read online or HERE to listen online (then click the symbol of the audio speaker above the scripture portion).


Half way down the hillside of Mount Zion on the south side of the Old City of Jerusalem there is a Christian graveyard. Many Christian and Arab believers are buried here. The most popular grave to visit is likely that of Oskar Schindler, the industrialist who saved the lives of many Jews in Nazi Germany.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Ecclesiastes 9:10

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where you are going.


Solomon, the writer of Ecclesiastes, lived a long life. He had the opportunity to observe the power and majesty of God, as well as the futility and meaninglessness of life apart from God. It’s not hard to observe that Solomon, having received many blessings from God, was not always committed fully to Him. As a younger man, Solomon had worked diligently in building the Temple and in developing alliances with neighbouring countries, which maintained peace and prosperity for Israel. In his later years, he turned his attention to satisfying his personal desires for pleasure and wealth, and it began a trend in which Israel eventually turned away from God to embrace the religions of its neighbours. As an encouragement for us to serve God with all our heart, our mind and our strength, we could read Romans 13:11-14. Had Solomon done this, the history of Israel could’ve been so very different.


Father God, I pray for the grace to do as our key verse says and serve You with all my might. Help me to never, never, never give up on doing right and in doing it with a passionate love for You. In the Name of the One who did this 100% of the time, the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray, Amen!!!


I’m thinking about “the grave,” as mentioned in our key verse. My diagnosis of MDS acute leukemia indicated that I would visit the grave by this coming March (of course it would be only a temporary visit, as Jesus promised He will raise all who die with faith in Him). Let me report to you that I’m feeling so much better now than I was last year. Last Summer I resembled a rack of bones, I had lost so much weight. But now my appetite is back, I’ve gained back 25 pounds, and my energy level is high. I feel like a new man! Praise the Lord and thanks to all who have prayed for me.

In meditating on our key verse, I turned to Luke 9:62 and read the Words of Jesus, “No one, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God.” I know my only fitness spiritually is because of my faith in Christ, but here and now by my human free will I have “put my hand to the plough” in a two-year commitment to this daily blog. That commitment is not up until June 3rd, over two months after it was predicted that I would die with what is known as a “terminal illness.” God’s healing power and considerable skill on the part of the doctors seem to be changing that predicted date of March 2014. What do you think? I’d love to hear from you.

Yours for, as Jesus said, “Not looking back!”


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  1. Good morning David!

    So glad to hear your doing much better health wise. Move forward in life. I have a hard time moving forward at times, but here’s to not looking back. God Bless!


    • Praise the Lord, David. I am fairly new to your blog, about 6 months or so, but I can’t imagine not getting up every morning and not having it to read…..please continue your blog past your 2 yrs. It has inspired me and continues to do so each and every day. I have learnt many new things. I have been a Christian for over 28 yrs now. And still learning…Praise God.

    • Praise the Lord for your encouragement, My sister-law is in the “Rack of bones”stage as you put it.She has Cancer. I listened to her very weak voice on the phone yesterday, and cried, but have taken
      new strength from your testimony . she is only 61 and would so much want to be a Granny to her young grand children for awhile longer . her husband ,my husband’s brother, died 4 years ago at 59. I shared Isaiah40:31, and she said .My Shepherd knows which pasture he is leading me to

    • |Way to go David-you will continue to live each day to its maximum-showing all the wisdom our Lord has deposited in you-may this Christmas Season be a joyous family event

  2. It’s wonderful that you are feeling so much better. I have been praying for you and will continue to do so. Doctors can predict what one would normally expect, but God isn’t about what is “Normal”. God has our time in His hands. Your approach to the situation, living life to the fullest, has been an inspiration to me. Reading your blog is the first thing I do every morning. It’s interesting to hear your perspective, learn of your experiences, and see the photos. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  3. David, I don’t think I feel qualified to comment on your recovery for I’m neither a physician nor a medical specialist. It is evident however that God has chosen to do a mighty work in your life and to extend your days on the earth. For this, we give Him all the thanks and all of the glory! Hallelujah brother!! And all of the blog-buddies in one spirit say … Amen!

  4. Hi David,
    So happy to hear that you’re feeling better, I saw you on 100 Huntly St. Yesterday and you look great. I’m a retired nurse and it always bothered me when doctors put a timeline on a persons life, they cant predict the “God factor” which quite often causes a person to deify the odds. Continuing to pray for your healing.

  5. Hi David,
    I’m certainly glad to hear the really good news about your health! It’s a great encouragement to me as yesterday my dr. told me that I have prostrate cancer. Like you, I am trusting in the Lord for His help .
    I am counting on the Lord – Psalm 130: 5, NLT.
    God bless you – I read your blog regularly!

  6. Good morning David
    With God all things are possible , I ve seen my mother on her death bed several times , she was diagnosed with ms in her thirties and she was a great light for God she was in the nursing home for over 44 years she didnt die of ms but a fall from a shower chair
    She always talked about God every day she went into a comma and went to be with Jesus in 2009 at 78 years old but the dr ssaid she would die way back years In her life she outlibed every family member that was planning her funeral
    God knows the time for all of us
    Praise God for giving you strength to live today because thats what we all have TODAY one day at a time sweet Jesus is all Im asking from you teach me the way he me to take one day at a time .
    Love that song
    God our father thank you for David Maines and thank you for using him daily God Bless him with a long life until you come in the clouds of glory in the rapture in Jesus name Amen
    God bless all who read this blog Amen 😉

  7. Hezekiah was supposed to die but prayed for healing and God gave him fifteen more years. So glad all the prayers are being answered for you David.

  8. As in Psalm 139, It tells us that God has woven us in our mothers womb and He knows everything about us. He has ordained all our days. I have all the respect for the doctors but only God knows when your work is done here and he is ready to take you home. We are not ready for you to go home yet!!!!


    • No, we are not. And by the grace of God your job on earth is not finished yet either. God is the Doctor above all doctors! The only One that can overrule every other doctor no matter how much degree they have acquired. Man propose and God dispose, I believe that surely as no one knows the day nor the hour of the coming of Jesus Christ, so no one knows the actual end time of another. It all depends on what the individual believes in. ” what you believe is what you shall receive”:) By the grace of the Living God Sir, you will complete everyone of your duty here on earth before going to embrace your task in heaven, in the name of the who came and died a painful death, that we may have life and be saved, Jesus Christ!!! Amen!

  9. So thankful that you are feeling better, and so thankful that we do serve a God Who listens, and answers our prayers!
    Wishing you and yours continued blessings from above.

  10. What a great report, David on your health, and you look great from your appearance on 100 Huntley St. Here’s for believing God, for “with God all things are possible.”(Mark 10:27b). God bless all today.

  11. David
    Your blog has been most encouraging ,… I would like to think it will continue past June 2014 . I congratulate your son for assisting you as you have mentioned at different times,
    This is an extremely difficult month for many and I borrow from your thoughts for my self and others for strength and encouragement, .. A season where often finances are low, people have over spent and not been able to keep financial committements; , churches are lookinig for more money with their hands out when you enter the door twiggering the inward thoughts of men and women who wonder now why they came to church ; when they thot they went to worhsip and for encouragement and when they have already over extended themselves financially and the stress levels rise….. and the family arguments continue even after leaving the church service. Unfortunately the church in many cases has become another institution to join and not fulfilling the main purpose

    As I work in the trenches as once someone described , I see the hunger on peoples faces and yet when I talk with them they want to go back to church but left with a fear and not being able to make the obligations the church puts on then coupled with their life style of living,

    People need love and following the reporters on Mandell’s life and in my personal interpretation he chose forgiveness over hate ;optimism vs pessimism ; tolerance over bigotry; an example for the whole world to see.

    Well, so much to say ,- however will say thanks for your thoughts and time and research doing the blog

    Many are blessed by your committement and will continue to be blessed.

    Have a wealthy Christmas season in love and joy ..

    Living in Gratitude.

    June.- .

  12. Wonderful news, David. Your daily message has often been a great encouragement to me, as it has surely been for others. Praising God for His mercy and healing, enabling you to continue to spread hope and His loving words.

    Christmas blessings, in abundance to you and your family.

  13. David, you’ve been a blessing to me. Your blog is a little oasis of calm as I spend time in God’s Word and in prayer with your example and encouragement before me. I think of Paul saying follow me as I follow Christ. Thank you David, and may God bless you and your family and all of us impacted for good by the crossroads ministries.

  14. What do I think? I think that the GOOD LORD isn’t done with you yet! I believe in complete healing and BY FAITH that is what you will be rejoicing about. Halleluiah!

  15. You are looking so much better David!! Praise God!!! Man may try to put a timeline on our lives but ultimately it is God who decides when our time on this earth is done. the Bible tells us to keep busy to the end. I am so glad that in spite of health issues, you have kept on giving us the Word each morning along with the help of your sons. You are an inspiration to all and I believe you WILL see it to completion and beyond!!! AMEN!!!!

  16. Hi David:
    God has many things for you to accomplish before calling you home. You are such an encouragement to all of us. Your times are in God’s hands. Thanks for reflecting God’s goodness to us. Carry on with what you are doing.

  17. It will be such a tremendous loss to all Canadians when you pass away. You have been a tower of strength and a beacon of light – God’s light. You have used the tremendous skill that God has given you to lead, encourage and direct Canadians who both love Him and those who don’t know Him yet. You have set such a magnificent example of how you can live the Christian life. I am praying that God would continue to heal you. You have a mighty job that is not finished yet. Thank you for your perseverance, tenacity and phenomenal love of God that radiates from you.

    • Amen amen.It is such a joy to read your blog the first thing every morning. May God continue healing you and keeping you to do his work! You are such an inspiration and as you know God is the “Great Physician” and your life is in His Hands. May God bless you and your family abundantly!!!

  18. I certainly think that God has given you a task to complete….this 2 year journey through the Bible. That will take you past March! Ultimately your life is in God’s hands in spite of what the doctors say. You have blessed us all with this daily reading and I would love to do another 2 years with you.

  19. Good Morning David; I am thrilled to hear that your health is improving! God is so good! Canada and our world needs godly men and women like you. You are appreciated and loved. Praying for God to continue to increase your strength and keep you on the road to complete recovery. God bless you and your family!

  20. Like others I am grateful you are doing better and God willing you will have many fruitful years ahead of you. Unfortunately, none of us know how much time we have. We might experience a great healing only to be hit by a bus and die anyway— there are no guarantees, which is why we should live each day like it is our first and our last because all we know we got is the moment we are in. Of course we should not live in fear of death, but we should be mindful that death for our mortal bodies can come anytime and so we should stay awake to the possibility and make the most of all the moments God gives us. Amen

  21. Good morning David and all fellow blog readers..
    No.. The Lord is not finished with you David..Only HE knows when you will come home to Him;
    Thank you for helping us not look back, for your commitment to this blog and for the years you have spent in blessing others.
    My husband and I are blessed even more so because we met you, travelled to the Holy Land with you and were baptized in the Jordan river ( re- commitment for us) by you.
    You are loved and prayed for!

    • My mother and I also were with you and your group in the Holy Landin 2011 and 2005 when we were called back because my sister was killed in a car accident. You were such a blessing to us at that time with all of your tender care standing beside us and literally standing all the time at the airport. I also was recommitted in the Jordan by you in2011. May God continue healing you. We need you and love you!!!

  22. Good morning Pastor David and fellow bloggers.

    What a joy to hear that our prayers are heard and answered by A LOVING and Holy God.

    This past year has been challenging for me as yesterday I had, what I hope will be the last of several surgeries for Breast Cancer. as I began that journey, I was led to your precious and uplifting blog. Each day I am spurred on to relying only on the grace, mercy and love of a SAviour who gave it all for me and sharing with my blog saints and YOU OUR PRECIOUS LEADER, Pastor DAvid.

    Thank you for sharing so intimately with us, asit encourages us when we get down and then a golden nugget appears on our blog which we can be assured comes from God.

    You look great and my prayers will continue for you as you push on toward the goal God has given you.

    Today I am laying low after surgery yesterday, but wanted to join in our blog for today. I covet prayers for a speedy recovery.

  23. Dearest David, You are a sign and a wonder! You are showing God’s grace and love during time of great personal adversity. You chose , to plan to live, and not plan to die and even now you are looking far beyond March 2014 – far beyond! May our Heavenly Father grant you the desire of your heart my precious brother. We all know that God is more than able! Thank you for your servants heart to be, and do all you can to further the Kingdom of God here on earth, while there is still breath in your body, a great witness! May we all have such courage! Brenda, l loved your story about how your mother outlived everyone who was planning her funeral! My uncle was told his wife would not be coming out of the hospital alive, so he gave away all her clothes, and when my aunt beat all the odds, she had some serious shopping to do!

  24. Very many people have embraced the motto, “eat, drink and be merry for it is all the same after we die; leave a good memory to my children and that is all.” Thank God, it is a lie. Thank you for this blog. It will glorify God for you to complete this goal and it is not vain.

  25. It is an encouragement to all of us to see you doing so well. I pray that you will be strong in spirit, soul and body and that you may continue to do the work the Lord has given you to complete. God is good!

  26. Blessings to you David, bloggers, and though you probably won’t read this blog – everyone who follows the Bible reading through 100 words…

    Our God is a God of miracles… Obviously David, your work here on earth is not complete…

    I look forward to following your blessings as you continue to do his work faithfully…

    Praise God! Amen!

  27. Dear David,
    Vivienne and I were blessed to attend your cross Canada tour in Brockville on Ash Wednesday 2011 when you shared with all present at that time, your vision from God for your daily blog. You drove to Burlington to have breakfast with CEO Don Simmonds on the Thursday and then back East again to make your speaking commitment in Smiths Falls that evening. What energy you had before your “terminal” diagnosis,
    We also joined you and Norma-Jean in the Holy Land in 2012 and especially remember the dinner with you both at Tiberias where you challenged us “Do you KNOW Jesus?”
    Your daily blog is an inspiration to us in our faith journey and we look forward to learning your wisdom on the Book of Revelation!
    Graham & Vivienne.
    2012 Holy Land Yellow Bus.

  28. Good morning David! I rejoice with you and the readers of this blog, at the goodness of God to you and your family! My prayers for you and your loved ones and the ministry of Crossroads will continue as long as the Lord directs me to do so. I know that His plans for you and Norma-Jean, your family and the Crossroads family of ministries will go forward ‘from glory to glory’, as we in the body of Christ continue to pray.
    God is good!

  29. Dear Pastor David: I have been praying for you since the onset of your illness, and I strongly feel within my spirit that God is healing you, and will complete it, and your return to robust health! Thank you for your daily commitment to the Blog. It is indeed, a great blessing to so many people, who look forward to hearing from you daily.

  30. Believing that by His stripes that you are healed David! Pay no mind to dates that doctors give and just believe that prayers for you will continue to bring health and healing to your bones and your body. So glad you have seen healing manifest already. God is doing a marvelous work through you and I so much appreciate reading your blog every morning! God Bless!

  31. Hi David,

    Great to hear of your good health and brings to mind the following scripture. 2 Corinthians 4:17
    New International Version (NIV)
    17 For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.

    A hug for you and Norma Jean.

  32. Good morning David.
    Feed my cats , make my coffee,sit by the fire and read your complete blog every morning. may the Lord bless, heal and keep you. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  33. I laughed when I read the predicted timeframe that the Doctors estimated for you because if GOD IS FOR US, WHO OR WHAT, CAN BE AGAINST US!

  34. You ask what do I think…….?!!! What do I think………?!!!!
    I think …….WOW !!!!! ……….Praise The Lord !!!!!! ……….That’s what I think.
    You and Norma-Jean are constantly in our thoughts and prayers .

    I can believe in things unseen by faith but seeing how your health has improved is so wonderful to see. So , in this case, seeing is believing.
    We are so grateful that God brought a lot of careing people into your life who have knowledge about the alternative approaches to deal with your illness. It would be good for people faceing similar illnesses to learn what you now know.
    I pray God will giveyou such an opportunity. If your willing and God willing , perhaps another book about this part of your life could be possible.
    Hint! Hint! 🙂

    Thank you Lord for answering our prayers and extending David’s life here on earth. Amen!
    Blessings to all , have a wonderful day

  35. Praise God I am praying for your continued good health.You will have to put your Blog in to print. Again prayers for continued Good health

  36. Healing, restoration and growth have impacted our lives through your ministry and words, David. It is no wonder our Lord has provided strength and prolonged purpose in the day’s, months and year’s of your life. Your wife, family, friends, readers, colleagues, all lift you up in prayer and hope. Thank you for being where we needed you to be and we shall remember you all the day’s of our lives, in our Lord Jesus’ name, His glory, His honour and His praise!! Amen!!!

  37. Dear David I rejoice with All at your good news !!! I am a new follower of 100 Words after reading “This Far By Faith” this summer & now my 98 yr old mother has started it. Praise God !!! Continue in our Lords work.

  38. Hi,

    What could I add to the great comments already made? Nothing but ditto & amen!
    So wonderful God’s time is His own.

    So many are so blessed to still have you on this side of Heaven! PTL!

    Merry Christmas to you, Norma Jean, all your loved ones & the great Crossroads team!


  39. Halehua for Christ is risen !!!!!! The joy I feel for you and your family gives me continuind hope and faith!!!!!! God bless you all!!!!!!!!!

  40. Praise God, David Mainse!!!! We thank Him, over and over, and over again! We continue to pray for you, in Jesus Holy name, amen, amen, and amen!

  41. Dear Mr. Mainse.
    Your daily blog is a joy to me. I don’t always agree with everything you say but we can’t agree 100% with each other all the time. Just wouldn’t be human nature:-) Your explanations of the daily bible readings means the difference between my being able to study our bible and not. Thanks very much for a good job well done. I pray for a full recovery from your illness and also that you continue with your very enjoyable and wise blogs. I started receiving them just recently so if you would continue them for many, many more years, it would be greatly appreciated. Saw you on Huntley St. recently (I record your programming) and you are looking well indeed. Your dedication to this task of educating us on a daily basis is awesome.
    Thank you,

  42. I’ve just recently started reading your blogs and I have been encouraged. Thanks so much for your commitment and may God continue his healing work in you so that you will fulfill your 2 year commitment and many more. The Lord has used you to help and bless so many people across Canada and abroad. We need you in this country. Bless you!

  43. I believe you will be here long after your predicted demise. God hears our prayers and He gives us the desires of our hearts. He’s the One Who gives us those desires.

  44. What a wonderful testimony of God’s grace and love. So enjoy your blog!
    Blessings to you and your family at this special time of year .

  45. The joy, joy, joy of Christ living in all our hearts! And more so because of this blog. I personally believe in God’s will. God’s will has allowed you Pastor David to show us His light. What blessings! The joy, the joy, the joy! We sit in the shadow of the mercy tree! Have a powerful day everybody! I wish we could all hang out together today in one big room. We would all have alot to say! Hugs and hugs!

  46. David, I thank the Lord for healing you so far and pray He will continue healing you. I felt so priveleged to meet you on this 2013 Trip to Israel a few weeks ago.God has done so many great things through you as listen to Him. You are a real inspiration to listen carefully for God’s voice and then step out and do what He says. I really enjoy and get inspired by reading your book This Far by Faith.Thank you and your ministry and all your workers for being there for me and my family for over 32 years. I just love Norma-Jean and enjoyed singing with her at various places on our trip. Ron and Ann are also very cool and devoted followers of Jesus…..I felt I really related to Ann. Another priveledge was to meet Ellen and Nizar and to meet Elena and Justin and to listen to inspired messages from your grand-son-in-law Jason.Love you all! And pray God’s blessings on you all and the rest of the family.from Judy and Dave.

  47. You are looking so well David. I know God is the great healer.
    I have had a fall and am in terrible pain. Many are praying for me in all of this and I know you bloggers will also, thank you.
    I want to reply to June and tell her I do understand her feeling about the pressure of money in the church. I am faced with this every week and so identify with her I pray for sensitivity within the church to realize how many are struggling with finances. God is so great and non judgemental. Love you all, Elizabeth

  48. So thankful David that you are feeling so well and strong. You are a great example to all of us. I thank God for you and will pray for God’s will for you. I know that you are in God’s hands and timing. Nothing can happen to you without His permission. God bless you and your family.

  49. Dear Rev. David M.
    Thank you Lord and thank you Jesus for this wonderful news . It is such a previlige and honour to witness Gods amazing blessings in the healing and renewed strength on His obidient servant . Keeping you and all your family in prayer .
    Blessed day to all the blog buddies.
    xxxx Carole.

  50. God is the Divine Physician and Healer!! Blessings to you and yours dear David!
    God knows everything and is ALL GOOD and He has blessed you indeed!!
    Praise and Thanks to the Almighty!

  51. Dear David, praise God for His healing in you body. I have never stopped praying for healing for you to be with us longer. You are such a blessing to all of us. Your wisdom in the word. Your uplifting testimonies and life stories are anticipated every day. I will continue to pray this disease to be gone and never to return in The name of JESUS CHRIST our precious LORD and SAVIOR. I also agree with other bloggers that this daily blog will continue beyond the two years.
    Also I so enjoy the comments everyday of my fellow bloggers. I was thinking of that day when we are all together in heaven enjoying each other face to face because this blog thread our spirits together on this earth. The wonderfull fellowship we will enjoy with each other at Jesus feet. God bless you all Have a great day today David and all the bloggers.

  52. Dear David,
    Thank God that you feel better ! God is the “healing God”. He’s going to use you in encouraging many more people in the years to come. Just keep writing this blog in the years to come.

  53. Praise and thank the Lord for all healing! I praise and thank God for the illnesses that I have not had to deal with and I shout praises and thankfulness to God for all the body parts that work very well. A beautiful lady I know swapped name tags with another lady and said “I am that person for today” I was so humbled by this small incident but it reminded me that we would do well to walk in someone else’s shoes. Praise the Lord!

  54. Hello David,
    I am relatively new to your blog but read it enjoyably every day,
    So glad to hear your good health, report. God is good and
    faithful. May God continue to bless you and your ministry My wife and I
    are praying for you.


  55. Dear David…It was early when I read the
    chapters this A.M. So I was just turning
    to read your blog now. Wonderful news
    And God is answering prayer. The last
    time I saw a pic of you, I think you were
    in Israel, I thot, David looks so much
    better. and so good your strength is
    equal to the task before you each day.
    It’s so exciting. We will continue to pray
    and thank God for what He is doing for
    you physically. Norma Jean, I think
    you have cared for David so well too
    and I know your positive faith is an
    ongoing encouragement to your husband.
    God bless you both. You are a blessing
    to us all.

  56. So glad you are still with us. It has been a blessing & a pleasure following you through this blogg. I wish you many more years both for your family & for us

  57. Thank you, thank you Lord Jesus. This is the 100% healing that we prayed for in the Garden Tomb on the 2012 Israel Tour. This is the confidence we have in Him that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us, and because we know He hears us, we know that we have the petitions that we ask of Him. Your testimony will encourage the world and bring many into the kingdom. God bless you exceeding abundantly above everything you could ask or think. We all love you.

  58. I too was given a date of six months to live. That was four years ago. Praise God man does not have the power of life or death in his hands.
    You look so much better than you did a few months ago. Keep on believing for God’s healing touch .
    I had a CT scan a week ago and will get the results next Tuesday. I am feeling great and am believing the results will be positive .
    Thank you for your daily blog, what a blessing.

  59. Trusting the Lord for your complete and total healing, for He said He sent forth His Word and healed them. We praise and thank you, Lord Jesus, for the healing You have done in David’s life and look forward with joy as You continue healing his body. Praise and thank you precious Savior and King!!!

  60. Amen! I am thoroughly blessed by your daily 100 words. I can’t imagine all the work involved, however, God has truly gifted you and you in turn have used those gifts for his glory and honor!! Blessings and prayers for many more months and years on this earth.

  61. Good morning David,

    Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The number of our days are written in God’s book, not in the doctors’ book…

    We are standing with you in prayer. You and your whole family are such an inspiration to everyone.

    Pray God to bless you and to keep you until HIs time…as you continue to give Him glory in your life…

  62. Your blog is so well done. Your insights helpful. You are a great student of Scripture, bringing out insights not often mentioned. I’m reminded I was named after your Dad and Rev. J. Caldwell Black

  63. I remember summers at Circle Square Ranch, and how our leader would stave off rain every Saturday afternoon with a mere prayer so that we and the campers could have one last great rodeo for the week. As with that, I fully EXPECT and know that David WILL be with us past March 2014. Thank you Pastor Mainse! Thank you Jesus!!!!!

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