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Suggested Reading: Proverbs 22

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A mother and her children enjoy some moments together at Nazareth Village. The people who demonstrate life as it was 2,000 years ago are dedicated believers in Jesus. Most of them are members of the Nazareth Baptist Church. Rev. Nizar Shaheen, my son-in-law, was ordained as a Minister of Christ in this church. The church operates a school, kindergarten through high school, that has about 1,000 students. Let us pray for this church, and others in Nazareth, as they face some difficult times.

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Key Verses: Proverbs 22:20-21

Have I not written to you excellent things
Of counsels and knowledge,
That I may make you know the certainty of the words of truth,
That you may answer words of truth
To those who send to you?


Over the past three days we’ve considered the publication of the Scriptures, in particular the translation used in this blog, the New King James Version. With the excellent English translation we read here, I hope to do as our key verse says. There is counsel and knowledge here. There is “certainty of the words of truth.” Amen!!!

Let us consider another proverb found in Proverbs 22:2. “The rich and poor have this in common, the Lord is Maker of them all.” Rich and poor have more in common than this. He is the only Saviour. He is the Judge of the universe and everything in it. He is Lord to all who give Him our lives. No matter how much money anyone has, salvation cannot be purchased by their money. No matter how poor anyone is, they cannot be refused salvation, providing they ask in repentance and faith, because eternal life was paid for in full by Jesus Christ on the cross! Salvation is free to all who come to Jesus and ask to be saved. If we have further questions about our eternal salvation, call our Crossroads prayer line at 1-866-273-4444. A loving caring person will answer. About 1,000 people every day call that number!


Lord God, I’m going back to the key verse again and forming it into a prayer so that I may help others more and more. I also pray again that prayer which rich or poor must pray in order to have assurance of salvation and eternal life. “Lord, be merciful to me a sinner.” I have confidence that You will save me because Jesus said so (Luke 18:9-14). Yes! Amen!


Over the past three days I’ve been writing of reasons why I use consistently the New King James translation of the Bible. Over the next two days I hope to attach to the blog an interview with Professor R. K. Harrison of the University of Toronto, a Hebrew scholar, who served on the review panel for this translation. For today I want to tell a story of the giving heart of Sam Moore, the man who, along with God, is the main reason we have the “New KIng James” translation.

In 1983 my daughter married a young man from Cana of Galilee in that village famous for the site of Jesus’ first miracle, turning the water into wine at a wedding feast. Sam Moore printed 2,000 Bibles in Arabic and embossed the names of Ellen and Nizar on the cover as gifts for all who attended. Nizar, as the heavy-weight boxing champion for the area, attracted at least 2,000 men, mostly Muslims, to his wedding. The Word of God was put into their hands. Now many of these same men listen to the Gospel daily as Nizar shares the Word of God on television. Sam will be embarrassed to read this here, but I want to honour this man who paid for a wonderful honeymoon for these newlyweds. These are just two more reasons why I’m so loyal to the NKJV.

Yours for the “Words of Truth” to be made known!!!



14 thoughts on “Sunday, December 1, 2013

  1. So powerful are your words also David. Thank you for your love and devotion to the kjv of the bible.It brings tears to my eyes. “Thank you! “and Thank you for sharing your stories. It is your personal touch that makes this blog so special.

    David I was at Mina Ryce’s home recently, she expressed her desire to hear from you on this blog for give me for asking but if possible it would mean alot to Mina.

    Proverbs full of sound council.No where else on earth is there such wisdom and truth found equal to Gods Holy word. Thank you again David for defending the KJV.

    On Oct. 17 and 18 Jerry and I attended John Hagee ministries event in Toronto
    We purchased his prophesy Bible, it is the NKJV. Before the Bible he has a section devoted to just the prophecies of Jesus . It is a wonderful version with so much
    teaching added, as you read, you can hear John Hagee’s voice.

    Love and prayers to all 🙂

  2. Finishing today’s David’s 100 words, I caught myself quietly saying, “wow.” What a contribution of thoughtfulness and kindness for the inscribed bibles and honeymoon gift from Sam Moore. Also, what an invaluable service of Crossroads volunteers to be answering as many as 1000 requests for prayer daily! Reading through Proverbs, I am now thinking of how careful thought and review was placed in each word, and their context of biblical meaning, before publishing. It is such an honour for Sam Moore to be given the inspiration and motivation to see the NKJV become a reality with the support and cooperation of many scholars! Have a great day, to all!

    • I am addicted to this blog. Everyday I want to read it before I start my day. I wonder if the blog folk know that you can change the version from NKJ to other versions via Biblegateway. There are an incredibe number of versions available there. If you want to check out something that seems unclear, this is a help. David, however, usually makes things very clear. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s blog (before I leave for the dentist! Ugh!

    • Amen to your comments David! Sam Moore does indeed seem to be a man of God who oversaw a very good version of the Bible through to it’s completion. Praise God for His wonderful Word!

  3. Today we start a new month, And we praise God for your word and Nizar Shaheen and for preaching the gospel , and we pray God keep ylur family safe
    Thamk ylu David ! For this blog God bless all who partisapate and enjoy it .;)

  4. Thank you Doreen for your comment. Yes there are many versions but as I understand it, Gods word was first translated from Hebrew to English, in the year 1611 comisioned by King James him self , so, then other versions are all dirived from the original 1611 text/ KJV, so for me I willStick with the KJV.

    We are in the end of days and the Bible clearly warns us about adhearing to sound doctrine lest we be deceived. Some versions are not inspired by God but by modern thinking men and their own interpitations. We must be careful.

    Lord please protect us , your flock , from the wolves. In Jesus name Amen!

    • It is that diligence in choosing the words when translating that makes me believe that the original words were very integral to the deep meaning. The use of names of very many people in the Bible shows the depth of God’s use of words. It is for this reason that I think slightly different meanings can both be faithful translations of the original scriptures. It also shows the truth of the instruction not to argue over words.

  5. When I started this blog at day 1, having loved David Mainse and Crossroads since I was born again 20 years ago, I knew it would be a lovely journey. However I didn’t anticipate the enrichment to my life of David “introducing” us to so many other wonderful Christian workers like Sam Moore. There’s now somebody else I want to meet and thank in person when we all get to the other side! I love this guy! Heaven is going to be so glorious when full of men like these two!

  6. Oh, Lord, thank you for David Mainse. And thank you, dear Lord, for being so merciful to us, the sinners. God bless you, each and every saint, who reads this blog each day. Worshiping with our hands held high and singing with shouts of praise, today, in our churches! Amen!

  7. I love this blog and all the comments from all you people adding all that richness
    from the word….I thank the Lord for all of you ,G od bless each and every one….R….

  8. Thank you David for blessing our lives with this blog and teaching us the importancce and richness of the Word of God in our lives. David Jeremiah spoke about the same thing tonight, and putting first things first; about putting the big rocks in the jar of our lives first or there will not be room for them later.

  9. The joy, the joy, the joy of getting closer to Christ! This blog makes me feel so different. Christ is alive! Unfortunately/fortunately I’m turning into this crazy dance lady at church, I can’t help it. Each week prior to attending church, I keep telling myself, don’t do it, don’t make a fool out of yourself. Then it happens, I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. I cry, I jump, I carry on. I don’t get how people can stand so quietly. All day long I can only think of Jesus, everyday. I’m losing my old life. This blog opens up the bible like never before! Thank you Pastor David and all bloggers!

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