Sunday, November 17, 2013

W – K – D – U

Suggested Reading: Proverbs 2-3

Click scripture link to read online or HERE to listen online (then click the symbol of the audio speaker above the scripture portion).


New waterways are being cut in Israel at the Dead Sea to advance the production of mineral collection. The countries of Israel and Jordan are finding "hidden treasures" (Proverbs 2:4b) in the area of the Dead Sea. Let us dig daily into the Holy Scriptures with this "digger blog" for the treasures of "wisdom" and "understanding"!

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verses: Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

And lean not on your own understanding;

In all your ways acknowledge Him,

And He shall direct your paths.


In today’s reading, the word “UNDERSTANDING” is repeated 9 times. When someone is teaching a class, he or she may speak with greater volume to make an important point. In teaching by a written message, repetition is a shout! Pay attention! Synonyms for “understanding” are “insight” “comprehension” “perception” “discernment” and “know-how.” It’s what we stand on for the foundation of our lives.

The title for this blog is “W” – wisdom, “K” – knowledge, “D” – discretion, “U” – understanding. Consider the word DISCRETION. The thesaurus gives 41 synonyms; here are some of them. (1) Foresight (2) Prudence (3) Tact (4) Circumspection (5) Vigilance (6) Judiciousness (7) Good Sense!!! Some of the antonyms are (1) Carelessness (2) Disregard (3) Ignorance (4) Negligence (5) Indifference (6) Neglect (7) Poor decisions!!! Proverbs 3:21 teaches us to “Keep sound wisdom and DISCRETION.” And everybody said, “AMEN!!!”


Lord God, I pray for W – K – D – U. I acknowledge You in every area of my life. Thank You for Your powerful promise to guide my every step! I place You at the top spot in my priorities. I commit my ways to You so that my ways will line up with Your ways. I pray this in the Name and in the Power of the One who always did Your will and followed Your ways, Jesus, my Saviour and Lord! Amen!!!


When my sons, David Reynold (our photographer for the photos up top) and Ronald Wesley (who took the below picture and formats this blog page so that I can fill in the blanks) were 15 and 17, I travelled to Alberta to visit them at the Circle Square Ranch where they were working. I announced that a genuine “Big Foot” had been found a few miles from the ranch. They hopped in the car and we proceeded to a quarry about 10 miles away. There was “Big Foot”…a giant digger with the capability to move in a walking motion on its two huge feet! (here is a photo of it I found online). O.K. I was teasing them, but at the same time I wanted them to experience what was then the biggest earth, gravel, and stone excavator on earth! When I saw the photo which Reynold had chosen to represent digging into God’s Word, I thought of that time! READY, SET, GO! Let’s dig!!!

Yours for daily digging into God’s Word and mining Treasures,


P.S. Here in Israel today we took a boat ride across the Sea of Galilee. Ten members of our tour group posed on the bow of the ship. They are left to right – Merle of Penticton, British Columbia – Laura and Marilyn of Edmonton, Alberta – Joyce of Maple Ridge, British Columbia – Danielle of Edmonton, Alberta – Linda of Vernon, B.C. – Leonard and Winona of Beiseker, Alberta – Justin and Elena of Burlington, Ontario (my granddaughter and grandson-in-law).

17 thoughts on “Sunday, November 17, 2013

  1. David there is a e of scripture I’ll never forget because they are in my
    heart ” Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own under
    -standing in all thy ways acknowledge me I I will direct your paths.” . This was
    given to to me when a friend had passed away. and I had to make a choice
    whether to go to a wake and a funeral which I havn’t been before. It was very
    comfortinging. This was awhile back but I remember the day
    This morning at church we are going to here testimonies of a group who went
    to Hati to build a school I am looking forward to it
    Have a good time in church everyone

  2. I think you said it well David when referring to “understanding”, you stated that “It’s what we stand on for the foundation of our lives.” The core of our being is built on a sure foundation, that being Jesus Christ. To the one who has found Jesus, he/she has entered into a new life, a new way, a new hope; they are now in a relationship with the God of the universe and the Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer of all. Jesus is the essence of W-K-D-U (Wisdom, Knowledge, Discretion, Understanding). To be in an intimate relationship with Jesus, one will begin to gain insight and W-K-D-U in accordance to the intensity of that relationship with Him. For me personally, Jesus has been the cornerstone upon which I have built my life. I pray that all who are reading David’s blog will seek out the goodness and righteousness of Jesus in their own lives. Have a blessed day blog-buddies!

  3. Today’s reading is as a Father shares His wisdom with us as His son or daughter. It struck me how the classic poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling, may have been inspired by “My son” and the “If” in Chapter 2, verses 1-9. I appreciate the breakdown of the word “discretion” and telling us about the importance of paying attention to repetition. There is so much to digest in proverbs that sits well with our mind and soul! Looks like you are having a wonderful time! There couldn’t be a better guide!! Have a great day, to all!

  4. Thank you David. The photo brings back such vivid memories of our own trip to the Holy Land with you and Norma-Jean. My husband Nihal and I had such a glorious journey with you both – the boat trip across the Sea of Galilee, and Mt Carmel .. The re-dedication in the Jordan River!! Praying that we will be able to, The Lord willing, do this again with both our sons and daughter-in-love, so e day. The special friendship we forged during that trip in 2005 with a beloved family from Abbotsford, is something we treasure.
    Thank you again. Have a blessed day in The Lord everyone!

  5. I especially like chapter 3, verse 25 – do not be afraid of sudden disaster (something that has been on my mind since the horrific storm in the Phillipines). We are not to fear – the Lord will be with us EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. We must do our part to help in recovery as HIS Hand extended.

  6. Yes thank you gor your trip report wish we were there too Its so wonderful to trust in the Lord and knowing He shall direct my and your path
    I put all my trust in God for His best is best for me Amen ?

  7. Hello David, Norma-Jean & family, faithful bloggers, & ‘touring’ brothers & sisters in the Lord (I’m really loving seeing you all in the pictures, finding out where you are all from & w/ tears feel I am with you all in spirit) This is a very special prayer request…
    Because I have had some bad experiences, admittedly, I don’t often readily ask others to pray for my needs, although I know we are instructed that we should w/o hesitation… David, the Proverbs 1:10,33 scripture yesterday (& this is my version), “If ‘evil-doers w/ evil intent’ entice you, do not consent” struck very close to home for me! I believe the Lord is prompting me to seek out as many others of like-mind who will believe & pray in faith w/ me for a fellow ‘sister-in-Christ’.
    First, I would like to say that my husband & I would have been on your Israel tour this time round, but I would not leave my older children at home (desiring that we could all go together) but we couldn’t afford a trip for 4 at this time! Maybe someday we will be able to, the Lord willing… Although I don’t usually make comments on the blog, my daughter & I stay in the background & read it daily & sometimes all the replies as well! : )
    My prayer request is for my only older sister, Laurie. I am very concerned about her spiritual, mental & physical safety. At this point in time, we are not certain if she is dead or still alive. She has always been a very independent single woman on her own & a nurse in Edmonton for many years. Laurie has been a Christian believer from the time she was a young child, spirit-filled & brought up in a very sheltered Christian home, a dedicated witness for the Lord & at one time using her musical talent at the Edmonton House of Refuge Mission. Our parents were both Huntley Street phone councillors with Joe Aksenchuk (sp?) in Edmonton back in the 70’s/80’s? For the past year or so I believe Laurie has been communicating with ‘people’ online. I could never get any satisfactory details on these people. She seemed to be in fear for her life & would frequently take her family aside, asking for prayer but never willing or able to communicate the source of her concerns. I believe her troubles possibly began when she first started reading all the books she could get her hands on to do with ‘The Secret’. She would claim she believed she had discovered ‘The Secret’ hidden in the books. She apparently sent a lot of money to these ‘people’ online. Her personality changed. She was evasive & paranoid & we were finally unable to openly communicate w/ her anymore. I just recently learned that in August she had lost her house & most all of its contents, as well as her dog, due to unpaid bills. The police came & told her she had to leave. She was left w/ her car, a little cash from the sale of another car, a sleeping bag & a few clothes. She then left for Hollywood (I learned just recently with the purpose of meeting a man ‘friend’ she met online). She was sleeping in her car in parking lots & showering at the beach. She had no phone coverage, no credit cards. Although she was still able to text, which she kept up, enjoying family/friend contact & seemed unreasonably upbeat for her situation. Then the communication stopped. No one has heard from her in a week. Her nursing friend told me her last text was that she had met up w/ two men she had spoken to online & they were going to a restaurant/bar together. I have also just learned she was told by a man online (someone who claimed to be a well-known celebrity) that he wanted to meet her, & had intents of marriage. He had apparently talked to her about going into ministry together. Without a doubt, I believe she has been preyed on in some way. That she has been lured into danger by men w/ evil intent. Perhaps this all began because she is ill or perhaps this is spiritual, or both, I do not know. We wrestle not against flesh & blood. We do know Jesus told us Satan’s plans are to kill, steal & destroy. Could you please agree w/ me in prayer that God would keep her safe, if she is in fact still alive, & that she would be delivered from the hands of evil men. We have contacted both the Edmonton & LA PD & they will do nothing, unless they find a body and/or an abandoned car. We are at a loss to know what to do in the natural. We have no idea where to even start looking for her. There are no ‘amber alerts’ for so-called ‘consenting’ adults. The last communication I had w/ her I told her to be safe & come home, I would put her up at my house. She said she was doing fine sleeping in the car & that she felt ‘safe’. She said, it was “very warm, sunny & toasty, surrounded by mountains & angels”. I still believe God is in control. If she is dead, I know for a certainty she is w/ Jesus & my mom & dad. If she is being held against her will, I pray they will let her go. If she is in a cult, I pray she will escape w/ the Lord’s help. If they do or don’t find her body, it is under the Lord’s control. He knows what I can endure. I trust you Lord – no matter what. Thank you all for your prayers & support. We all go through trials in this life & we are not finished yet! He alone will see His children through them all. If we hold fast to His promises He will help us finish well if we faint not. I am so grateful for your prayers. God’s richest blessings to you all & keep you all safe . . . Till we all finally meet in eternity. Love & spiritual hugs, Carol
    P.S. If I can share answered prayer I will let you know! I’m praying she will just show up at my doorstep & I will be able to be angry at her for causing so many to worry! That would be the best answer to prayer! Many thanks again . . .

    • The power of prayer is huge! By letting us know, us bloggers can call out to our Mighty God. He is already involved. We must respect His Will. Hugs and hugs, Carol. Let us sing praise to the Lord! Let joy replace our fear.

    • Very much in agreement with you in prayer Carol! May the love and comfort of our Lord be with you as well, during this extremely difficult time. We will all be in prayer sister!

    • Heavenly Father we know you know where Laurie is; she is not lost to you, so we ask you to help those looking for her to find her, so her family can have peace knowing where she is and how she is. We ask you to protect her if she is danger or to give her a prodigal son realization to return home if she is not. We ask you to bind any evil spirits that might be influencing or attacking her in her vulnerable state and that she remembers her foundation in Christ. We also ask you to sustain her family,especially Carol as they go through this difficult time of waiting for your Will to be done. We ask this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

    • Lord we pray that you supernaturally protect Laurie, rescue her and bring her home. May she be delivered from all evil, we pray in the name of JESUS!!!

  8. Carol, My prayers are with your sister Laurie and you also may our Lord Jesus
    give you His peace. We know our Lord knows all things , I pray he will be her protector
    where ever she may be., and may He give you his peace , God bless you sister…R…

  9. First, God’s blessing to David M. and the tour group as they walk where Jesus Walked! Enjoy! Be blessed! Secondly, just a note to assure you, Carol, of prayer for you in your concern for your sister, Laurie. May the burden of concern be lifted through Jesus Christ, our Lord. May God protect Laurie and, if she is in a difficult situation, that You will give her the opportunity and courage to reach out for help – first, reaching out to God who is “A very present help in time of trouble” and …to others who may be available to assist her.Trusting the Lord to continue His watchful care over her.. and all his children even as Psalm 121 NIV which reminds us five times that He watching over our lives. We especially pray this for Carol, Laurie and all those who are carrying burdens. May the great ‘Burden-bearer” lift the load and give His peace. Samuel

  10. Thank you so much (as Scott said) “blog-buddies”. I have claimed all your petitions & prayers on my sister’s behalf & agreed in prayer. I think perhaps, deep down, her need to be loved overruled good judgement & wisdom & the counsel of others. But I have to remind myself that God is w/ us even though we make bad decisions & he can right our wrongs, if He so chooses. I was just reading Perry Stone’s book ‘Exposing Satan’s Playbook’. In the chapter entitled, ‘Can Satan Kill Me or My Family?’ Perry cites how the apostle Paul could have met his earthly end many times, but could not be killed until such time as it was in God’s will. He also tells how Peter could have been arrested in the garden, along w/ Jesus, when Peter whacked off the ear of Malchus, servant of the High Priest. And had this happened, Peter could very well have been crucified alongside Jesus at the same time. Instead, Jesus restored Malchus ear – which eliminated the evidence which could have convicted Peter & taken him at the wrong time, out of God’s perfect timing. We know It would not have been God’s time for Peter since he had much to accomplish & Jesus’ prophecy was to be fulfilled that Peter would be an old man when he was crucified. So this understanding has also comforted me. My Dad would say, “Man will make his plans – but God … God WILL have His way”. Jesus holds the keys of hell & death, as Perry pointed out, NOT Satan. Jesus took those keys from Satan through his resurrection, conquering sin and death. Hallelujah! Because He lives, we will live also!! Again, blessings to you all & much thanks for your prayerful support, Carol

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