Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Suggested Reading: Psalms 147

Click scripture link to read online or HERE to listen online (then click the symbol of the audio speaker above the scripture portion).


The sun burst over the unique sandstone topography in Timna Park in the Jordan Valley in Isreal. Such a scene should cause us to think of our Mighty Creator! It is most appropriate that the first and last words of today's reading would be, "PRAISE THE LORD!"

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verses: Psalm 147:3-5

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. He counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by name. Great is our Lord, and mighty in power; His understanding is infinite!


Our Creator not only created the stars, but He has a name for each one. Even with all our modern technology, astronomers have never been able to see all the stars and number them. Only our infinite God understands the vastness of the universe. Even though He is great in power, He is even greater in His care for His creation and, in particular, for us! He comes to us and heals the broken-hearted and binds up our wounds! We must remember that this Great Lord made us in His image, and therefore, He will not interfere unless invited to do so by those He put in charge of this world. That’s us! God chose the ancient Israelites to receive His Word for the entire human family, and through them we have been given the Word of God which we read every day. With this privilege comes an awesome responsibility…to do everything in our power to make sure the whole world would hear of the mercies and judgements of our holy and loving God.


I am reminded, O God, in each Psalm I read that You are great! I marvel that You, the Creator of the universe, are so concerned about me as an individual. I pray for Your Spirit to so fill me that I will be able to effectively communicate Who You are to others. There is one person to whom I should speak today, and when the opportunity presents itself, may I be faithful and effective in sharing Your Word to that one, and others, by my words, my actions, and my giving. In the name of the One who did this 100% of the time, Jesus Christ. Amen!!!


I had the honour of appearing on the 100 Huntley Street telecast yesterday morning live at 9:30 a.m. eastern standard time on the Global TV Network. This telecast was repeated several times on CTS, the Crossroads Television System network. Also our websites 100huntley.com and Crossroads360.com website carry this show. I call this a “show” because we want to “show” the great God of the universe, who “heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.” If anyone missed yesterday and wants to view that telecast, just click here (I was on in the last part of the program). We, as a human family, must understand that the majority of the inhabitants of earth have made it clear that they don’t want God involved in their lives. God is not a dictator. He is a lover! His great heart is broken! We’ve rejected His love. We’ve taken prayer and the Bible out of our public schools and much of the public square. Ever since our first human parents, we’ve separated ourselves from God and from His maintenance of creation over which he gave us dominion. Thus nature is left on its own, and the result is disaster after disaster. It’s our fault, not God’s. Therefore, we must respond. There is a crisis in the Philippines currently to which we can give our help! Our Crossroads Global CEO, Dr. John Hull, will likely have some suggestions for ways you can help. He will be co-hosting 100 Huntley Street for the rest of this week.

Yours for reaching out to others with God’s unending love,


P.S. Our former CEO, Don Simmonds, instructed Ron and Ann, my son and his wife, to accompany Norma-Jean and me in our annual trip to Israel. We leave from Toronto International Airport this evening. Don felt that with the illness with which I’ve been diagnosed, MDS acute leukemia, I needed help in leading the tour. Thank You Crossroads for helping provide the best of care for our fellow travellers. 100words.ca will originate daily from the Holy Land for the next two weeks, God willing! While we are away, we plan to send a couple of short video greetings to air on 100 Huntley Street. Be sure to watch as Moira and Dr. John Hull host the program. John was Pastor of The People’s Church, Toronto, for the final seven years of the 20th century. As such, he built, with God’s help, on the legacy of the great missionary visionary, Dr. Oswald J. Smith. In the first 13 years of the 21st century, John served as President and CEO of the ministry known as Equip. He joined Crossroads this past September, and if you missed seeing the announcement on 100 Huntley Street, click here for the interview Don Simmonds and I did with Dr. Hull. He has a great vision for reaching the world with the message found in today’s reading and with the Good News of Jesus!

47 thoughts on “Tuesday, November 12, 2013

  1. Praise the Lord! For it is good to sing praises to our God; for it is pleasant and praise is beautiful, indeed! Watched you on air, yesterday, David; continuing to pray for Rob Ford; may he be receptive to your phone call that plants the mustard seed.

    The power of prayer is incredible and it keeps us connected with our Maker. You are a perfect example, David. You look fantastic as you get set to embark on the annual trip to the Holy Land. Medical doctors would never have believed it could be so. Faith and prayer to our Healer and Saviour proclaim otherwise!!

    God bless you, Norma-Jean, Ron, Ann, and the wonderful flock of Christians who are blessed to travel with you. Praying for traveling mercies and angels to be with you all. So looking forward to following the journey with you on the blog and 100 Huntley Street. God bless you, fine sir!

    Blessings for a beautiful day, fellow saints!

    Miracles exceed the expectations of men, but are everyday gifts from God.
    Beverlee Kay
    c. 2013

  2. May God go before you as you lead another group to the Holy Land. May He give you sustained strength and power for the journey. Blessings to all who are going with you. May this be a trip that will change people’s lives as they walk where Jesus walked and see the “Living” Bible first hand.

    Have a blessed day blog-buddies!!

  3. Our thoughts and prayers will certainly be with you on the trip. We will anxiously look forward to the blog each day. Maybe we will see you IN a picture or two that Reynold takes? May God go before you and prepare the way. May He give you direction, understanding, vision, and safety as you travel there. Amen.

  4. 1 Corinthians 2:9b (NLT)
    “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him.”

    Friends, we are here on an exciting journey. A journey prepared for us by the Lord of the universe! We have been nourished with supplies for daily living, given a handbook for wisdom, direction and spiritual survival and have been blessed with God in Trinity as our sure footing and unbreakable foundation. Could anyone have ever imagined before we were saved, what an exciting journey this would be? We have a purpose, a story and a mandate to share with the world. The God of the universe wants everyone to know that He loves them, that He truly cares for each of them, and that He wants to be in relationship with them. He wants to make everyone’s lives truly meaningful and to fulfill the promise that He made, to be with His people on the journey. It’s in the journey, the activities of our lives that God works to mature us and to reach others with His word. We are not alone, God is with us, He will accomplish His good and perfect will in us and through us in reaching out to all nations with His love and salvation. Jesus is the message and through God’s Holy Spirit the message will be delivered to a lost and needy world. God has fully equipped and supplied us for the journey, the question is, will we heed His call?

    • Amen, brother Scott! Proclaim it! Let us be guided by God’s will that leads us over the mountains and through the valleys in this journey we embark on together as Christians. Let us spread the Word loud and clear for all to know how much Jesus loves them and how honoured we are to glorify our risen King!

    • Oh Scott how Wonderful to read your post this morning….WELCOME BACK brother! We have missed you and Praise God for HIs sustaining grace and strength for you.

    • It is so wonderful to have you back with us Scott and reading your posts again! 🙂
      Amen! to both your and Beverlee Kay’s comments this morning.

    • By His grace Scott, i am ever willing and ever ready!!! I thank God for giving you the Holy Spirit once again, for it is only He that reveals such wisdom to us humans:) God loves you Scott and so do we, stay with your blog family and by HIS grace, HE will give you the strength to overcome every trial and temptation you will ever have to face again! Amen! Stay blessed:)

  5. Amen to all the posted prayers today, blogging friends. God’s speed on your journey to Israel, David, Norma-Jean, Ron, Ron and tour group.

  6. It is comforting to know our Lord knows and understands us in all manner of our life. Even when we feel tired or misunderstood, Christ is with us, and I believe too, an angel of light and the Holy Spirit. We are protected and loved. We can safely return His love for us, without abandonment or rejection as God Is love. I pray for those suffering from depression, loss and addiction. May you come to the realization you are powerless on your own and turn your life over to the One Who heals and brings restoration and happiness back into your life. Nothing more to loose, everything to gain. Have a great journey to all touring in Israel!

  7. Praying for safety as you will be traveling for the next two weeks.
    Looking forward to your blogs from the Holy Land.
    The Lord is our refuge and our shelter, PS. 91.
    Greetings to all.

  8. Bless John Hull for understanding you might need some help leading the tour. We all need help now and then, yet asking for help makes us feel vulnerable. Being honest with our limitations is difficult, but accepting them keeps us humble. I am going with all of you in spirit and looking forward in sharing through this blog your experiences in the Holy Land.
    As Christians we always speak of the the God shape hole in our hearts that only God can fill, but there is also a hole in God’s heart that only we can fill. There is a place in His heart made everyone as an individual. And that is why there is so much rejoicing in heaven when one sinner repents, because a piece of God’s heart is reunited with the rest of His heart– it is truly a beautiful thing.
    As humans we have all experience the ache of missing someone– God heart aches in ways we cannot fathom, for all those who are separated from His heart. He misses them—- it such profound ways. And that is why God has a such empathy for the brokenhearted because He understands the pain of a broken heart all too well.

  9. After reading all what the blog followers have posted, I am in agreement with you all. The Holy Spirit is so good and shows we’re on the same page. It’s wonderful to belong to the family of God.
    Journey mercies be with you dear David, Norma-Jean, Ron, Ann and those travelling with you on your trip. Looking forward to hearing your daily blog from Israel.
    Also keeping the Philippines in prayer. May God bless them with food, water, and hope that comes in Jesus’ name.

    • Amen, Charlene! Praying for those devastated by the hurricane in the Philippines, lest we not forget them. We call on you our Heavenly Father, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and to the sanctity of the Holy Spirit. We pray for immediate aid and assistance to be brought to everyone in the Philippines, Lord, who have been displaced. We pray for help from all directions around the world to provide food, water, blankets, medical attention, clothing and housing relief. We pray for political leaders of every country to send financial relief and teams of people to help. We pray for agencies to come forward to aid the children, teens, adults and seniors who have been left without family members. We pray for those who have been separated from family to be reunited with them, Lord. Please angels, bring help in every way possible from those willing to give. We ask for Your mercy and grace for the people of the Philippines, dear Lord. In Jesus name, we pray, amen, amen, and amen.

  10. David I pray for God to protect you and keep you in good health during
    your trip as well as Ron & Ann . Enjoy your journey.
    Welcome back Scott your posts have been missed by all of us.
    Amen to all above
    Lianne Hogg

  11. You did it, Rev. Mainse!!! You did It!! I always enjoy watching you speak sir, for the simply reason that with you speaking, I see sincerity, love, a non judgmental humble spirit, care, I see the child in you and that builds up my spirit:) it gives me the zeal and enthusiasm to grow in my faith, to love CHRIST-LIKE, to care, to overcome the judgemental spirit in me, and to just reconnect with the child in me every second of my life! The clip ” If I should fall”, wow! What a courageous spirit! I was truly touched! God bless you abundantly sir! And a safe journey to you all:) My aunt is a Revrend , Revrend Magaret Sesay, I would be visiting home ( Sierra Leone) in January, and she has requested that I send her as many BIBLES as I can lay my hands on:) I was wondering if any of my blogg family knows of a place that give away bibles so I can contact them… Thank you all and stay blessed!:)

  12. I praise theLord for you Scott missed your daily comments so good to see you back..
    David and Norma Jean Ron and Ann and the whole group have a blessed and safe
    trip to the Holy Land, I will be looking for your pictures Ren , may God keep you all safe
    God surround you all with a safe trip…..R….

  13. Dear David, I pray for safety and a wonderful time in God’s Chosen Land. How exciting to be going back to walk in Jesus’s steps. God bless you and give you strength.

  14. David,such a blessing are you by still managing to send your blog to us while on your journey.I pray safety and wellness to all of you at this special time. You and your amazing ministry are such a gift to us world wide.Thank you. I’m looking forward to any pictures or stories you can share with us.
    Peace,love and joy to you, Anne

  15. Dear Rev. David Mainse
    Have a fabulour two week journey in the Holy Land. May THE HOLY SPIRIT BE WITH YOU and you’re love’ones and the lucky 100. Looking forward to following you every day on the blog!

    God bless you! all my fellow saints!

  16. Amen, Beverlee to the prayer for the devastated people of the Philippians. May all these supplies get to them in time to save precious lives.

  17. As I think for the disaster in the Phillipines: I think of God’s word in Isaiah 43:2
    “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you; when you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon you.”
    43:3a “For I am the Lord they God the Holy One of Israel, your Savior:”

    “Lord God bring them Your Peace, and uphold them with your Righteous right hand as they go through this time of trouble! In you Mighty Holy Name, Jesus, I Pray! Amen!!!

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