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Suggested Reading: Psalms 135-136

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The Parthenon is a temple on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, dedicated to the maiden goddess Athena, whom the people of Athens considered their patron deity. Its construction began in 447 BC when the Athenian Empire was at the height of its power. It is the most important surviving building of Classical Greece. Unique to the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and King David was that, unlike pagan gods. It could not be said of them that their "Mercy endures forever."

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Key Verses: Psalms 135:13, 136:4

Your name, O Lord, endures forever,

Your fame, O Lord, throughout all generations.

…To Him who alone does great wonders,

For His mercy endures forever!

Both Psalms in today’s reading refer to the final and decisive plague on the Egyptians which resulted in freedom for their slaves, the Israelite people (Exodus 12:29-36). This is a high price to pay for the freedom of the slaves in Egypt, but I’ve just finished reading a book on the American Civil War, fought for the cause of freeing the slaves. The Americans paid a much higher price in the death of their sons for a similar cause.

(1) We learn here that God’s gifts and miracles arise from His love!

(2) God protects and cares for His loved ones! God’s daily provision for us is not an accident of nature which was already set in motion.

(3) We eat and drink today because God loves us today!

It’s no wonder that the psalmist repeats 26 times, “His mercy endures forever!”


Lord God, I’ve just read many reasons as to why I should be thankful! Your Word tells me that Your “Goodness leads …. to repentance!” I pray that this will always be so in my life! Amen!!!


Often over the years I’ve reminded people that the most often repeated verse in the Bible is, “His mercy endures forever.” Another very important verse from God’s Word is, “Whosoever calls on the Name of the Lord shall be saved!” (Romans 10:13). We should never forget 1 John 1:9 – “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” I have found that many more people struggle with having assurance of salvation than there are those who take God at His Word and rest in the assurance of “His mercy.” This is the result of a lack of emphasis on God’s grace and His unconditional love! I’ve just read Psalm 136 out loud. I dare anyone to join me in this exercise and still doubt God’s mercy and forgiveness!

Today is Billy Graham’s 95th birthday. Crossroads is helping to promote Billy’s latest effort in bringing precious souls to Jesus (click HERE for more about the MY HOPE television campaign and watch the broadcast tonight!). Also, HERE is a link to the first time Billy was on 100 Huntley Street, back in 1978.

Yours for the full assurance of the Presence in our lives of our Saviour and Lord!


23 thoughts on “Thursday, November 7, 2013

  1. I’m still not sure where the starving children who continue to die without mercy fall in His plan. I do wonder if, like the Amorites and other races that were annihalated when the Israelites moved in, some people were just not destined for His kingdom. I mean if we eat and drink because He loves us, what about the children who starve by the thousands or millions?

    • God has provided enough food and water for everyone. Mother Theresa said, “You do not need to feed a hundred people, you just need to feed one”. God is not the problem here, we are.

    • Jesus told a story about a Samaritan who helped a man who was beaten and robbed and left to die. Three religious jewish people walked by without helping him. One prayed but did not help him. Then a samaritan man saw him and paid for his care until he was healed. Then Jesus asked, which of these people obeyed the commandment to love thy neighbor as thy self. Also, when Jesus healed a man, he was asked who sinned that the man was deaf (or blind): the man or his parents. Jesus said the man was not born deaf (or blind) because of his sins or his parents but so Jesus could heal him. Jesus also said that whatever you do to the least of his brothers you do to Him. “Woe unto the world because of offences… but woe unto that man by whom the offence comes.”

    • Good question. Personally I don’ know enough to even pretend to know an answer. Often I have pondered why starving children die. But I TRUST IN GOD’S WILL. I bet my whole life on that! As I said last week or so ago. I don’t understand the rapture. If it is to heaven I go (can hardly wait), I believe with my total heart, we will get all the answers to all questions put forth in all our personal lives. Such as why did so and so have to die, or get cancer or have to have commit suicide or have a life taken so suddenly, fire, bus crash, the list goes on endlessly. God’s love endures forever! Until I go, I am alive only for HIM. I will not fear. My heart is joy filled. He will answer all our questions on His time. And why not? He is our father. Amen. Everybody’s father. Even a child in Africa.

    • If we have been diagnosed with a terminate disease, we know our life comes to an end. Knowing Gods plan is beyond our comprehension. Just as it is for starving children and even worse, for a mother and father unable to provide. It is as if in Gods large tapestry of life, a single thread cannot know the whole picture. God loves all humanity, as He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins. All colours and races of humanity! Know that you are personally known and created by God. Whatever happens in your life is in Gods plan. In all cases, hard to accept, but true.

    • Jesus died for the sins of every person….and His salvation is available for everyone. There is evil in this world, even though many deny that fact. Only evil could, in hatred, destroy the land and steal the money and resources needed by their own people. One day the enemy will be destroyed forever!

  2. How wonderful to hear Dr. Billy Graham from 1978 and to know Pastor David that Huntley St. Has indeed gone on through all these years to reach millions for The Lord Jesus Christ.

    Blessings everyone……..HIS MERCY ENDURES FOREVER!!!!!!

    I did take your dare and read in a loud voice Psalm 136. Hallelujah to THE KING.

  3. Father God
    Forgive me for all the things you made that I take for granted every day,
    and for the thoughts words or actions that are not pleasing to you. I love you
    and need to be more thankful you did it for me
    In Jesus name

    Lianne Hogg

  4. The mercy of God is new every morning like fresh mana that has to collected for the one day of supply of food , so is Gods handbook of life The Holy Bible to imerse ourselves in His love for those who know Him and want to get to know Him we praise you Lord gor your tender mercy for us and we pray for the peace of Jerusalem
    God bless you everyone :;)

  5. It really is a crafty mind that makes the lie so placed to cause doubt in the Truth. I have heard that many people in Athens did not believe in their gods. To many Greeks, they were only stories. However, the similarities to the cunning fables, as Paul called them, to the Truth is obvious: temples, punishment and favour to one nation against all the others. This is in the religions of the greeks and also in the Old Testament. Even the begging for mercy in repentance after suffering plagues is in the literature of the ancient greeks. More importantly, the Truth does show that we will be grateful to have the Judge. Love is backed by judgement. “Judgement, faith and mercy are the great matters of the law.” It is important to declare that God did send Jesus to be Lord to all of us.

  6. Happy Birthday and Congratulations on his 95th to Dr. Billy Graham, as the angel of the Lord said of Gideon, thou mighty man of valour.”(Judges 6:12). Am looking forward to the 3 nights of My Hope on tv. Thanks for all you have done for the Kingdom over the years, David M. God bless you fellow saints.

  7. Good Morning David,
    Today I recall reading Psalm 136. at our family dinner table. We had devotion after supper. I was a young girl then and my Dad would often ask me to read out loud.While reading, I started to omit the “chorus ” after a number of verses and did so until my brother in law said “hey wait a minute, are you not skipping over something?”
    The “problem ” was promptly corrected. As an older woman today I have seen “His mercy endure” in my life over and over. He has not “skipped” over me. Thank you Lord.
    Blessings for today and always.

  8. My grandpa would be discharged from the hospital very soon by the grace of God!!
    Praise the Living God!!!
    His Love and Mercy endures forever !
    Thank you all for your prayers my fellow bloggers
    God bless you all
    For His Love and Mercy endures forever 🙂

  9. Thank you Linda .
    This has been one of my conserne for a long time and still IS. I came to know
    the LORD in my midle years,and learned that HI is a GOD of love and does not want
    anyone to parish HIS LOVE IS UNFAILING for All, whatever HI decides for all
    HIS creatln will be perfct, and that we will have many delighteful surprases at the
    other side of this life, HI is a GOD LOVE AND ABLE TO DO MORE THAN WE
    CAN EVER IMAGIN. Blessings to all Maria

  10. It was great to hear Billy Graham (1978) – he reminds of of Noah “Preaching and preparing people to turn to God …right until the last moment God will grant Billy Graham….and the unrelenting passion to this day of David Maine. “Mighty God, pour our your convicting and saving power unto this nation causing many to turn to God”. “Lord, baptize afresh by the fire of the Spirit “to be his witnesses” in a very needy world – and lay upon our hearts the burden to share our abundance of spiritual and material blessings to the hungry children (and individuals) in the world knowing that you will hold us accountable if we do not share our abundance and lesson the misery around the world.” (Linda’s comments. I am reminded of Matthew 18, almost a whole chapter devoted to ‘little children’ and ‘new believers’) “O God, help me – and all of us – to be a practical..shining light …by giving the good news and practical help to those need.” Samuel

  11. Dear Rev. David M.
    Happy birthday to your dear friend Dr. Billy Graham on his 95th birthday. This past summer I went to the my hope conference and now I am praying and asking the Lord to guide me and inspire me on what He wants me to do with Mon Espoir– My Hope, desiring to reach as many for the kingdom as possible.
    PS: So grateful to our Lord whose mercies endure forever and has done such a fantastic job bringing back Patricias grandpa. Thank you Lordd Thank you Jesus.
    Blessings to my fellow bloggers. Love in Christ.

  12. Oh how wonderful to hear the testamonies and Billy Graham’s hope and prayers for America. I am a Canadian I claim his prayers for us all.
    In Jesus name A amen
    Marla 🙂

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