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Suggested Reading: Psalm 35-37

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In 1667, Pope Clement X commissioned Gian Lorenzo Bernini to build a second fountain in St. Peter's Square in Rome, which closely followed the design of the Maderno Fountain on the north side of the square. The Bernini Fountain was completed in 1677. In the distance you can see St. Peter's Basilica and its dome. In our reading today, the psalmist, David, wrote of the Lord, "For with You is the fountain of life" (Psalm 36:9a).

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Key Verses: Psalm 36:8-9a

They are abundantly satisfied with the fullness of Your house,

And You give them drink from the river of Your pleasures.

For with You is the fountain of life.

This is not a dull, unexciting existence, but a life of fullness, a river of God’s pleasures, and for us, a “fountain of life!” In the first eight verses of Psalm 37, the words “DO NOT FRET,” begin and end a list that can guarantee us a joy-filled life. (1) Trust in the Lord. (2) Dwell in the land. (3) Delight yourself also in the Lord. (4) Commit your way to the Lord. (5) Rest in the Lord. Now, let’s go back over these 5 and ask ourselves whether or not they are happening in our lives.

The results of practising the above are summed up in Psalm 37:23-25. We may want to reread these verses, taking time to meditate on them, and then pray the following prayer.


Lord God, Grant me the grace to not fret! I am trusting You! I am dwelling with You! I am delighting myself in You! I commit my way to You! Having made this confession, I now rest in You! I pray that the One who lived this way 100% of the time, the Lord Jesus Christ, whom I’ve invited to live in me, will enable me to live as He lived! Amen!!!


Psalm 37:37 brings laughter to me as I read it. When I was a student at EPBC, now Master’s College and Seminary, in Peterborough, Ontario, we, a few students, carried out an odd practice for about two weeks. Some of us would carry in our pockets a marker pencil, and if anyone came across less than humble in a statement or attitude, out would come the marker, and an “X” would be placed somewhere on that person. The original English translations rendered verse 37, “Mark the perfect man!” We had a great deal of fun, but there were actually two messages here. First, I must not think of myself too highly, and second, I should not be so judgmental of others. The New King James translation, which I use for this blog, does not use the word “perfect,” but “blameless.” I learned that I am “in Christ,” and because of Him and Him only, can I be “perfect,” which I’ve come to understand means “complete” or “blameless.” For a New Testament reading, I suggest Ephesians 1:1-23. The words “in Christ” or “in Him” are repeated at least a dozen times. So…as the old English says, “Fret not thyself!!!”

Yours for Joy in our Journey!


P.S. I was checking out Crossroads 360 and came across Ron’s “Stay in Touch” segment on “Joy.” It seemed appropriate to suggest that, in the light of “fret not thyself,” all of us watch this (click here).

Another photo angle on the Bernini Fountain in St. Peter's Square in Rome.

12 thoughts on “Tuesday, September 24, 2013

  1. Oh that we might all be found to be “blameless”, “perfect” and “righteous” in Jesus when He returns. Once again, not because of anything we have done but because of the finished work that Christ completed in offering a propitiation for our sin and for purchasing our salvation. We have good reason to be anxious with all that goes on around us daily, however the practice of “trust” and living in Jesus builds a “faith” which is immoveable. Rest in Jesus, He is able to save to the uttermost.

  2. Lord, help us to “fret not”. To be grateful and count our blessings. To laugh and delight in our Lord’s goodness, even in times of trials. Thank you for today’s timely message and reading. Have a great day, to all!

  3. Perfect timing for this reading today, as I believe The Lord knows exactly when we need a boost!!

    I enjoyed the “joy” link to Ron and his prayer was very meaningful to me today.

    Psalm 37 fills my heart with joy and hope as we turn our fears over to the ONE who has paid for our sins and is our Great Redeemer….JESUS.

    Blessings to all today.

  4. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your OWN understanding in all your ways aknowledge HIM and HE will direct your path
    This is one of my scriptures I lean on because without Him I can do nothing ,
    God has always been faithful to me and I love Him but I always havent been faithful but I want to be , Im not where I want to be but thank God Im not where I used to be ,
    So I will cast all my cares on Him (Jesus ) for He cares for me , He will help me till Jesus returns
    Praise your Holy precious name Amen .

  5. There is much convergence and continuity in the psalms we have been reading: “many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers them out of them all (psalm 34:19).” Also, “Blessed is the man to whom the Lord does not impute iniquity and in whose spirit there is no deceit (psalm 32:1).” Both these messages are also in today’s blog and psalms. Speaking personally, I noticed recently a step backward in my mind’s resistance to sinful thoughts and also two nights of a feeling of being further from God. I thank God that He makes me hear Him. It is Him who makes me see it. In psalm 28, Saturday, King David said, “Lord, do not be silent or I will be like them who go down to the pit.” Jesus says that His yoke is light. I don’t remember the chapter and which gospel(s). However, God also says in Jeremiah that He will try the reigns of our hearts (Jer 17:10). God knows our hearts and He lets us choose to serve Him or to serve sin. He lets me know when I am not walking right or being right in heart. However, if I reject his voice, now that I know it so much better over the last few years, my conscience would be scarred and numbed. Yes, there is grace if I am sincere but I can’t fool God. It does not mean that I am perfect but God does not want me to fall backward. Abraham was perfect in heart though God had not yet required of any human, including him, the commandments given to Moses. Abraham was pure and intence and faithful to God and God tried the reigns. It is a good example but I need to be careful to not be “neither hot nor cold” in my heart and mind. To some, I might seem never to be walking right but God knows and my heart is honest because of God. Not perfect but not looking to deceive myself or others or God.

  6. Oh, the perfect Psalms and message for exactly what I have been struggling with these past few days. As I prayed on my hands and knees, this morning, I could so feel the love of the Lord and His presence. It lifted me, immediately. How could I let myself fall into the same trap again of being pulled down by the judgement cast on me by others? I am so grateful for the reminder, today. Oh the magnitude of our Father’s love for us! We need not fret, nor be brought down by anyone or anything. For though we will stumble, we will not fall.

    Thank you for the message you shared through your example, David, and Psalm 37:37–consider the blameless, observe the upright, a future awaits those who seek peace. I must not think of myself too highly, and I should not be so judgmental of others. The very thing others cast negatively upon me is what I need to reconcile within myself. I praise God for giving me the eyes to see my own errors and the grace to resolve it. I pray for those who persecute me, and ask that God will open their eyes to their own iniquity, and that His will be done in their lives. Thank you Christ for living in me!

  7. Thank you David for that segment with Ron…it confirms that “the Joy of the Lord is our strength” especially in tough times; to “Fret Not” but “Delight ourselves in the Lord”

    May your day be filled with Joy!


  8. Thank you David for your message
    Brenda that scripture came to my mind before Phil 4:5-7 and I have it hung up
    on my wall . We do need to trust God. I heard someone else in ministry say
    I am not where I want to be but thank God I am not where I use to be
    Lianne Hogg

  9. I looked the video with Ron and what a joy !!!! I have never seen him so confident ! You and your wife andOur Lord have surely accomplished a wonderous thing in the continuing nurturing of and love of your wonderful family!!!!!! God bless you all!!!!!

  10. Dear Rev. David M and fellow bloggers
    How truly uplifting psalm37 is so thank you Lord for making our steps firm as we delight in You and though we may stumble You are there to break our fall .
    Ron’s prayer is one that I hope to share with many others.
    Blessings everyone

    Xxx Carole

  11. Good evening fellow lovers of the Bible and of Our Father in heaven.
    It is wonderful to share in your memories David. You and your family are so blessed …..blessed indeed!!
    I love how you communicate your imput to us. It is powerful and profound.
    Thank you!
    To day I could relate to the comments so well. Brenda Amen to that….
    thank God I’m not where I use to be.
    And thanks to my effort in obedience and in maintaining a pure heart I know where I am going. Amen!

    Brad brovo brother you are honest …To thine own self be true.
    Yes we are far from perfect. I ‘m glad Jesus judges us by our hearts, cause some times our actions don’t match. But that is part of being human, we makes mistakes.

    Beverly I have walked in your shoes it hurts. There is a knew book featured
    from Cross Roads By Ann Lot. Billy Grhams doughter. I saw her inter view with
    Moira . Ann was being judged by her fellow Christians she was very hurt too.
    She has grown from the experience. You might appreciate her perspective.

    Ron if you read this blog may I say you are very much like your loving earthly father . You ware your heart on your sleve for humanity. Keep up your good work in the Lord. You have a kind and caring demiener in convaying your concern for the broken hearted. I am grateful God has given us people like you.
    People who have made it their life’s work to share the gospel and help those in need. Thank you!!! Ron. God bless you and your loved ones.

    Today’s reading is very powerful. I can tell you that I witnessed these verses
    being fulfilled litteraly. I was not surprised, no …….. I was amazed….. I was
    Shocked. And I have prayed for the ones who have fallen to their demise at the hands of them selves. I am not happy to see the end results. I could never be happy to see any one fall no matter how cruel they were. I pray that God will
    use this demise to have these people open their eyes to look at them selves , to prick their cocience in order to lead these people to Christ and life eternal.
    In Jesus name Amen!

    Yes the Bible is 100% true . It will stand the” test ” any test any time for all time.

    Last Sunday was a very special day at Pine Grove Church , our Church is now free from the bondage of debt. yep We are Mortgage free. Praise the Lord. Our Pastor
    and the elders as well as some wonderful long time members delighted in having a ceramony were they litteraly burned the old mortgage documents.

    My prayer for today is, may other churches be as obedient in keeping Gods word that they to will be blessed abundantly. In Jesus name Amen!!

    Pleasent dreams Love and Prayers to all. 🙂

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