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Suggested Reading: Psalms 4-6

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Shepherds milk a sheep amidst the ruins of Jerash, Jordan. David, the shepherd king, has given us three hymns in today's reading.

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Key Verse: Psalm 4:8

I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; For You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.

How many of us have prayed the bedtime prayer, “Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep! If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take!” How many of us have considered that this prayer could have come from David? As a boy, David slept on the hills around Bethlehem. In order to find good pasture, he would often wander far from home. With wolves and mountain lions in the area, what a comfort David’s faith in God must have been to him.

These Psalms of prayer cover 24/7 time periods: morning, evening, and all night long. By practise, we develop a special sense of God’s presence at all times. In fact, we may want to read 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. While the middle verse of these three tells us to “pray without ceasing,” the verses before and after encourage us to “REJOICE” and to “GIVE THANKS!” David knew the secret of practising the presence of God. In Psalm 4, he writes of “GLADNESS” (verse 7a). In Psalm 5, he encourages, “REJOICE” and “SHOUT FOR JOY!” (verse 11a). And in Psalm 6, David writes of “WEEPING” (verse 8b). It is good emotional health to give vent to our feelings before God. So, go ahead, get alone with God and let your emotions surface, expressing whatever is in your heart. David surely did this. In fact, God said of David, as recorded by the Apostle Paul, “I have found David the son of Jessie, a man after My own heart, who will do all My will” (Acts 13:22b).


Lord God, “HEAR MY PRAYER!” “MY VOICE YOU SHALL HEAR IN THE MORNING, O LORD!” “HAVE MERCY ON ME, O LORD, FOR I AM WEAK; O LORD, HEAL ME, FOR MY BONES ARE TROUBLED.” I cry out to You Lord with the words of David. I also confess David’s declaration of faith, “THE LORD WILL HEAR WHEN I CALL TO HIM.” I do so in the Name and through the Person of the One Who said, “FATHER, I KNOW YOU ALWAYS HEAR ME,” Jesus Christ (John 11:42a). Amen!!!


Today is the anniversary of the evil and infamous attack on the World Trade Centre Towers in New York City. The Islamists who committed this unspeakable evil claim that David is one of their prophets. David wrote, “The Lord abhors the bloodthirsty and deceitful man” (Psalm 5:6b). If I dwell on the evil in the hearts of people, I will surely do as David did, “drench my couch with my tears” (Psalm 6:5b). And at the same time I believe that, “The Lord has heard my supplication; the Lord will receive my prayer” (Psalm 6:9).

I identify strongly with the words of Psalm 6:2b, “Heal me for my bones are troubled.” I’m feeling better than I have for almost two years and yet yesterday my blood tests showed that the marrow of my bones is not producing healthy white blood cells, but cancerous ones. According to the medical people, the MDS acute leukemia is my diagnosis. Nevertheless, I pray with fervency every day, “Heal me, O Lord!” I believe God hears and answers my prayer. I’ve quoted before the couplet I heard my dad say, “Be my symptoms what they will, Jesus is my Healer still!” Amen!!!

Yours with total confidence in God’s provision!


P.S. I’ve had the honour of preaching in many different churches (those that hold to the solid faith of the early church fathers clearly written in the ancient creeds). I cherish the hymnbook pictured below which was presented to me after I preached in a Lutheran Church. The Psalms were the Hymnbook for worship in the Temple in Jerusalem for 1,000 years. Jesus worshipped in the Temple, and no doubt the Psalms were the book from which He sang and worshipped. This hymnbook sits on the shelf just above the place where I type this blog. I often take it down and read or sing one or more of the great hymns handed down to us by men and women of God. I don’t sing solos in public, but I surely do so when it’s just God and me here in my study.

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  1. We collectively cry out in fervent prayer for you brother David. We are comforted by Your words of wisdom, strength and hope that we find in the Psalms Lord, we know that You have only our best in mind for David and that You will protect him and be with him in times of difficulty. May Your hand continue to touch David, to promote cellular health and healing in his life, comfort him in distress and help him to focus upon You only, for it is in You that we find the fullness of rest and peace for our lives. Lord, we know that you are a great miracle worker and we pray for David’s complete healing right now. We pray and ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  2. Paul was conflicted whether is better to live longer, labouring more, serving Jesus or die and be with him, which is much better for Paul, but he must have been a workaholic. You likewise must be conflicted. Eitherway, you can’t lose. Your church needs you, but if you leave us, you are spared from the evil that is coming upon us. May you live to see Jesus in great glory in the clouds of heaven. Steven saw Him and so did Enoch. Also, the pastor who died for 30 minutes after a truck rolled over his car described the same thing at the entrance of heaven as Enoch. You are working a good long day. It is amazing that God would make the sun shine just for one man but he did and I saw it. Likewise, you are a man after God’s heart.

  3. Amen to your prayer for David, Scott. Like Brad said, the church of Jesus Christ needs you and we want you here for a long time yet. Was praying for you last night at church. You have been such a blessing to me over the years and will keep you in my prayers.

  4. Lord God, I too pray fervently for Pastor David. May your healing spirit move within his body and give him complete healing of the bad cells and turn them into good white ones. We know Most Holy God that you alone can heal and so together we uplift David today.

    Thank you once again Pastor David for your faithfullness in getting this blog out to us, it is a joy to be part of this group and to share our burdens with one another.

    Thanks too for showing the picture of the psalms worship book. When I was a young lass, we sang from the psalter (?) and I remember well “a mighty fortress is our GOD”. So I just finished singing it again….thank you….it is amazing how the tunes and words come back to us.

  5. Praying for you Pastor David, for daily courage, strength and healing.
    To be on a cancer journey is never an easy road to travel. But the Lord will be with you.
    Blessings to one and all.

  6. I also pray for complete healing in Jesus’ name. 100 Huntley was my lifesaver when I was going through tough times. God has healed me. I thank God for you and your faithfulness. You and Norma Jean are a great inspiration to be. Be blessed, be healed and completely restored in Jesus’ precious name. We love you.

  7. Thank you Lord for you give your beloved sleep and we thank you for the priviledge to pray without ceasing and put burdens on our hearts to pray for the needs and the peace of Jerusalem , and indeed we pray fervently for David
    Lord we lift up David Mainse before you and we bind this foul disease to go in jesus mame and we loosed your healing power to flood his body from the top of his head to the tips of his toes and the blood that flows through his veins to be clear in Jesus name because you said anything we ask in your name you will do it and any two agree as touching it shall be done by our father in heaven so we give you all the praise and all the glory in Jesus prcious holy name Amen

  8. Hi David, l am convinced that our wonderful Heavenly Father is holding you securely in his arms, no matter what the doctors say. lt is so good to hear that you are feeling better than you have for 2 years! That’s great news, l know in my heart that you are in the centre of God’s plan, and although a mystery, it will work together for good and is working together for good even now. You are greatly loved and such an encouragement to others suffering in all kinds of ways, as you soldier on with such joy and excitement for the things of the Kingdom of God here on earth. Thank you so much for rising above it all, and sharing your great faith and knowledge with us and calling us a part of your extended family

  9. Thank you David for your dedication to God’s work and his Word, you have given many hope in Jesus Christ, and I pray and plead the blood of Christ over you. I pray you will be healed by the great physician the creator of all things large and small, and that you will continue to minister to people in sickness and in health, that you will provide much spiritual insight to those who are ill as you have walked down that road yourself. Baruch HaShem Yeshua HaMashiak . Amen

  10. God’s blessings are on you, David and please remember that He is the Divine and final Physician, not the doctors, who obtain some of their skill and knowledge from The Lord. So as you continue your Holy and Sacred work, God’s healing hands are upon you and He will take uou through to His Divine Light. Amen!!

  11. Dear Rev. David M.
    I join all my fellow bloggers in praying for your healing knowing quiet well that in Jesus we have The Perfect Physician.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an example of what a follower of Christ is .
    Sharing with you and everyone a worship song that I often listen and sing to in times of trials .
    Blessed day everyone.
    xxxx Carole.

  12. David, I praise the Lord that He has used you well. You are serving the Lord more now than you know.
    Yes I add my prayer to those for your healing, but all the more I praise the Lord for the witness you provide. Your witness has been on the television for years, but there is such a more personal witness you are providing now. Your blog is a kind of instruction book of how to look at God and the life He has given us. You tell us of your family and how you rejoice in them. You tell us of your struggles with health, and how you share them with the Lord and don’t lose faith just because time sometimes get hard. A discouraging prognosis does’t get you down in the dumps. The only thing I think that stops you from actually desperately wanting to immediately go to the Lord is the service you provide to Him while you are with us. OK I admit, the joy you get from your family might fit in there as well. Your priority of the important things in life, like your family and continuing service to Him above while in ‘retirement’ and not to temporal things is inspiring and a legacy even greater than the magnificent Crossroads corporation you began.
    May He who is worthy hold you in the palm of His hand, as you walk in His way.

  13. Holding you up in the highest of prayers, David Mainse. The Lord Almighty has a plan and it is in Him that we trust. Place your faith in Jesus all the way!

    A Mighty Fortress Is Our God by Martin Luther

    A mighty fortress is our God,
    a bulwark never failing;
    our helper he amid the flood
    of mortal ills prevailing.
    For still our ancient foe
    doth seek to work us woe;
    his craft and power are great,
    and armed with cruel hate,
    on earth is not his equal.

    Did we in our strength confide,
    our striving would be losing,
    we’re not the right man on our side,
    the man of God’s own choosing.
    Dost ask who that may be?
    Christ Jesus, it is he;
    Lord Sabaoth, his name,
    from age to age the same,
    and he must win the battle.

    And though this world, with devils filled,
    should threaten to undo us,
    we will not fear, for God hath willed
    his truth to triumph through us.
    The Prince of Darkness grim,
    we tremble not for him;
    his rage we can endure,
    for lo, his doom is sure;
    one little word shall fell him.

    That word above all earthly powers,
    no thanks to them, abideth;
    the Spirit and the gifts are ours,
    thru him who with us sideth.
    Let goods and kindred go,
    this mortal life also;
    the body they may kill;
    God’s truth abideth still;
    his kingdom is forever.

    Thanks to everyone for your prayers, yesterday. God bless you fellow saints!

  14. I need you all my Christian family to please help me pray as I find myself in a trying situation at the moment. I came to Canada over 3 years ago, before I travelled I was in a relationship for over 2 years so I decided to keep the relationship and hope for the best. I have been faithful all these while and my partner has also been faithful to some degree. He hurt me a few times and cheated a couple times since I left, but I must confess that he is also one of the most caring and loving people I know. I was planning to make a trip this December and he was making all necessary arrangements to propose:) About six months ago, one of his x girlfriends back in his school days messaged me on fb asking what my relationship with him was. I gently and carfully explained everything to her, she asked me to stay away because the man is hers. I spoke to my partner right away and told him everything , he confessed hat he gave her my full name and promised he would get her off my back right away because he wants nothing to do with her. I believed him. About a week ago, the same lady tried calling me and sent a message on my phone asking if I was dating her man? I went on my knees and pray asking for God’s direction before I started chatting with her. I chatted with her for over an hour and discovered some shocking truth! To cut a long story short, she told me that he has been with her all these while and they’ve been living like a couple. I spoke to him and he confirmed most of it except for the ‘ living like a couple’ part. Now he is asking me to forgive him and take him back, again! He has asked quite a few people to pleade on his behalf. To be honest I love him so much but I don’t want to keep hurting myself this way. I have forgiven him and I pray for him when I pray but I want to believe that God made this clear to me for a purpose. Therefore I would appreciate it if you all would join me in prayers and ask Our Good Lord to please speak to me and show me what to do. Take him back, or Move on? God bless you all

  15. Psalm 4:4a “In your anger do not sin” This means you can be angry and not sin! True enough, because Jesus Himself, who was sinless, got angry (see Matthew 21:12) God got angry a lot because of the Israelites

  16. disobedience (see the Old Testament) There is such a thing as righteous anger. But more often than not, the anger we experience everyday isn

  17. … this kind. When you get into an argument with someone, check your state of mind. Is it a matter of hurt or pride? “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those whom have trespassed against us.” Pent up anger destroys mind, body and soul. Yes, it is not a sin to be angry but it is harmful not to manage it. Have a great evening to all (and sorry for the unintentional re- posts. 😉 )

  18. I say and agree with all the prayers which have gone forth for David’s healing and God’s intervention on David’s behalf. Peace for David’s family as they walk with him through this time


  19. Hello David;
    I am praying for God’s divine healing to cover you as you walk through this
    time. You have been true and faithful to the call, and now God will reach
    out his faithfulness to you….so be it…God’s purpose is nothing but good
    for those who love and serve him as graciously as you have and still do.
    Thank-you for giving us your words of inspiration and many years of experience
    each and every day…

  20. We too are praying for your Health & Strength as He is our Physician in our daily walk with Him…….Was deglighted to see the pict. of the Hymnal from St. John,s Lutheran Church in Waterloo, since my Aunt attended this Church……& A Mighty Fortress is a favourite Hymn of many…..May God continue to Bless your daily blog which invigorates our day……….

  21. Patricia
    Love suffers long and is kind, love dose not envy;
    Love dose not parade itself,is not puffed up;
    dose not behave rudley,dose not seek its own,
    is not provoked, thinks no evil; dose not rejoice in iniquity,
    but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things,
    hopes all things endures all things.
    Love never fails. 1 Corithians 13 : 4- 8

    Love and prayers

  22. I am so sorry David to hear your news about the cancer cells, as we all are. No one could be in better and more loving arms than you by family and our Lord. You have been a strength and inspiration to countless people. I echo all the prayers above.

  23. God’s very perfect Will for you David. We would just love Him to heal your condition and give you many more years. His ways are higher than ours. I’m sure you have questions (as I do about my sister and her life-long suffering) but we trust Him. He knows the reason. I do most sincerely ask Him to touch your body and heal you completely. Patricia the Bible tells us to not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. When we go God’s way the blessings will follow us. Like David and Norma-Jean, my husband and I have been married for 55 years this month. My Sunday School teacher told her glass of 12 year old girls to pray for a good husband. I did and you don’t have to be really young to pray that prayer. God bless you and guide you into His plan for you.

  24. I join with other bloggers and pray for you David, that by the Loving Hand of our Lord and Saviour you will be healed. Thank you David for your compassion that you share so freely, may we all learn from this as we read your messages together.
    Thank You Jesus! Amen!

  25. Praying for you, Precious Man of God! You have brought hope and inspiration to so many of us through the years and you continue to do so even in the midst of your own illness. What a servants Heart! You and your Family and Crossroads are a gift from the Lord.

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