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Suggested Reading: 2 Timothy 1

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There are many foundations of shops and homes that can be seen in ancient Ephesus. In this photo you can see a threshold to what was once a shop or home. The symbols that can be seen indicate that a Christian lived here, and the many small round divots that were carved into the threshold had a very practical that people would not slip as they entered.

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Key Verse: 2 Timothy 1:7

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

The New King James translation is an excellent study Bible. The edition used for this blog is called “The Open Bible Expanded Edition.” Here are quotations from the commentary on 2nd Timothy: “It is clear from the sharp imperatives that his letter is really a combat manuel for use in spiritual warfare: ‘stir up’ (verse 6) – ‘do not be ashamed’ (verses 8 & 12) – ‘share with me in the sufferings’ (verse 8 ) – ‘hold fast…sound words’ (verse 13) – ‘that good thing…keep’ (verse 14).”

These orders continue on throughout 2nd Timothy. Our key verse contains what may be the most important fact for us to know with absolute assurance. Fear cripples people. There is the fear of the unknown, of people, and of death, to name a few. Fear will cause us to shrink back by demoralizing us (1 Samuel 13:5-8) and by giving us an attitude of defeat (Numbers 13:30 – 14:2). God does not intend His people to live in fear!!!


Lord God, I confess with my mouth, backed up by my whole heart, these words as I pray, “You have given me power, love, and a sound mind.” I ask for grace to take and use Your gifts to me again today and every day. May I seize the opportunities that surely will come my way over the next few hours. In the Name of the One whose motto could be, “NO FEAR,” Jesus, Himself, Amen!!!


I can imagine Timothy there in Ephesus, standing under the shadow of that immense Temple of Diana, one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, attempting to speak about Jesus with those who were entering or exiting the gigantic structure. I know that I would surely be in fervent prayer for boldness!

I expect that in about one hour I will enter the “GO train” to travel to downtown Toronto for what is now a bi-weekly medical treatment for the MDS Leukemia, which I am told I have. I have no fear of the disease and I’m believing that one of these days the doctors will tell me that I no longer have this condition. I plan to have no fear as I look for opportunities on board the train to witness for Christ. I want to share His love, His salvation, and the hope He gives for life here as well as in the great beyond. I take encouragement from Timothy. From the first letter I learned that Timothy may have had stomach problems (1 Timothy 5:23). To bolster my courage for today, I’ve read again 1 Timothy 6:12-16. I serve the One who is “the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings and Lord of lords, who alone has immortality, dwelling in unapproachable light, whom no man has seen or can see, to whom be honour and everlasting power. Amen!” Almighty God has become One of us in the Person of Jesus! How amazing is that?

Yours for sharing Jesus today and every day with those we meet,


A closer view of the threshold described in the photo above.

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  1. It would be such an experience to sit and observe you sharing Christ with a stranger on the GO Train! Today’s scripture reference (For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, strength and a sound mind) is one I claim wholeheartedly, as without love in Christ and His promises, there would much to be anxious about. What a difference faith makes in our lives! As Bob Marley sang in No Woman No Cry, “Everything is going to be all right.” Praying for your strength and Healing, David! Have a great day, to all!

  2. Dear David
    Thankyou for your encouraging words this morning and to your faithfulness in sharing the word through your blog.
    Our prayers continue to go with you as you head downtown for your treatments. Your profound faith and courage through this illness as been such a testimony of the divine strength you have been blessed with. May the great healer continue to touch your body and make you whole!
    It was an honor to host you as you wrote your blog last week. Thank you again for the books and for your time in sharing with the dear folks from Ottawa.
    We love your heart and your unyielding passion for souls!
    Janet and Eldon

  3. I have been greatly inspired by today’s reading. Each step of the way this past four months, I have been blessed by this blog and where it has taken me for my spiritual nourishment. It has been a rudder to my daily studies of the word and allowed me insight where I have lacked it. In short, it has been a direct answer to my prayers to the Lord, asking Him to bless me with “wisdom and insight”. Pastor David, my prayers continue to be with you and Norma-Jean. We serve a great and wonderful God. Amen!

  4. Today’s reading is very powerful in a world that brings much fear and anxiety. I was reading a book the other day that said when you feel overwhelmed with negative and destructive thoughts, just verbally say, “Stop, Stop, Stop!!! These condemning thoughts and destructive feelings that cause anxiety do not come from God, but from Satan, the great deceiver!”
    Claiming the key verse from today, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind..” and then following it with another verse from today’s reading, II Tim. 1:12 always helps me overcome those issues… “…for I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day.” Claiming these and other of God’s promises from scripture always helps me defeat these weird, fear causing times.
    When the enemy comes as he did to Jesus in the wilderness, reciting scripture back to the accuser can overcome him as it did for Jesus. I have found that reasserting the assurances of God, like the ones here in II Tim 1, can give peace and victory over Satin in a time of turmoil.

    David M., thanks for the blog, it always starts my day in a positive way…. Good luck with the treatment in Toronto.

  5. May God go with you today, David to Toronto for treatment. I had two appointments this week, one by skype with my heart surgeon and one with my cardiologist and both said I was doing well, and I claim that for you too, David. What encouragement for our faith from both 1 and 11 Timothy there is! Lord, also give David boldness like the Apostle Paul requested, “And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that i may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel.” (Eph. 6:19). God bless you fellow bloggers.

  6. Such strength encouragement and power in today’s reading and your message, David! Paul’s words spoken in I and II Timothy are so awe-inspiring and full of ultimate faith and love in our Lord and the eternal life to which we witness. He is a true testament to the fact that the love of Christ lives within us when we have claimed Him as our Saviour. His words instill in us the power that God reigns and is the eternal light of our existence. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! Amen! Sending loving and healing thoughts your way, David. We fight to finish this race together! Let us wear the love of Jesus today and share it with those we meet. God bless you fine sir and fellow saints!

  7. Powerful is what today’s reading is and I have that scripture typed boldly in large letters right beside my bed, that I can see it every day. “For God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, love and of a sound mind”

    My prayers go with you today Pastor David, and every day as you fight your battle. We too look forward to the day the doctors give you a clean bill of health. You are such an inspiration to all of us, especially those of us battling a disease, and your words just come at the right time, to build us up.

    Thanks be to God for infusing you with His spirit to continue towards the goal He has set for each of us.

  8. To-day Doris and our family celebrates our 60 years of marriage. A big party and my prayer fits so well with your blog on courage to speak for Jesus. I plan on that. RCK

  9. I read the prayer out loud and then God touched me about your medical condition that I will not dwell on much.
    I know throughout the years that I have known you (19974 to present) you have always DWELLED on the THINGS above that are so much HIGHER then things on earth (including sickness).

    Today was the first time I became aware of your medical condition and that you travel by GO train. I hope it is Our Lord that has summoned you to take a train when I am sure there are thousands or even millions who would come and pick you up and take you where way you needed to go.

    I am being brief here as I start my day with the prayer you provided and I expect something good to happen within the hour and believe it has started 9:15AM this morning..

    I might post again at 10:15am to let you know what God has done.

  10. We love You so, our precious Jesus
    By Your blood, we have been saved.
    Through God’s grace, we are given
    The gift of praying, in Your name.

    The ever-glowing light of brilliance
    The power through which You brave,
    Is nothing but a true resemblance
    Of God, through whom You came.

    We love You so, our precious Jesus
    You are salvation strength and might.
    You are the vein of our existence
    With You, we carry on the fight.

    For those who suffer trials and perils
    Of persecution hate and blame,
    The Word of the Holy Bible
    Shall give strength and peace and gain.

    We love You so, our precious Jesus
    You sacrificed Your life and more.
    To give us faith and trust and hope
    In the eternal life, God has in store.

    c. Beverlee Kay, Sep 2013

  11. It’s so great to read and gain more knowledge of our Lord and Saviour through your blog each day. Thanks to Reynold for the pictures also.
    For your healing, David, I always think of one of my favourite verses concerning healing. There are so many healing promises but David you come to my mind when I think of this. The scripture is Proverbs 4:20-22.
    My son, give attention to My words, incline your ear to My sayings. Do not let them depart from your eyes, Keep them in the midst of your heart. For they are life to those who find them and health to all their flesh.
    I pray that blessings of great health will overtake you.
    Have a blessed day everyone!

  12. Dear David

    Kathy and I read and study 100 words daily and have been blessed by it. We pray that God will continue to give you strength to continue your ministry.
    Kathy’s mom is in stage 4 cancer and it’s absolutely marvelous to see God working in her life and those of us around her. He gives us peace! God bless you!

  13. Yesterday I had a dental appointment. I am terrified of Dentists and have been this way since I was a small girl. When I was walking up the steps to go in I quietly asked God to please take away my fear. When it was time to sit in the chair I was a bit nervous but no blind panic set in. Thank you God for sitting with me and holding my hand in that chair. David I pray your cancer is gone on a daily basis. Thank you so much for this blog.

  14. Thank you for your words of wisdom today David. I just starting following you yesterday…and I look forward to starting each day with your blog!
    I really like all the work you have done so I can read the sripture ,read your thoughts and then look at the photos. It makes the words on the page ( well, really the computer) come to life.
    Praise God for you and this new way of teaching the words from the Bible.
    Thank you,

  15. My dear fellow saints I have spend the better part of the morning debating with the Lord over I should post what is on my heart to share. It is extremely personal, it exposes one of my darkest moments, and I have no reason to believe telling this is going to be heard by the one God wants to hear it. But since today’s topic is not allowing fear to stop us from speaking the truth— then I will trust our Lord there is rhyme and reason to His asking me to share this. I apologize in advance for the length, and I will try say as simply as possible.

    What is love? Is it blind acceptance? No. Is it wisdom? No. It is good to be wise, but even a fool can love. Is it sexual attraction? No, although Hollywood would want us to believe that. Is it a feeling? No. Is it dropping a can off in a donation bin, or writing a big cheque to charity? No. It is good to do it, but being kind, or having compassion on the poor and need is not love.
    So what is love? Christian say God is love? But why is God love? What is it about God that we can say that God is love? Well, some might answer we know God is love because the Bible tells us so. Well from my experience many a non-believers read the Bible are not convince God is love, or even His existence. So why do we as Christians believe God is love?
    For me, and I will assume for many on this blog, they were convince God is love, when they experience God’s love for them directly. Not because they were told to believe as a child in Sunday School, or because they heard Christians on television say it— they believe it when they experience it.
    Most of us we say we experience we are loved when we know the other person, cares for our emotional, physical and spiritual well being, at least as much as their own or more.
    For me, believing God loved me was a difficult journey. I didn’t happen over night. I didn’t wake up one morning feeling all warm and fuzzy itself. I experience God’s love for in some of most dark, disgusting moments life can offer. Moments when even the stench of my own rotting corpse would not have reached me, God’s love did. And I never could understand why? Why would God love someone like me. I was not beautiful. I was angry all the time, filled with hatred and bitterness. I was suicidal — and this was after I accepted Jesus in my heart–not before. I kept waiting for this miracle change that I heard Christians like David Mainse speak about but nothing seemed different.
    One day, I prayed for something quiet silly. I was looking for my cat and I asked God to bring her to me. But after a hour of calling of this cat, I was furious at God. And all this rage I had inside, that had nothing to do with Him, rage from having an earthly father who treated me like dirt, because I was female. I had no value, to him. A mother who was treated in abusive manner herself by him, but instead of being ally, she turned had such a strong hatred for woman kind. Rage against the Catholic Church who raised me to believe the only thing God cared about was if we behave and if we didn’t we would all go to hell. Rage against so called friends who were cruel to me because I was short and fat. All set off because simply because this God who was supposed to love me would answer a simple little prayer and find my stupid cat.
    I called God every disgusting filthy name in the book. I torn my hair, I bite my arm and lips until they bled. I had a flashlight in hand and repeatedly beat myself with it. I finally fell down in the dirt exhausted. First just pleading to God just to let me die- and asking Jesus why he couldn’t love me. Then I had nothing left. The fight and angry was all gone and just laying there I heard Jesus and he said. “Are you finish?” And I nodded my head yes. Then he said ” Get up.” And I said no. He told me again. I said no. And then he said I’m not asking you I’m telling you get up.”

    So I got up and went to sit down on the steps on my house. I was shaking. I was still smoking them so I lit a cigarette. I was certain I had blown any chance of God ever loving me. And said that. I had my eyes closed at the time, and when I opened them— there was my cat sitting right in front of me. Nothing, absolutely nothing explained God’s love, mercy and grace to me more not the Bible, not David Mainse, not the Catholic Church, nothing but no one explained it more, than God Himself did when despite all of that display and vulgar hatred thrown at him, he still answered my prayer— I got it.

    The reason I tell this tale is because when a fellow Christian on this blog passively implies a “person like me” uses the word LOVE, to deceive fellow Christians away from God’s truth then yes I object to that. Brad, you don’t know me, or anything about me. I don’t know you or anything about you. I know Jesus. I know His heart- and don’t see anything about Him in you, or in your words to me. If your edification to me was made in love perhaps I might have seen it, but without love in your words, you just sound like a hallow gong to me.
    So yes, there will be some that might say I am not being Christ like to point that out– but I am not one saying it. God has been trying to tell you something for a long time, it is your heart that is deceive not mine. And that is love– your spiritual well being is more important to me, more important than my own privacy. I exposed my darkest soul –not to prove I am right–but to witness to you — Jesus is trying to say something to you– He doesn’t want you to listen to me, he is trying to get your attention. So please, listen to him and pray, ask Him to expose His heart and message to you.
    As for me,this will be my last post on this blog. I think I was lead to this blog for this reason— I am done. God bless you– all of you for your kindness and I will continue to pray for you. And thank you letting me say what God wanted me say– i am now in His hands. Forgive any mistakes because I am so tired right now I have no strength to proof read. ” I was not wise but weary, when I sawJesus clearly” now everyone understands where that line from my poem comes from.

      • If you honestly could read all my words and judge me a hypocrite I know those your words are not the Lord’s. For if I had truly was guilty of hypocrisy the Holy Spirit have convicted me with them If had truly wronged you and spoke out of malice or hate, trying to prove my righteousness instead of exposing my sinfulness at the God’s leading to send you a message, if that was error– God would have moved your heart to say, Donna I forgive you.
        I know this means nothing to you now, but for what it is worth. I forgive you.

        • You can disengage from certain writers while maintaining your journey of faith through this blog. I have enjoyed reading your insights and point of view. Whatever the case, you are valued!

          • Thank you David and Scott. I will still follow the blog and look forward to hearing your insights, but right now I just don’t think I have anything left to give any of you. I think I pour out my heart and there nothing I can add to it. But bless you as brothers for affirming me in love.

    • Dear Donna sister in Christ .It is with deep gratefulness that I thank you for your very precious testimony . I love you so much and thank God for having crossed our paths through the daily blog . Oh yes what an Amazing God we serve He is truly the Lord of Lords the King of Kings the Alpha the Omega THE FINAL PERFECT LAMB .Stay strong my dear sister He will give you His perfect strength.
      XXXX Carole

    • Dear Donna, sister-in-Christ,

      When we are on the right road, the devil sets out to remind us of our painful pasts, throw us off by getting under our skin by things people might say, do, or imply; and make us feel incompetent in who we are rising up to be as God’s loved children, through our connection with Christ and understanding of His word. The journey will always be up and down like this. There will always be painful unexpected bumps in the road. Don’t allow yourself to be hurt or rejected from the game or feel that you need to quit. Put your armour of God on and stand tall as the beautiful Christian person you are!

      Yesterday, David Mainse wrote about Paul’s writing in 1 Timothy 6. Let us fall on our faces before God, letting the firepower of the enemy pass over us. Then, renewed in strength and purpose, let us rise up and “pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, gentleness (verse 11) These are our invincible weapons in the fight “against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Eph 6:12; read Eph 6:10-20) Then David said: On the human level, “no attack, no defence,” only love.

      I interpreted that to mean let the darts of the devil that try to attack us fly right over our heads; we don’t have to attack back, we don’t have to defend ourselves, we only need to stay in the circle of love we are guarded with by God’s armour of protection–the shield and gird of the truth of the Word; the helmet of salvation; the sword of the love of Jesus.

      The point of this blog is not that we criticize correct or try to change or hurt each other. We accept each other and give each other the space to post his or her comment. Let us be grateful to learn about the Word Truth and the Way that is found in the trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is a daily bible blog that is meant to strengthen our fight together not separate us. Let us learn how to love and forgive one another. It is such an incredible gift we have been given!

      God loves us so!!!

      • Thank you– it is true one of the enemy’s best tricks is to get Christians to debate over things that not important to the Lord as we might think they are.
        The best thing to come out of this is I know understand something about our Lord that I didn’t get before now, how utterly exhausted He is. His intentions have been misunderstood throughout time. His words are twisted to suit whatever argument or by whoever is saying them at the time. Yet despite mankind’s stubborn unwillingness to hear and understand what is staring right at them– He does not give trying — oh He knows he is going get punched in the gut. He knows His word will be turned around and He knows his love will be misunderstood and seen as an attack. He knows he can have his heart broken a million times and yet, on small chance, the love of his heart, might hear, might understand, might come to Him, with openness and humility to hear what He wants to say to them is worth it.
        I was never hurt by anything Brad said until today, when totally misunderstood the point of my revealing my story. I wasn’t trying to correct him– God wanted to give him a message– not through me, but wanted Brad to go to Him and I was frustrated I couldn’t get that message across. I was frustrated because I couldn’t seem to get the love I have for Brad into my words or through my demonstration.
        And I didn’t say I am done because I am fed up or don’t see the point in saying anything. I am done because the Holy Spirit is telling me I don’t have anything else to say, to all of you. I like Paul I have poured myself out — I just got nothing left to give. I will still follow the blog, but unless the Holy Spirit tells me– I will not post any more comments. Not because of Brad– but because God is saying I am finished

  16. David M thank you for your words of wisdom . Thank you David T. I don’t think I claimed scripture before is that the same as meditation ? I think I will try it.
    Welcome aboard Anne !
    Lianne Hogg

    • To “claim scripture” can be mean an assertion of the truth of what was written and how it particularly applies in ones life. That scripure may be meditated upon for its significance.

  17. I am a straight forward person and you know as well as me that someone tries to manipulate people. I can see more than one personality in your comments and I see intentional provocation. Yet, someone behind that pseudonym is probably truly needing Jesus. That person can’t afford to not stay reading 100 Words and commenting if moved by God or heart.

      • Brad– I hope our fellow bloggers will patient because it obvious the Lord has issue between us that needs to worked out. I know you sincerely believe there is a dark force whispering in my ear to get under your skin, to provoke you in some kind of sin. And if that is what is happening here I certainly hope you will pray for me with deep furor for our Lord to help me see where and what I got wrong.
        The incident I spoke about happened over thirty years ago– the Lord and I have been on long road together. I read God’s word and know the word is to be applied with love– Paul said that as well as God himself– so I don’t understand, why I when say it I have a spirit in me deceiving me just to provoke you.
        You seem to care more about what the devil is doing than what God wants you to do. You see the cult of Dinah all around you — in the strippers in the whores, but you haven’t mentioned praying for those women or asking God how to minister to them– just very quick to show the devil is in work and we all must protect ourselves. In one post you said you wouldn’t let a woman correct you. That is pride– if pride prevents you from listening to woman who has the Lord Spirit– then you cut yourself from any message or revelation the Lord might want to give to you through her.
        I been a born again for over forty years and I know from experience often when feel provoke and attacked is not Satan doing it, but sometimes the Lord will do it– especially if what have let some issue become more important to us than to God and His call for us to love one another.
        Maybe I am hearing things in your words you are not saying. Maybe I am taking it too personal yet truly believe the Lord’s gave me a me message for you. I did in the ways I thought would be most respectful and you didn’t hear it. I tried giving you over prayer and Lord still press on my heart to speak. So today I thought if i showed you I was willing to reveal my ugliest moment for your spiritual benefit, not mine, you might respect that and see I am speaking out of God’ love for you. He has a message, maybe it is not in my words, but there is something for you God wants of you. I was showing how much as sister in Christ I cared for you and for exposing my heart you accuses me of hypocrisy. You wound me with your words yet I am not one who has the devil whispering in my ear trying to provoke you.
        – If i am in error– I will trust the Lord will deal with it. But can you at least consider the possibility the Lord has a lesson for you to learn. Can you at least consider, in prayer,between you and God, alone, leaving me out of it. May God will tell you that I am not the enemy here. I am your sister in the Lord. I deserve your respect and you deserve mind– if I fail to show you that properly I do regret that– I thought I was being respectful
        As for this blog– I didn’t mean I would stop following it. I am still learning as all of us are– the Lord’s heart and perfect will for our lives. I trust David Mainse’s experience and He has proven not with just his words but with His deeds too that He truly knows the Lord. When I said I was done I was meant after revealing my story to all of you I could not think of anything I could say after that would possible convey and illustrate God’s heart for all of us. I am done– because I truly said everything I need to say about our Lord.
        Again I apology if you felt I was being disrespected. I am sure when judgement Day comes and this is brought up the Lord will show you I was not being disrespectful or trying to provoke you — i was honestly showing my heart and God’s heart for us— in way he has given me to do it. and why you cannot see that is beyond me.
        But for any errors I did in that attempt than I trust God to work that out with me— and I will leave God to work out whatever it is he has to work out with you. God bless you brother Brad. As I said earlier I forgive you and for anything offence I given you even if not my intention to offend– I ask you to forgive me.

        • In your description about how God used your cat to show he loved you, you showed a completely different personality than now and earlier. You have shown intentional contrivance with this. You do intentional mischief.

          • Brad I think it will be unfair to David Mainse and the readers of his blog to continue our discussion here. 100 words. ca I am giving you my permission to give Brad my e-mail address. Brad if they sent it to you, please contact me. The Lord drew us together for a reason and I am prepare to find out what that is. I just don’t think we should do it here.

  18. May the Lord give us eyes to see and ears to hear and a heart to receive the things the Lord desires to speak to us through this teaching. I pray we focus on the great trials people are suffering in the far East with being gassed and children dying on the streets. Let our hearts sbe broken by the things that break the heart of God.

  19. I have more apology to make and that is you David Mainse. I know I hijacked today’s comments section. I don’t if you have ever been in a position where he felt God wanted you share or say of something you knew would be misunderstood, but you knew you had to say it anyway, because you knew it was Lord telling you to say it? If you did perhaps you can understand what happen today and why. You know if this was God’s hand although it made look like a mess something good will come from it. If was just me, and I was in error and I thought I was speaking out of love, and it came out differently, just know it will not happen again.

  20. Donna M, I don’t want your email address but I agree with you that it is good to end this discussion between us here. I don’t know exactly what is going on with your life but it is not just one person behind “Donna M.”

  21. “Fear” is a loaded word. In one regard it can serve us well, as in a “Fight or Flight” response. For instance, it’s probably good to have a healthy sense of fear to stay far away from a known and active hornet’s nest for fear of being stung. “Fear” can also be terribly crippling, I once knew a woman who suffered from a terrible phobia, she lived in fear of leaving her house and having a panic attack, so she didn’t … for 30 years! “Fear” could also be used in the sense of “fear of the Lord”, which could refer to a healthy reverential respect for our Lord. One thing I do know and this is directed to those who live in fear daily, the crippling type of fear, I implore you to place your belief, your trust, your life in the hands of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Simply rest in Him, give Him your fears, speak to Him of your concerns for He has promised to speak truth into your life, to make you stronger to enable you to resist such fears, to give you hope and to give you life everlasting. As a preacher once stated “believe in the God who believes in you!” Our God is relational, He wants to know you, to be with you, to listen to you and to love you. Pray, read scripture, fellowship with other believers, get to know Jesus; for He alone is the ultimate antidote to all of our fears.

  22. Dear David

    This is the day the Lord has made and I pray you will rejoice and be glad in it as you travel on the “Go Train”; that the Lord will answer your desire to share your faith as you travel.
    The Lord rejoices over you with singing as it is written in Zepheniah 3:17.
    For some reason I neglected to post this, this morning…but it still applies even at this hour of the day.
    God bless you

  23. Dear Brad and Donna I am totally blown away at how much love you two have for each other, as a bother and sister in Christ. You both want what’s best for each other. I know The Lord has a reason for all of this diolog.It is between you and the Lord.
    May the Lord grant you his peace that surpasses all under standing.
    In Jesus name Amen!
    It is late or early depending on your perspectiv.
    I love all of you. Sleep well dear ones and have a Blessed Sabath.

  24. Someone mentioned on tommorows blog (actually it is already tomorrow but I scrolled down) that when Peter took his eyes off Jesus and looked at the waves, he began to sink. The fact is that a dispute over matters, in each of those matters, has a right and at least one wrong side. Paul disputed with Peter about eating according to the jews when there were jews and eating according to the christians when there were no jews. However, sometimes the matters become foaming waves and we should not become entangled in them as said David Mainse and Jesus. Jesus rebuked the waves and they were silenced. Likewise, we can silence ourselves when we become causes of waves in God’s church.

  25. Actually, it is true that some disputes have don’t have a right side at all such as a dispute over words as Paul said. (I am outside the camp today)

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