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Suggested Reading: 1 Timothy 5

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Canadian and long-time Christian leader in Israel, Jay Rawlings, holds his Bible on the path that leads to the Eastern Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem. Jay and his wife Meridel have built many bridges of relationship between the Jews and Christians. Jay has a Masters Degree in Hospital Administration and was Assistant Administrator of Henderson Hospital in Hamilton as a young man. I had the privilege of serving as their Pastor when God called them to world missions, specifically with a calling to bless God's ancient people, the Jews. Jay sold his much-loved Corvette Stingray automobile and with their little son, David, they left all to follow Jesus. Jay and Meridel are surely worthy of "double honour," as they have served as true elders, as Paul said, "in the Word and doctrine."

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Key Verses: 1 Timothy 5:1, 17

Do not rebuke an older man, but exhort him as a father, the younger men as brothers…Let the elders who rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in the word and doctrine.

Timothy was in a difficult position. As a very young man, he was appointed as Pastor of the church in Ephesus. We are not told that Timothy was not treating the older men with reverence, affection and respect, but Paul wanted to make sure young Timothy was showing the deference needed. Today there is what some call “a youth cult.” The media gives us the impression that anything worthwhile has to be new and that the most desirable time of life is “youth.” The Bible clearly teaches against this kind of upside-down thinking. It is no accident that leaders of the church are called “elders.” Yet at the same time Paul said to Timothy, “Let no one despise your youth” (1 Timothy 4:12a). There is a balance here that all, young and old, need to learn.

Yesterday we considered “a local church constitution.” The “rule” of the elders came not as an order from one person, but as a duly moved, seconded and carried motion. The admonition of Paul was not to an “elder” but to “elders.” We need to be able to say of decisions which “rule,” “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us” (Acts 15:28a). We may want to read Acts 15:22-29 and meditate on the way the church leaders made their decisions.


Dear Lord, I pray that today You will guide me to someone older than myself who needs a word of deep appreciation for their faithfulness and wisdom over the years. May I find an elder who has laboured in the Word and doctrine and creatively give “double honour.” In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen!!!


I want to thank my fellow bloggers who did not “rebuke” me about the ministry of women in the Church, but exhorted me “as a father.” Nevertheless, I still believe that Paul, who wrote to one individual, Timothy, was giving specific instructions to that one person about his specific problems in Ephesus (home of one of the seven ancient wonders of the world, the Temple of Diana and its female cult), and not to all the other churches. A good example of this is the matter of the hairstyle and the wearing of “gold or pearls” (1 Timothy 2:9). It is my understanding that the prostitutes who served in the temple “braided” their hair with strands of gold woven into their hairdo. Paul is saying that Christian women, in Ephesus specifically, should not appear to be as the priestesses of Diana.

As a young woman in 1924 on her way by ship to Egypt (to marry my father who was already there), my mother was forbidden by the missionary society from wearing an engagement ring. She told my sister that if she had a ring on, it would have discouraged the attention she was receiving from some men on board the ship. This was a cultural requirement by a denomination, not one from Scripture. Otherwise how do we understand the story Jesus told of the prodigal son’s father saying, “Put a ring on his hand” (Luke 15:22)? I try always to remember, “Let the Bible interpret the Bible.”

Your fellow student of the Word,


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  1. “The Bible is the inevitable outcome of God’s continuous speech. It is the infallible declaration of His mind.” – A.W. Tozer

  2. Reading scripture can certainly be challenging at times. I found certain passages particularly difficult in earlier texts of the old testament pertaining to violence and warfare, the killing of women and children. Yet, God’s commandment to love thy neighbour and thou shall not kill, stands in contrast to these texts, which I need not quote. Let the bible interprate the bible must also imply our willingness to use our judgement and discernment to seek out understanding of scripture. Having referrence to yesterday’s blog regarding women’s equality, this has only come to the forefront of law in the past decade. From this cultural perspective, we can now see scripture which supports this stance as far back as Queen Esther. There is much to take into consideration and this is why your blog has been so helpful as we navigate the bible in two years. Have a great day, to all!
    All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.

  3. Thanks, David, for your clarification regarding Paul giving instruction to Timothy. To just pick up the bible and read 1 Timothy 5 without understanding the situation in Ephesus with the Temple of Diana, her female cult, dress and hair style of prostitutes, can be misinterpreted, easily. Clearly, Paul was distinguishing the difference for the women of the church. Such an important time period to study.

    Wishing all saints a blessed day!

  4. I took of my engagement ring once (as an 18 yr old)! I did not pass my driving test and I felt that I had done a great job. Without the ring there was no problem. After that I always wore it – didn’t want any attention from anyone else. Tomorrow will be our 55th anniversary – praise God. My Sunday school teacher advised her class of 12 year olds to start praying to God for a good, Christian husband, which I did regularly. I met her years later and thanked her – God had answered so well. Happpy New Year (Jewish calendar)!

  5. Pastor David….I give “double Honour” to you this day for your faithfulness in sending out our blog each day, even under difficult circumstances some days with our health. You have been and are a strong influence in our lives and we “Thank You”

    The scriptures are our guide to doing what God wants us to do, to uphold the name of Jesus, and Paul’s instructions to Timothy show clearly the distinction he was making.

    Blessings to all today.

  6. Yes I love the way you tell of stories from your own life this is always nice to hear someone elses childhood their lifelong choices and I respect your wisdom and thank you for telling the facts from Gods word today women dress not as the bible says they should we are to be humble because without God we can do nothing. I praise God for you David and your influence you have had on my life you are very precious to me and thank you for everything you say and do I pray for you everyday and I know God truly uses you as a father image in our lives thank you so much

  7. Before I read to days blog , I want to say thank you to those of you who responded to my plea for prayer . Thank you Cathern, Thank you Donna M. ,Thank you Beverly, ThankYou Brad we will be careful and put on the full armor of God, and Thank you Carole .
    Yesterday early morning before I went on this blog I found my self on my knees in deep prayer in tears my heart broken for these young people.
    I know God has a plan . I am willing to let him lead , I will fallow . Please keep us in your prayers for our safty . If I can save just one soul out of there how wonderful that would be. The question is not if but when. Amen!

    Strange ….. I was there once weeks ago with my son to watch the talent show but, I was blind tothe suffering. This time my eyes were opened and I saw . Oh how wondrous is Gods timing he is in control. PraiseThe Lord! Amen!!!!

  8. You have the wisdom of Solomon ! I would deem myself worthy of judging your words which I know are from the Living Word!!!!!! God bless you pastor David

  9. Thank you for your stand and that of your granddaughter on women’s ministry,
    I am a senior now, but I spent the first 40 years of my life in a church that did not allow women to do anything but teach small children, make tea and knit bandages for missionaries. ( I did it all.) I changed denominations, went to seminary, and have been used by the Lord in many ways I never thought possible. The most obvious is the attitude of the church men/leaders. I am now treated with respect and they acknowledge that I am intelligent with a brain! I no longer feel like a third rate person.

    Keep up your ministry. Your views are needed.

  10. Great instruction from God’s Word and you, David. Lord,help us not to give up on snatching the young people from the traps and snares of the evil one who would want to destroy them at the youngest age possible through things they watch on tv. and other media etc. and friends. Jesus said, in Matt. 17:21, “Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.”

  11. As my elder David I to wish to lift you up in double honor and praise. Thank you for your love and friend ship. Thank you for shareing your incredible insight and knowlege of Gods word , and thank you for sharing you family and your
    life with us all on this blog. 🙂

    I remember the Henderson Hospital , it was either the Henderson or the Chedoke Hospital that were my choices while I lived in Burligton On. for out patient care. I remember receiving one on one care from a truly caring staff at both Hospitals. Also I seem to remember that just before they amalgamated the Hospitals , that those two Hospitals were found to be the most fiscaly responsible.

    All I can say is Thank you Jesus fore for giving me for my ignorance my stuborness and all of my sins. Amen!

    To those of you like David and Doreene who can lovingly boast of a life shared
    with your first love, may I say I know you are wise enough to know how
    Blessed you are, but I want you to know that as a woman who was not raised in a God fearing home who did not accept Christ until only a few years ago.
    As far as I’m concerned you are sooooooooooo! fortunate. I can not even begin
    to discribe or tell you how much I wish I could say my husband and I were Merried in 1973 and were still merried to day. Laying all the reasons aside
    for a Divorce we must think about the moment we took our vows. If a person is
    honest with them selves deep down I think any divorced couple would have to admit they would have preferd to not divorce.

    Lord thank you for people like David and Norma- Jean and Doreene and her husband for they are truly elders who deserve our love and respect.
    They give hope to the unmerried and merried alike. They are living proof
    that having the Lord in our lives can make all the difference in the out come
    of everything we do through out our lives. May they and all of the first love merried couples continue to be a guiding light to all for many years to come. And Lord I pray for a total healing of Davids illness. That the entire world may wittness your great power and your great glory.
    In Jesus name Amen! Amen! And Amen!

  12. Paul mentioned in Timothy that it was Eve who gave Adam the fruit that God said they should not eat. This shows that it is not only relevant as just a memo to that one church. He was speaking of what God said for all humanity in Genesis. Was God only speaking to those two people, Adam and Eve, in Genesis? No. Also, Paul was not timid in speaking about following the spirit of the law distinguishing it from the letter of the law. Yet, he founded what he said about the roles of women and men on what God told Adam and Eve in Genesis. I have just used the Bible to interpret the Bible. Yes, and honestly. The principle of the spirit of the Word should also be applied to Paul’s Words to Timothy and his words were not only to that church. Yesterday, you mentioned a local modern church constitution on the roles of bishops and deacons and other organisational matters. Even this structural stuff is shaped by Paul’s letter to Timothy. Yet, it was not invoked in Timothy by reference to God’s Word in earlier scripture. What he said about behaviour of men and women was and is actually greater.

  13. I was moved by your testimony M and will keep you in prayer that God will convict and move on the hearts of those young people. I was out yesterday and did not read your blog until today.

  14. Dear Rev, David M .
    Your faithfulness and wisdom throughout your lifetime ministry deserves the double honour as an elder that you have become to me and my husband . Your daily blog reinforces the power of the WORD ea ch day that we recieve .Gods precious Manna .
    PS. to M
    Dear Lord like M. I and asha plea to you as mothers to change the hearts of our young generation and bring them back to Jesus Amen and Amen .
    Have a blessed day everyone .
    xxxx Carole and Asha

  15. Your blog and recent book are very encouraging to us and we thank you. May I mention that my husband is very worthy of my respect as well as that of so many others who know him. We spent several years in Africa together and throughout these 68 years of marriage he has remained a man of prayer, a loving husband and father.

  16. Satan is on the right hand and the left. He is the false liberal tempting people with false peace and he is Hitler manipulating the Lutheran church. He is the snake who corrupts one so that one will corrupt another. He is the pharissee who would stone the woman caught in adultery and he is the pimp who tempted the woman to become an adulterer. He is the person who uses the Bible to manipulate and he is the one that says the bible is a fairy tale. Look at the truth not a covenient justification. He is the one who casts doubt in the bible and he is the one who requires perfect obediance to the letter of the Word. Don’t throw out the Word.

  17. Yes it is true we must interpret Scripture with Scripture, but even then one must be careful not to assume just because it is the Bible it means God is the one saying it. For example, there are many passages in the Old Testament and New that talk about slavery. Are we to assume because slavery is mentioned in the Bible and Paul talks about how to treat slaves in the Word that means God is in favor of slavery?

    For hundred of years slave owners used those passages as proof they had a ‘God given right to own slaves. It took men such as ‘Wilberforce to say — wait a minute guys, that doesn’t fit with God’s character. God in His word shows He is a God that values free will so highly that even He will not violate it, but as human beings we think we had the right to take away another person’s free will and enslaved them- and dirt them like animals and God is cool with it. Wilberforce had the courage to say love outweighs literal words.

    So if given a choice to believe what Paul wrote in one letter or believe what God reveal His heart for women to be through His dealings with them both in OT and NT, I will believed God. God did not pronounce the creation of man good until He created woman. God worked through many women in their roles in culture to bring His plan of salvation to pass as recorded in the writings we collectively call the Bible. Jesus who is the Word made flesh, never told one woman he met to shut up. The Catholic Church list of female saints, in the early church; woman of great faith i He reveal Himself to and worked through is just as long as the men.
    And today he has moved my heart and heart of many women on this blog to share our experiences of Him and enriched many lives. God works through anything or anyone He chooses– not what Paul says, but who He chooses.
    So why did God want what Paul said to be part of Scripture? Most likely to see whether we would learn to distinguish between literal words and love. In the end if the way you are interpreting Scripture isn’t producing the fruits of the Holy Spirit, or fostering love– you might want to consider whose heart you are looking through to interpret that Scripture.

  18. Well said Donna m. I agree with you whole heartely , God bless you all ,
    your comments are all appreciated i’ve learned something new every day….R…

  19. Like I said, Satan is on the left hand and the right. People in the United States and other “civillized countries” abused and distorted scripture to steal people and sell them like cattle. On the other hand, I am certain that Satan pretends to be a feminist. Why? It can deceive people. He also is a pimp. Jesus? No. When two people asked Jesus about a dispute over property, he said, “who made me a judge or a divider of property over you?” He then told them the spiritual truth. When Jesus preached 2000 years ago, some people wanted to make him their political leader. Jesus had to escape their hands to stop them from making him what they wanted him to be rather than for what purpose He was sent. I have made it clear that there are women who I treat as superior christians to me. They are everything Paul described yet they are also leaders with God’s blessings. How? God rewarded them for being so faithful to Him. Paul said live according to the spirit of the law not the letter of it. We can and should do the same with what Paul wrote. Paul was chosen by God to the point that his words in the Bible along with James, John, Peter, Jude and St John the Divine and the other witnesses are the written Word of God.

    • I still maintain the best way to interpret Scripture is through the lens of love. The examples I gave above was not to say women are better than men, or that women should take over the role God gave man. In our society one of the reason women are forced into roles of leadership is because it is the men who are not leading. Leadership is more than telling someone what to do, when to do it, how to dress and controlling behavior. God is about transforming a person’s heart — leading by example, As a man or a woman– if you truly Love God and Love others with God, then you will never treat them in a manner disrespectful to their humanity, either as woman or a man. I find your statement you find some Christian women inferior to you, baffling because if you are in Christ’s body, you know there is no such thing. If you can think someone is better than you than you can think you are better than someone else. And this is not love— love does not think in those terms.
      Am I a feminist— I don’t know, I know I am a child of God who thinks the law whether in the new or old testament is only for those who do not know love. If you love there is no need for the law for you will automatically do what God created you to do, at home, in public and at services.
      As for Satan, I know he hates women, more than men, otherwise why would he spend so much time and energy trying to hurt and harm them throughout history– he is not a feminist– if you define feminist as a person who believes women have as much value as men and deserve to be respected for the value God gave them–

      • + whoops I meant you stated you think some Christian women are superior to you– but either way there is no inferior or superior in the Body of Christ.

  20. I was very impressed with your granddaughters blog. As a young child I was very impressed with the women preachers I heard Bernice Gerhard with her tent meetings in Smith Falls, Maud Ellis, and Ms Rogers, Ilene Richardson who I wanted to grow up and be just like her and Tom were our Pastors in Brockville. We were fortunate to see them in June when we visited Lakeshore Camp in Ontario. Women have contributed much to the Kingdom of God and thankfully all men are not as narrow minded as John MacArthur he sounds so angry when he preaches.

  21. The fact is that some people glorify God more than others – even if they are barely noticed by most people. It is usually when they are observant and respectful of the things Paul wrote to Timothy and elsewhere by Jesus and his other apostles that we see the light of Jesus in people. God has made some people leaders. Some of these are only leaders of very few people; some are glorified to the whole world. They are what Paul said, if not to the letter, still in truth. This includes Mother Theresa and a woman I know who lets a man take the pulpit but she will tell you what is christian and not christian if you ask. She is wiser than the man who takes the pulpit. Not to say that is always how it is with preachers but instead of looking for ways to deceive, look at the truth.

    • Not certain if these comments are directed at me or not. And your words are so vague not certain what your point is. If you think I am trying to deceive because I said Scripture needs to interpreted using God’s character in mind than I am not going to refute it because love needs no defense. I said the words I wrote out of love, not only for my sisters in Christ who have unfairly put down by men who use Paul’s words as an excuse to treat them without love. But for men who misunderstand the intention of Paul’s words — but I have no need to argue with you on the matter– I was trying to help, but as you said you did not ask me— however when you post on a site that has the word reply on it, you should expect someone, even a woman might respond to your words.
      But since you don’t value my perspective, nor want it, I will honor that and, you will not respond to anything you write.
      And if you write in error and are wise in your own eyes then I will leave you to the Lord to correct you, no matter the burden he places on my heart to do otherwise, like today I will not heed the leading. I will pray for you Brad as a loving sister in Christ I think that is all I can do to help you.

      • “I did not ask you?” Ask you what? This is deceitful. Giving all benefit of the doubt, most people championing the issue are allowing a worldly thing to try to make the church go down a slippery slope that they don’t see. David Mainse has had women in prominent roles for a long time in his tv ministries. It was not political and not comtroversial. It was accepted and valued. Now, there is game playing with political and mischevious intent. How do you feel about same sex marriages? If the Diana cult was a danger of corrupting the church in Ephesus, something similar is a danger of corrupting the christian church nowadays.

  22. It is late and I could not sleep so I picked up my Bible and began reading 1st Timothy again, and I read words from St. Paul that pretty much said what I was trying to say in my long responses– I don’t know if anyone will see this, but if someone will not believe me a woman, because i have no right to teach, then perhaps they will believe Paul who did. Don’t know Lord is anyone will see this now, but I know you will not sleep tonight without posting.

    Now the purpose of the commandment is LOVE from a PURE heart, from a GOOD conscience and from a SINCERE faith, from which some have strayed, have turned aside to idle talk, desiring to be teachers of the law, understanding neither what they say nor the things which they affirm. 1st Timothy 1:5-7 NKJV

    • See I am so tired I meant to say, the Lord will not let me sleep without posting this– I hope the Lord will leave me alone now and let me go to bed.

  23. It is possibly a communication problem but you and a few other people seem blinded to some truth regarding Paul’s words to Timothy. Again, if the cult of Diana was a threat to the christian church at Ephesus, something similar is still a threat to the christian church nowadays. Jesus said, judgement, faith and mercy are the great matters of the law and mercy is not the least. Don’t disregard judgement and faith though. Those two things defend the truth of love/mercy.

  24. A new commandment I give you Love one another. John 13 :34
    This is what Christ will be busy obeying this command.

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