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Suggested Reading: Job 41-42

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Pictured below is a homestead in Haran which is now in modern day Turkey. After the Lord called Abraham from Ur of the Chaldees, he settled in Haran for many years (Gen 11:31; Acts 7:2-4).

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Job 42:10

And the Lord restored Job’s losses when he prayed for his friends. Indeed the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.

“Behemoth” and “Leviathan” are the names of two new roller coaster rides at Canada’s Wonderland just north of Toronto. These creatures have captured the imagination of people everywhere. At the Chinatown parades, an awesome creature that seems to resemble Leviathan snakes its way through the streets. Stories of fire-breathing dragons abound in almost every culture. It does appear that God wants to get people’s attention! His approach worked well for Job and his friends. In sincere humility, Job confessed, “I have uttered what I did not understand”(42:3b). Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar humbled themselves and submitted to God’s instructions for Job to pray for them.

Surprise! Job, who was now about 60 years old, was doubly blessed by God! As we are faithful to God, we can expect that the Lord will bless our “latter days” also. Job’s prayer for his friends was probably a daily discipline in Job’s life. We can learn much from these readings, which conclude today. Tomorrow we move back to the New Testament and Paul’s first letter to the young man, Timothy.


Lord God, I pray with all my heart that I will continue learning the lessons Job and his friends learned about You. I sincerely want to hear You well and see You clearly with eyes of understanding. Grant me, I ask You, the discipline and concern necessary to pray fervently and consistently for all who come before me. I pray in the Name of Jesus, the One who went away by Himself every morning to pray, Amen!!!


According to the last words of the book of Job, there was a great family party. I find it a great joy to celebrate! I’m definitely not what some would call a “party animal,” but from time to time I need to relax, break the routine, and simply enjoy life, family and friends. Here in the high-rise where Norma-Jean and I live, we had such a party this past Saturday. It was the birthday of David Lee, our grandson-in-law. He wears number 91 on his jersey as a member of the Toronto Argonauts football team. About 50 of us bought Argo T-shirts with “Lee” and “91” on the back and the Argos symbol on the front. I confess that most of the time I’m too serious, and through the years I’ve learned to celebrate more. I was thinking of Job’s party described in the last seven verses of the book. He must have enjoyed the festivities immensely! One of the gifts given to David was a plaque of a football player kneeling in prayer (photo below). In high school football, David did this before and after each game. He continued the practise at the University of Western Ontario and now in professional football. I was told that sometimes he was the only one kneeling in prayer. I attended the game between the Hamilton TigerCats and the Toronto Argonauts the other day and I was amazed to see so many of the players kneeling together after the game (photo below). Some from opposing teams had their arms around the shoulders of others at the close of the game. My eldest son, our blog photographer, is the father of Elizabeth, wife of David Lee. Also, at the birthday party, my great-grandson, James Stowell, who was featured yesterday with his dinosaur cap, put on David’s Grey Cup ring from last year’s championship (photo below).

Yours in celebration of God speaking through His Word and by His Spirit!


26 thoughts on “Monday, September 2, 2013

  1. Good morning everyone. Happy Labour Day!

    What a wonderful reading today. Can you imagine Job’s relief and then the abundant Blessings from God, more than we can ever imagine. God is so very faithful and also to see how his friends obeyed and had Job pray for them. So many lessons were learned through reading and studying the book of Job. WE are so rich to have God’s word and to be able to read it freely here in Canada. Thank you once again for sharing Pastor David. Great pictures.

  2. Happy Labour Day! No matter our circumstances, we do have much to celebrate knowing our Lord! Thanks for sharing your photo’s. Our CFL has certainly picked up enthusiastic fans! Great to see prayers lifted to heaven prior to games! God may not choose teams, but He strengthens and binds players! Have a great day to all!

    • May I add, Job was a facinating journey, especially to read carefully, a couple chapters at a time with David’s blog commentary. The accompanying photographs by Reynold were relevant and amazing. As in Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose” It all worked out for Job as he held faithfully steadfast in his prayers and loyalty with our Creator.

  3. A dragon is today a lizard. This includes in Japan and China: the Komodo Dragon. A serpent and a dragon are similar. Serpents would include snakes and sea serpents. Many of the dinosaurs are drawn or reconstructed to resemble serpents and reptiles. Satan is described in the bible as both a serpent and dragon. I think that the great dinosaurs came from the breeding of the reprobate angels with animals on the earth and those creatures were destroyed with the flood. Again, the book of Enoch describes those angels and what they did to the earth. The identity of leviathan and the behemoth are not clear but if a single man could even think of trying to fight leviathan, it must not have been a giant. The picture of Haran is very interesting. I wonder if they have continued to live the same since Abraham and Isaak and Jacob.

  4. Indeed, I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me! Amen!

    I am grateful you are so serious, David. It is wonderful to spend special occasions with family and friends–everyone deserves that. You have taught us to keep our eyes on Jesus by staying focused and centered in our daily bible studies. God has to be first and foremost, all the time. That is my opinion, anyway. I tend to be more serious in nature but I needed the structured discipline of this daily bible reading to help me keep my eyes on Jesus all the way, all the time. Thank you, David, for leading by example–without that discipline, it is far too easy to fall away.

    The end of August and the end of Job. Another season, another change. So looking forward to Paul’s first letter to Timothy, and the month of September–God willing. Bless you all today, dear fellow saints!

    And as we end Job, and return to Paul’s first letter to Timothy, we close the summer months and start into September, August. Hopefully the weather will stay warm for September and October–God willing. The leaves and colours of fall are such a beautiful time of year–God’s glory in each mixture of gold, auburn and purple tones. I am so looking forward to studying Psalms!

    • Forgive the mix-up in paragraphs and repetition; failed to delete the last paragraph. Meant to say, after 1 Timothy, I am so looking forward to Psalms!

  5. Yes, we can learn much from the character of Job through all his suffering; his integrity, perseverence, patience. his seeking after God. Job 1:22 says, “In all this Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly.” Max Lucado says, “I you underline any passage in the Book of Job, underline this one: “I had heard about you before, but now I have seen you.”(The Inspirational Study Bible, pg. 605). Trials bring us up close to God so we come to know Him not just about Him. “For God gave Job more than Job ever dreamed. God gave Job Himself.” (pg. 606). Thank you, David for leading us in this Bible reading and study. Am glad to see you enjoying your family gatherings, and encourages us to do the same. Thanks Reynold for all your fantastic photos!

  6. I usually listen and read the scripture portion each day. I think it might “sink in” more that way. When I studied “The Art of Learning” in college, we were told that colour enhances the memory as does audio and vision. I do wish Huntley Street would have voice as well as the printed word when quoting scripture. I know quite a few people, friends, and family who have macular degeneration and they can’t see the words. I also know folk who cannot read English or any language. Anyway, today I was listening and reading and the voice-over came to the names of Job’s daughters, one of which my great granddaughter has – Keziah. They pronounce it Kez eye ah. The pronunciation from Bible Gateway was different. As the child is now nearly 3 1/2 yrs old, I doubt that they will change the pronunciation at this point! I have forgotten the reason for the order of the books we are reading. I do love the choices but as I am to see a surgeon next month (and don’t know the extent of confinement) I wondered how I could keep up with the readings if I was unable to get to a computer. Yours for a wonderful last day of summer – no wearing of white after today! God bless you all.

  7. This past week of studying the book of Job has been exciting, interesting and
    heart felt.I love Your stories and personal photos David. Little Myles ‘s story
    really touched my heart.
    Rennald your photograghy is incredible. Your photos are the frosting on the cake
    / this blog.
    Thank you! David and Rennald and thank you fellow bloggers for your insight and comments.You are all so precious.
    Love and prayers to all. I have been praying Special prayers for those of you who are not feeling well and who have health issues.God Bless
    Hi Mina miss you xxoo!
    Happy Labour Day every one 🙂

  8. It has been wonderful to ‘walk’ with Job again, slowly and gleaning all we can from each days reading along with your input David M.
    Thanks again Reynold for the photo’s that fit right in to our readings.
    Thank you Ron for your continual behind the scene help in getting this blog out to us.

  9. Dear Rev.David M
    What a fabulous ending for a man like Job who so diligently and faithfully trusted God even in the darkess times of his life.
    Many of the my fellow bloggers like you David are showing us how in Christ all is possible. I am so gratefull for your daily blog for Reynolds truly heaven sent pictures Me who has always desired to travel around the world and get to know the people is now getting that virtual reality by your sons fantastic pictures.
    Ps,If I may suggest maybe Doreen could get a portable laptop while in the hospital thats what a good friend of mine used while being laid up.

    Blessed labour day everyone
    XXXX Carole.

  10. I wanted to take this time to thank my fellow bloggers, I learn much, and am blessed when reading through your comments.
    I thank the Lord for the wisdom, strength and faith you show as you share the challanges in your life. God Bless you all, and God Bless David Mainse as he does the Lord’s work even as he faces his own health challanges. God bless us everyone!

  11. Hello David and Norma Jean,

    Happy Labor Day to you, Norma Jean and your wonderful family. Thank you for the photos and your daily blog. You are an inspiration to me.


  12. Loved the book of Job, so interesting when we get to read it chapter after chapter and not fast….and your comments are so interesting they really bring the book to light for us….thanks Reynold for all you pictures…..Good picture of the ring, sorry David, but I am a Saskatchewan gal from the start so I wear green at the games….”Go Rough Riders Go”…….Have a wonderful Labour Day everyone and Gods Blessing go with you all.

  13. I am having a miserable day. I got into a huge fight with a loved one. Fully accept my part in the drama- confessed to our Lord, and apology for my half. Unfortunately my loved one takes no responsibility for their part and the hurtful words they spoke to me. I will forgive them for saying it, but those words left me feeling very alone and not loved,so I went on YouTube to find one of the songs I get comfort, to remind me someone does love me. I don’t know if anyone else there is feeling as low and alone and misunderstood as I do right now, but if you do, please check out.

    I going go and listen to lovely song reminding be of a truth no hurtful words can never take from me.

    • To Donna M, I hope u are having better days now. I too have had hurtful words with loved ones and have felt so alone. Thank u for the u tube site for a loving song. Keep listening to prayer & praise music. It helps greatly.

  14. The Book of Job is one of my favourite books of the Bible. Probably because it reflects the true nature of God and the nature of man in such poetic and rhetorical form. There is no other piece of literature quite like it in the Bible, it really does stand uniquely alone. In the end we learn that God is awesome and alone worthy to be praised and greatly to be revered. Man likewise is depraved, will try to manipulate to his advantage and is in short, sinful and in need of a Redeemer. Tomorrow we’ll begin to learn more of this Redeemer as we study the Book of Timothy and how Jesus came to save us from our sin. Until then, Have a great Labour Day fellow bloggers!

  15. What a comfort is it to know of God’s faithfulness and love for us!!
    The blessings Job received after having gone through the testing of his soul. GREAT IS OUR GOD AND GREATLY TO BE PRAISED, FOR EVER AND EVER, AMEN!!!

  16. Thanks Carol for your suggestion about a portable laptop. I have a tablet but as far as I know the hospital does not have WiFi. I have a WiFi thingy but we couldn’t figure out how to get it going! I use the desk-top at home or the Tablet when traveling, i.e. McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Fortino’s, libraries, etc. Thanks though.

  17. Dear Donna, There’s no better place to run, than into the arms of Jesus when we have been misunderstood. The song you chose got a great big Wow! from me, what a wonderful voice to listen to and soothing words! Praying for a speedy reconciliation.

  18. Thanks Ger and Christine— chose to share the song in hopes our Lord would create something positive for someone out a not so great experience for me. Me and my loved one have slowly come to terms with the issue that caused the fight and the Lord will heal my heart from the damage of the hurtful words. My loved one is not a believer so prayers for them to come to know God’s love as I do would be deeply appreciated. I know my post wasn’t about the topic, but I am so looking forward to the ultimate celebration of the wedding feast of the Lamb in heaven– when all tears will be wiped away– right now I am all cried out and heading for bed– hoping tomorrow will be a better day.

  19. The Book of Job has always bothered me some. I understand the story of how Job was such a good man, he never cursed God while in such pain & depression and that God is God & has made all in Heaven & earth & will do as He wishes. And none of us should ever question His ways. I just don`t understand why God would have had that conversation with Satan in the first place, then let Satan kill all Job`s grown children & physically hurt Job so much. Yes God restored all to Job and he had 10 more children–in reality Job`s wife carried and gave birth most likely in much pain to 10 more children, all of whom I am sure were a blessing & brought much joy. I think they would always remember their former children with sadness. I want people to remember her, Job`s wife & the mother of all his children. I feel sorry for her as well as Job.
    I am sorry God if I have offended You. I love You and am thankful for my many blessings.

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