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Suggested Reading: Job 36-37

Click scripture link to read online or HERE to listen online (then click the symbol of the audio speaker above the scripture portion).


Here in the Judean Desert, beneath the historic mountain of Masada, you can see many large rock formations and crevasses created by flash floods washing down to the Dead Sea. This sky was the perfect backdrop for this dramatic rock. As our key verse says, "Consider the wondrous works of God!"

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Job 37:14

Listen to this, O Job; Stand still and consider the wondrous works of God.

The theology of this young man Elihu was right on. However, his judgement of Job was unfair and far from correct in God’s eyes. God had said of Job, “There is none like him in all the earth, a blameless and upright man, one who fears God and shuns evil” (Job 1:8). We would do well to remember the words of Jesus, “Judge not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned. Forgive and you will be forgiven” (Luke 6:37). We can be theologically correct and not understand our fellow human being. We should all be encouraged by the fact that Elihu was correct when he said that God “does not withdraw His eyes from the righteous” (Job 36:7). In God’s eyes, we who have believed in Jesus are seen to be righteous. Back on the blog from Friday, August 23rd, we considered the righteousness which is ours. We may want to read that posting once more (click here).


Lord God, I ask for grace to “stand still!” May I stop all my busyness for a time and take the time to meditate on Your “wondrous works.” Amen!!!


I’m keenly anticipating the next four days of reading Job. God Himself begins to speak to Job! God’s description of nature and His creation is awe inspiring to me.

I remember well heroes to me in Christian ministry. I heard Rev. Hope Smith say one day, “The way out of the rat race is to slow down and walk with God.” He and his ministry co-worker, Rev. Laurie Price, were an amazing team. They were Pastors of a Church called Evangel Temple, located (at that time) at the corner of Dundas and Bond Streets in Toronto, just a block west of what is known as the longest main street in the world, Yonge Street. They told the story of when Hope, who was injured and crippled in WW2, and Laurie, who had been injured in a car accident, were driving up Yonge Street in the late 1940s, when their old car stalled, backing up traffic for blocks. Horns were blowing and people were angry. From the waist up they looked like two able-bodied young men. No one could understand why they didn’t get out of the car and push it out of the away. In spite of all the fuss and rush of downtown traffic, they were totally at peace within themselves. It’s a humorous scene to imagine. Laurie was healed by God and gained great mobility later, and Hope continued with a serious limp throughout his life, but it never slowed him down. They impacted my life greatly when I was a teenager. They were filled with joy and incurable optimism. For some reason when I read the words in our key verse “stand still,” I thought of Laurie and Hope…by far the most unique ministry team I’ve ever met.

Yours for coming to a total stop once in a while in order to “consider the wondrous works of God,”


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  1. Hi David, I would tell Myles that God is like a coach who listens to his needs and gives him loving advice then watches as he lives it. He’s always watching and ready to help and the more Myles talks to Him and listens with his heart, the better he will get at not doing bad things.

    I love your blog and pray for your healing and abundant blessings for you and your family

  2. Wow! What a beautiful and yet ominous looking picture this morning Reynold! Amazing lighting!

    Reverend Barry Day was my first great influence. I remember listening to him so intently on Sunday mornings as he spoke with of God with unparallelled eloquence; he was indeed a gifted orator who could paint a picture with words. Dr. Day was once a preacher at Timothy Eaton Memorial Church in Toronto before coming to Wellington Square United Church in Burlington many years ago. From time to time I wonder whatever became of him and where he went, as I parted company with the United Church of Canada many years ago and lost contact. People do impact God through their lives and through their words, you never know what young person you might be influencing for God today. Praise God for great influencers in our lives! Amen!

    • Thanks Scott, It was really a heavy overcast, threatening day. I was hoping for a beautiful blue sky day when down at Masada… but in the digital dark room I was able to pull out such drama and power that the image really speaks or God’s wonder and greatness.

  3. Another powerful picture and depiction of our Almighty God in atmosphere, clouds, thunder, lightning, snow, ice, wisdom and so much more! Only, to be still and ponder His magnificence and glory in each breath we take. Our thoughts are just thoughts and our feelings just feelings. They come and go. Our Lord is steadfast in all His ways. Looking forward to reading the next four chapters as He speaks to us individually. Have a great day, fellow bloggers! Psalm 46: 10

  4. Our God is so amazing! Your story, this morning, David, reminded me of a time when my car stalled in the middle of the intersection, coming off the QEW into Hamilton. I was down visiting my mom, when it happened. We looked at each other, with horrified expressions on our faces. It was at a really bad spot to be stalled. I started to pray, and pray I did–out loud, constantly, not stopping, not giving up hope that God would send Angels to help start my car and get us on our way. It was a couple of minutes but I didn’t give up praying or let doubt set into my mind–and the car started again!

    So looking forward to the last chapters of God’s voice in Job. Blessings to all fellow saints, today!

  5. Hi David, Before l asked Jesus into my life, l was too distracted by the pace of life to stand still and look at Creation. After l invited him into my life, It was so wonderful to have my eyes opened and actually stand still and see the wonderful things our Lord has given us, that we may enjoy our stay here. l am blessed to have an incredibly beautiful garden and often just drink in the love of God,as l look around. The bouquets are everywhere, in the countryside,city parks,the sea,rivers and sky etc. yet lovely as all this is in it’s season, it’s amazing to realize that his prize Creation is Man! Oh Wow!

    • Christine your post reminds me of my favorite track off the Touched by An Angel the Album CD. It is a song called Color Everywhere sung by Deana Carter. You can listen to a version of it on YouTube.

      I hope you love it was much as I do. Not sure how to make a direct link but that is the address, but it might be simpler just to Google the song title and the artist and it should come up under that.

      • Okay the direct link goes through AFTER you post your comment. Good to know– should have have tried that first this morning and saved myself some time.

        • For me the you in the song is Jesus, so it might not be a traditional hymn or worship song— I still hope you will give it a try.

          • There are so many love songs that would be so perfectly to God but they are to imaginary lovers named, “you.” I don’t know the song you mean but sometimes when I hear a love song, I imagine it is to God. Sometimes, a line here or there does not belong but in a few very popular songs, they are much more beautiful when they are to God. I rarely listen to music but I noticed this about some songs.

  6. About Miles’ statement, even though I want to do right, I struggle with this all the time my ‘self’.
    I would say to him: ” The only person who NEVER did anything wrong was Jesus. Everyone else has to ask Jesus to help them do the right thing at all times. It’s part of God’s plan because He knows us and loves us so very much.”

    Thank you so much for letting the world/us take part in the nurturing of your family members. I’ve never come across a great leader such as yourself, Pastor David, who shares the personal ins and outs of their everyday life like you do.

    May whatever answer you provide for your great-grandson lead him and others to a genuine knowledge of God’s profound love for them and a yearning desire to obey His Perfect Will.

  7. Thank you for your “100 words” it has been an encourgement to us today as we have just started reading it and look forward to reading it each morning.

    God bless you and strengthen you daily as you reach out to others.

  8. Hi David, I’m the same age then you and like you I had many great man in the Lords service showing me how wonderful and consistant the Lord is to all that seek Him. You are one of them. Your persevarance is is such a witness of what God can do in a mans life, keep it up Brother The Lord bless You. Max

  9. Hi Donna, How nice of you to forward that beautiful song by Deana Carter,”Color Everywhere” l loved it! Thank you so much!

  10. My husband and I went on a boat cruise on Toronto Harbour, then to The Old Mill for lunch and a talk by Mike Filey. Mike told us that Yonge street is no longer considered the longest street anymore (by Guiness Book) as Mike Harris broke it up into sections or areas. Anyway, beautiful picture today – love it. Job really was amazing – very unmovable. I think little Miles would do better to have many short talks with you, David. He needs time to mull things over and digest and understand. He, of course, needs to know that God loves him and died to take away the mistakes he made when he asks Jesus to do so.

  11. Dear Rev David:
    Thank you Reynold for the beautiful picture. You captured once again Gods almighty glory displayed for us to marvel at.
    Be still and know that I am God. We can only appreciate Gods splendor in His creation when we take time to admire His handyworks so let us make time to praise Him for His love towards us.
    Have a glorious day everyone.

  12. sharing a poem I recently read……

    ~ Be Still And Know ~

    Be still and know that I am God,
    I plan the pathway that you trod,
    I paint the trees that mark the trails
    Where fleet deer rests and coyote wails,
    I touch the clouds with coral hues
    And brush with gold the clear, clear blues,
    Then as the night-shades softly fall
    I wrap you with a starry shawl.

    Be still and know that I am God,
    I plan the pathway that you trod,
    I guide the laughing brooks that play
    Beneath the weeping willows sway,
    I watch the minnows as they race
    Within its bubbling, trickling pace,
    I ruffle all the ferns and flowers
    Gracing shores and leafy bowers.

    Be still and know that I am God,
    I plan the pathway that you trod,
    I plan the hills and valleys too,
    And promise that I’ll see you through
    The winds that taunt the shifting sail,
    The whispering breeze, the strongest gale,
    The storms that toss you where you stand,
    I hold them all within My hand.

    Be still and know that I am God,
    I plan the pathway that you trod,
    I plan the beauty and the pain,
    The brightest sunshine and driving rain,
    Without life’s hills you would not see
    The blessings I have planned for thee
    So as with faith, this path you trod,
    Be still, and know that I AM GOD.

    by Janet Martin

    • Glad you liked it– I thought you might based on your post. Our Lord’s presence in our lives really does put the colour back into our lives.

  13. Years ago I was driving through the everglades in Florida and I was negligent I
    did not notice I was low on fuel. In the middle of the everglades with only my self and my doughter Dusty May who was only six years old in the car we ran out of gas. There were warning signs not to vacate your car. There were phones on poles about every half mile or so but we weren’t near one. The road was barren.
    It seemed we were mostly alone omn that dangerous road. At first I started to cry , then I instintivley looked up and prayed. I asked God to help us. I made a deal and said if you start this car and get us to a gas station I will be a better person. I will try harder to be good. I was not a christian. I had no knowledge of
    how to pray or to who really. I did not know about God the father his son Jesus
    and the holy spirit in the way I do as a born again believer. I was lost in the everglades of life period. Well …….as you probably have guessed my prayer was heard and answered. After several tries and my pleading with God to resue us
    the engine turned over and I drove to the next gas station. According to my gas gage well below empty. That night as I drove towards Canada I stopped for the night after dark. Dusty was asleep. I stuggled to carry her in to the room of the motel. Strange but the lamp was on in the room and there was a gidions bible
    Open on the telephone desk. It was the book of Job. I had never read it. I was compelled to read it and I did. Tears began to stream down my face as I read.
    You see I was going through hell in my messed up life and I was struggling to keep from loosing everything I had loved and worked for to that point in my life.
    God revealed him self to me. It was the beginning of a turning point but I did not come gentley I came by the rod. Years later God intervined again and again before I gave my life to Christ .Praise God he loves us enough to not give up on us. Thank you Jesus.!
    Myles will be just fine ……he is in Gods hands now. Amen

    Blessings to all 🙂

    Fabulous photograghy Rennald . I so enjoy all of your contributions to your fathers blog , your earthly father and your heavenly father.

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