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Suggested Reading: Job 27-28

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Pictured are the remains of a copper smelting furnace from the Ramsesside Period (13th-12th centuries BC). One smelting process took 10-12 hours and produced 5 kg of copper. As well as copper, today's reading refers to silver, gold, iron, sapphires, flint, onyx, crystal, coral, quartz, topaz, and rubies. The geologists of those days were well equipped for their profession.

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Key Verse: Job 28:28

And to man He said, “Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to depart from evil is understanding.”

It is a fact that Job had a sterling character. The Scripture tells us that the tongue is the most difficult member of our bodies to be brought under control. Job said, “My lips will not speak wickedness, nor my tongue utter deceit” (Job 27:4). No wonder God said to Satan, “Have you considered my servant Job?” (Job 1:8).

Another reading that will show us the character of Job is James 1:2-8. Before the Bible was written, before Jesus entered recorded history, before the coming of the Holy Spirit upon people, Job gives us an example of the fact that we can live in an upright way. We have great advantages over Job. We have no excuse for not living a life of integrity.

Again Job reveals his knowledge of nature. The barometer was invented approximately 400 years ago. It’s based on the weight of a column of air. Consider Job 28:25a, “weight for the wind.” 4,000 years ago wise people understood much more than we give them credit for. Many of our 21st century contemporaries seem to exhibit a pride of intellect which is not deserved. God reveals Himself to humble people!


Lord God, I worship You! You are great!!! Hallelujah!!! May “Your kingdom come and Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” May I walk humbly before You in such a way that You will be honoured. In the Name of the One who pleased You always, the Lord Jesus, I pray, Amen!!!


Like Job and his friends, I’ve often wondered why injustice sometimes seems to triumph. I’ve come to the conclusion that on the scales of eternity, justice will be seen to triumph. Compared to the infinite, the finite here on Earth is microscopic in its dimensions. So I decided years ago to hang in there, looking to God daily for His wisdom, doing all I can do to alleviate suffering, hunger, strife, etc. in any way I can. When I’m able to do the right thing, I know that strength comes from God through seeking Him first every morning, and then keeping His ways in mind throughout the day. I believe that without the daily reading of God’s Word and without prayer, my life would be in shambles.

Thinking of all the minerals mentioned in today’s reading takes me back to the five years Norma-Jean, our children and I spent in what is Canada’s premier mining city, Sudbury, Ontario. Bill St. Pierre, our Development Director for the Circle Square Ranches for many years, worked in helping to develop new ways of prospecting for the mining companies. One means was to fly over the cambrian shield rocks with an umbilical chord which looked like a rope hanging out the back of the airplane, towing a little aircraft packed with instruments which recorded the content of the rocks below. I’m prospecting every day for the wealth waiting to be found in Holy Scripture. I pray fervently that this blog, attached to the Lord, will enable me to share the wealth with more and more people.

Yours, with a hope that all of us will “share the wealth” by sending this blog on to others,


Timna Park located south of the dead sea in Israel has many unique rock formations. In this area Moses and the children of Israel pitched their tents. It is believed that King Solomon developed mining in this area and that even the Pharaohs of Egypt established mines here.

20 thoughts on “Saturday, August 24, 2013

  1. I “share the wealth” by telling others about this daily Bible reading and blog all the time. I have been so blessed by it everyday. Thank you once again Pastor David for your devotion and commitment to it early every morning. We Praise God for you and ask for blessings and for healing for you.

    The reading of God’s Word and prayer is vital to one’s spiritual development. Praise the Lord!!!!

    • Is on Facebook? It is a greater way to reach the masses!
      God bless you…David for your early rise to prepare to spiritual feed us (the sheep.) It’s evident that you have a pastor’s heart.
      I pray you will be with your family and with us for many long years to come in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  2. Satan was utterly defeated to even consider Job!! Facinating to read about natural physics and geology and then Job posing the question, from where does wisdom and understanding come from? In conclusion, he tells us. I too believe the scales of justice will be carried out in the long term and this is a view that can keep us sane when insanity can be so prevelant. The importance of reading scripture daily and prayer, has been driven home by reading your blog, and has made a difference in my life. Have a great day!

    • God spoke to Job and Job told his friends what God said to him about wisdom. When this happens to us, most of the time we credit God for it but it seems as if it is our own intelligence. It is God who gave us this knowledge or understanding but it is clearly from God. Sometimes, it is closer to being obviously as one person talking to another: a monologue to Job, of which Job said, “God spoke me and said,’…'” is clearly closer to this. Jesus said we can know a tree by it’s fruit. A good tree brings forth good fruit and an evil tree brings forth evil fruit [an orange tree can not grow poison berries].

  3. God reveals Himself to humble people. True. As well as revealing himself to humble people, God also reveals Himself through humble people. I think, in both cases, humble and meek people see and reveal the best parts of God. Though all of God is good and no man is good, some people experience God more deeply than me and yet some are so humble that they don’t ever seem to know it: the little widow who through in two pennies and it was all she had; the illiterate man or woman that silently longs for heaven and Jesus return; Pope John Paul II, though he was the highest official of the largest church in the world, he was clearly humble (with the help of his affliction); an older simple french woman who has run a christian cafe in Sherbrooke, Quebec for many years; the small number of very simple christian people that go to that cafe; Ron Mainse; also, I think you too David Mainse, but you don’t draw a lot of attention (that is a thing about humbleness. Also, I don’t have a television so I have not seen 100 Huntley Street for awhile and have not seen you as often on it as your son). I am not meek or humble most of the time. I don’t hold my tongue and it boils over. However, I become humbled when I meet some of the kinds of people I just described. Though some might be less diciplined than me, they see the GRACE of God that Paul could not see when he was a pharisee. I know others who have that dicipline and that GRACE and also are humble and meek. I have also met people who seem meek and humble but are not. These might sometimes be the wolves in sheeps clothing. Still, the people I described, I see their blessing. When I see it, I ussually am given it soon.

  4. 33 years ago David, you recruited me to work at Circle Square Ranch, Severn Bridge, by your daily thrust and message to young people on 100 Huntley Street. For 5 summers I was under the leadership of Bill St. Pierre, who to me, was an ingenious, tireless servant of our King, The Lord Jesus Christ.

    I have been following this blog four just over 3 months and it seems as though it was written just for me. I had slipped away from following Jesus as I became an adult. I returned and rededicated my life early in 2012 and set out to read the New Testament and pray each morning. I accomplished that and have experienced growth in my desire to follow Jesus no matter what. I began to feel “aimless” in my devotions last spring. I was certainly doing them and seeking God in them each morning, but stumbling across this blog was in my estimation, not-by-chance. I’ve had CLEAR direction with you blog David and I look forward to it, excitedly, each and every morning.

    Thank God!

    I love you Jesus!

  5. Prospecting requires going through a lot of dirt in order to find the diamond, or the gold, or whatever precious element we are looking for. God is a great Prospector because He had to go through a lot of “ground” to find the precious element in me. And likewise we often have to look for the same element in others– even those who are covered with the dirt of this world. Prospecting require patience more than luck– the treasure is there, you just have to willing to spend a lot of time digging for it.

  6. “Learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart”(Matthew 11:29). This is what D.L. Moody in his book, “The Overcoming Life” has to say about humility. “There is no harder lesson to learn than the lesson of humility. It is not taught in the schools of men, only in the schools of Christ. It is the rarest of all the gifts.”(pg. 87). “If we want God to lift us up, let us get down. The lower we get, the higher God will lift us. It is Christ’s eulogy of John, “Greater than any man born of woman.” (pg. 94). This is the chapter I am reading now. Thank you, David for your dedication in doing this blog every day, for your fantastic photos, Reynold, for your contribution Ron and fellow bloggers. If the Lord recommended Job as His choice servant, he must have had all these graces.” Enjoy the sunshine friends.

  7. Please some one tell me how to share a blog God bless all !!! And aslways the infinite blessings of the Lord be upon you all, those who produce and those who gain wisdom from this blog !!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dear Rev David Mainse and precious fellow bloggers,

    As I was reading the scriptures today came to my mind one one my favorite gospel songs which translates the deep love I have for Jesus. Thank you, David M, for your failthfulness, giving us each morning the precious Word. I’m keeping you in my prayers. Thank you Ron Reynold, Ann, Norma Jean and all the great family of 100 Huntley Street for that vision for the future of the next generation.

    You are my strength when I am weak
    You are the treasure that I seek
    You are my all in all
    I’m seeking You like a precious jewel
    Lord, to give up I’d be a fool
    You are my all in all

    Jesus, Lamb of God
    Holy is Your name
    Jesus, Lamb of God
    Holy is Your name

    (Gaither Vocal Band – ”You Are My All In All” – Greatly Blessed album)

    Have a blessed day,

    Carole xxxx

  9. One of my favorite songs Carole ,thankyou for writing it on the blog.I to was a
    diamond in the rough and God sought me and found me and polished me, and
    guess what He is still grinding and polishing me Bless His Holy Name …
    Have a Blessed day every one…..R….

  10. I nearly forgot ,Heike ,to send this blog just click on foreward and click on your contacts and then click send hope it works….R…

  11. Pastor David,
    I am blessed every day with your message. I also appreciate Reynold’s
    photos. I have been to the Holy Land and each photo brings back memories.
    A few days ago you referred to the expression “For this…I have Jesus”. I
    have been using this for a long time, but am hopeful you can tell me if it
    is based on a verse of scripture or of it’s origin.
    Thank you, Maureen

    • Maureen– David Mainse did not mentioned the phrase for this I have Jesus in his blog remarks- it came up in the comments section in response to the topic of the day- David praying for Egypt.
      Not sure of the origins of the phrase, but I heard it in a sermon given by Charles Price on Living Truth. He said the saying was the life long saying used by a dear friend of his. This friend made yellow bookmarks with the saying on it and passed them out. Eventually this friend had a stroke, and could barely speak, but even then he manage to say the phrase to Charles on the phone. His friend is now with the Lord.
      Charles Price has given this sermon many times all over the world. A Christian songwriter heard the same sermon and wrote a song about it–perhaps you heard it from the song.
      I think the saying is loosely based on the Scripture– I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me– but can’t swear to it.
      If you need more information about the origins of the saying perhaps contacting Charles Price at the Living Truth website might be helpful. Anyway I hope that helps.

      • Did some digging around on the web– one site said the phrase for this I have Jesus was coined by a British evangelist- John Hunter–

  12. I so appreciate your blog Mr. Mainse. I don’t always get to it first thing but I do get to it……I gulped today when I saw your comment “there is no excuse that we should not live with integrity……. I agree but I am a sinner saved by grace through faith and I make many mistakes but the joy comes when I can say “oops! Lord. I blew that one. I am sorry. Forgive me. let me try again” If that was not there I wouldn’t be here. However as I read your personal words I felt some what relieved because I too get discouraged and pray and cry sometimes and then I feel God’s arms lifting me up and brushing me off and saying “your forgiven, I’m here, right beside you and your not alone, keep moving forward, I’m right here, keep going, I’m here today, tomorrow, forever, and remember you are the best at being you and never forget that, now go and feed my sheep:” For me it’s one step at a time. and I can’t imagine my life without Jesus! Thank you for your time and commitment to your blog. That was a terrific idea!

  13. I am so richly blessed by David, Reynold and all of you fellow blog-buddies. Thank-you for all of your continued comments and words of encouragement to one another. Your Christian love for one another is self-evident and I’m honoured to have the opportunity to share in this blog with all of you. All of you contribute thoughts and ideas which enrich my life daily, thank you. God Bless all of you this day and every day!

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