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Suggested Reading: Job 11-13

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The gladiatorial games in the Roman Colosseum often included killing Christians. A person becomes like the "God" they serve. The one called "the god of this world" in Scripture is Satan. Those who serve his hateful purposes, regardless of the religion they profess, are worshipping Satan whether they know it or not.

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Key Verses: Job 13:15a, 20-21

Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him…Only two things do not do to me, then I will not hide myself from You: Withdraw Your hand far from me, and let not the dread of You make me afraid.

Job had a clear conscience. Abraham, perhaps Job’s contemporary, “Believed in the Lord, and He (God) accounted it to him for righteousness” (Genesis 15:6). This fact is repeated twice in the New Testament (Romans 4:3 & Galatians 3:6). It is reasonable to assume that Job had approximately the same revelation of God as did Abraham. In the key verses for today, we see Job’s total confidence in God’s actions, and also Job’s prayer for God’s constant hand of providence upon him.

Believers in the God of the Bible have been tested severely throughout the ages. The photo above depicts a time when God did allow His people to be killed. It’s been shown that in our time more followers of Jesus have been murdered than all of history. It is happening in Egypt this week. My 12-year-old grandson, Nathaniel Shaheen, told me there have been 17 Christian churches destroyed in Egyptian cities recently. Moslems are killing each other in an unprecedented wave of Satan-inspired violence. In all this, God’s people have “TRUST” in God!


Lord God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, I pray fervently for strength for Your people in Egypt and elsewhere who are being killed, for Your Name’s sake. May they “be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.” Lord Jesus, You have just inspired me to read this prayer from Ephesians 6:10. Thank You for this encouragement. Also I’m thinking of the Apostle Paul who “fought with beasts at Ephesus” (1 Corinthians 15:30-32). Please continue to give to Your people, and to me also, the strength to endure, whatever may come our way. In Your Strong Name I ask these things, Amen!!!


The persecution of God’s people and extreme violence is not new to Egypt. On one occasion, my father, Roy Mainse, arose one morning to find painted on his garage door in Assiut, Egypt, “You are dogs, we will kill you.” He went about his regular duties just the same. God protected him. On another occasion, when the British ruled Egypt after the breakup of the Turkish Ottoman Empire as a result of WWI, he was in a village where the garrison of British soldiers had been killed. Their bodies were thrown in a cart and pulled through the streets, the killers shouting, “British meat for sale – cheap!” The violence in Egypt, Syria, and in other places is from the same source, Satan himself. My Dad told me of one time when those he had led to Jesus were in the process of erecting a church building. The enemies of the Gospel threatened to destroy it even as it was being built. The men of the church who were building put a chair in the middle of the structure and asked Dad to sit in it for several days while they built. Knowing him, he would rather have been building too, but he complied with their request. He said the would-be attackers were circling the building, but it seemed that a force kept them back. The building was completed.

Let us join in solidarity with the believers in Jesus in Egypt today. The Scripture says, “Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you” (James 4:7). Amen! While the Church of Egypt is a persecuted minority, it is still strong (click here for a report from Brian Stiller which aired on 100 Huntley Street over a year ago).

Yours in full confidence that Jesus is building His church and all the powers of Hell shall not stop Jesus’ Church! Amen!!! (Matthew 16:18),


P.S. All seven of our great-grandchildren visited us this week. It was the first time they had all been together. Please forgive me for wanting to share a picture of them with you. May God bless your family too!

Great-grandchildren from left to right - Kaylin Stowell, Autumn Neilson, Noelle Neilson, Aliyah Stowell, James Stowell, Myles Neilson, Jadice Patterson.

31 thoughts on “Saturday, August 17, 2013

  1. What a beautiful moment Norma-Jean and you shared together with your seven grandchildren! Thank you so much for sharing. As you stated, by faith, the outcome of the battle in Egypt has already been won by our Lord. Christian churches will be rebuilt, and those martyred will receive their reward in heaven. It is so painful to be caught up in the reality of the pain and suffering happening as we write! May God’s strength be swift to carry out His justice, purpose and peace throughout Egypt!

  2. Good morning,
    Wonderful message again David, as always. Yes, I must remember to pray daily for people persecuted throughout the world.
    Thx for the pics too – never apologize ’cause after all these years, we feel like part of your ‘family”. We’ve watched the kids grow up & now some have their own families.
    We know for sure, as the Gaithers sing “we are part of the family of God”.


  3. This is surely a sign of the times. Jesus is coming again and I believe it is sooner rather than later. Yes, we must TRUST HIM!!!!!

    Beautiful picture of you and Norma-Jean with the great-grandchildren!! It is always a delight to see family pictures.

    Yes, Marg, we are all part of the Family of God. Praise the Lord!!!

    Have a great day blog-buddies and blessing to all!!!

  4. I agree with all previous comments and I am so happy to see how you are blessed by Great Grands. I found out this week I am to be a GG in Mar 2014. My almost 93 year old Mother is looking so forward to being a GGGran.
    I am so thankful for ‘the family of God’ and pray that those in Egypt who must face this terrible time focus on the same God and His promises.

  5. What a beautiful and precious picture of yourself, Norma-Jean and the great-grandchildren. David, I would say that your quiver is in fact overflowing!!! haha! Regardless, you can never have too much love, as evidenced here!

    All of us join as one voice in prayer for the people of Egypt, particularly the Christian Church which has suffered so much persecution in this land. Lord I pray that You be with these people, protect them and surround them with Your love as violence whirls around them today. May You use such a time as this to reveal Your truth, to add souls to the Church, and may goodness and righteousness result from a terribly desperate situation. We pray in Jesus’ precious name. Amen.

  6. Amen, David, Scott and fellow bloggers. Yes, we are all the family of God and when one member suffers, we all suffer. Have been praying for the Christians in Egypt. Precious family picture, David and Norma Jean. How blessed you are! Wonder if we could ever get this large family(my parents have over 100 grandchildren, gg and ggggrandchildren) together. The Lord bless everyone.

    • Ger, I pray you are getting stronger each day and all is well with you. Your family is definitely the largest I know of. Praising GOd for you today.

  7. Thank you once again Pastor David for your strength to get our blog out each day.

    We have a friend who is from Egypt and is a Christian, who still has family there and of course is very concerned. When it hits close to home, as it must be for you, it becomes more real and we MUST be much in prayer for them. Sometimes we take our safety to worship for granted, and my prayer is we will learn to pray for all countries under siege and appreciate we ARE part of the family of GOD.

    Thank you fellow bloggers for your comments and may we be fervently in prayer for what is going on in Egypt and other countries.

    Beautiful picture….never be sorry for sharing, we feel we are part of this Wonderful family. God Bless you all today.

  8. Beautiful family picture, so enjoyed that.
    Yes we are praying for the situation in Egypt.
    Blessings from the Lord above for all the blog-buddies.

  9. Blessed are we living here in Canada but as you said we must never cease praying for our brothers and sisters in other countries especially Egypt and Syria . We pray the same mighty hand of our loving Heavenly Father protect them as He did your dad,David. He is mighty, He is our protector, our provider, our saviour.
    I’d like to direct you and all fellow readers of your blog to a praise song that came on my car radio yesterday. I went looking for it on You Tube and found it. It so impacted me with the goodness of God. The song is called, Awesome by Pastor Charles Jenkins. The picture of you and Norma-Jean with all your great grandchildren was so beautiful. Thanks for sharing……may I add that you both are looking very well. God bless you and your family and pray that we all have a wonderful Saturday.

  10. David M if you stopped sharing your pictures of your precious family I would find
    it odd…keep them coming and may God continue to Bless both you & Norma-Jean. Praying for Christian people in Egypt, thank you for sharing the link to Brian Stiller. Fellow bloggers enjoy the sunshine and may God Bless you all richly. Adele

  11. Thank you for the song on utube called “Awesome’ it means alot to me I might
    right out the words. We must never ceaae in prayer my prayer is the same as yours
    The picture of you and your great grandchildren is wonderful you are looking great
    and I continue to pray for you as well David
    Enjoy your day
    Lianne Hogg

  12. Thank you, thank you David for your daily blog, I am so blessed to read them. I truly enjoy your family pictures, what a lovely picture of you and Norma Jean with your Greats! Anne

  13. What a beautiful picture of your GGgrand children, yes we must pray for our
    brothers and sisters over seas pray, pray ,pray, and put the devil on the run
    praise the Lord our Lord is still in control, and He is coming soon…R…

  14. I enjoy reading your blog. I grew up in Brockville we were just there in June for a visit. I remember you being there with Ralph when Ralph had tent meetings in Prescott. We all attended Highway Temple. Betty and Dorothy Gill and the Running family. Edith Osborne is my husbands sister so we have been at 100 Huntley several times when they were there. Your great grandchildren are adorable. We are praying that the Lord will continue to give you strength. God Bless.

  15. Thank you Catherine and yes, I am getting stronger each day, and got together with some of my family today. I thank God for you as well and all my fellow bloggers. All because of Jesus and the David Mainse family. Thank you Lord and blessings everyone.

  16. Seven? If it becomes eight you probably will be just as happy but seven? It is not a bad number. Twelve is also an excellent number. 144,000 is a really, really good number. No pressure though. I think those positions were filled already but the numbers are still especially nice to think of as signs of blessing.

  17. Yes let’s continue to pray for Egypt, not only for the Christians safety but also for the pre-Christians, my daughter being one. Amber has just arrived in Egypt to teach in a BC school located in El Shorouk. Please join me in prayer for her salvation and the salvation of our unsaved family members and for the ones who have heard God’s word but are not walkin with Him. Amen

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