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Suggested Reading: 2 Chronicles 15

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In the Museum of the Ancient Agora in Athens Greece, you can see four fragments of sculptures, probably from the Temple of Ares dating from 435-420 BC. Today's reading would have taken place hundreds of years before these were carved. King Asa of Judah ordered the removal of all the idols which some had been worshiping (2 Chronicles 15:8).

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Key Verse: 2 Chronicles 15:7

But you, be strong and do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded!

God has made us in His image. Therefore the choice is ours as to whether we serve Him or not. God will not turn us into puppets or robots. At the beginning of our reading it’s obvious that our decisions about our lives will determine God’s decisions whether or not to bless us or leave us alone to the consequences of His absence from our lives. Verse two tells us that while we are with Him, He is with us, and that if we seek Him, He will be found by us, and if we forsake Him, He will forsake us. God lets us take the lead in our own lives.

King Asa took action, and God responded as a result. First, Asa removed the idols. Second, he restored the altar of the Lord. Third, he made a sacrificial offering to the Lord. Fourth, he even removed his own mother from being honoured as the Queen, because she had made an obscene image of a goddess which was worshiped in neighbouring countries. He cut it down, crushed it, and burned it at the brook just between Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives. Because of Asa’s decisions to honour the Lord, God responded by blessing Judah with peace.


Lord God, I have decided to take action in my life to serve You with all my heart, mind, soul and strength. I love You! I pray now for Your peace to fill my being at all times. Thank You for hearing and answering my prayer with Your “Yes.” I’m experiencing Your peace now as I pray. In the Name of the Prince of Peace, the Lord Jesus, Amen!!!


There is a powerful statement of God’s response to our move toward Him found in Romans 10:1-15. The Apostle Paul quotes from his Hebrew Bible the words of the Prophet Joel, “Whoever calls on the Name of the Lord shall be saved” (Joel 2:32a). I’ve just taken the time to read chapter two of Joel (click here).

It’s almost 60 years that I’ve been telling everybody who will listen to me that I refuse to make it complicated to be saved. It’s so very simple – just call on the Lord. Yesterday’s 100 Huntley Street telecast is a very powerful story of Michael “Bull” Roberts, a career criminal who did just that while lying on a hotel room floor. The Lord responded to this man who had suffered terrible abuse as a child and was declared criminally insane at 16. When he cried out to God, he experienced true love for the first time in his life. I encourage everyone who reads this blog to check out this story by watching 100 Huntley Street (click here) or better still, order the entire DVD set of eight documentaries (our CANADA: Heart & Soul series). These stories range from Michael, a human tragedy, to Chris Hadfield, commander of the International Space Station, a human success story, to hockey icon Paul Henderson, a human hero, to several other amazing Canadians! (Click here for ordering information).

Yours, because as a 16-year-old I called on the Name of the Lord and was “saved,”


Remains of grandeur at the east end of the Roman Agora (marketplace) in Athens that once lead to the Temple of Ares. The Bible teaches that the one true God dwells in our hearts since Jesus came and not in temples made with hands. It was in Athens, surrounded by magnificent temples, that the Apostle Paul said "God, who made the world and everything in it, since He is Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands" (Acts 17:24).

Looking over the fence into the Roman Ancient Agora where the Temple of Ares was located. Just next door to the Agora is Mars Hill (or Areopagus, "Hill Of Ares"), where Paul delivered his message to the Athenians (Acts 17:22-31).

14 thoughts on “Friday, June 28, 2013

  1. I saw your interview with ‘Bull’ Roberts yesterday David. What an amazing story of a man who was well acquainted with sin and it’s dire consequences, who, when touched by the hand of God, did a 180 degree turn right into the loving arms of Jesus. I look at his story and I think of countless others who have made a similar decision to turn from sin and to follow Jesus. The impact of such a decision will last a lifetime and beyond! Belief in Jesus is more than ‘pie in the sky’, it’s a faith, a commitment to a new way of life, a new hope based upon the facts of witnesses in God’s word, the Bible. But more than this, as Bull Roberts said yesterday, it’s ‘love’. Love coming down from God and touching the soul, becoming complete, being fulfilled and finally knowing who you really are in Jesus. We who know Jesus, know God, we have been touched by His hand, we know where our eternal destiny lies. If you’re not totally convicted of where you are going when you die and you want to know Jesus, then I invite you to have a look at the 4 Spiritual Laws below, (as I did back in 1983). Study them closely, let them sink deep into your heart, seek, question, cry out to Christ in faith, He will surely hear your voice and will answer your cry.

  2. I have added your blog to my list being: C.H. Spurgeon, My Utmost For His Highest, and Andrew Murray from here in Alberta. I am blessed by your authenticity and have been blessed by your ministry over the years- again- authenticity. Thank-you so much!

  3. I too saw your interview with Michael Roberts and was moved to tears, another truly amazing conversion as The Lord Jesus touched him as he comtemplated taking his own life. Our God is so wonderful and there are not enough words tht can describe Him.

    Thank you for he link also to Joel a great reading and one that I rejoice in today.

    As we see in the way King Asa dealt with the people and responded to The Lord we once again see God’s mercy and faithfulness that He is with us.

    Thank you Scott for your words tried the link but did not come through will try later….good to have in hand as we share with those who do not know The Lord Jesus as their personal Saviour.

    Going to the cottage this weekend, no wi-fi but will continue in the scriptures and catch up next week. HAPPY CANADA DAY to all.

  4. Hi David, What an amazing testimony of “Bull ” Roberts conversion. God is so good, and cares deeply for each one of us! l love the scripture that says “Being confident of this very thing, that he who began a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ” Philippians 1:6 KJV Have a blessed Canada Day Weekend everyone!

  5. So many amazing conversions have been shown on 100 Huntley St. The one I remember so clearly was the Ernie Hollands story. His mother taught him to steal at age 8 (if I remember) and he was convicted of murder later. He became a Christian and married a Christian lady with children. When you see really large crowds of people, it is hard to fathom that God listens to our cries to Him and answers. He knows us more completely than we know ourselves! Thanks for the 4 laws and the little train that explains salvation, Scott. Returned from TO visit and with my little Tablet I was able to keep up with the Bible reading each day (hotel, Swiss Chalet, library) all had YiFi

  6. I wrote a poem about my conversion, it is rather a simple tale, but I think it will speak for itself. But before I share it I just wanted to ask our Lord to watch out and protect all those travelling this holiday weekend and special blessing upon my friend who will be on a mission trip for the two weeks in Latin American.

    The Lost Lamb

    Nobody knew her; she was a stranger before their eyes,
    for it was easier to be blind than to see; for where there is ignorance
    that is where indifference breeds.
    So locked away invisible before the world, she wandered
    heartbroken and filled with despair.
    She bore a loneliness that another’s love might have spared.
    But no one dared, no one had the courage to find out she was there.
    She tried to be heard.
    She tried to be seen.
    She tried crying out loud.
    She tried carrying the pain,
    but she grew weary of trying, so she just disappeared.
    And no one knew she was gone.
    The world remain the same.
    But in heaven Jesus wept—
    for He not only knew she was, He knew her by name.
    And in his heart He heard every word that was ignored and with eyes of love
    He saw every tear that was missed.
    Therefore He began to search every corner of the earth
    and every hiding place until He found her—
    There at the gates of Hell, forgotten and alone
    He gathered her in His arms and made her His own.
    The little lost lamb– finally had a home.

  7. Amen to all of the above! Another great entrance by David Mainse on 100 Huntley St. Thoroughly enjoyed this special week celebrating Canada. God Bless Canada!

  8. When we read the history of Juda and Israel we see that In Juda there were quite a few good Kings like Asa and Jehoshaphat and others. But sadly in the rest of Israel none who were seeking the Lord and to do His will.
    Watch 100 HS every day and am always blessed by the show!!

  9. Wow Donna. Your heart felt poem is so real. I can identify with it. I’m sure you were not alone. You just didn’t know it. I’m so happy for you …for all of us lost
    little sheep who Jesus rescued and brought to him self. One day we are all going
    home to be eternaly with him.

    We were watching the interview between David and Bull Robertsat our home also. It was heart reaching to hear his storey.I use to think I was hard done by
    as a child, teen and adult ….BUT! this mans life was a living hell.

    Praise God Mr. Roberts is a beautiful new creature in Christ! 🙂
    Thank you Jesus ! Amen ! 🙂

    M. 🙂

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