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Suggested Reading: Ephesians 1

Click scripture link to read online or HERE to listen online (then click the symbol of the audio speaker above the scripture portion).


Missionary to Turkey Mike Martin is pictured here amidst the ruins of ancient Ephesus (Present-day Selcuk, Turkey). This area is one large museum, perhaps the most spectacular ruins in Turkey. The Apostle Paul walked these streets witnessing for Christ, stopping from time to time to lift his voice and preach the Good News of eternal salvation in Christ. One of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World was here, "The Temple of Diana." The area pictured above is not open to tourists, but my photographer son, David Reynold, was able to enter to photograph for this blog.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Ephesians 1:17

“I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know Him better.”

Thirteen times in today’s reading we find, “in Christ,” “in Him,” in Himself,” “in Whom,” “in the Lord Jesus,” repeated again and again. It’s plain to see that Paul has an absolutely clear message he fervently desires to communicate! In fact, the phrase “in Christ” or its equivalent appears 35 times throughout this letter to the believers in Ephesus, and the Holy Spirit intended these words for the whole Church in every place and throughout all time. Therefore, we should pay close attention to every word.

What do we have “IN CHRIST?” “Heavenly places,” “He chose us,” “Redemption and forgiveness,” “purpose,” “all things,” “an inheritance,” “the praise of His glory,” “trust,” “the Holy Spirit of promise,” “the guarantee,” “wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him,” and “His mighty power”…and that’s just in the first chapter! This is mind boggling! We need to spend time meditating on these facts. If we are not overwhelmed, we need to check our pulses to make sure we are still alive!


Lord Jesus, I want to personalize the prayer found in the key verse: Dear God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, I ask for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Your Person. Amen! Amen!


I have had the privilege of visiting the spectacular ruins of Ephesus several times. I’m so impressed with the evidence of stately public buildings which once served the people. Of course, the houses in which the people lived around the centre and in the suburbs are not to be found. I have just read the story of Paul’s ministry in Ephesus again from the book of Acts. When I have stood in the great Ephesian amphitheatre, I can almost imagine the loud declaration of the crowd inside who were shouting in defence of their goddess, “Great is Diana of the Ephesians.” Paul and his team of witnessing Christians caused a riot (read Acts 18:24-28 and Acts 19:1-41 and check out the picture below for the theatre where the uproar happened).

I didn’t cause a riot back in 1964, but most certainly consternation, when one Sunday evening I refused to preach my Salvation message in the pulpit of the church in Sudbury, Ontario, where I was Pastor. I checked the congregation out by upraised hands, and everyone present had the assurance of their eternal salvation. I then asked one of the deacons to take over the service and I proceeded out the door, down the alley for one block, to the sidewalk outside the Mine Mill Union Hall, where a dance was in progress. People were milling around outside the hall. I raised my voice and began to preach on how to have assurance of Heaven. I even noticed the union president open his window across the street in order to listen. Weir Reid was called by the Toronto Star, “Canada’s last angry socialist.” Mr. Reid called me following this and offered, at no cost to the church, the use of their camp facilities for a week each Summer for a Christian camp. This was the initial seed for the Circle Square ranches, which continue to this day. I would not have been surprised if the congregation had convened a business meeting and dismissed their new Pastor, me. As it happened, I continued to serve there for over four more years, and I don’t believe we ever had another Sunday evening service where someone in the congregation did not bring out a friend who did not yet know Jesus as Saviour and Lord. Every service found one, two or more at the altar giving their lives to Christ. The congregation, since that time on the street, has built two new church buildings in order to hold the people and to serve the community.

Forgive me for going on far beyond my goal of 100 words. I’ve just completed my newest book called, This Far by Faith, and I’m used to writing my stories without a limit to the number of words.

Yours for the knowledge of the truth that we are “IN CHRIST,”



Ruins of the ancient theatre in Ephesus (Acts 19:28-31).

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.

27 thoughts on “Wednesday, May 29, 2013

  1. As Christians, we have an amazing heritage. When you actually stop and think about what Paul endured to make the gospel known to the people of his generation; he valued what he knew and clearly allowed the Holy Spirit to work through him in it’s presentation. Likewise David Mainse clearly allowed the Holy Spirit to work through him as he presented the gospel in Sudbury those many years ago. People stopped and listened, they heard the gospel, lives were changed. I thank God and give Him all the praise for the abundance of gifts and promises that He has bestowed on us. I especially give thanks to those who so passionately shared the gospel out of their love and service to God. May God present an opportunity for us to share the gospel with someone today, and may the Holy Spirit work through us in it’s presentation.

  2. I wonder how the deacon felt! Did he understand what you were doing (being a new pastor)? Wonderful outcome. Thank you David M.

  3. David my prayer is the same as yours I am thankful that many stopped to listen God
    speaking through you and now have salvation.
    Have a wonderful day David and your family
    Lianne Hogg

  4. What a wonderful gift our salvation is! To know God’s love available for each of us 24-7 and His faithful unlimited love abiding forever.

  5. So many things stood out from today’s reading. That is what I love about the scriptures–each time we read, we learn something new as a specific word or phrase, sentence or whole verse, cries out and catches us, taking us to greater depths of understanding. Praise be to God!

    Another example of the foolishness of worshiping other Gods re: Diana is presented. Amazing ruins! The photos are excellent. I can just imagine Paul preaching his letter to the Ephesians, there! Amazing!

    The mystery of His will… all things which are in heaven and on earth–are in God. We are ever so blessed to learn of His will through the Word. We have inherited the gift of predestination and must know that God works everything out according to His will when we claim, trust and have faith in Christ. That is the hope given to those who have gone through darker sides in life. God is the answer to being saved, every time! He will never leave us nor forsake us. He works everything out for His glory through us. But it is up to us. When we believe and claim Christ, we are sealed with the Holy Spirit and garner eternal and everlasting life.

    Let us be loving to one another, fellow saints, giving thanks and praise for each other in our prayers. Let us ask that ‘the eyes of our understanding be enlightened’ and the hope of His calling revealed in our lives; for He reigns over us and we represent Him as the body of the church on earth. Life is not a game. We are not here to have a good time. Our calling and work for the Lord is of utter importance. When we pray for God’s will to be done in our lives and in the lives of others, the power of the Holy Spirit is manifested and we begin to miraculous changes all around us! Praise God! Keeping our eyes on Jesus, all the way!

    Be blessed on this rainy day, fellow saints as the trees, grass, bushes, plants and flowers soak up a good drink of water. Amen!

  6. Our reading today is as if gazing into a kaleidoscope and seeing the many ways as believers we are connected in the unity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Created to be who we are (strengths, weaknesses and all) for a purpose in this time and space, since the beginning of creation. It can be difficult to understand at times why, but Paul assures us of meaning and purpose for our lives in Christ. The pictures today were amazing, where one can almost hear vehement voices emanating from diversified thought and convictions coupled with eloquence, as Paul shared the gospel message of Christ. Have a great day, to all!

  7. Some times I stop and I have to pinch my self …is this real… am I really one of Gods chosen. Some times I sit and watch people, Ibelieve I can usually distinguish between the saved and the unsaved. Yes , you can not judge a book by it’s cover. But some times it is pretty obvious who is and isn’t saved with out talking to them. When I observe the unsaved I am humbled and I thank Godwith all my heart for choosing me , for lifting me out from amount the multatude of lost souls, for opening my eyes and ears to his word and truth, for grafting me and thus far some of my family members in to the tree of eternel life. Oh…! I do not for one minute take for granet this wonderful gift of salvation God has in his infinite mercy bestowed upon me.

    If I may I’d like to pray a special prayer for all of the saints of this blog.
    Dear Jesus heavenly father I come before you, I ask that as the saints read this
    Partition it is viewed as a collective being where two or more have gathered to pray. Lord I just lift up all of the unsaved family members of these saints, in cluding my self , and I pray you will include all of our family members, that before the rapture these unsaved family members will hear your voice. And be saved .
    In Jesus name. Amen! Amen ! and Amen!!!

    Marla 🙂

    • My dear sister in Christ, thank you for your wonderful prayer and for lifting us up in faith to our Lord. You are a prime example of one the Lord spoke of when he said those you are forgiven much, love the most. I am certain the Lord is going to use in many wonderful ways to shine His light in this ever darkening world. God bless.

  8. Good morning David! I agree with you that this chapter of Ephesians is packed with riches. I have a personal experience with this Scripture that I would like to share if that’s okay.
    About 16 years ago now, I was reading a book at home by a missionary to Indonesia. This man was relaying his experiences there, and one of them was an encounter with the witchcraft of a particular village. As I was reading about his experience (which he had victory over, through the power of Christ!), I became aware of a very evil presence in my room. It was suddenly very cold and oppressive. Immediately I began to pray in the Spirit, and was led to open my Bible to Ephesians chapter 1. I read it out loud, declaring all of those things which we read along with you this morning….and the oppression left! The power of the Word of God is like no other!
    Thank you David for including the audio option with your Scripture passages – I love to have the spoken Word of God in my kitchen! Praise God for His goodness, and for your faithfulness David – may you find this day filled with the blessings of God for you and your family.

  9. thanks for sharing your Sudbury story…..I haven’t heard it before and I am living in Sudbury at the moment! Exciting!!

  10. Redemption what a most beautiful word. We have been bought back, we have been set free, and made new. Fellow saints: we have been redeemed! P.T.L.

  11. How wonderful to be in the letter Ephesians. It is one of my most loved books and I read it often. Thank you David for your dedication in doing this each day. It is a discipline for me to get up early and read the scripture and your comments.
    I have found parts of the Old Testament difficult, reading about all the violence in history and hearing it daily on our news. I have read the Bible through from beginning to end in this way but somehow reading it this time, I have pondered it more.
    We live in such a violent society I kept realizing so it has always been.
    How thankful I am for Jesus and his covenant of love. I think of this old hymn.
    People need the Lord

    Every day they pass me by,
    I can see it in their eyes.
    Empty people filled with care,
    Headed who knows where?

    On they go through private pain,
    Living fear to fear.
    Laughter hides their silent cries,k
    Only Jesus hears.

    People need the Lord, people need the Lord.
    As the end of broken dreams,k He’ the open door.
    People need the Lord, people need the Lord.
    When will we realize, people need the Lord?

    We are called to take His light
    To a world where wrong seems right
    What could be too great a cost
    For sharing life with one who’s lost?

    Through His love our hearts can feed
    All the grief they bear.
    They must hear the words of life
    Only we can share.

    People need the Lord, people need the Lord.
    At the end of broken dreams, He’s the open door.
    People need the Lord, people need the Lord.
    When will we realize that we must give our lives,
    For people need the Lord.
    People need the Lord.

    Steve Green

  12. Such words of wisdom from all our bloggers today, and thank you once again Pastor David for sharing, it reminded me of my childhood when men would preach the gospel on th street corners in my native Scotland and at the seaside in the summer, a good part of my heritage.

    Our reading today is powerful and should be read over and over.

    I am still always amazed when reading of Paul’s conversion story and one to be told to our family etc. who are not yet in the family of God.

    May we all pray for wisdom each day and have th courage to use it for THE GLORY OF TH LORD? Blessings fellow saints.

  13. What a wonderful story about you going out that night to seek the lost , like our Saviour tells us… to be” fishers of men” That is what the Circle Square Ranches have done also. Our children attended the one in Sussex , N.B. and went on to receive Leadership Training there…I Thank God for that camp in their lives and the ministry it had for them and for countless others! You have a heart for souls that do not know the Lord. as well as those who do…He who wins souls is wise as the Bible says… Thank God for You and Yours and your Ministry in this Country and reaching out to others… there are no words to express all this… just humbled that you are doing this blog for everyone. God Bless You All!

  14. Dear David I have never minded when you have gone over your 100!!!! I thoroughly enjoy all your writings!!!!!

  15. I’m so thankful for these words each day, know this is life changing to many! May we all learn from your example to devote ourselves to God and one another. Thank-you! 🙂

  16. I got up this morning and looked out my bedroom window. I saw a Clamatis bush along with a Passion Flower bush. Both are remarkably delicate & beautiful. They instantly lifted my spirits. I realized that God gave these to us as a reminder that he loves us.

  17. Hi David, That Sudbury story was quite something! God is amazing the way he works things out, even when it doesn’t seem to be the best plan, he works it out anyway, and he gets all the glory!

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