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Suggested Reading: 2 Samuel 15

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On the east side of the Old City of Jerusalem is the Kidron Valley, where thousands of graves are located. The bodies were placed with the feet pointed toward the Eastern Gate in the wall of the city, with the expectation that at the resurrection they would stand up and be facing that gate into which Messiah will enter. In today's reading, King David escaped through this valley toward the east and the Jordan River, 25 miles away.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: 2 Samuel 15:31

Then someone told David, saying, “Ahithophel is among the conspirators with Absalom.” And David said, “O Lord, I pray, turn the counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness!”

Now, David prays. He’s in big trouble. From Chapter 12 onward, David’s story and that of his family reads like a horror novel. There is incest, murder, palace intrigue, outright treason, and civil war. David’s much loved son, Absalom, after four years of political manipulation, makes his move to seize power, usurping his father’s throne. To King David, nothing was more threatening than that Ahithophel, David’s most trusted and wise counsellor, was part of the plot. David reasoned that if he could just outwit Ahithophel’s counsel, Absalom’s rule would be shortened and he would return to his throne. It’s worthwhile to note how David sets out to accomplish this. Firstly, David prays, not against Ahithophel personally, but against the counsel Ahithophel is giving to Absalom. Secondly, David composes the 3rd Psalm, David’s prayer and confession of confidence in God. To read David’s own words, click here.


Lord God, I pray for wisdom. May I learn to always put my trust in You, worshipping You and confessing my confidence in You, even when I may not feel like it. Please give me grace to back up my prayers with obedience. In the Name of the One who always does this, the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!


For about six months of the three years that Norma-Jean, our four little children, and I lived in Deep River, Atomic Energy of Canada’s residential area, we lived in half of a double house. In the other half of the house lived Amnon Gilat, his wife and son who was named Ittai, the same name as found in our reading. Amnon was a nuclear physicist on an exchange program between Israel and Canada. Mrs. Gilat had entered and won the annual Israel Bible knowledge contest. We had some great Bible studies together. I asked them one day as to why they had named their son Ittai. Ittai’s Mom quoted verse 21 of today’s reading and said that they hoped and prayed that their little Ittai would grow up to be as loyal to Israel and its legitimate government as the Ittai who was totally loyal to KIng David. My son Ron, who sets up this blog format for me every day, and Ittai played together almost every day when they were one or two years old.

Also, I can’t help contrasting David’s entrance into Jerusalem from the opposite side of the city to his departure now. He entered with singing and dancing (2 Samuel 6:12-15), and now departs and “All the country wept with a loud voice.” Sin really messes everything up! No wonder God hates sin, but He loves sinners (Romans 5:6-8 click here).

Yours for repentance and reconciliation with God, which results in rejoicing,


P.S. Perhaps I should point out that this chapter gives an example of a mistake in copying the original manuscript. In 15:7, it infers that Absalom was stealing the hearts of the people over a period of 40 years. We know that David’s reign spanned only 40 years. So what’s the problem? Perhaps 100 years after the originally historically correct manuscript had been written, a copyist’s pen slipped and made the number 40 rather than 4. One little dot on the manuscript could’ve caused this and future scribes continued to copy a mistake. Josephus, the Jewish historian, may have gotten it right when he wrote that Absalom was four years undermining David’s rule and manipulating the people into rebellion.This in no way changes the “inerrancy” and “verbal inspiration” of the original writing. After sharing a scribal mistake, I need a lift. I found a rather irreverent piece of artwork of the entrance into Jerusalem by David and the Ark of the Covenant. If it looked anything like this, no wonder David’s wife, the daughter of Saul, was embarrassed at her husband’s gyrations (notice her in the window). Enjoy!

28 thoughts on “Saturday, April 13, 2013

  1. How quickly life can change when sin takes a hold. However we are so blessed our Lotd and Saviour is waiting to make it all right as we come to him in repentance. Rejoicing the fact of being A Child of The most High God!!!

    Blessings David and thank you once again for today’s blog. Blessings to all fellow bloggers. Interesting picture I think as a wife I too would have been embarrassed.

  2. As depicted in this painting, David was a character … that he was!! There has been so much drama in Samuel, true to life in this world, and all of which hindged on various relationships with our Lord. Life can certainly be messy, yet when I reflect back, I am thankful for where God has led me. At times, nothing made sense and all seemed in disrepair. Yet, there was a plan and purpose. The song, “I did it my way” is a misconception, as for the grace of God, we are where we are, and everyone has something to be thankful for. Enjoy this day, but it’s too cold to dance in the streets, as David!

  3. How sad it is ,David finally forgave Absalom, but it seems Absalom did not forgive his father , holding on to the years of rejection, and it seems it turned into absolute hatred. Sometimes we can forgive someone who still treats us badly, and as hard as this is,they still hold onto the issue. That’s when we need to take the high road and continue to pray blessing on them. Christianity is certainly not for wimps.David was solid in his former forgiveness, and although he was on the run from his son,he still loved him. No wonder the Lord said he was a man after his own heart.

    them in our prayers,

    • I like that, Christine; I recall you mentioning that in a former post. I, too, believe that praying for blessings for others has the most healing power.

  4. I am greatful as well Dorreen
    Could you pray for my nephew Keith his friend died of Cancer
    and Keith has to play in school band for his funeral today
    Thank you

    • Praying for your nephew, Keith, Lianne; and the family of his friend who passed away from cancer. May he be at peace in the loving arms of Jesus.

    • Lord Jesus we pray for Keith as he plays in the school band for his friend’s funeral today. We pray that You Lord minister to everyone at the funeral especially the family of Keith’s friend. We pray for Your overwhelming Peace, Love and Presence as the people gather together to remember this young boy’s life. May they have the assurance that he is with You.

  5. This is so funny, The comment made by one of your readers about her husband acting like King David in that hilariious picture was right on. Thankyou for sharing that.
    I really enjoy the comments by your readers David.

  6. Good Morning,
    Thank you David for your faithful in sharing God’s Word. It is a treasure chest of Truth! God bless everyone and may the Holy Spirit open hearts and minds to His Living Word !!!!!!

  7. Hi David, My husband just came into the room and l asked him if he thought King David really pranced around with no underpants on when he was bringing the Ark back into Jerusalem. His face was priceless! l think he is wondering what l am studying on your Blog! Ha! Ha1 l love your great sense of humour!

    • So funny Christine!!!! I think that I will show my hubby that picture and see his response!!

      Have a great day fellow bloggers!!

  8. Rev. Mainse, I enjoyed meeting you and your wife yesterday and I will be following your blog. I was very impressed with your prayer for the Coaches misson at SEU. With fans like you folks SEU Fire will surely have success on the field and in producing strong young men for Christ.

  9. Interesting that you reflected back on King David “dancing in the streets” in his loincloth, with his disrespected wife, Rachel, glaring down at him, from the window, David. When I was reading today’s chapter, that exact scene came to mind, and I read back to 2 Samuel 6:20-23. When I then read your blog post, and saw the artist’s rendering of the scene depicted in 2 Samuel 6, I thought it quite ironic. Irreverent–agreed. As an oil painter, myself, I would refer to that piece as a cartoon; but, nonetheless, humour is in the eyes of the beholder. Certainly, because of the intense seriousness of bible study; and having noted the scribal errors you mentioned, David, which always lead to problems, especially from skeptics–it is necessary to lighten things up.

    Praying for everyone to feel love and laughter and happiness, today. I love stormy weather, but still rejoice in knowing warmer spring days are on the way! Be blessed, fellow saints!

  10. Dear David and fellow bloggers It is so good and encouriging to see that even though as christians we have to go through a daily repenting thanking and praying our Savior we can all find support between each other
    I will definately be sharing with my husband this humorous blog showing him and my children how the study of bible with David Mainse can definately be so exciting and unpredictable
    Have a blessed day

  11. Just came back from a funeral in Woodstock, N.B. Praying for your nephew, Lianne. Heard a great sermon by a woman preacher this morning in a church on our thought life.

  12. My husband, Bill and I continue to be Blessed daily by your blog, David. Thanks so much for you and your family’s daily commitment. You are indeed a Blessing to many as you know. A little more than a month ago I asked for prayer for Bill as he had suffered a heart attack. We want to thank all of you who prayed. Bill is feeling a lot better now. He had a stent put in and we’re attending cardiac rehab. Blessings to you David, family and fellow bloggers.

  13. For sure if I had been Michal I would have been extremely embarrassed if David had really looked like this. It seems like quite a harsh punishment to be left childless for the rest of her life. Thanks for sharing the irreverent piece of artwork.

  14. Great photo from Reynold of the Kidron Valley, such a wealth of history in these wonderful sights. If only these ancient sights could talk, my the stories they would tell, I’m sure!

    David, I sure had a good laugh with this seemingly medieval depiction of King David rejoicing in the streets! I don’t know who the artist was, but my … did they ever have an imagination! haha!

  15. Dear David:
    Thank you for our words today and for sharing about that part of your life when you lived in Deep River. What a God – instance, that you and NormaJean and children had the privilege of being neighbours of that Israeli family. You must have had some wonderful visits and Bible discussions.
    How good God is!
    Enjoying your blog, even though I cannot seem to visit it daily.

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