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Suggested Reading: Judges 7

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This view from Mount Tabor looks across the Jezreel valley towards Mount Moreh. The tree-covered hill in the distance is where the Midianites encamped for their attack on the Israelites in the days of Gideon (Judges 7:1).

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


NOTE TO READERS: We are testing a new feature for my blog. Did you notice the option above to LISTEN to today’s scripture portion online? After you have followed the link, you have to click the symbol above the scripture portion. You can both listen and read along at the same time (this is available in the NIV translation). If this is a feature you’d like me to continue, let me know by posting a comment.


Key Verse: Judges 7:20

Then the three companies blew the trumpets and broke the pitchers–they held the torches in their left hands and the trumpets in their right hands for blowing–and they cried, “The sword of the Lord and of Gideon!”

In today’s reading there is an unmistakable geographical description of the very spot where, 3,400 years ago, God separated the army of 300 from the multitude at the Spring of Harod. And the 300, having circled around the Midianite army, descended the hill of Moreh to break their pitchers, shine their lights, and blow their ram’s horns, creating panic in the ranks of the enemy. By dividing the 300 into 3 companies of 100 each, they were able to come from three different directions and win a God-given victory. Many of us who read this blog are members of churches that may have from 50 to 300 in regular attendance. The Pastor likely knows everyone by name, including the children. There is wisdom in having many churches, rather than one mega-congregation with several thousand members. Yes there is a special appeal in the large church…great music, a well prepared staff, and a large missions budget. The Pastor may be the most gifted preacher in the area. However, we need to recognize that the smaller congregations have much to offer also. The Pastor will visit you personally when you are sick. He will know you personally and thus will be able to care for each member individually, that is if he or she is truly God called and totally committed, as were the 300, watching, on guard, and filled with God’s Spirit.


Lord Jesus, You know Your sheep by name. You know my name, and the names of all who join me in daily readings. You’ve called into ministry Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists, Administrators, and helps in many areas of life. Please show me how to be a strength to those who care for my soul. I ask for the grace of loyalty to the congregation where I serve and worship. Bless those who prepare the spiritual food of Your Word and serve good nourishment at Sunday services, as well as at mid week services and other gatherings. Amen!


Being retired (sort of), I have the opportunity of attending a relatively small congregation in Canada and a very large one while in Florida. I see the blessings of both large and small. I remember well, while a student in Bible College, one of the teachers pointing to two Toronto churches which, in his estimation, were “successful.” I couldn’t let the occasion pass without pointing out that the Pastor and congregation in Moose Factory, an island at the tip of James Bay, were just as successful. Success was being in God’s will and not in numbers. I was probably considered disrespectful, but I also said that the smaller churches have probably fed the city churches with their members and that transfer growth from one congregation to another is not the same as bringing new people to Christ. Perhaps three companies of one hundred each can accomplish more than one company of three hundred. There’s a website that I encourage you to check out. It’s My attached video from Israel happened at the place where the three hundred were chosen. I’ll explain more in the P.S.

Yours for the One who said, “I will build My church,” God’s great success story!


P.S. Back in 2001, Norma-Jean and I had the privilege of leading a group of 550 to Israel in what was called, “The Journey of Hope.” David Damien, M.D., and Pastor Gideon Chiu, of Zion Church in Vancouver, initiated this amazing trip. Pastor Gideon is originally from China, and his roots are from the the tribe of Manasseh, one of the northern tribes of Israel who were exiled in an early version of ethnic cleansing. His ancestors ended up in China. Before Gideon led in prayer at the Spring of Harod, or Gideon’s Fountain, I felt no breeze. But as he began to pray, the trees began moving, and I could hear the sound of the wind. Our camera crew caught some of that movement. So here is Pastor Gideon at the very place where the Biblical Gideon chose his army of 300. Enjoy this glorious prayer and worship celebration! (click on the video below).


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  1. Unfortunately, Pastor Gideon’s link didn’t work for me. In regards to the sound link, I think it can be useful. I read the chapter first and then listened.

    An interesting reading today with a very clever battle plan and lots of word pictures. In respect of large congregations, perhaps in some cases, many feel more comfortable not having to engage with eachother as much as in smaller, more intimate groups. Their worship is on a more personal level. Others are attracted to charisma, personality and music in worship. In every case, hopefully there is a healthy ministry, edification, worship, outreach, praise and personal connection with our Lord. And, so much more! Thank you David, and blessings to all bloggers! Be careful shovelling all that snow, if you were in the storm!!

    • You do an amazing God inspired writing each day. I really look forward to it especially since I visited Israel once, It makes everything so much more meaningful with the pictures and the links. I really enjoy the listening feature especially for the Old Testament as it helps me to comprehend and meditate on the Word instead of concentrating on words I cannot pronounce well. Then I can still read the words at the same time for increased memory retention. You are truly an inspiration to us to keep following God and never acting too old to be used MIGHTILY by God. Praying for restoration of good health and for the continuation of strongly fulfilling your God given purpose. I praise God for you often!

  2. I prefer to read the passage instead of listening as I often go back over parts that I need to concentrate on:if there was a way to pause the narrator it would enhance the vocal reading.By the way,I met a father Ouimet in Moose factory while on travel with work.He introduced himself as father Ouimet and then said “I know we never met”:this got a great laugh.He told us another story of how he got to test out the first prototype skidoo because he was related to the Bombardier family.Thank you for the passages and God bless.

  3. I agree with both of you David and David the message was very good. Unfortunately I could only see an icon. It would be good to hear it to. As well I think if those of us who have maybe difficult seeing this could be an opportunity to get on your blog.
    We are having a big snow storm as I look out my window I am glad I don’t have to shovel it. I hope I can get to church tomorrow but if not I can see it on T.V.
    Keep warm everyone.
    Lianne Hogg

  4. Wow!! Loved that video from Israel! Especially the wonderful dancing at the end…would love to know who choreographed that beautiful performance (the Holy Spirit, but which human did he use). I also liked the link to the audio Bible – great to have the option. PS – for those who think the video isn’t working, you might have to tap on the red square/white arrow several times like I had to before it clicked on…

    Praise The Lord in His sanctuary, where we will soon see Him!

    • Thanks, Linda! Video worked after tapping play a number of times, but it worked! Lots of energy in the Spirit! ” J E S U S !!! “

  5. Hi David

    Another great and very inspired Blog Thank you so much for all the Godly work you do . Audio and Video works for me Its fantastic PTL
    blessings and prayers from



  6. I really enjoyed the ‘prayer by Gideon Chu’, the reading was also interesting, I found it a little long, I loose track if too much is said and have trouble absorbing the information.

  7. Thank you for your 100 words each day. It’s how I start my day. I did enjoy so listening to the audio as I was reading. It gave a deeper meaning to passage. I also enjoyed the video. You are in my prayers always.

    Sally 🙂

  8. I think the option to listen to the bible being read to me while at the same time I read along really helps me focus and absorb more of the story. Great new feature!!!

  9. thanks very much for the blog….I appreciated the listening aspect as well as the reading of the daily scripture.
    Powerful word of encouragement from Gideon to obey the Lord daily.

  10. Awesome!!!! I loved the audio version – please let it continue!!!! It was great that I could read along while he spoke the words. Isn’t technology wonderful!!!!
    Excellent insight today into the Word and pictures. The video was great.
    We are digging out here. The sun is shining. God is good – ALL THE TIME!!!!

  11. Was unable to open the video of Pastor Gideon. Just the thought of being there, on the spot where the biblical Gideon chose his army of 300, being led in prayer and worship to our King, with a group of 550 Christians, is awesome! There is just a large black box without a link or icon to play it; clicking on it does not open it; opened 100Words in web, as Linda suggested. Alas, I did play the audio version of Judges 7, after reading it. I quite enjoyed the audio and it plays right into Judges 8…. Great feature to add to the blog!

    I so enjoyed the photo today of the area below Mt. Tabor where the Midianites encamped for their attack on the Israelites in the days of Gideon. Thank you David, for making it come alive and be so real for us–through scripture, photos, audio and your personal experiences, there.

    Wishing everyone a warm day!

  12. I too was unable to get the video but will try again later. I enjoyed the audio after reading the scriptures, so I feel it would be beneficial.

    I am always amazed (shouldn’t be) at how detailed Our Lord is in His directions to those He uses for His purposes.

    May we always listen intently to what He has for us to learn.

    Thank you David and be careful fellow bloggers if you are outside today. Love in Christ

  13. Enjoyed the audio link, but I do like to read the passage in my own Bible since I underline words etc. and mark things in the margin of my Bible.
    Wishing all of you a blessed and safe day!

  14. David,

    Thanks so much for your years of support of both large and small congregations. Small Churches do sometimes feel overlooked, and are made to think they may not be measuring up because of their size, but you and 100 Huntley St, have always made us feel like we matter. Big and small both have a place in God’s work, as you say.

    And thank you for the kind mention of my website in this post. I’ve seen a remarkable uptick in visitors from my Canadian friends today.

  15. Thank-you for continuing to be obedient to the calling of doing this blog each and every day for two years. It is definetly an encouragement and I am finding the additional symbol that lead into the spoken word was an additional blessing. There is something to be said about not only reading for ourselves but hearing the word of God being proclaimed. It is indeed mighty, powerful and living (praise be to our God)! The worship and praise video was powerful! Thank-you David for your faithfullness in our dear Lord.

  16. Thank you for todays’ blog and the correlation between Gideon’s small army and the church. I live in an area where many of the smaller churches are losing their members to a newer large, more polished church. The message was such an encouragement to those left with small numbers in our congregations. That we can still, as Gideon’s army, have a great impact for God and be used just as effectively if not more proving that God doesn’t need masses in a congregation, just those who are willing and obedient to his service and to be used by Him. To God Be the Glory and Praise.

  17. Oh my…what a blog today David! Enjoyed the video and the option of listening to the scripture as well as reading along. Unlikely I will use the audio reading as prefer my own Bible. Plus I always read my Bible aloud so that I ‘hear’ as well as ‘see’.
    Over the years I have attended both large and very small churches and there definitely is a difference in atmoshpere in both sizes, and the lessened ability to ‘get to know one’s neighbour’ when in a large church. But as long as the Word of God is being presented, they are all good and we all have different needs as follower blogger David pointed out.
    The Lord bless and keep you and yours David. Thank you for such faithfulness with this teaching tool of blogging, and thank you Reynold and Ronald for your assistance with your Dad in making this all come together for us followers.

  18. Thanks for the blogs. I was able to hear the Bible reading. Thanks. The video did not appear until I tried to post a comment. Thanks again for the blog. It is a great way to start our day.

  19. Enjoyed the link very much. An added delight to my quiet time with the Lord, especially the music! Theadded feature of listening to the reading of the scripture would greatly enhance the understanding of the passage. Thank you David.

  20. Enjoyed the blog today! It was nice listening to the word, although I would not use it all the time as others are in the room but when alone I would like it.
    The prayer, music and the dance was great!!
    Thankyou so much.

  21. Thank you David for the links and I truly enjoy the replies of fellow bloggers. I think the idea of listening to the Word of God is great because it will enable more people to be blessed. The reading today is a great reminder of depending on God and not ourselves. God bless!!!

  22. The audio sounds like a good feature, David. I would use it some of the time. I also like reading from my Bible and looking up places on the map. Am looking forward to hearing these videos when I get high speed internet. Great blog today, David and fellow bloggers.

  23. Thanks for all the time and energy put into this Blog.I enjoy it so much. All the links worked great for me.It was wonderful to listen and read the scripture together.Thanks again

  24. Dear David and fellow bloggers.
    hearing the sound of the WORD can be a verry good way of helping those who are more audio inclined. fabulous video of paster Gideon. I pray that each of us would become mighty worriors for JESUS in this end time.
    God bless

  25. I really enjoyed listening to the reading of the NIV version of today’s selection. One good feature is the reader pronounces the various names, etc., which I often have difficulty verbalizing. Also, having someone read difficult text helps me stay tuned in.

    Thanks for this.

  26. I enjoyed listening to the Word and reading as I went along. Nice added touch to email. Your email is right there too so good way to connect the whole thing. God Bless!

  27. As long as the word of the Lord is expounded faithfully, clearly and directly, I don’t think it really matters which church one associates with, be it large or small. Regardless, the Holy Spirit must be present in a ministry soaked in prayer if hearts are to be changed and souls won to Christ.

  28. Enjoy your blog very much also like the audio Bible reading. I find it very helpful in pronouncing words correctly. Blessings to you, your family and fellow bloggers.

  29. I think that it’s great to have the choice of hearing the word or reading it or both. I like to read it aloud. Tonight I first read it aloud to my husband and then we listened. I do think that it’s a very good idea to have the option. Thank you so much, David for providing this blog for us. It is a Blessing to many people!

  30. I too love the new “listen” feature…… Helps in the pronunciation of names and places. Also enjoying the pictures… Was in Israel in 2010, and can’t wait to return. Until then (God willing) I shall relive Israel through your pictures!

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